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    Lanna Realty

    We try to answer emails as best we can but the woman who was managing the business has left to start a family. Any particular property you are interested in?
  2. Good to see they are cleaning up such a slippery problem.
  3. Dr. Wanchai is sadly mistaken if he thinks the cherry trees will flourish behind the university. A quick trip up to Doi Chaang would show him that his idea is misguided as all the cherry trees that were planted there years ago are dying because of disease. How is it possible that cherry trees can grow at a 400 m. elevation when they can not survive at colder 800 m. elevation only 50 km away.
  4. lannachiangrai

    Dam will not collapse, EIT vows

    After the earthquake I went up and inspected the dam and did not see anything indicating structural damage however if there is a year of extremely heavy rainfall and the dam reaches capacity, it will be frightening because the cracks mentioned in the article are near the very top of the dam.
  5. lannachiangrai

    Thai opinion: The secrets to corporate longevity

    Thanks for posting, a thought provoking subject.
  6. Nan can certainly highlight the environmental damage that occurs under corrupt politicians. Corn, corn everywhere and not an old growth forest to be seen. Does that qualify it as a World Heritage Site?
  7. lannachiangrai

    Chiang Rai more flood-prone after earthquakes: NDWC

    Poor reporting yet again. There was not a 5.3 earthquake, it was a 6.0. We have had numerous aftershocks, many in the 4.+ range as recently as the week of Aug. 13th, 2014. There have been daily aftershocks in the 2.0 range that can not be felt but are being recorded on the Thai Meteorological website http://www.tmd.go.th/en/earthquake_report.php To say "Chiang Rai is more flood prone" is a gross overstatement considering the size of the province and limited area affected by the earthquake. In truth, there is possibly a potential for flooding in the Mae Suai and Mae Lao regions of Chiang Rai, about 30-40 kms south of Chiang Rai city, the areas that took the brunt of the earthquake. Also, the reservoirs in the Chiang Rai are starting to get filled up but the large dam in Mae Suai was still low (maybe only 45% full) as of the end of July and the reservoir in Mae Kha Chan on the way to Chiang Mai was VERY low (maybe 20% capacity) as of Aug. 8th.
  8. I have been using a TOT fibre optic line for a couple years now in Chiang Rai. Even though the speed is 15MB for in-country hosted websites, I have noticed a significant performance hit over the past year or so on foreign websites and when I asked the local technician about it, he said that TOT has lost their contract for foreign bandwidth and is now using the military's pipeline. As a test, I installed a TRUE sim card in my ipad and noticed it was MUCH faster on foreign websites, not buffering at all, even when loading HD video. True said they have their own contract to get bandwidth from abroad so if I had the option (which unfortunately I don't yet,) I personally would switch to the True Docsis cable.
  9. lannachiangrai

    Top 50 Must Sees In Chiang Rai Province.

    In Nov. the mountains are ablaze with yellow sunflowers in the Thoed Thai area - that arrow head sliver of land jutting into Myanmar in NW Chiang Rai. Spectacular!
  10. lannachiangrai

    Blatant Theft Of Copywrite Material

    The thieves took off the link after only 5 days and changed the text! Beware if you try to deal with them! They certainly don't want to give credit for any stolen material.
  11. lannachiangrai

    There Once Was A Girl From Mae Sai

    There once was a girl from Mae Sai Who pretended to be quite shy But take her to bed And she loves to give head Certainly not your typical Thai (for all you married guys)
  12. lannachiangrai


    Driving S on the Asia Highway, about 5 km S. of Big C, you will see almost all the sois and fields flooded on the east side of the road. The Mae Lao river is full and has overflown in many places. The water is also reaching and sometimes overflowing many bridges. There is also flooding on the east side of the river. The Thais are really doing a great job supporting each other, driving around in big trucks, dropping off food and water for others. If it rains again tonight, Chiang Rai city might finally see some water. An easy place to view the flooding is on the Thoeng Rd. Drive S on the Asia Highway past Big C. Turn left at the light and look for the windmill on your right (about 2 km.) The bridge near the windmill goes over the Mae Lao.
  13. lannachiangrai

    Ferang Murdered And Tossed In River

    Yes, I did hear a confirmation from the Thai newspapers that it was a German. Sorry, don't have a name.
  14. lannachiangrai

    Blatant Theft Of Copywrite Material

    Just after the phone call I got an email from them and a link has been created!! Thanks for the help.
  15. lannachiangrai

    Blatant Theft Of Copywrite Material

    Thanks Curt, I was able to do a google search on "Chris Creagh Thailand" and found that he and his girlfriend Oi have a travel agency in Samui called Travel Solutions. His phone number was on the site so I called him and found out he was in England. I talked to Sab, another farang and she said they couldn't give me a link because that is part of their business strategy (they are trying to sell links) but they said they would try to change the offending text. They certainly weren't very apologetic.