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  1. Here you go: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/teslas-musk-apologizes-for-his-comments-on-british-caver/ar-AAAeKfM?ocid=spartandhp
  2. Musk has a long history of bullying people, he even got a warning letter from his investors. You jump to conclusions and call other people stupid? Have a look in the mirror
  3. Maybe because 22 million followers of Musk seen the false claim and all newspapers dived into it, which his daughter seen too?
  4. FritsSikkink

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    Have you ever said something in your mail to your wife about him which could be seen as not nice?
  5. Don't feel sorry, most of his supporters still love him to bits.
  6. FritsSikkink

    Are Thais Xenophobic or insecure or both or neither.

    Are tourists racist, to much self esteem, both or neither?
  7. Wet noodle: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/schwarzenegger-calls-trump-a-wet-noodle-after-putin-summit/vi-AAAcqwO?ocid=spartanntp
  8. Not only EU and China, Japan too: https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/world/1505058/eu-japan-to-sign-massive-trade-deal-as-us-puts-up-barriers#cxrecs_s
  9. FritsSikkink

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    "it is tough to build a functional support network while surrounded mostly by fellow expats feeding their base desires for sex and booze" Go live somewhere else so you are not surrounded by them but by people who live a normal live here.
  10. FritsSikkink

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    You believed wrong then.
  11. FritsSikkink

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Try a taxi / tuktuk in Phuket, then you will know a new meaning of expensive.
  12. The people who opposed Putin, what a surprise.
  13. In this indictment He has an other 200 blank indictments to go, this goes in phases.