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  1. saakura

    Hiv medication for European with work permit

    Yes, free coverage. People like me who have safe sex and healthy habits and have paid into SS for 22 years will pay for it. ☺☺
  2. I have been on a trip to Sanghklaburi a few years ago and saw this bridge and also went on a boat ride to see some sunken temples. Stayed at one of the many resorts nearby. Many nice restaurants on the riverside overlooking this wooden bridge, serving locally caught fish. I would recommend an overnight trip for long time expats who are looking for a new place to explore, away from the crowded one week tourists. Not sure if the Chinese tourists are being taken there in tour buses now.
  3. saakura

    What happened to Lay tomato flovoured crisps?

    They are available......
  4. saakura

    Living in an oven

    Early morning today i went for a jog in the Lumpini park, and after a nice coffee & breakfast at Au Bon Pain reading the Bangkok Post, back home now. After a good shower and another coffee (yes, with AC on), i intend to go with my family to Central for lunch, weekly shopping at Tops Market, car wash, optical shop etc and back home by 2pm for a nap. 4-6pm badminton with son and other friends in our condo court. Dinner at home 7pm cooked by my wife. Then relax time till i sleep by around 10pm as i wake up early everyday 5am. Not enough time in a day!!
  5. saakura

    Issues with my thai family

    OP, why don't you have a go at the Ladyboy ? Your insecurity about being touched by a LB suggests that you might be harboring a hidden desire to do a ladyboy, go for it.
  6. Blacklist and deport the scum back to a French jail
  7. There are no rams for them??
  8. Unbeleivable, but it says that "tens of thousands of people were uploading child porn on to that site", all probably from various countries and possibly for some monetary gain. Going to be one hell of a job finding and bringing them all to justice. What is the world coming to??
  9. Why do you call it the 'dirty crockery shop' ?? I would have said 'Knick-nack or cheap crockery shop'?? Nothing dirty in it!!
  10. saakura

    Farang breakfast in chaiyaphum

    "Not sure if number one bar opens early?" Alcohol is served only after 11 am
  11. saakura

    Urgent - SAmaritans

  12. Looks like a restaurant which wants to attract only homosexual males as straight males will not find it interesting to look at half naked male bodies while having a nice dinner. I would much like to look at girls in short skirts or even long dresses, rather than these men.
  13. Unlike the average western tourist & sexpats, the average Chinese tourist or long term residents normally do not patronise prostitutes. This could be one of the reasons as Thailand is begining to clear its image as a destination for mongers and paedophiles.
  14. Or worse, an unfortunate accident.
  15. saakura

    Racist dual pricing for massages now?

    Farang white, rich and XXL. Seriously, i think they will try to overcharge any foreigner that they feel they can get away with, farang or arab or chinese.