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  1. Ok .. Thanks for all that, Khun Ubonjoe. It looks like I'm up in the air for the moment.
  2. Ok .. Thanks. Assuming that 65K is a monthly amount, my pension of a measly 43.5K a month won't qualify, without a substantial bank balance. Other options are: 1. A Non-O based on "intended marriage"? .. family involvement/support etc. My girlfriend is posting letter with copy of ID card to me now. (I'm in Melbourne) .. so I would have it in hand when I apply, wherever. (I really need multiple entry because of things to do in Europe.) or 2. Maybe a long shot, but a University in Thailand is considering in a project of mine as a Masters Degree Thesis, in which case, I imagine they would need to send an invitation in writing. (We need more consultation prior to enrolment, which is difficult via web-cam only.) Such an invitation could be obtained in time for my preferred travel date. The project, because of it's nature, could well attract endorsement from the Culture Ministry, but this stage is a way off yet.
  3. Question 1. On the site http://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/visa-run-penang.php It says: "In the case of a Non-Immigrant ‘O” visa for retirement, you will need 800,000 baht tin a Thai bank, a copy of your Thai bank book, pension details or proof of a sustainable income, 2 passport-sized photos, and you must be over 55 years of age." Is that 800,000 Baht in the Thai bank actually an either/or? Is the proof of Pension income sufficient? Question 2. Is there a "Multiple entry" option with the Retirement Visa? Question 3. I guess several of us have applied for Retirement visas at Penang. Feedback from recent experiences would be appreciated. Question 4. Have any of you applied for this at the Thai Embassy in Melbourne Australia? Thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, K.
  4. Bullshit. It's never fair to lie and cheat. Never.
  5. Yes but you know it's fake and you don't seem to care too much. In addition, you are living off a much higher income source than most in Thailand, certainly Thai traders who work for a pittance. Smart arse comments don't help anyone.
  6. .. and even more male liars, who promise the world and more, marriage, the lot, just to get the naive Thai woman in bed. It's open season on foreign men now, and sex tourism has made it so.
  7. This sentence leaves out an important word. It is printed as this: "They cited largely unspecified information that bribes of 30,000 baht were being demanded from illegal people to trade in the area. Some were involved in human trafficking and trades like selling meat, they said." Whereas it should read: "They cited largely unspecified information that bribes of 30,000 baht were being demanded from illegal people to trade in the area. Some were involved in human trafficking and trades like selling street meat, they said."
  8. "the police said the store was "off-limits" So, if there is a murder, a rape, any kind of assault, that occurs in this place, nothing will happen?
  9. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    Just wanting to stay here another 4 years could be viewed as the opposite of smart, therefore you'd be disqualified upon application.
  10. Quite possibly none. Seriously, it depends on who the parents of the 15 yo are. I have had first hand dealings with local police, namely over theft from my premises. I caught the two culprits. The local police chief only want to accept that the obvious low-lifer of the two could be guilty. The other has parents in the local government. Friends in the crowd gathering around were warning me not to pursue charges, although with photographic evidence it was a clear cut case. I was advised by them to accept a return of the money stolen (from my wallet) and let it go. The inference being that it is a small town, and ....
  11. (One could easily believe, given that they were still alive, that it was the Marx Bothers writing Thai rules and regulations.)
  12. The word "incompetence" comes to mind. The risk of being named and shamed is a very good stimulant, promoting, among other positive attributes, efficiency, But as we all know, around the world, the incompetent are protected in all sectors of public service. We have no say in the matter. However, this was the case at Don Mueang, an accidental stuff up due to multiple, unexpected circumstances, one might say. But it does highlight a total lack or preparedness. Not good. But try this one: Last year I was flying out of Munich, bound for Bangkok. The day happened to be a public holiday in Germany. So the check-in counters were understaffed, ... only about 25% open. I asked if there more coming to clear the enormous backlog, the crowds .. hopelessly growing numbers. One airport staff person said they couldn't get anyone extra to come in, because it was a holiday. This was no accidental stuff up as at Don Mueang. It was blatant negligence. The chaos was unforgettable. Groups of crowds were being redirected to alternative sectors, just to check in, then, once 'airside', find their way back to the sector with the correct departure gate. This resulted in several delays. I can't even begin to imagine what stress this placed on Air Traffic Control, where the margin for error is zero. So go easy on the "Thai-bashing".
  13. In such matters, I find the "Need to Know" rule works well.