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  1. Australian Aged Pension

    Will be interesting to see at low 24 baht to the A$ not good If goes down to the low US .60s cents will not be good for us
  2. Aussie consulate vist in C M today

    The increase in price has been in for quite a while Obviously some people do not read this Forum
  3. Australian Embassy Consular Outreach Chiang Mai

    I believe that you can do it with the Australian Embassy consular team Make sure you go online first and do the renewal https://ppol.passports.gov.au/web/forms/entrypoint.aspx
  4. It can be confusing the way they do it here I had a problem once too
  5. Wing 41pass

    Where is the MP office on Wing 41, located First time for me
  6. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    So have you ever been recently? The nag is still finishing last these days at the races
  7. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    When was the last time you were their? Things have changed I have met many people from all over the world Not like the old days at the Expat Club I should know after going regularly for the last 2 years
  8. The second inning of the TM 30 zit.....

    You can lead a Horse to Water But can not make it drink it You can only help the ones that want help Dont beat yourself up over it Some may find out the hard way With a Fine Then they will think
  9. Accident Insurance Policy

    AA Brokers gave it to me a month ago, they are close to Big C Extra Pattaya Tai. Thank You
  10. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Well if people actually read about the new building They would have read that it took 2 years from deciding to rebuild To have the funds approved by the Government So the theory about private business funding has gone out of the window I dont think the Government wants to loose control of the reins IMHO
  11. I have heard that it will be condos 2 per floor Someone said a Hotel They have purchased buildings next to the building for car parking Because that was why they stopped the building when it was shut down Because there was not parking available I see this building every day Maybe i should go and ask
  12. Accident Insurance Policy

    Not sure how long you had this I was not ablr to find after many links checked on the web Can you provide a Web Link !! Plus any cover is better than nothing As many of us can not get Medical Insurance
  13. Yes my dad was a coal miner too in England I have seen a few segments on Coal Mining Its a dangerous job even these days Accidents always happening all over the world Underground
  14. Astra Condo and area

    There is KFC and McDonalds with just a few coffee places The Big C is a Big C Market it has a few things for supplies But not a full Big C Supermarket Mostly Phone and Internet places street level With IT Upstairs Repairs up further again Learning Thai on top level still has food in the corner I believe it is still a work in progress
  15. 7,152 views People make money for Youtube Videos For some it is the living income Some are successful