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  1. It was a preposition mistake... I clarified already ... I think everyone got the gist despite my mistake.
  2. I realized that after others pointed it out. Wrote the message quickly and did not think much of it. Misuse of prepositions... but I think everyone got the point. So thanks...
  3. Sorry... figure it out by yourself. You oughtta be old enough.
  4. Nahh doesn't float my boat. Just phrasing it that way for the sensitive PC Thai visa posters here... you don't wanna know what I think of them. Actually points 1 and 2 are like opposites not really the same at all. This is not a case of whether the chicken came first or the egg. If the guy moved in and the bar was opened before he should have expected some problems. Whereas if the bar opened after there is no way he could have expected problems prior to moving in...
  5. Pattaya gives Thailand’s name another beating

    Googled and nothing came up. Any links?
  6. No one deserves a beating. Losing one's cool is just a symptom of inferior genetics. However, when I move into a neighborhood I usually make sure that it meets my standards of living. Point 1: If this guy moved in before the bar ever opened up, then he should have known better. (still doesn't deserve a beating) Point 2: If the bar opened after he moved in then he is in another predicament. And, could he have called on the BIB's for help? I think, as others pointed out, that he should have sent his fairer sexed partner. Seems Norwegians are getting in all sorts of problems over noise lately... wasn't the guy who turned off a Thai's motorcycle Norwegian?
  7. Cheaper to ship them to Issan or Laos where dog is on the menu.
  8. I pity these dogs. I have two and they are like children to me. If Thais, who act well at being good, actually cared about these little animals they would take better care of them. However, I look at the way they raise their children and I am sad to say that the dogs are better off on the sois.
  9. Pattaya gives Thailand’s name another beating

    Couldn't have said it better myself. But when they get in trouble in Korea or Japan then everyone should pity them.
  10. LOLOLOL Should get their fingers out of their noses!!!!
  11. Seems like tit for tat on the part of the mUSLIM leaders.
  12. Would help to see the CCTV or some clear pictures. Anyone who poisons a dog would do much worse to people if given the opportunity.
  13. Depends where in Canada. You cannot be evicted with impunity. Landlords who wish to evict tenants have to pay compensation and in many cases the relocation fee. The benefits of a civilized country.
  14. Thai govt hemp farms start operations on January 1

    Wondering about this progressive move on the junta's part and wondering even more about Mary Jane considering that Canada is legalizing the green stuff in July. Here's a link: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/canada-will-sell-legal-pot-for-dollar777-a-gram/ar-BBGFYuy?li=AAggFp5&ocid=mailsignout Canada is going to go one step further than Thailand So, that said, I really wonder what would happen what would happen to a Canadian citizen, or a tourist who went there prior to coming tho Thailand, if they got caught in a bust over here and had to do a pee test. Would they be charged for possession Thai style?
  15. After all this time what are they looking for? Saliva traces? How will they find fingerprints of the original owners if the tickets have been handled over and over? I leave reading this article more confused than when I started.