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  1. I could have bet a million this was going to happen... 1st there is a pedestrian bridge about 100 meters from the crossing, but only the soi dogs use it... 2nd they put a zebra crossing there too... and no one respects it... every time I drive by there I can feel death coming. People have got to learn one thing... in Thailand you can get as angry as you want about no one respecting the zebra crossings but that is NEVER going to change. When In Rome...
  2. Damned sad that the mother had to put her daughter through that. What was she trying to prove? My sympathies go to the daughter and I hope she can overcome the awful memory.
  3. Premchai to be charged for possession of illegal guns

    Any news on the dna testing of his feces found at the site??? lolllllzzzzzzzzz
  4. Most Koreans are mad hatters. To all who bash Thais (me too on occasion) if you want to see a culture that is messed up go live, or work with Koreans. Thais are much much nicer by comparison.
  5. Bangkok Governor shuts controversial markets

    If that is what it takes... Support auntie!!!
  6. Twa ngern twatong e.g. monitor lizards are a protected species therefore illegal to kill...
  7. Black day for prestigious Bangkok school

    Wasn't the St Gabriel foundation under scrutiny for accepting tea money for special admission rights for fortunate parents not too long ago? Funny cos the final conclusion of this never reached the media's attention. Or, if it did, it was hushed up. Just gotta love how the church is just as corrupt as any other establishment around...
  8. Idiot! Who is to blame here? 1st the guy who punches another guy for some pussy that doesn't want him. 2nd the pussy that knows she is driving her bf bonkers but still pushes his buttons. Sorry my hormonal agro behavior has been out the door for a long time, especially here in the land of plenty. No chick is worth me busting my knuckles.
  9. Prolly the reason this perv had to take out his sick fantasy out on a poor little girl is because there isn't much that sticks out in the first place. Damned sick world we live in.
  10. A DNA test on skat? Really?? Geezzzzz... prolly going to start doing DNA tests on the semen of patrons caught in brothels...
  11. Hmmm maybe you should not judge without knowing? Right?? I quoted the band Rush from the song Circumstances FYI... By the way, it is n'est-ce pas and not n'cest-pas ... maybe you should stay away from French?
  12. So Cambodia has a lese politician law? Whenever a country cannot poke fun at its politicians you know something is wrong.
  13. Really can't see what's wrong with this. Is this all they got? Seems like made up charges.
  14. Can't do that. Whoever does will be jailed.
  15. And in the end, "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose... the more that things change the more they stay the same..."