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  1. What on earth were the Govt intelligence services doing before the hospital bomb? Instead of doing useful work monitoring terrorists, they were probably too busy trying to close down Facebook and various other innocuous websites which happen to host photos which really belong in the "People of Walmart" category. And instead of investing money in training a corps of counter-intelligence professionals, they spend billions on submarines. A few more blunders, and the resemblance to African despots of the 80's would be increasingly justified.
  2. "The kid was feeding the male sea lion breadcrumbs ..." What rubbish reporting. Breadcrumbs are for small fish, not marine mammals.
  3. In the past 10 days, there have been many more articles in the "foreign" media about a FB video taken in a public German mall than in the last year. The Thai govt have made a blunder by issuing threats, just to ingratiate themselves with the "Institution". Shooting the messenger, a global behemoth, is never a good strategy. If only they had just been silent - no-one outside Thailand cares what happens here, and there would have been very few articles in the foreign media.
  4. Ha Ha Ha - waste of time painting these lines, as lane discipline is a rare trait in TH.
  5. I wonder why the Police, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Ministers and even the PM (with his Article 44 powers and amnesty) are petrified, and so do not want to get involved?? Scary.
  6. Blaming the guard makes no sense, as does climbing walls at 1 am . A series of bad decisions resulted in a tragic accident, I've lived in many condos in several countries, and have never met a "security guard" who give out keys to private apartments without authorisation.
  7. Not sure if I need Uber in Bangkok, but would love to have their service in Phuket and Chiang Mai.
  8. Woody Allen. How an insecure, neurotic, ordinary-looking weakling can charm great-looking girls with his wit, and make people laugh.
  9. We need a PM like Hugh Grant in Love Actually to stand up to the American Prez. Instead, unfortunately, we have the wet noodle May.
  10. Trump: "Don't blame me, someone told me about it. Besides, Sweden is such a stupid nation - who the hell names their country after a lowly root vegetable? Sweden is now so full of Muslims and other refugees that it should be renamed Turnipstan."
  11. They eliminated the deposit for the kit a couple of years ago, so there's little impediment to getting an Easy Pass. Well worth it if you use the expressway often - saves me up to 2 minutes a day, which adds up to an amazing 10 hours a year.
  12. A thin-skinned leader who doesn't like independent investigative journalism, who abhors criticism, who is way in over his head & out of his depth/competency, and who is unusually fond of grandiose expensive white elephants (submarines/walls) .... sounds like someone else I know
  13. Go to any large city in my home state, there will be numerous workers hanging around the parking lots of Home Depot and the like, waiting to get daily work and hopping into the back of pick-up trucks, These people are honest hard workers, well appreciated by the temporary employers. Yard work, manual labourers. They do the work that white folks don't care for. Not all are illegal immigrants, but all are immigrants.
  14. Plausible deniability? The Trump inner cabinet stinks - they hope the brouhaha will end with Flynn. But there's speculation that at least Trump & Bannon knew what Flynn did. Trump now deflecting like mad, tweeting " The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?". Going after the messenger/media, rather than the lying soldier.
  15. Why bother to reduce the cost of the wall? After all, Mexico will pay for the wall anyway ... right?