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  1. Ciocco

    Hua Hin is dead

    You probably likes to change the meaning of words (but just need to read, not so difficult c'mon)... I wrote " because mainly we go there just for a short roundtrip enjoyng the air con inside more than shopping" Being clear you misunderstand i'll explain using more easy words ok? We do not like that place so much, and we honestly do not understand how they survive being empty all the time... (ok, we underrstand, but surely wasn't what they planned) moreover having such a unfitted staff working inside, busy with mobile phones more than Customer care... Food inside are just mediocre, like in a lot of similar malls, overpriced and not tasty as the one you can easely cook home yourself with a minimum effort. This is why we go there not so often, but it remain a kind of circus where however we pass sometime, and the thing we enjoy more it's the air con... who doesn't mean we go there for this dude, but it remain the only positive thing inside But if you like the place, or the food, please enjoy it, i was just answering to the original post... Peace and love
  2. Ciocco

    Hua Hin is dead

    Honestly we are not worried about HH calm and quiet... we are happy about this. Lot of people they don't like to go eating in that industrial restaurants like Sizzler, they prefer to cook at home, cheaper, safer and also a lot better It's true, no one really understand how that shopping malls they can survive... but it's theyr matter and we didn't care too much because mainly we go there just for a short roundtrip enjoyng the air con inside more than shopping. Shopping who sometime it's really funny because the shops employer are all busy playng with theyr mobiles not payng any attention to Customers (this is why is not working?). This is why you didn't met too many people inside there
  3. Ciocco

    Dvd rental in Hua Hin?

    I like big screens... and a-m not so addicted to new toys
  4. Ciocco

    Dvd rental in Hua Hin?

    Thank you, we asked in Bluport and they confirm there aren-t any more because it-s not anymore a good business... people looks to see movies by net or cable or similar tools... But for old people like me this is really sad... Ciocco
  5. Hello. We was used to rent dvd movies on the main road Next to the junction with soi 51... Arrived back yesterday we found the shop closed... Any other dvd rental Rental in Town? We looked around but nothing... Thanks Ciocco
  6. True, probably the verdict it's too strong compared with the "crime"... for sure they are more stupid than criminals... but in some way they have to learn and this is the lightest you can expect for (in Thailand...).
  7. Probably in Europe we are taking too much care of democracy, so much to leave this things happening... curious to see what would happen doing the same in some muslim state...
  8. In Italy, for the same "crime", they could face a 1 to 3 years holiday in a jail, and a 1000 to 10000 euro fine... "This is not Italy..." doesn't look so nice to me, but probably this is my fault, being italian...
  9. However, now am in Bangkok, and believe me the security checks here are ridicolus the same... In BTS and MRT where thousand people pass every hours the just take a look at bags, not even checking inside... and in the peak moments they also skip to do...
  10. Sorry... in Macro they didnt check anything... as in front of the airport where the check point it is desert... with this kind of controls...
  11. Thanks to everyone. We are leaving again, so that on our next coming back we will seee if the problem will be solved or not. We seal all the items with cellophane and a few large carbon pieces. Also we arrange to have a few air circulation, more than first for sure. Changing one of the bedroom window to leave it little open, the kind of window with adjustable glass strips like in the kitchen, having air moving between ground floor and upstair rooms. We dont dare to leave any electric switched on, too many risks... We will see if enough, hope so. See you on next year, Ciocco
  12. WE can stay safe... they are increasing the security actions This morning at Macro they was checking cars at the entrance, 2 people wearing uniform, sic, using mirrors to look UNDER the car but making cars entering not even slowing down... just moving mirrors on the side of cars... such a pity... honestly i do not understand if they do or they are...
  13. bombs also today in Hua Hin, Trang, Suratthani and Phuket they just say... what a hell...
  14. TV are talking about 2 more bombs in Hua Hin this morning, same area, they shows bodies and destruction in town...