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  1. A hooker is a credible source.
  2. Sounds like NHS to me, any problem? Here is some paracetamol
  3. We sure know how it will end. There was a photo today of officer giving a nice WAi to him
  4. That strategy sure did the trick NOT during NY and January. Actually got worse.
  5. Usually I do not indulge into these kind of things but I have to lay it out. I have been familiar with her and her "work". First of all lets get this out of the way, she is a prostitute and famous with hanging out with person in question. She goes where the money goes, the same person (Navalny) who she suddenly supports now she hated a year back or so, on her instagram profiles a lot of videos and speeches. Second I rather her being deported back to Russia, because she is trying to play a silly girl who doesn't understand why she is in jail here. Coming with her friends on tourist visa and working without work permit, charging people 20k THB for Sex Seminars (conducted by the prostitute) in a place where sex tourism is dominant. What else she expected to happen? He should grow a pair of balls and take responsibility. NOBODY forced her into this WORK! She chose not to have an honest job like everyone else. Instead she was saying how much that guy loves her, they were destined to be together. Her relationship with an billionaire ended, so she decided to make quick buck here. Those here saying she is beautiful, clearly haven't seen her without makeup with and with all the silicone she implanted. Now what does she trying to gain here by crying to the US god knows. She kept talking about this for a while, yet nobody has seen the video or any proof of it as yet. Let us assume this is true, that the government minister was meeting with a billionaire (who wants to run for president and she supported him) partying on a boat. Is there a crime here? Corruption exists everywhere in any country. Does that prohibits by law to meet with someone? If GEORGE SOROS met (and he did, we are all familiar with his meddling work) with anyone from Obama or Trump administration, ins't that the same? I would rather see this lady get banged up in a Thai prison for a while then deported and banned. She makes it worse for everyone who wants to be here legally. Make an example of her.
  6. The problem here also is brain dead passengers who at any moment could have died but everyone sit quietly, letting him carry on. Instead making sure he doesn't do it or stopping the van and reporting him.
  7. Nah they just will continue burning. It would be more efficient if they start actually enforcing this ban, utilize police and army. Massive fines and jail time on telly will spread the message clearly. Also government could do more to bring CP and Betagro to actually do something about it as they are a big reason it is so bad. That along with educating ppl on the dangers of this smoke.
  8. Now can anyone confirm if this ban only applies to Chiang Rai or North Thailand in general? There isn't much point implementing this in Chiang Rai if other provinces will burn the hell out of the fields and forests. I stay in Phayao and we are surrounded by forests, farmlands and other stuff.
  9. Should have blocked her phone number and never came to TH if it was that bad.
  10. sup3r1or

    Korat school director denies charges

    If that would have been a foreigner no evidence would be needed, lets see how well he is connected. I hope he does get what he deserves if guilty.
  11. I don't know about this. Isn't it something among those lines that foreigners can't own 100% of business more than 3 years and must give a way, unless you become 49% owner later on, plus X number of workers you need to hire.
  12. Always surprised by the white knights here. Even academics in US said her trial is not legal or should not be considering what happened during her time in the office. Was there corruption? Yes for sure, and which gov is not corrupt here or anywhere else? At least farmers got double for their rice after being milked for decades. This is nothing else but to remove any kind of opposition. Good or bad one doesnt matter. Those who praise her being jailed whats is alternative? Better with dictatorship I guess.
  13. sup3r1or

    IPD Insurance for Kids

    Hello everyone wanted to ask for an advice for an IPD only insurance for children. We have 2 kids: 10 month old and 5 year old. ATM we are looking for medical insurance for our baby (10 months old), what is there available for on market which is not too steep in price>? In the past we used AXA with our first child (that was 4000 a month and then dropped to 2800) which is still very expensive. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  14. "Maxime told AD how the couple had been backpacking around Thailand and were in Bangkok the day before they were due to fly home." So they actually had something to steal from them?
  15. sup3r1or

    PCX 150 WTH?

    Yeah sorry I got them confused I wasn't talking about Exciter, I was talking about Aerox. I sat on it at the shop 2 days, ago, I love the looks but the riding position is so high, like you put a chair on top of the bike. Also the knees are literally 2 mm away from plastic