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  1. airport transfer suvannaphumi pattaya

    We use limo Pattaya (google it,then email) last ten years. Van was 1700 baht. Always on time.
  2. Suggestions about business class to Europe?

    I have flown business twice per year to Thailand from USA. I was a Star Alliance proponent, but now I suggest going to Google flights between 60 and 30 days of your departure date and getting prices, then decide on the airline. You can also sort of simulate prices by doing dummy bookings 30-60 days out from the search date. If you book too far in advance you will get screwed. About all the airlines flying to BKK from Europe are quite good. My last trip was on Austrian with a Sky Chef for business class meal service, complete with white jacket, chef hat and instant read thermometer.
  3. From another thread... "We have a new Big C going up next to the Sattahip (Thur.Sat.) market. We just got a new Home Pro next to Nong Nuch garden resort. We'er moving up....great stuff." Wow! About time. What KM on Sukhumvit? Completion date? I am in Na Jomtien and it is PAINFUL to go to Makro-Tesco or Big C, especially since it is either a death-defying U turn or 3 KM down to U turn at Theppasit.
  4. Powdered Ginger

    Only place I have seen with powdered spices is souvenir place in Pattaya Night Bazaar. they had a souvenir spice package for B100 with ginger, galangal, lemongrass and saffron. Vendor was halfway back from 2nd road on the left side.
  5. Tailored Shirts

    Should be an inverted V, with no gap between the right and left collars. Not an inverted U. makes all the difference.
  6. Tailored Shirts

    Agree! That is why I take my favorite shirt from home to be copied. Then you can make choices on monogram, button down, etc. Take a look at the fit on your favorite shirt, when the top is buttoned, the collar should meet in a sharp inverted V. One of the hallmarks of a custom fitted shirt. They can make this modification in the copies if you request it. they request a deposit of around 50%, so you will know the price.
  7. Tailored Shirts

    Classic Tailors next to Massic Travel on the little alley behind 2nd road across from Royal Garden. Take a shirt that fits you to be copied. Cost $30 each or so and wear like iron.
  8. Police officer killed in Sukhumvit wreck

    My recollection is that Sukhumvit is as flat as a pancake and pretty straight from NaJomtien to the 331 intersection. Did I miss something?
  9. For a tourist visa, you will need a ticket out of Thailand within 60 days of arrival. Extensions are at the discretion of immigration. You will need the confirmed departure within 60 days to get your Tourist visa. If you are going 90 days plus, I would suggest 60 day single entry tourist visa, with a trip to a neighboring country for a day or so, then return on visa exempt, with a ticket out in 30 days, then maybe extend and get another ticket for maybe 120 days in total. Airline enforcement is inconsistent (except on flights from the US, where they follow the rules). Maybe you will decide to cancel/abandon the flights and apply for an extension before your 30/60 days runs out. Further, US departure airlines (UA, KE, DL) don't really understand the visa rules at check in, so I would suggest that you have the ticket out in 30 days if visa exempt or 60 days if on tourist visa, or expect to spend an exciting, fun-filled and stressful hour explaining to them that return tickets are not required for tourist visas, which explanation and reference to the ITAA posted rules they may or may not accept. Plus, they are professionals in rules and you are a rookie. Or, you can try to book a cheap AirAsia ticket on your phone from the airport. Best of luck to you and the Red Sox! Thai embassy DC does not answer phone or email, so unless you drop off at an honorary consul or official consulate, give it a month. Use USPS tracking to lessen the stress. (To be fair, Thai embassy DC did call and leave a message when I forgot to include a stamped return envelope with my last application.)
  10. Pointless! If you are on a lease or own a condo, make a TM 30 report each day you think about being somewhere else. Just drop by Jomtien immigration on the way to golf, or Soi 6, or wherever! Jomtien made it easy--they even have a separate line. A filing of a TM30 to immigration is like chicken soup: It can't hurt. Maybe if they got 10,000 TM30s per day they could get consistent. Maybe every tourist should file a TM30 every time they move, just in case the hotel doesn't file one. It seems they fine folks when they apply for an extension. Thus, file TM30s all the time or never apply for an extension. Always insist on a receipt or note that filing is unnecessary. Mass civil compliance with a an inconsistently enforced law will result in change. Bury them with paper.
  11. Renaissance Resort Ban Amphur

    I am in the US now, but my condo is near there. Website for the hotel still is pretty sparse and does not allow booking. Is it completed? Any idea when it will open?
  12. Hairdress In Central Pattaya

    as far as "hit or miss", there is about no experience worse for a man than to have to spend a couple of days with a woman who has had a bad style and coloring. Take it from me!
  13. Hairdress In Central Pattaya

    When we are in Thailand, Ms Thinkingman requires I drive her monthly from Ban Amphur to M Pro hair, on southbound Sukhumvit across from Caltex for cut and color. M had worked at Tigi in Central prior to setting up on his own. Number is 0947825155. Cost for western cut and color around $40-50. Wife says that his coloring brands are good. He is in a small orange shop complex about 100 m south of the pedestrian overpass. He can text you directions when you call for an appointment. As a further recommendation, she has M do her hair right before we come back to the US, so he must be pretty good!
  14. Car-eating hole covered on Siam Country Club

    when did the SSCC project actually start?
  15. New rules for cars over 7 years

    I have a 2010 Honda City. Tax renews March 2018. Will I need an inspection? What does the form look like?