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  1. She must be living with the Red Bull fugitive.
  2. Trump tells Thailand to buy more from US

    Trump is a Moron and always looks bored
  3. Trump tells Thailand to buy more from US

    America's Liar in Chief
  4. Racial Profiling is just good police work! Good Job Boys! Don't stop until they are all gone but 200 baht fines will not solve the problem.
  5. You are Lucky Trump was not there working!! It could have been lots worse.
  6. Why would they do something smart like that?
  7. Bangkok cops swoop on drug-peddling ring

    Would it not be easier just to walk down Sukhumvit on any night and round them up?
  8. Must be a suicide, They hung themself then buried themself before they died. Only in Thailand
  9. Uber is Great! I use in BKK and USA. Much better than Taxi .