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  1. Ordering from Lazada

    I have had items from Thailand as well as China No problems with both
  2. Australian Aged Pension

    You will be amazed at what Govt departments can acess Even from overseas Plus if the Government want to give you a payment It is there business to find out These are the rules If people do not like them that is there perogative We all have to abide by the rules Otherwise payments for people who have money that they do not need Or are trying to rort the system We can not say we are entitled to a payment now The rules have changed no 5% to the pension fund many tax reduction If we get a payment consider it we did the right thing IMHO
  3. Australian Aged Pension

  4. No Rear Lights

    As stated i believe all automatic bike seem to have there lights come on automatically as soon as you turn on the key Mine does a 2016 Honda That was a good idea to have replaced regularly I will purchase a globes few soon Plus to incorporate in the Bill too Yes to just save 10 baht when they spend more on alcahol IMHO
  5. Grab/Uber

    Sometimes Grab has been dearer than Uber for the same time Go figure that one!!
  6. New rule Chiangmai re one year extention?

    AS you stated you used a broker That may be the problem I have never ha a problem As long as you have photo copys of all your bank Book Pages Plus letter from the bank
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    He would have to prove when in OZ that he has a residential address Bank account utilities bill This is normal after being out of the country for so long Can prove that has closed all accounts in Thailand They are getting more strict now Good advise to ring Clink Int to see what they say
  8. Australian Aged Pension

    Well i do not believe everything i read in Australian Newspapers Fpr the obvious resons Its just propergander The only thing i believe is if it had been passed by the Government Or is on the Government Website IMHO
  9. Australian Aged Pension

    This is probably another LNP propergander storey If you had read many articles about the wealthy you would know that the rich get more social secrity payment Than most people because they have there money hidden away so they look poor Plus another post of useless information As the moderator said the other day Keep on track obviously many do not Untill what ever or whoever says anything We just have to wait till it happens 2 pension increases per year Thats all i think about till something else happens IMHO
  10. Australian Aged Pension

    I thought this Forum was about Old Age Pensions It seems to have gone off the rails Talking about everything else Most of us know about renting, buying, dogs, and neighbors We dont need to be reminded about all these Is there ant more information about changes This month The Pensions go up with the normal increase As well as in September That is you are eligible and get the OAP
  11. call in doctor?

    Would be about 400 now for a visit to the Physio How times have changed I would recommend a Ambulance and a visit to a Hospital Plus a Xray I have had back problems for over 30 years now It come occasionally but i do water exercises now i find this helps with recovery time now
  12. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    I have had it happen to me Its A Thai Visa programing Error It seems to remember some things sometimes Just delete and put whatever you want to post Maybe on the leftover message Just Put Please Ignore This One
  13. TM-30 Question - Chiang Mai

    Recently i was in 2 Hospitals after a accident Do i have to advise immigration about my return to my Condo I have a TM30 from my Condo Owner
  14. Australian Aged Pension

    These are the Rules Get used to it If you want to live overseas before your OAP Is available Read the criteria No good crying about it Get on with life IMHO
  15. Australian Aged Pension

    Some people haven nothing else o do but complain about anything Just like the last few days about I can not believe the amount on posts about nothing to do with OAP I have better things to do that to read the dribble The Government with family law courts and then the Maintenance for children What has this got to with OAP Nothing Then people saying the Working Life Residence from DOB I dont know how many times this has had to be repeated it is from 16 years of age Im thinking of stop watching the one I have my OAP granted within the rules