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  1. saakura

    Thai child separation anxiety

    You seem to be having anger issues, judging from your reactions to anyone who does not reply to your liking. Dont hit the defenceless child in anger.
  2. saakura

    Thai child separation anxiety

    OP, reading your post and replies i think it is you who needs to change, if it is at all possible at this age. I pity your wife who has to both satisfy your ego and give all the love to her very young child. This is Asia and children are more attached to and sleep in the same bed with mother. And the idiot who is suggesting giving anti-depressant pills to a 2 year old child needs his head examined.
  3. Yes, i also drove past a few times and it is really huge. I am certain that Hua Lamphong will be quietly demolished over time (leaving a small part as some relic to keep the activists quiet) and the land leased out to influential developers. These plans would have been made first and the decision to build a new station taken later. I do not recall the public being informed of this mega project until a few days ago.
  4. saakura

    Finnish man busted for pot

    They should. Not for the pot, but for the ugly disgusting tattoos.
  5. Unfortunately, seems like fake certificates have become a huge problem, and a lot of struggling farangs are also surviving on it.
  6. saakura

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    So pray tell us, why did you get yourself this pink card when you insinuate that it is practically useless? Or just weekend trolling?
  7. If the value of all your household items is less than 15000 Baht, throw it out. A professional removal service from Patts to Bangkok (including pack/unpack) will cost you around the same. Buy new stuff from the money saved. Or hire a baht bus and sit at the back holding your stuff.
  8. Maybe someone pushed him to his death, have they investigated?? Or just declared it as an accident?? Or is that only for Thailand?
  9. I dont see any reason why she cannot apply for the next visa immediately, if she can justify the same to the satisfaction of the embassy officials.
  10. saakura

    NACC calls ‘urgent’ meeting on temple graft

    What happened to the case of a powerful General who had some expensive undeclared watches?? The NACC was to have wrapped up the case by now, what happened?
  11. If they charged a 40% commission, it should be on the official receipt. You should take this up with the consumer protection board it is simple robbery if you are correct.
  12. Since your family has "political connections", can you ask Uncle Trump to put in a word to the ambassador in Thailand?
  13. Hanged himself or hung up by a belt?
  14. Why do they choose Thailand to die? Fatal attraction?
  15. Trying to save face, are you??