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  1. <deleted> That my son will not be going in that Military.. If anything by the time he is of age we will be in my home country and he will want to join the military there..with a excellent education system and training in a modern disciplined service. I wonder how the Thai draft treats duel citizens that have already joint the military in their western home country?
  2. Mosquito fan trap warning

    Do you order on Ebay and have post to Thailand direct?
  3. Had almost exactly the same thing happen with some ass in a MB doing 150+ in the far right and start to tailgate me as I was in the far right overtaking slower traffic on my left... He decided to swerve hard left after I had pass and move into the centre lane causing at least 4 cars behind to brake very hard one locking up wheels.. Once all were stopped he rolled his windows down and shouted something and drove off...
  4. How is it that Dash cam footage admissibility is unsure Bbut CCTV footage is ok? what is the difference??
  5. The way to use dual passports is enter and exit the country with the passport issued by that country.. If you live in a country that does not allow dual passports just don't tell them.. As far as I know passport checkpoints are only interested in the dates you enter and exit their country...
  6. Send him across a Land border for the day and re enter on his Thai Passport We had the same issue Yes he will be on Overstay if he stays on his NZ passport 90 day stamp beyond the allowed 90 days
  7. So I'm going to try and Post my 90 day but where do you post it to for Chaengwatana Immigration? I have look everywhere and I cannot see the postal address to send the registered post to?
  8. Im In Bangkok CBD I have a full schematic and drawings to show them if they are willing to provide a quotation or they can come to the site
  9. We are looking for a company to do a fit-out of our small apartment block with CCTV, VDO door phone, Electronic locks and Swipe card access. I have searched on Google but only really found one that was willing to send a quote.. and he was in Pattaya What we are looking for is: CCTV 6 cameras (3 inside 3 outside) And DVR unit VDO phone or Audio Phone for Main Communal door with 3 Receiving units 1 in each apartment. Magnetic lock on main door, Access control keypad, RFID CARDS, 3 Digital locks for each individual apartment. Anyone have a suggested company to do a the quote and install Cheers
  10. Better they should be offering to pay people to come if they keep up the absolute shambles that was immigration recently 4.5 hours to clear at swampy on the 20th at 8am. It was almost getting to a state of riot people were so pissed off
  11. 7-11 plastic bag update.

    The planet is hugely over populated If places that cannot afford/manage to feed themselves stopped bloody breeding like rabbits you would not have the masses of starving children sad for the children because of the stupid parent breeding them into a place that cannot sustain them.. And yes plastic bags are bad ...
  12. A quick Check of WHOIS shows the website was created the day before and was made to look like a genuine news website from the UK..
  13. from 15 to 7 days before it expires
  14. yes Entered just like that Yes Nationality used drop down.. I guess I have to go see them in BKK <removed>