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  1. Anyone got a copy of the official government order? I would love to post a copy of this around my soi..
  2. That's thai maintenance for you...
  3. Absolutely correct I am currently in the final stages of being sued for Defamation. The law is quite clear and also most people who use it to threaten people with legal action have no Idea what it actually means.. I went from being sued for Millions...to now after a very brief court appearance and the judge scolding the claimant and his lawyer for "wasting the courts time" and being threatened with penalty for such.. The whole thing has gone away and the claimant was forced to pay all my legal costs and out of cost expenses..
  4. Not true Section 330. Truth as a Defense In case of defamation, if the person prosecuted for defamation can prove that the imputation made by him is true, he shall not be punished. But he shall not be allowed to prove if such imputation concerns personal matters, and such proof will not be benefit to the public. So any decent lawyer would argue the knowledge of the dodgy business, Condo manager, would be of benefit to public to avoid further scamming..
  5. I hope his pals at the motorbike taxi rank are sufficiently ashamed of being associated with this shitbag that he will be in fear of servere beatings if he show his face again.. I know the local boys at my soi would have beaten the crap out of him if he had tried it on any of the local elders or less fortunate.. Have seen it happen with a dek van thug who tried to intimidate some locals. He was rounded up and told under no uncertain terms if he or his family did not move by the end of the week he would be beaten to a pulp...
  6. He had a 50% chance of being right. Just another attention seeking hack..