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  1. Army told to pay mother of slain son

    What about the attackers, did they go to prison or were they promoted? What was the reason for the attack?
  2. Very soon he might die of some rare blood disease if he does not keep his mouth shut.
  3. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    Most of those posters are jealous and bitter about Thailand's rapid development and the consequent reduction in their own spending power and stature. They would rather wish there was another financial crisis here and the Baht devalues like in 1997. We (me included) could all fantasize about it, but not going to happen anyytime soon.
  4. And if she was a farang, you can do with more eh?
  5. So what is the difference between the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) and the Centre for National Anti-Corruption (CNAC) ? Both the organisations seem to be filled with a lot of gentlemen with big titles. What do they all do i wonder ?
  6. Inside home where woman kept 40 dogs before it got too much for her

    What is this got to do with thailand? Seems like TV team just trawling the internet and posting stuff that will provoke members into responding.
  7. So what is the black stuff that covers the chicken wing which she is eating, is it really charcoal powder or burnt skin or ??
  8. Well i thought that the main purpose that a farang travelled halfway across the world to pick a poor partner from a backward Isaan village and who does not speak his language or understand his culture nor share his religion or food habits was primarily for sustaining his life! That should itself be classed as sustainable living!!
  9. Internationally, the pigeon or dove is a respected symbol of peace. Killing of a white pigeon by a pair of crows is a very omnious sign for these generals who are steeped in superstition. I suspect lots of them are going to have a bad night tonight.
  10. I am not an expert but i have seen there is a " One Stop Service" section run by the BOI (Board of Investment) at the Chamchuri Square on Rama 4 road, for potential investors who wish to open a business in Thailand. You can google BOI Thailand website and get all details.
  11. Opera Hotel Bangkok Still Open?

    You stayed in a hotel room for 28 long years??? That must have been one hell of a bill when you finally checked out!!
  12. Tied up kinky sex gone wrong?
  13. Dozens arrested over scams

    What about the farang fools who have been coming in droves since over 5 decades, from an exalted and superior education system, to marry uneducated village girls half their age and with nothing in common, then get scammed out of everything and finally become so bitter that they spend the rest of their lives consumed in their hatred of all thais? How many light years will it take them to understand?
  14. Why open 3 threads on the same topic, we are hearing you loud and clear. Someone knowledgeable will soon be around to help you.