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  1. Cost not comparable as my AIS is a package with modem and booster and TV playbox with programming. My TOT is just internet service. One would have to contact each provider and get price for what they require. I am just pointing out speed, top is TOT and AIS is bottom which is 12x faster If one want to stream price isn't really relative as one cannot compare two products that don't do the same thing.
  2. Been using TOT for 8 yrs, got AIS Fiber yesterday. As I have both still thought I'd share a my speed tests, both just taken.
  3. I believe the plate "Qualified Supercars" is the pre-owned division of Niche
  4. Thanks good advice, we are thinking of surrounding with chain link fence hopefully to keep them out and my dogs in. Also building a katom (small house) for the farm workers (and their rotweiller) to live in right in front of the pond. As we are many fish farms near us, incl one adjoining our property hopefully the fish thieves are equal opportunity robbers.
  5. The land is in my Thai wife's name, 5 1/2 rai. The 1 rai figure was just a thought to test out the viability as all our ideas now are just possible plans we're looking into. The farm project is my wife's hobby/business. Believe me I'm just a Gentleman Farmer (LOL) All around where we live are small fish farms, not sure yet how it all works but there is a local farm cooperative that we are investigating. We happen to be lucky to live very close to Mae Jo University, which I believe is one of the largest agricultural schools in Thailand. They not only sell fish to farms but also offer continuing-ed courses on farming, both which my wife is looking into. They have been very helpful with other project we have undertaken incl. selling us converted oil drum to make charcoal to having students help harvest our Lamyai crop. Our last batch of turkeys, Bourbon Reds this time, were bought at their most recent Agricultural Fair. My role besides financing (ok that's really my main involvement - DUH!) is to help with the big picture and try to bring some Western thinking into the decision making which includes gathering info. I don't see any backside in sending an email, will take less time then writing this post and though I don't expect much to come from it you never know. As I teach my kids, no harm in asking (which I know isn't always the locals way, hence my job ) I appreciate the feedback, I figure with a positive attitude we can make it happen or at least make it enjoyable trying!
  6. Would anyone like to join in a partnership arrangement and invest in a stalk. I'm looking for 3 other individuals who have the liquidity of 250 bht (CASH!). Please submit a copy of your financial records for review.
  7. Thanks, I will send CP an email today and see if I get less frustrating results Probably start with Pla Nin (Tilapia) and go from there. I now have Tilapia, Snakehead and Catfish in the pond in my garden but just for the kids to fish for our dinner. Also I think it would be interesting to try fresh water shrimp (prawns) My real goal is to do on a small scale, perhaps 1 rai of ponds to start, "organic" fish farming. I haven't been able to source any for my own table so figure I'm not the only one who would want it. Our general plan is to turn our 3 Rai of rice fields into an organic farm as it has recently had the klong covered over so there is access for vehicles now. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks, JC
  8. Considered that and actually called them yesterday, couldn't get anyone who spoke English except HR and she didn't know what fish farming was. Believe me I tried, called six times and they either didn't care or were out right rude. Does anyone have a contact there who is interested in helping a customer?
  9. That's very interesting, I didn't know they sold organic fish. I live near there and shopped there this weekend. As I'm starting my own fish farm and would hope to do organic I'd like to know more. Anyone know anything else on the subject?
  10. Interested in doing some fresh water fish farming in Chiang Mai. Looking for a contact here or any help Thanks
  11. Ok the TP, TEP, ESP and IP I accept your bet that they all have over 50 students per class
  12. We just moved from ABS which was more expensive. Not sure which you consider to be standard Catholic schools. What program are you referring to when you say "Varee's normal class"?
  13. Baker's Friend https://www.facebook.com/mybakermart
  14. Sounds like you live in a Falang moo ban, I haven't experienced such in my Thai neighborhood but we do all keep an eye and I haven't had any incidents (if you referring to break-in or thefts). I think some are missing a bit of the point of how some of it is suppose to work (not saying it does or not) One pays for a Red Box and it's a sign of where not to mess with as they are paying for police protection, not just having the slip inside of it signed which is more of just a show (if one hasn't noticed it's a popular pastime here). And as I previously mentioned it might have an affect on how one gets a response when calling the station. (I will add that when I use to pay for a number of years no one would come out when we called for a few issues we stopped paying, the officer had no problem with that and even asked if we wanted to keep the box and we haven't had any problems since)