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  1. Where to find in Chiang Mai...(food)?

    Also a lot of food stalls at the Chiang Mai gate Southern side of the Old City Plus there are many stalls on the Northern side of the Moat There are many food places on the east of the city on the road and the Sois of the main road It also depends on where you lve Maybe in your local area there is a Market to look at Happy Food Hunting
  2. filling new tm8 form - reentry permit

    I always ask Is This correct Only problem i have Is trying to explain on a Multi Entry I do not know where i am going Or When They dont seen to understand this
  3. Australian Aged Pension

    With all department being linked to centrelink Immigration know when we leave and come back When i come back to Oz they send me a new health care card But i did do the right thing and advise The international Section I was going to live Overseas permanently I can not believe why the Liberals do not think about everyone except themselves if all partys did not raid the pension fund We would not have all this problems They had the 5% of taxation put aside for Our retirement pension The OAP but they had to give all these tax breaks Never mind that is all Old hat now Just have to live the best we can with what we have Only my 2 cents worth
  4. Australian Aged Pension

    I agree with you When i was back home end of march I asked fro a temporary Healthcare Card As soon as you arrive they send one out As being linked to Immigration they know you are back in the country i needed it the next day To get my medical check and my meds cheap from the System As was only in the country for 2 weeks The lady said i had to ring International office I did Was told go go tell them to give me one I did that got a different lady She knew what i wanted Then had to wait Obviously they are not all trained the same way for their work
  5. Australian Aged Pension

    A single Australian living in Thailand Is a Long Stay Tourist We have No Residency Here As per the Tourist Minister at a Long Stay Tourist Seminar In Chiang Mai The Minister is in control of Xpats So our country can not say we are a resident of Thailand As we only have A Visa then a Visa Extension to live here I believe Medicare is another thing We also need clarification on With the 5 year Rule
  6. How do you set your a/c unit?

    Yes the Old Style A/C churn up the electricity Cleaning helps One friend was renting form 1 place the electricity was going up each month Plus they were shutting everything off You have to watch some Condos When i had to change rooms one time The fridge did not have a freezer door I requested another fridge Who know how much that would have cost Plus i would be ever defrosting the freezer
  7. How do you set your a/c unit?

    Keep your curtains and windows closed from 11 Am Maybe keep you windows closed till after the sun goes down It is always a hit and miss It all depends on where the sun is compared to you room I use a fan most of the time With a new A/C unit set at 26 I only use to cool the room down after 30 Deg C I maybe use 2 to 3 hours a day the A/C i will use more when it get hot Hope this is of help
  8. Paid Visa Queue

    There is the one that Evenstevens is always promoting
  9. CM Immigration phone number

    053142788 I have rang them Plus they have rang me CM Immigration Website is http://www.chiangmaiimm.com/en/
  10. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    When i did mine a couple of moths ago at 1 PM The lady Officer made a mistake I was waiting at Immigration with a friend to have their paperwork done with a different area I had a phone call to say to come to Immigration i advised i was already their It seems the office put the Wrong date on My Multi Re Entry Permit So everyone should check all dates to make sure it is 100% Correct Other than that mistake i was happy with the Service
  11. Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    Yes i noticed that things had changed looks better than before Only problem is they all charge the same price for IT products Even if you say you can buy cheaper on line
  12. Zoe Complex.

    Sorry UN is on the same side as Zoe and Fat Elvis Cheryls is on the other side So whoever told you was not correct I know these places
  13. Zoe Complex.

    Will Sheryls, Fat Elvis and the UN be closed too Or is it the corner part only ? Does anyone actually Know the full details I did read the article quoted above
  14. I also get mine done at the Chang Klan Branch Staff very helpfull Always asking if you need any help with anything banking
  15. AIA Insurrance Agent in Chiang Mai

    Contact for your requirements because everyone has a different need Because there are many agents who are around That are and have not been involved working with the various insurance companys They just sell policies After sales well sorry i can not help I have heard many stories of people being stressed with no help from there agent when sick and need help dealing with the Hospital and the company insured with IMHO