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  1. Sounds expensive for a local breed. I usually pay 140 bht per bird
  2. The stalls, or more like blankets with veggies on them, on being removed from my village's small fresh market. The people have been paying the market owners a small daily fee for using the sidewalk, which of course isn't theirs, in the past.
  3. CAUTION: Not sure what's with this video, I got a notification that it contained a Trojan Horse I'm not enough of a techie to really know what's what
  4. There's a duck truck on 118 a bit before 121 going north
  5. Post ID #11 "Facebook page by same people "Snakes of Chiang Mai" https://www.facebook.com/groups/121136308469728/"
  6. Very true, I have been served sour grapes among other rotten food stuffs. BTW my restaurants were a great success which allowed me to retire in my 30's and are now still profitable 20 yrs later Oh yeah, I like Lum Lum restaurant as well
  7. Facebook page by same people "Snakes of Chiang Mai" https://www.facebook.com/groups/121136308469728/
  8. A little of topic but most restaurants here are run by people who have no business taking money for their product. It's more like their business is just about taking money then providing a worthwhile product.
  9. Did you see the Google Map I posted above? Very strange border line, which goes just around Meechok Plaza (for those not familiar with the area the buildings at 1001 and 3029 is Meekchok with Lotus across the street to the right that is white) BTW, yes google and wikipedia are my friends
  10. The district is subdivided into 12 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 116 villages (muban). There are two townships (thesaban tambon) - San Sai Luang covers parts of tambon San Sai Luang, San Sai Noi, San Phranet and Pa Phai; and Mae Cho parts of tambon Nong Chom, Nong Han and Pa Phai. There are further 10 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO). No. Name Thai name Villages Inh. 1. San Sai Luang สันทรายหลวง 8 6,397 2. San Sai Noi สันทรายน้อย 7 13,950 3. San Phranet สันพระเนตร 7 5,965 4. San Na Meng สันนาเม็ง 10 8,100 5. San Pa Pao สันป่าเปา 6 3,934 6. Nong Yaeng หนองแหย่ง 11 5,117 7. Nong Chom หนองจ๊อม 9 13,657 8. Nong Han หนองหาร 13 16,463 9. Mae Faek แม่แฝก 12 9,619 10. Mae Faek Mai แม่แฝกใหม่ 12 7,575 11. Mueang Len เมืองเล็น 5 2,535 12. Pa Phai ป่าไผ่
  11. San Sai is to the right of the red line
  12. Interested in the chicken feet restaurant. Does it actually serve chicken feet dishes?? Do you have more details of the location, inside the moat or on the outside (perhaps near Siam TV?) Thanks
  13. I use SmoothAssSilk, a locally made cycling bum cream, available at many bike shops in town and on-line. (actually made by some friends I ride with) http://smoothasssilk.com/ Actually I'm looking for Bag Balm to treat after ride saddle sores. I find the SmoothAssSilk is good but after 2 1/2 hrs I start getting sore. Another application often helps for the ride but after I still get chaffed. Considering trying a new seat, any cyclists have any thoughts? Bag Balm got the USA cycling team to the Olympics so figure it's can get me to Doi Saket and back!!
  14. Anyone seen Bag Balm for sale here?
  15. I didn't see the thread about Dave2 before posting above. I just jokingly meant I got there to take pics before him. But as I find it a fitting memorial to him I'll leave it up. May his God be with him.