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  1. Shame it didn't happen to the district chief instead....give him an incentive to fix the problem.
  2. Flaws? Reading this I can see no logic. They keep saying DUI is the most serious offence carrying 10 years in jail....but HE KILLED TWO PEOPLE. Surely killing two people is more serious? A real flaw in the legal system. It doesn't mention whether he has been bailed pending an extremely lengthy appeal, or whether his passport has been revoked? I can;t see him spending last night in the monkey house somehow....
  3. If they give me the documents I can have them translated by tomorrow am.
  4. Odds on if they ever get their hands on Boss he will be bailed and his passport will not be cancelled. It is interesting but my wife had a minor dispute over money with a trader. She was summoned to appear before a court. She was out of the country at the time and did not attend. They cancelled her passport immediately. Double standards.
  5. Wot, no appeal? No bail?
  6. Send her down for a long time. Immoral business.
  7. I know getting visas and stuff can be a bot of a hassle, but there are rules and laws. I do not understand people coming to Thailand, or any other country, who fail to get the right visas. You are working illegally and you know the saying....if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime.
  8. They really need to get rid of this chump. And the whole election commission as well, Think o0f all that air being wasted as these idiots pontificate.
  9. What happens when the price falls? They'll be on the march then demanding subsidies from the government. What's wrong with the system is who gets the money? The small farmers get next to nothing and exist in poverty, while the brokers, factory owners, lobbyists and the bureaucrats get rich. It's upside down. These parasites are not worth what they are paid.
  10. I wonder what it costs in electricity to mine one bitcoin?
  11. Graham and McCain....two old warmongers who need to be put out to pasture. Pair of idiots.
  12. It's about time this old warmonging codger was put out to grass.
  13. This is an interesting article. It seems that Thailand's problem is being on the watch list rather than in Tier 2. I have no information about trafficking except what I read in the Thai newspapers, TV and occasional reports in UK news. In the original statement when Thailand was downgraded to Tier 3, the US said it was looking for prosecutions and punishment of traffickers. I haven't seen many prosecutions, very few in fact for such an extensive problem. I have seen no one sentenced either. So very few prosecuted and none in jail...can we wonder why we are still on the watch list?
  14. A shining example of how not to organize your immigration policy.
  15. Nice to see that the young protesters still are following world events and are willing to risk arrest to highlight the corruption in high places. I had lost faith in youth but with their support for Corbyn and the demonstrations in Hamburg have restored my faith in our youth.