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  1. More likely, she was with him for the money and had her own young boyfriend and not giving much in bed to the old fatherly husband.
  2. Nothing wrong with my home country. I like it and go back with my family for a holiday and visiting relatives at least once a year. Was sent to Thailand by my employer when i was 32 years old. Married a Thai colleague in what was then a small office. Now 22 yrs later, it is a big corporation and both of us have grown with the organisation too. So yes, life is good in both Thailand and home country where we may retire to, after another 10 yrs.
  3. For both, those who want to discover "Thainess"and those who wish to avoid getting caught in it, there is a procession with 1000 performers today, starting 1700 hrs from the National Stadium and walking down 3.5kms.
  4. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    Read the first word of my post....."Most"
  5. Very likely that big army and police guys themselves are involved, either directly, or in providing protection for a fee.
  6. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    Most of those bitter posters have no home to go back to. Which is one of the main reasons for negativity in their lives!!
  7. Maybe the father was abusing his child and she had threatened to expose him?
  8. Egyptian deported for 10-year overstay

    Umm...ok, i understand. So you are saying that this was yet another example of an innocent foreigner cheated by the vile thais.
  9. Yes, i remember one half marathon somewhere on the outskirts of Bangkok where not only the distance was messed up (much longer) but also the water stops were too far apart. Lots of angry runners, but all forgotten and forgiven! This was about 12yrs ago somewhere near Nawamin area if i remember correctly.
  10. FEMALE PEDOPHILES - what about them ?

    Oh well, when i was a young boy of about 14yrs, i was hoping to be lured by a sexy lady but unfortunately it never happened.
  11. I have been taking part in these runs (mini, half, super-half marathons) in Bangkok and other cities for the last about 18 years, so several hundred runs. Most of them are well organised, a few could have been done better but only very few were poorly organised, but never been cheated. I hope the authorities track down the organisers and take action.
  12. Old fat white guys are also targeted as much....but not by the police!
  13. Disrespectful words by gf

    Stickman!!!!! The messiah of the mongers!!
  14. Disrespectful words by gf

    Been here close to 3 decades and did not ever involve myself with bars or prostitutes, so no need to read such books