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  1. No measures will help, drivers need to care, be educated and police actually need to enforce rules and regulations.
  2. sup3r1or

    Import of plastic waste to Thailand banned

    Its like they don't have enough of their own plastic waste? This is literally a plastic nation.
  3. For all the haters etc, yes I agree its too late. He should have done it earlier. However what about other billionaires like Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Warren B, Paul Allen, Richard Branson etc.? Nobody ever tried to help or step-in from that group of people. Musk may have been late, but he tried and done what he could. So props to him for that.
  4. sup3r1or

    Novichok: Murder inquiry after Dawn Sturgess dies

    I wouldn't trust a word the UK government says: the background to this is the woman and her partner are heroin addicts.
  5. sup3r1or

    Billionaire Elon Musk Offers Help For Cave 13

    What I am puzzled about is that, he said he sent his team there on Saturday. Proposed several options (safer) for possible extraction and today Sunday, the Thais go ahead with the old plan. So is his help not needed?
  6. sup3r1or

    Billionaire Elon Musk Offers Help For Cave 13

    Pretty sure its all free. This would be an an excellent PR and ad campaign for them
  7. I keep smelling BS in this news story, just like before. Every expert says a few drops of this agent is enough to kill a few blocks full of people. However not only does it not kill, it seems on the photos from BBC that British police seems to have developed immunity to it. The fact that is happening all the time so close to Porton Down lab is already a flag. Skripal was a drug addict (can google it) the new couple, the guy is a registered heroin addict.
  8. Somehow that doesnt surprise me at all. I am sure if everyone had a pool and a coach the result would be the same. America is not the greatest example of abilities...specially physical ones sorry but that is true.
  9. Hm... I am not sure if there are any bats there since you have to dive to reach that place. I am very happy the boys got found, but can anyone explain to me what were they doing there in the first place? Why did they go there? I mean I talked to professors at work and the first thing they said, why on earth would they go there at 5 PM 2 hours before sunset? There are signs all over not to go there during rainy season, yet they were ignored. The coach seems to be not the brightest person in the group, he should have known better. The new news that is reaching out now from locals is that it was his idea to go there to write their names on the wall for good luck or something like that.
  10. sup3r1or

    PCX 150 WTH?

    Hello everyone, I was looking into picking one of these up for a while. Remember popping to Green Wing last year and brand new PCX 150 was quoted to me at 68K. Just went to Green wing yesterday and new model is already 91k. Why such a huge price increase? They couldn't explain me. The bike is the same, only new feature is the electronic key, which cant possibly rake up almost 20k on top. What are similar alternatives? Did you have any experience to buy second hand? I am looking for finance.