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  1. It is a childhood developmental period wherein the child believes it is the center of the world.
  2. It depends upon whether you want a unipolar world with the US bullying everyone and having wars all over the globe.....or if you want a multipolar world. I would much prefer a multipolar world with China and Russia and the EU running things alongside the US. The American Empire is no longer a force for the good.
  3. Yes, go visit America and see for yourself. They think the world revolves around whichever state they live in. Solipsism gone mad.
  4. Hahahahaha the coalition of the willing 'Merica, 'Srael, Togo and Timor Leste. A resounding endorsement of US global leadership. Trump and Haley victorious again. I see Pakistan have announced they will no longer trade with China in dollars, following yesterday's threats by the US. This and the soon to be launched petroyuan contracts for oil will dent the US ability to continue to sell T-bills at below global rates. Is Trump going to MAIA....Make America Irrelevant Again?
  5. This has been a really great debate on here. My twopenn'orth: 1) The US is way behind with its payments to the UN and owes billions of dollars, despite the economy benefitting by about $5 billion a year by having the UN in NYC 2) Aid is many things, but all to often support for NGOs to undermine the stability of government's the US doesn't like anyway; soft loans to buy US military hardware 3) US aid is a tiny fraction of GDP, much smaller than many other countries....$25 billion this year from a $20 trillion GDP. 4) the biggest single recipient of US aid is Israel at over $4 billion...most of it military aid. 5) the second biggest is Egypt, where the aid is given illegally under US law which states that military aid may not be given to perpetrators of a military coup. A commenter above demonstrated the difference between no-strings attached Chinese aid which builds hospitals and port and the like in Africa in return for access to natural resources, and Aid from the US which is often military in nature (soft loans to buy US guns and bombs) and often has strings with human rights and the like. I would request the UN make the vote a secret ballot.
  6. Hold a secret ballot. Problem solved.
  7. Strzok's letter referred to an 'insurance' in the event that Trump looked like getting elected that was discussed in "Andy's office' (this being Andy McCabe) and it is illegal to discuss politics on FBI property. Let us not forget that the Clinton campaign did conspire with CNN to produce phony poll results to show her winning the election....this was exposed. There is a lot of mileage in this....these guys look guilty as hell and it has been reported that Mueller's team have donated overwhelmingly to Clinton in the election campaign (public records of this are available). The question now is where is this going. There is no evidence at all of the primary charge that Trump conspired with Putin and Wikileaks during the campaign to change the result of the election. Now so much mud has been thrown at Russia it is impossible for Mueller to turn up with nothing.....hence the fishing expeditions into Manafort's lobbying in Ukraine in 2011 which is totally unrelated to any conspiracy to change an election result; also Flynn whose 'crime' was after the election and hence fell outside the scope of the investigation; what we have dragged up is a miniscule amount of money spent by 'Russian linked' accounts (whatever the hell that means) on Twitter and Face Book amounting less than 0.01% of the expenditure by the candidates....the 'Russian-linked' adverts were both for and against Clinton in equal measure. It is pretty clear that there was minimal if any direct contact between agents of the Russian government and senior Trump campaign officials during the campaign.....this to such an extent that when Flynn did want to contact the Russians during the transition, he had no one to call but the local Ambassador.....if a major 'conspiracy' involving 1000's of people had occurred, you might have thought that Flynn would have many Russians on auto dial on his phone to communicate with. The other thing is that the NSA records all calls and emails going abroad (Flynn et al know this).....so where are all the details of all these conspiratorial electronic contacts? Let's have impartial special prosecutors and investigators....not the likes of Strzok who exonerated Clinton.
  8. Thai court throws out case of trafficked men

    Terrible decision. We are going back to the bad old days aren't we? Perhaps some 'influential people' were involved in the sale of these slaves.
  9. Reverse this illegal decision by the US. The US signed onto Jerusalem being an international, military free city decades ago along with the rest of the UN. Once again they renege on an agreement. Who can possibly trust these Americans? They are seriously lacking in any honor.
  10. The US doesn't make world laws. No country is under any obligation to follow the US's move. The US will veto this but it will make countries like the UK and France embarrassed if they abstain. The UN has a string of resolutions that Israel has ignored already related to land theft for settlement and wall building. The UN accords on Jerusalem are quite specific and easy to understand.....it is to be a demilitarized, international city with equal access for Palestinians, Jews and Christians. These accords date back to the inception of Israel at the UN. Israel has shredded these accords as well.
  11. Tillerson originally said there would be no preconditions for talks....my understanding of the English language, tells me that Tillerson is now setting a precondition....ie a condition set prior to talks beginning. How can anyone conduct negotiations with people whose word means absolutely nothing at all? The Russian/Chinese idea of stopping NK tests of rockets/nukes, while the US stops its invasion drills 12 miles off the NK coast.
  12. Funny old world isn't it? Mueller was hired to look into Russian interference with the election. He has come up with nothing at all so far. Manafort and partner's alleged crimes were historical 5 years before the election. Papadopoulos may have things to say, but he has admitted lying already, which weakens him as a witness, and the professor who supposedly had all the Russian contacts and dirt has denied his statements. And digging for dirt is not an offense....as we say with Hillary paying for the dodgy dossier from Fusion GPS. Now Flynn has provided evidence that after the election they were searching for a backdoor to speak securely with Russia as Trump Tower did not have secure communications. One would imagine that if there was this massive conspiracy in the run up to the election that a backdoor channel to Russia would already have been established to plan the conspiracy, there fore why the need to create a channel after the election. It makes no sense. So far I am underwhelmed with Mueller and frustrated for I would like to see Trump impeached....but impeach him for real crimes not imagined ones with Russia as the bogeyman. Mueller should use his power to mount a fishing expedition into Trump's finances...there will without doubt be tax evasion and fraud in prior finances.
  13. Whatever happened to Dhammachaya? (or whatever his name was)
  14. It shows what your governments are supporting.
  15. Government theft of assets without due process.....I'm sure that these folks were corrupt but they should have been before a court. This has nothing to do with corruption and all to do with greed of MBS and his need to buy allegiance.