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  1. NO IT IS NOT !. In Thailand it is Impolite to tell others that they are being loud or impolite.It causes a loss of face and you know how that effects a Thai.
  2. And of course the parachute sail operators had all the proper insurances along with their fail safe harness.
  3. No dxmmy,Those that are increasing their preflight inspections are the ones that are now allowed to be exempt.
  4. Many times the pain of experience for the ignorant is far to fatal. Quoit DJ
  5. Hey,The reporter probably had his only headline in a month and wanted to be noticed.
  6. Things there sure have changed at Danang since my last flight from there was in a C123 to Siagon.
  7. WOW,What an uneducated statement of opinion this is.
  8. because they are the only ones that seem to care.Thais are very adamant about their clean self's but are one of the most trashy people for any area outside of their own property.
  9. As LOS was raised on GREED and False Pride,it will continue do be of that kind of nation.The military and powers that be ,do understand that the education of its people is their biggest threat and therefore will not intervene in the corruptness in the lower schools as that also helps to keep them in power.
  10. The answer of what the police learn in police academy is first how to properly demand ,receive,and deliver the brown envelops to their superior.Then how to block the main roads going into town (,holding up the people trying to get to work on time) so as to collect the bribes from the drivers for nothing more then just passing there. That and how to "assume" they know every thing about the science of forensics.
  11. Also anact of carelessness on the bike rider as she was passing the bus on the inside and was not paying attention to the path ahead.The Bike rider's fault clearly.
  12. Any male response to your story unless it is from a trained psychiatrist with many years of study on the subject of the idiosyncrasies of a woman can only be interpreted as "A very uneducated opinion". And as for most women reading this they will not attempt to answer as they know that most of us guys would not understand if they explained it to us so why bother.
  13. A water pistol filled with ammonia shot in the face of these dogs does wonders
  14. looks like great fun for all
  15. If May doesn't win, then the UK people are only hurting themselves.The UK needs the toughness of this bird that even though against the Brexit ,she defended the choice of the people after the vote.If they elect another he will give away what she has been fighting to defend for The UK.I am afraid that another will be kissing the ass of The EU and giving into them while trying to keep Scotland in The UK fold.