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  1. You are wrong. I have too much going on in Thailand, that you will someday perhaps find out about, if you visit museums and art galleries.
  2. Yes, but my Australian pension falls below the Immigration Department's requirement for a "Retirement Visa", which we all know is just a scam anyway, having to renew yearly. The Philippines, looking more attractive by the day, requires less, permits the purchase of property after 6 months, permits one to work, and none of this 90 Day reporting bull****, and once the visa is granted, one is free to come and go from the country without additional costs of any sort. With a Retirement visa there, one is treated as a Philippine citizen. Go figure.
  3. Comfortably alone on 7,000 Bhat, 3,000 of which is rent for a secure, 2-story, 200 sq.m. shop style building, tiled throughout. There's plenty for the weekly 4-hour SRT trip to Bangkok and a day's buzzing around with BTS and MRT, and even a night in a hotel wherever. Locally I cycle. (Considering a Royal Enfield as an inter-provincial tourer on secondary roads. But I don't consider that purchase as part of my monthly expenses, except for the minimal cost of fuel, if I get it) Food? In my town, I eat out a few times a week otherwise cooking at home works well. Booze? ... no thanks. A few bottles of beer a year and no more. However, it all goes through the roof once a girlfriend is added to the equation.
  4. Why? .. because everyone is for sale.
  5. Maybe the crock mistook him for a buffalo. (Understandable)
  6. Given the problems we have with the various 'interpretations' of visa rules, from one border crossing to the next, I can imagine this work permit decree will be fraught with just as much frustration, and dare I say stupidity.
  7. Not confused at all, thank you. In fact, I am now engaged in dialogue with a university. They are very interested and it will be presented to The Ministry of Culture. "Other cultural issues". Yep, and I would never expand on that in the presence of the likes of you, .. for reasons that will be obvious to others.
  8. He doesn't care. .. and will buy his way out of it. Purge his bowels and live the next day as though nothing happened. Would you expect any different? Government Forestry and/or wildlife official, are just the official labels for "elephant poacher".
  9. The people who make these rules are, let's face it, not very intelligent. I am seeking to do postgrad studies in other cultural issues, but having second thoughts ( and third, and even fourth thoughts ) ... because I refuse to be judged by the ignorant. The officer who assesses me needs to be educated in something other than just taking bribes.
  10. I will believe that the police are serious about anything other than whatever they can do to supplement their income, namely that their efforts in combatting the road carnage reflect in: 1. A dramatic drop in road accidents. 2. Fines issued for speeding. 3. Corrupt cops who prefer to take bribes instead of issuing fines. 4. Multiple speeding offences resulting in the confiscation of vehicles 5. Multiple traffic offences resulting in imprisonment. 6. Both the driver and company manager of a passenger vehicle exceeding speed limits to be with fines and imprisonment and cancellation of licences to drive and permits to run a passenger service.
  11. Many are understandably patriotic. A young lady who I tutor in English occasionally recently failed the Army entrance exam and was very disappointed. (Note: "was") She says she wants to serve the country. So I told her that all is not lost because there are many ways she can serve the country, and in ways where she can have more control over her actions. Her eyes widened and she listened as though it was the first day of the World. Well, encouraging the use of initiative is not in the Thai education agenda. As most of you are aware, the education system is lacking in many areas, and it certainly fails in teaching the increasingly more important English language. When I pressed her, she said that her 'English teacher' couldn't speak English, and when asked various questions on grammar, the teacher would simply refer my student to Youtube. (deep sigh) We talked about all the possible avenues she could pursue, from education to environmental protection, whatever I left her house that day, a smiling and alive young woman .. with a tough road ahead of her, but with more promise. However, she likes the uniform she wore as a cadet .. needless to say ... and she has a 'boyfriend' who's in the army, ( another sigh) I said: "If it's the uniform you like, there are many positions which require you to wear a uniform. Have you ever thought of working for an airline?" ... Now she's thinking. Actually really thinking, but her mother is fond of the 'boyfriend' even though he's more than twice her age, and she gets to see him one every six months. (Maybe she'll get over that one.)
  12. When she says it's not about the money, it's about the money.
  13. The PM shamelessly pushes for coal-fired power stations in Krabi and other southern provinces. The environmental damage from these will be irreparable, whereas Shinawatra 'crimes' are merely yesterday's ablutions. Money is recoverable. Every act of environmental damage pushes the world closer to the abyss. The PM shamelessly gags public protests and media discussion on his agenda.
  14. What an absolute ****hole. I can only hope he gets a very long sentence, with treatment befitting the crime. Sickening ...