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  1. markdav13s

    Dns fault

    I'm also using no_ip which automatically updates my IP address with smart dns.
  2. markdav13s

    Dns fault

    Yeah. All updated on the site. But it is still telling me to configure my router. All settings are configured correctly on the router. Only thing that I can see is that settings aren't updating on the router page. They are still set to a public IP address that was used over 3 weeks ago. And the Dns is still set to the dns settings that Ais use. Even after rebooting router my private IP changes but not on that status page. This is the only reason that I can think of why the dns isn't working.
  3. markdav13s

    Dns fault

    Hi guys, Up until recently I have been using smart dns proxy to access TV from back how. However, about three weeks ago it stopped working and I have no idea why. I've tried many of their different servers and still no joy. Whenever I go to the SDP website to update my settings it keeps saying they're set up incorrectly. The live chat on the said website have run out of possible causes. One thing I have noticed is that when I change the dns addresses to theirs or even google dns etc they just don't update on the status page of the AIS ZTE router and neither do the public IP address. No matter how many times I reboot the router the IP address and dns address stays unchanged even though my actual IP is totally different. I have contacted AIS to tell them there is a prob with the router. And it's like the Spanish inquisition. Why do I need to change the dns? Why don't I just use the THdns port forwarding? (nothing to do with my problem). I don't really want to tell them I'm using it to access TV from abroad cause I'm sure there's some law here against it. Has any body experienced a similar problem with their router not updating? And what's a good reason to tell them why I need to change the Dns settings? Thanks in advance
  4. markdav13s

    DNS static routing question

    Hi guys, I'm just after a bit of advice on how to go forward. I have recently signed up for a dns proxy account and to be able to get access to certain services the company has asked me to set some static routing on my router. Eg google and others. I've searched an internet and watched some YouTube Vida on how to do this, seems simple. However, when I Logged in to both Ais routers the option for static routing isn't there on either ZTE OR EDIMAX box. Maybe Ais have removes the option in their custom firmware. Is there a way you guys do it? Do I need to buy a 3rd party router or is there a way to unlock the router to see these settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you recommend a third router, which one do you recommend?