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  1. Hi, Can someone please clarify what documents are required to obtain a single entry 90 day non 'O' visa based on marriage at the Thai embassy in London. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your replies, I'll check that place out. I live near Chaiyaphum town two hours drive from Khon Kaen. gaz
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist within Muang Chaiyaphum Province. Thanks gaz
  4. Hi Apart from the Siam River Resort hotel does anyone know of any other public swimming pools in Chaiyaphum province. Regards
  5. Reading all the advice given on this forum I think it's apparent that a Visit Visa for my wife will be almost impossible in my currant financial situation. I think I was a bit naïve thinking that her previous history of living in the UK would help. But it has become clear now that our chances of success will be greatly increased once I am retired and receiving my pension. What a sad state of affairs that my wife of good character who lived and worked in the UK for four years paying tax and NI would almost have to beg and hope that the ECO was is a good mood to be allowed back into the UK to visit family with her husband and daughter. The saddest part of all this is that my parents who are too old to come to Thailand will miss out on spending time with their granddaughter. Fingers crossed for early retirement.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies. For your info, my 12 month Thai Visa is from marriage. My wife's family will be looking after the shop whilst we are away. For the duration of our stay in the UK we will be staying at my parents house. I have had a house built in the village where we now live which is close to the shop. The trip will be funded by myself for the flights and by my parents for accommodation. Would you suggest that our chances of success will be higher once our daughter starts school? Thanks again
  7. I have been living married to my Thai wife for eight years, after our marriage she lived with me in England for 4 years on a Spousal Visa. For the last four years we have been living in Thailand. She runs a small shop in our village which generates enough income to pay our bills but not a lot more. We have a two year old daughter now that we would like to take to the UK for a 3-4 week family holiday. My daughter is entitled to a UK passport but my wife will need a Visit Visa. We don't have much in the way of savings and the only money I have in Thailand is 400,000 in a Thai bank baht for my 12 month Visa extension. We plan to stay with family whilst in the UK. My question is, will this be relatively easy process or a bit of a headache? Thanks in advance Gaz