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  1. Parking Bali Hai

    It was open late August when I went to Koh Larn by ferry. I thought it was reasonably priced, efficient and friendly. (BTW, take the ferry over the "speedboat". I suggest Nual Beach, the prettiest and least crowded. Food is a little expensive, but good as only one restaurant.)
  2. Map of Road 7 extention and a New East-West link.

    A lot of progress for 15 months. Any guess on opening as far as Ban Amphur? I am pretty impressed with progress so far. Plus they want to collect tolls!
  3. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    How can u smoke with the pix on the packs? I feel sorry for the addicts as I was once one.
  4. Army turns screws again on baht buses, taxis

    Also,just negotiate for what are willing to pay for the trip.
  5. Army turns screws again on baht buses, taxis

    Actually, I think the negotiated taxi prices are ok. $12 to ban amphora is a deal to me with no breathalyzer atms to deal with.
  6. Shocking Price Rises At Phoenix Golf Club Pattaya

    Needed a Sunday game and was desperate. Phoenix Member Group was all I could find. Lewiinski's at Green Valley was a no-show a couple of weeks ago. Plus, I have had my Phoenix caddie since 2006 and she needed the work. (I paid her full 18 hole tip on my way out.) Members case is enmeshed in the Thai legal system, or lack thereof. Tune in next year. Having built businesses since 1976, I always thought the objective was to keep your current customers and gain new ones. Not the way the Phoenix owner thinks. Excellent business case in how not to be successful. I think there was as surplus cart or two after the required buggy requirement was instituted in 2013, about 100+ new buggies purchased and the place was deserted for two full years. Members get to play there (for now, until she changes the rules) for Bt200 per round and also pay Bt24K annually. Also, PSC guest rates are lower than member guest rates. Shows who is valued. Very strange!
  7. Siam Country Club Road

    SSCC=Soi Beirut, minus the charm.
  8. Shocking Price Rises At Phoenix Golf Club Pattaya

    Registered to play today, then was told that former members are not welcome to play Phoenix. So they refunded my Bt2000. I didn't mind. Would prefer not to support them. Mai pen lai! Plenty of other alternatives, about all for less money and a more friendly atmosphere.
  9. Well, it works! The signage is good, just pull in, the attendants are helpful, set the brake, lock the car and away it goes. Price is OK given convenience and security. i will do it again if I go to Koh Larn.
  10. Good casual footwear?

    To answer my own question: Boots has sports orthotics at store in Central, but only size M. i need size XXL (American size 12.) BP Hospital Rehab department on 3rd floor of orthopedics building has some, but the good ones have to be "prescribed" (custom).
  11. Is the robot garage still open? Are there other alternatives for secure parking for an overnight trip on Sunday for Koh Larn?
  12. Good casual footwear?

    Orthotics or arch supports--best source is Central Dept Store, right?. Any other places? Need American size 12 and forgot to bring them on this golf trip.
  13. Not again - Pattaya "Environmental Disaster Zone II"

    Fecal coliform test kits are readily available in the US for $10 each. They are typically used to test potable/well water, but will also measure seawater. Test results take 48 hours from sampling. I will bring some back on my next US trip and post some results.
  14. I like the cigars from the Socialist Workers Paradise and need to buy a box on inbound of my July 20 one month trip to Thailand. My impression was Seoul prices were outrageous (in comparison to PEK-Doha-Dubai). Are they just as outrageous if you purchase a box on arrival at BKK?
  15. The tunnel !

    At least they are working on the tunnel. No progress on SSCC. I expect all the money for SSCC has been "applied", so there is no money available to complete it. No one is responsible, of course. As I put on another thread, Highway 7 extension will be completed before SSCC.