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  1. LazySlipper

    Teacher assaulted, robbed at Banglamung School

    Have to say that all the schools I worked in the security was abysmal. If one day Thailand catches up with the west's violent way of life it will be easy for a crazed individual to go on a shooting spree in a school. God forbid!
  2. As long as those Uni kids keep thinking that they are too good to do manual labor, or work for places like Mcdonald's their will always be a labor shortage. Back home, a long time ago, I never felt "entitled" to anything. I actually was grateful to get a job in a convenience store in my early 20's. These millenials truly are the TEFLON generation cos nothing sticks and that may be because of their TEFLON coated value system, where "whatever, who cares..." are the make up of their mentality. So, open up all the job sectors to foreigners and their will no longer be a labor shortage.
  3. Not really... been in more than one altercation in my life only lost when I was attacked from behind, and the scars I got on my face just add to the charm. I will protect my property and fiercely at that and anyone who would let any jackass run all over their car without putting a fight deserves it. Just my opinion...
  4. Actually, if one of those guys jumped on my hood, they would not be arrested... they would be hospitalized...
  5. LazySlipper

    Govt allocates 20 bil baht to village funds

    Should read... "It was decided that some lucky guys in gvt will get to share 20 billion bht with each other."
  6. LazySlipper

    Surat Thani school boss dismissed

    He feeds the kids table scraps while he himself dines on 5 star meals stolen from the kids. Worst scum of the earth I read about today!
  7. I fail to see how anyone would want to traffic ladyboys.
  8. A A fool and his/her money are easily parted with!
  9. I have to agree with you. Sincerely... My gripe with these chaps is that they want to be called women but many of them act as thugs and despite the over-generalization on my part this behavior brings out prejudice in my way of seeing them. Does the exception make the rule? It does... at 7/11 close to my house there is a really nice ladyboy. But I still cannot bring myself around to calling him a she. I often condemn Thai visa for writing headlines that just set people up for biased and prejudiced comments, unfortunately I am human and succumbed to the temptation to gripe.
  10. Glad to see they are calling the ladyboys "men"... cos that's what they are no matter what!
  11. I was there, in Whitley Bay, in 2000. Gotta say... I loved England, but too expensive.
  12. That's nothing, Close to where I live there is a u-turn use it as a shortcut to go home, across the street. What they do is they come out of a soi from which you must turn left. They turn right, go against oncoming traffic, go across oncoming traffic then go wherever... Many times I have seen serious accidents there, prolly caused because of this. I think, that if I were to hit one of these guys that I (a falang) would likely be charged for reckless driving and endangering a life even if it was them who broke the law.
  13. LazySlipper

    Thailand’s last untouched Mekong tributary

    It will remain as such as long as the Chinese don't open the flood gates on their dams upstream. Really hope the Thais can appreciate what they have and be its protectors.
  14. I liked this one when I went to the UK... trying to get people to wash their hands after using the loo claiming a research had found over 31 different traces of urine in a plate of peanuts in a bar... Peenuts
  15. LazySlipper

    Naklua fails test as ecotourism destination

    I believe Pattaya is attempting to make itself the fossil fuel capital of the world. In a few million years all the crap around here will surely turn to fossil fuel. Just have to wait.