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  1. The Us 'proof' is about as good a guaranty as its fiat money. Phoney
  2. I suppose if caught red handed guilty, the dent, deny, deny, until the news cycles forgets aout it/
  3. Craig this is simple so as even you can understand it. Wikileaks releases what it gets in from whistle blowers. Soooooo if it gets a wikileak from the USA it publishes that. If it gets a leak fro Denmark or Tibet it publishes that. There was a massive Saudi leak recently…it is reported daily on Middle Eastern news sits but not in the world as you read it. You need to stop swallowing the US propaganda and search out things for yourself. Otherwise you will always end up believing in The USA being Father Christmas.
  4. We are all in fairy land here. One side says the US is godlike goodness personified and any deaths attributed to them are accidents caused by the fog of war….The other side say we want to win this war with guns and ammo intstead of Pentagon PR
  5. How to rid society from blasphemers?
  6. British embassy the worst bunch of diplomats it has ever been my misfortune to interact with.
  7. For me, wikileaks are heroes, same as Ed Snowdon. They expose the outright lies and illegalities that governments do. If we had listened to Ed Snowden the world would be a better place with an intelligence service instead of a propaganda service. The CIA has brought more evil into the world and though its false flag and covert ops has caused more wars leading to more deaths than Hitler.
  8. I hope this doesn't become a trend.
  9. Why not wait for the autopsy report? Why this senseless speculation?
  10. Sec44 Did a great deal of good at Dhammakaya didn't it. Solved all the problems, brought all the folk with arrest warrants in for questionning. Marvellous, we should make sure there is a Sec44 in every constitution.
  11. Am I sick of these big bikes. We need a law to limit the noise that comes from these idiots who ride them.
  12. Wow he really got slammed didn't he? People standing up? In a minibus? Wait a 15 day suspension of license, that's really severe. I expect he was allowed to travel along on his way though with the standing passengers.
  13. The vast majority of fatalities happen with motorbikes, I've read 75%. The junta need to focus and prioritize. Road deaths are not something that can be solved with a crackdown over SongKran or New Year. What is needed is a really aggressive and continuous campaign against motorcyclists who have no licenses, who are under age, who speed, who put loud exhausts on their bikes (this means they are idiots), more than 2 on a bike, no helmets etc. No fines at all, instant impounding of the bike, and let the police auction off the bikes and keep the money. They should have permanent checkpoints outside each school, and every infringement by school kids should be punished by impounding the bike. Start with the young and then after 10 years you will have a cadre of drivers of motorbikes who actually drive responsibly and well. After this dream up similar schemes for car drivers especially drinkers and speeders.
  14. So none of the pickup traveling Route 2 from Sara Buri to Issan will have any passengers in the back? Sorry don't believe it, it's fake news.