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  1. thinkingman

    Best 3 golf courses?

    Contact Andre or Tawan at Outback Golf Bar on Soi Siam CC about 200 meters before the construction. They have a comprehensive website. They can arrange transportation from town to and from the golf courses, tee times, etc. and discounted greens fees. They set up golf tours for visitors, and it is way cheaper than trying to do it yourself.
  2. thinkingman

    One month only of high speed Internet:suggestions please

    ...usually spend a month now and then in our condo in Jomtien... I took it to mean 2-3 times a year for a month or so each trip, making TOT maybe a viable option,
  3. thinkingman

    One month only of high speed Internet:suggestions please

    I am in Ban Amphur and use TOT. It is OK to pretty good, streaming usually works, higher speed options are available from TOT. Modem was $30. Cost is Bt860 per month, I don't think there is a suspension option, as there is with Truvisions, but if I was there more than a month or two per year, that is the direction I would go and forget tethering. If you have cable TV at home, you should consider Slingbox. It mounts to your cable box and streams through the internet, just like you were at home sitting on your sofa using your remote. All it needs is composite RCA plugs on the back of your cable box and a wired internet connection.
  4. I own a condo in NaJomtien. I arrive on August 10 on Visa exempt. Just for giggles, I will take a copy of my chanote, passport, TM6, pix of condo, etc., and go register for a TM30 at Jomtien Immigration. I don't plan on having any interaction with immigration this trip, but you never know. If I could speak Thai, I would bribe a bus driver to bring a bus full of Chinese tourists staying at an unlicensed hotel to immigration to register for TM30s, just to gum up the gears. For the tourists, it would probably be more entertaining than the Floating Market.
  5. thinkingman

    To tip or not to tip?

    I am only here a couple of times a year, so this is what I do. If you are a full-time expat, just pick an auspicious holiday for the folks that make your life easier. The security guys in my condo cart all my shopping/household goods/etc. from my car to my unit and salute me. I pay them at least 30-60 Baht per trip as it is worth it. Cheerful wait staff at restaurant always 10%, unless service is charged at 10%, then nothing to <5%. I also tell them service was good and thanks. Grumpy and phone -obsessed wait staff, etc., nothing. Condo cleaning staff-Bt 1000 at the end of my stay of a month or so, paid to "pit boss" with witnesses so she shares it. Front desk girls/staff Bt 100-200 each at the end of my visit. Competent workmen for small deliveries/installations/repairs at my condo Bt100 and up. (I had two guys who came from iSpa in Bangkok to fix a five year old shower door gasket and charged me nothing--They got Bt500. I should have given them more.) Golf caddies--Bt500 as I book in advance and get the girl I want. Where I am assigned a caddie, Bt300 if they are barely competent, Bt500 if they meet my standards.Girls at front desk of club who handle my caddie bookings, etc., Bt100-200 at end of my visit. Locker room attendant who pours me a glass of cold water after my round and before my shower, 20-50 Baht. I really don't care if they look at me as an ATM. If they can fake it to my standards, so be it. I have to say I am recognized by restaurant wait staff even if I haven't visited in a year or so. They always have a friendly smile and direct me to a nice table, and an occasional freebie drink or appetizer. Needless to say, I don't go back to places where the food or service was not good.
  6. They only had 4 southbound gates to Hwy 36 and it was backed up 2 KM in February, when I was there. I thought they would fix it prior to April. guess I was wrong. they probably need 10 gates with all the truck traffic to Rayong. Maybe this will be relieved when the extension to Map Ta Phut opens, maybe mid 2019?
  7. thinkingman

    Is the Sattahip Naval base closed to foreigners

    In January parking was in a lot near the ticket office and baht bus transportation over the hill to the beach all days. Used to be baht buses only on weekends and holidays. Admission to base by exchanging license for a pass about 100 yards off Suk. Admission Bt100 falangs, Bt20 for Thais. It is a nice beach, main complaint is overall dumpiness of the ladies restrooms. Except for that, they have spent some money and effort on bins for garbage, raking, sidewalks, and food court.
  8. thinkingman

    Any picturesque places within an hour or 2 drive?

    Viharna Sien is the most amazing place. Entrance is only B20. Get the guide book where you buy your ticket. Going south on 3, make a left on Wat Yang road, marked by a light at KM 160 or 161, then follow the signs. Follow it up with lunch at Silver Lake restaurant, only a mile or so from the museum. Viharna Sien was established by a wealthy Thai-Chinese and includes a dozen or so terra cotta warriors, as well as the most amazing carvings, including a jade temple about 15 feet high. The carvings of mythological Chinese figures are spectacular. Even if you don't like museums, you need to see this place. And, who'd a thunk it? One of the world's best Asian museums in Pattaya? I have been to the Asian museum in San Francisco, and Viharna Sien far surpasses it.
  9. thinkingman

    Hairdress In Central Pattaya

    Went Wednesday color 1500 cut 300 pedicure 300 Madame very happy with all his # 094 782 5155
  10. thinkingman

    airport transfer suvannaphumi pattaya

    We use limo Pattaya (google it,then email) last ten years. Van was 1700 baht. Always on time.
  11. thinkingman

    Suggestions about business class to Europe?

    I have flown business twice per year to Thailand from USA. I was a Star Alliance proponent, but now I suggest going to Google flights between 60 and 30 days of your departure date and getting prices, then decide on the airline. You can also sort of simulate prices by doing dummy bookings 30-60 days out from the search date. If you book too far in advance you will get screwed. About all the airlines flying to BKK from Europe are quite good. My last trip was on Austrian with a Sky Chef for business class meal service, complete with white jacket, chef hat and instant read thermometer.
  12. From another thread... "We have a new Big C going up next to the Sattahip (Thur.Sat.) market. We just got a new Home Pro next to Nong Nuch garden resort. We'er moving up....great stuff." Wow! About time. What KM on Sukhumvit? Completion date? I am in Na Jomtien and it is PAINFUL to go to Makro-Tesco or Big C, especially since it is either a death-defying U turn or 3 KM down to U turn at Theppasit.
  13. thinkingman

    Powdered Ginger

    Only place I have seen with powdered spices is souvenir place in Pattaya Night Bazaar. they had a souvenir spice package for B100 with ginger, galangal, lemongrass and saffron. Vendor was halfway back from 2nd road on the left side.
  14. thinkingman

    Tailored Shirts

    Should be an inverted V, with no gap between the right and left collars. Not an inverted U. makes all the difference.
  15. thinkingman

    Tailored Shirts

    Agree! That is why I take my favorite shirt from home to be copied. Then you can make choices on monogram, button down, etc. Take a look at the fit on your favorite shirt, when the top is buttoned, the collar should meet in a sharp inverted V. One of the hallmarks of a custom fitted shirt. They can make this modification in the copies if you request it. they request a deposit of around 50%, so you will know the price.