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  1. There is the Grandview Hotel near Maya Shopping Mall The Empress Hotel just down from the night bazzar Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew at the rear of Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall It will always depend on your taste buds
  2. Just to clarify part of your statement motorbike liability insurance Before you do your Road Tax Or Registration You have to purchase the Road Insurance which is compulsory before you can pay for your Road Tax Or Registration Because this is different from most countries the way they do it This covers a basic Personal Accident Only Insurance not covered for your own bike repairs If you need a Compulsory Insurance this can bought at several Places You can incorporate your Road Insurance with your own accident Cover I found this out recently when i registered my bike after the 1 year from new I an still learning how the system works
  3. Thanks for your experences Yes some people have the habit of getting off Topic This will never change as we do not have a Real Moderator in Chiang Mai I did notice when i did my Visa Extension that some people took much longer than others Maybe its from the country of Origin As the lady after me and myself were done so quick Yes as time goings some days can be busier than others
  4. In Thailand this is differant If you were at the Xpat Long Stay Seminar You would know That is what the Tourist Minister has called us Because Xpats come under her Department We are Long Stay Tourists Not Immigrants as in most countries in the western world This is what the Thailand Government has called us We are unable to get citizenship in Thailand End of story
  5. RIP Dave2
  6. RIP mate I always enjoyed your posts and photos
  7. What is it used on? Plus can you go back to where you bought it from?
  8. Not sure where you are coming from The Form is what I would have called the Foreigner Form The TM 30 IS now required most time So it is always better to Photocopy everything That way all I copied I did with no problems This was done my self at Immigration I do not need a Agent as I am quite capable of doing things myself
  9. After Songkran As many people also come for that festivity
  10. They have cleaned the river out since then SO it should be ok for a while They now have to work on the drainage around the Chang Klan Area After our last 120+ mm of rain receintly The whole drainage system can not cope with this
  11. Sangchai Panich Is on the right before the ISUZU Sign If this helps It is a great place for all parts
  12. Yes Don died last year His wife has not renewed the website So now it is not available It was a great site for so much information
  13. Same as me on Monday 3rd July I went in the afternoon it was quiet for my Re Entry Permit No Visa Extensions A few Re Entry Permit like me i was no 38 too 90 Day Reporting about 15 people Was very quiet But as Evenstevans said earlier Wait till the Peak Season starts in November it will start to get busy Till end of April
  14. Good observation As some keep saying it is always quiet Just wit till 1st November things will change as Peak period Time Starting
  15. I did my Yearly Visa Extension today 29 6 2017 I arrived at 7 15 I was given No 12 Not sure on Mapguy No 11 Maybe you were there yesterday As i saw a man in a wheel chair before me It seemed the first 1 to 11 took a long time As a few were in wheel chairs I was seen at 10 45 and all finished by 11 15 The lady after me too a bit shorter as she had our photo taken after me The retirement line 15 people at 8 30 The 90 day line about 30 people at 8 30 Tourist Visa line about 10 people at 8 30 Im not into checking the numbers people were given