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  1. Your rant shows your lack of knowledge of any of the situations so one must suppose that you are one of those Americans that votes blindly for your party and is angry that your leader didn't win (have you thought of going to Canada like the movie stars stated but backed out) or from the EU and again have no clue of whats happening outside of the rumor mill.
  2. Oh I thought he meant for his Anti UFO ha and radio wave deterrent.
  3. There are 10 active divisions in The US Army and more in reserve plus three divisions of The US Marine I am sure that they can still fight on many fronts .
  4. I would love to see Israel's F35 up against those updated F-4s and f-14 s that Iran is using as their front line fighters.
  5. Lets see now ,The army has gotten their ass kicked in the last seven times they tried to screw with their neighbors in the last 30 years and have a very poor rating in world armies,Most of the Air Forces planes are grounded due to the lack of parts and poor maintenance with the pilots getting very few hours flying a year,The Navy has an aircraft carrier that has only a few foreigners taking off or landing on it in a single seat aircraft or with a local pilot and a foreign pilot in a multi seat aircraft. that has not enough qualified personnel to man it at sea and a gulf that will not be deep enough to hide a submarine under its waters.Oh yes so tell me again Mr Supreme Commander how much you need to protect LOS with your military.
  6. Why hasn't some one in LOS caught up with him and made him a gelding yet or put him it the ground ? This is not the LOS like it was back in the 1970s.
  7. At least the dog's owner took it well and hair will grow out. A lot of people these days would have acted differently and been assholxs about it.This is the kind of person that I would be friends with.
  8. The police fined the taxi company 3,000 baht,what a <deleted> joke.Why not 300,000 baht as that is what the company makes in a day.A small fine will only mean that they will again not care whom they hire as is is not worth their time to check him out and the fine will be only a pittance.
  9. What you are seeing here is not just a teacher's problem but a LOS problem.Any citizen of LOS is brought up experiencing the abuse of others by any one with authority.They think that it is not only their right but their duty to carry on this abuse of others when given any leadership over anyone.An outsider will notice this on the street with their lack of politeness and the "Me first" attitude.
  10. Isn't using the words "intelligence" and "France" together an Oxymoron ?
  11. As most of the military "deals" here if the public are told of 3.5 billion baht then the actual price is about one fourth of that (875 million) with a dummy company (normally registered in The Caymen Islands and belonging to a LOS government cronnie) buying the units and LOS buying them from the dummy company with the company kicking back about one eighth to the seller (43.7 million) after the buying price of 87.5 million.The leaders now have a profit of 2.188 billion.the rest is absorbed in cost and hand outs for the participants silence.Hello new Ferraris!.
  12. Turkey was the first of Muslims countries to go against the strict Sharia law that Arabs wanted all Muslims to go by in 1923..
  13. When I came here in 1961 (Udon Thani 4 months) the LOS military and local government officials had their private "houses" that they kept for there very underage entertainment.
  14. filtering out the corrupt and not wanted from coming to the US will not make a dent into it's tourist visitors and eligible foreign students,The percent of GNP of the US the tourist industry contributes is only 2.6% unlike other countries that depend on tourist as a large part of their income.