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  1. junglechef

    Crotch grease Q

    bobfish glad you got your own, I was getting tired of telling you to keep your hands out of my shorts!!
  2. junglechef

    Crotch grease Q

    I use locally made Smooth Ass Silk chamois cream that I order at www.smoothasssilk.com/shop/ or https://www.facebook.com/ChamoisCream/
  3. junglechef

    Review of paraquat green light demanded

    Why would you think big chains are concerned with your health over of being mainly profit motivated?
  4. junglechef

    Review of paraquat green light demanded

    There are places to shop here that probably have healthier food choices
  5. junglechef

    Police Patrol Surprise Visit

    Sounds like a reason from someone who has been avoided by potential Thai wives
  6. and I quoted you asking ""Why is aluminum not hi-end?"
  7. Subjective for sure so you should as the person who made the statement as I only said "I would say" my bike qualifies. From your posts, for instance: ""Why is aluminum not hi-end?" and "Any bike over $800 is high-end" I would say that since your asking and making such statements you don't know much about bikes. And your other claims are meaningless. I walked in a bike shop and bought the bike pictured (275,000 bht) after racing for 6 years and buying bikes and riding for 52 yrs. I knew very little about bikes and would not have been able recognize a "high-end" bike at that point. Basically I wanted a good, high-end if you must, bike so I bought the most expensive bike I could find that at the time the World Champion was racing and figured it probably was good enough for me. The OP says he called his high-end because he's had it a long time and likes it () so for (non) argument sake let's say all bikes are high-end so yours can qualify too .
  8. How much do you know and understand about bikes? Are you familiar with components? Frame engineering? Build materials? Just asking so I can reply in a way that you'll understand
  9. Grew up in Newton, went to school in Western MA and moved to Copley Square.
  10. Yeah I know my last post was a bit annoying but a bike worth $200 I would say wouldn't qualify (my chain cost almost that much)
  11. My Scott Spark 700 Premium I would say qualifies
  12. Have to agree with some of the other posters and wouldn't remotely consider this a high-end bike As for riding in MA, hell ya! That's where I grew up and rode for years!
  13. In Thailand?? I'd love to know where (referring to that kind of process)
  14. Four Heavens sells Cannodale
  15. Don't want to give out my home mailing address to sender but want to get something mailed to me in Chiang Mai from southern Thailand. Nothing fishy going on for all you busy bodies. Happy to supply my name and phone number to sender. Can I have it just mailed to with my name to local my local post office ex. Jim Jones c/o San Sai Post Office Don't expect it will be sent registered mail. Thanks and pls welcome me back to TV by trying not to be too mean