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  1. They even bribe officials to get the job because it is so lucrative.
  2. This is so sad. And many of the comments here are true to TV form: heartless crap
  3. So what's the point of traffic police? May as well sack the lot of them. All they do is collect bribes anyway.
  4. The absence of good governance. It this case, as we all know so well, the absence of a real police force. :-(
  5. Typically, most "insurance" is all about the exclusion clauses.
  6. I am not the least bit amused by any of this. Do you think it's so funny that the woman should be cheated? .. whatever the circumstances? You are here to keep some sort of score, just for fun? Get a life ..
  7. I would not be sorry about that either, and would be a clear case of self defence. What a jerk to be carrying around the machete, with the obvious intent of using it to do harm. I will be very concerned if he is allowed to remain in the kingdom. His wife can go back home, or wherever, remarry, and give her daughter a better future.
  8. Jail time, and deported, never to return.
  9. An even bigger waste of money is that bunch of crooks in uniform they call "police".
  10. An even bigger waste of money is that bunch of crooks in uniform they call "police".
  11. Ok .. Thanks for all that, Khun Ubonjoe. It looks like I'm up in the air for the moment.
  12. Ok .. Thanks. Assuming that 65K is a monthly amount, my pension of a measly 43.5K a month won't qualify, without a substantial bank balance. Other options are: 1. A Non-O based on "intended marriage"? .. family involvement/support etc. My girlfriend is posting letter with copy of ID card to me now. (I'm in Melbourne) .. so I would have it in hand when I apply, wherever. (I really need multiple entry because of things to do in Europe.) or 2. Maybe a long shot, but a University in Thailand is considering in a project of mine as a Masters Degree Thesis, in which case, I imagine they would need to send an invitation in writing. (We need more consultation prior to enrolment, which is difficult via web-cam only.) Such an invitation could be obtained in time for my preferred travel date. The project, because of it's nature, could well attract endorsement from the Culture Ministry, but this stage is a way off yet.
  13. Question 1. On the site http://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/visa-run-penang.php It says: "In the case of a Non-Immigrant ‘O” visa for retirement, you will need 800,000 baht tin a Thai bank, a copy of your Thai bank book, pension details or proof of a sustainable income, 2 passport-sized photos, and you must be over 55 years of age." Is that 800,000 Baht in the Thai bank actually an either/or? Is the proof of Pension income sufficient? Question 2. Is there a "Multiple entry" option with the Retirement Visa? Question 3. I guess several of us have applied for Retirement visas at Penang. Feedback from recent experiences would be appreciated. Question 4. Have any of you applied for this at the Thai Embassy in Melbourne Australia? Thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, K.
  14. Bullshit. It's never fair to lie and cheat. Never.