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  1. It's outright WRONG!!!! Charging dual/triple prices should be against the law as it is discrimination ! Natural parks, restaurants, tourist attractions, golf courses all have dual prices. I'm married to a wonderful Thai lady and with great in-law family, speak and read fluent Thai and been here since 1990 for work. It definitely pisses me off when they try to charge me a other rate than the locals, it does my head in. Try to do that to them If they come to our country. I still love to live here but by principal i will avoid those places who execute these dual pricings.
  2. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    RIP Jonathan, will miss our chats and beers
  3. And the security guard is just standing by and doing F all.
  4. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    I agree completely, there are many retirees who no previous connection to Thailand and they get these privileges. Whereas many (not yet retired) people who are married, having families and property(s) are facing difficulties with visa(s), getting just 1 year visa
  5. Can have 10 people in the back of a pick up truck, so why would Thai(s) government care of children protection seats in car? It's a lovely country but their laws have something to wish for!
  6. 1 police officer and he's clueless, cant even drag 1 girl away from the scene ;-( Maybe conflict of interest at hand.
  7. What a despicable cowardly individual who believes he's superior to women. I'm confident that he treat his family in the same way.
  8. Bang Saray

    Wong Amat beach in Naklua is also a good option, quiet beach and near to everything.
  9. It's spelled weaning you DC... but regardless it's the principle
  10. Ko Samed national Park is exactly the same. 200 THB for foreign adults and 100 THB for foreign children. For Thais it's 40 THB for adults and 20 THB for children. It's ALL about the principle, Land of smiles they say, sure we understand why !!! Outrages and completely wrong! I'm over 20 years married with a Thai lady and have 2 children, they all can enter under the Thai rate but the moron asked me to pay the foreign fee, <deleted>!
  11. Agree completely, to be able to go around the island in Ko Samed, you need to enter the "National Park" which is currently guarded/supervised by the Military. To enter they charge foreigners (adults 200 THB and children 100 THB) but the fees for Thai nationals are (adults 40 THB and children 20 THB). Also on golf courses there are different fees for foreigners and Thais. It's really a shame that the government allow this practice and should be punishable by law!!! Try in most organized countries to charge tourists/foreigners double or more and they will call foul ;-(