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  1. Yes, well, let's not separate the tour operators from the 'care-free' tourists. It takes two to tango. 1. A real government capable of delivering on environment issues. 2. A nationwide awareness campaign. 3. An International awareness campaign ... There are several environmentally sensitive areas around the world whose access is strictly controlled. The reefs need to be added to the list.
  2. Abso-bloody-lutely. Cheers to that TVGerry.
  3. Road carnage: January death toll goes through the roof

    All in the absence of good governance, ... generation after generation after generation. No road safety education. No credible police force. Fatalism and the culture of bribery.
  4. What's next ... We will have to have minders? North Korean style.
  5. Such regulations and this sort of petty overkill are usually the stuff of officials who are jealous of the attention that others are receiving. The only way to rectify this absurd situation is to immediately impose identical restrictions on all Thais travelling and residing overseas, leaving out no one. This turkey needs to be cut down to size.
  6. I would have joined you. Then see the cowards scatter.
  7. I never thought that I would ever hear myself say this, but it's one place I would feel better owning a defensive weapon, in addition to the 5-foot bamboo hoe handle that I keep just inside the door.
  8. To express my feelings fully, will only result in a negative reaction from the moderators. But you know where I'm coming from.
  9. Election could be delayed to 2019

    Crooks ... 2019? ... 2020 .... 2021 .... 2022 .... 2023 ... ad infinitum. Until there is an uprising, like the one that saw the end of Yingluck. The difference being that that protest was largely peaceful, with only the Red Shirts doing the shooting and the off-duty policeman throwing the hand grenades in Victory Monument. The protests to oust Prayut will be bloody from Day 1. This does not bode well for the future of Thailand. In the attached photo, simply change the name from Yingluck to .... ?
  10. Until I put my glasses on, I thought you had written: "I've already had 25 wives."
  11. I guess they're hoping that a bit of "smart" might rub off onto some of the locals. They've got bugger all chance of creating their own with the current education system. .. You may remember this one I told about the young Thai woman who went to the Nobel Institute to tell them about her father. With interest, the panel asked what he had achieved. She said that he was standing out in his field. .. and? Well, it took a while to explain to her that it was not quite the same as being outstanding in his field. ... Beyond a joke, I have met several Bachelor Degree graduates, male and female, who thought that Austria and Australia were two different spellings of the same city in Europe.
  12. What a disgrace that there is not a credible education system, with follow up employment, providing a decent income, so the girls who are caught up in this don't have to hide their faces in shame. The current situation is the consequence of the total absence of good governance and nothing else.
  13. I refer to Thailand as my home, because that's how I feel. Yep.
  14. Are you posting this tongue in cheek?
  15. I much prefer the natural colour of Thais. Many bleached Asians look like corpses.