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  1. "We know a clinic that is in yr 6 and its turning over 500,000 baht a month." Turning over a certain amount says nothing at all. How much profit do they make? With 3 dentist working there they will have a lot more costs too. Need more equipment and have to pay them too. Working at a hospital and after 4 PM for herself is a not a very good idea. She will have the same costs for the business when she works part-time but will make less money in the business.
  2. Better then gun maniacs.
  3. A meeting with convicted criminals on the run who try to run the country, yes
  4. Legal question

    It is legal, you book for something and pay. Now you want another deal (stay shorter) but you haven't any contract for that.
  5. "I estimate our general (total) expenses including the rent to be 60,000 baht a month. That equates to 2000 baht a day. " this is not true because "- I will probably have to spend up to $200,000 on equipment". Your equipment won't stay good forever and will be out dated after a while too. Say 200000 USD @ 31 THB = 6200000 THB. I don't know the lifetime of dental equipment but let's say 5 years. this will add another 103333 depreciation costs per month on your general expenses (3444 THB per day). This doesn't include any repairs needed in those 5 years. There will be other costs too, so I don't think you have got the total picture yet.
  6. "a robust, efficient, and incorruptible judiciary system." Where might that be?
  7. For each work permit you have to employ 4 Thai persons. Normally you learn about Thai working culture before you start a business.
  8. The answer is already there in loads of other countries. You choose too ignore them because you love you guns more than the kids.
  9. Not in the state lottery.
  10. Maybe an idea to implement gun control the "USA" way: 1) Everybody who want a gun needs to be a member of the NRA and pay a license fee per gun. 2) When there is a mass shooting, the NRA will pay every victim (or remaining family) 10 million US. Lets see if there will be changes after that.
  11. Maybe because it is illegal to gamble in Kuwait
  12. There should be an discussion, you have had years for that and it solves completely nothing. There is only 1 way, like they use all over the world and it works: GUN CONTROL. So stop the pathetic excuses and just do it.
  13. You and all the people who defend their gun rights are part of the problem, here some nice read: https://shareblue.com/teen-who-survived-massacre-rips-trump-to-pieces-in-emotional-takedown/
  14. stop feeding street dogs

    What a problem, dog shit on your wheels. What next?