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  1. I entered recently at DMK with a way worse looking passport, had no issues, I think these 'crackdowns' come and go and lately things have cooled down. I'd say if you take the precautions in post #3, there's very little chance of being denied entry. Maybe 10% chance of being pulled aside for questioning, 5% of being questioned and not let through.
  2. You can still use Airbnb, all condos do is put up some signs at most, there's no enforcement, it's Thailand If questioned just say you're a friend of the owner / staying 30+ days etc. Stay in a condo in an area with lots of foreign faces, e.g. Sukhumvit I'm typing this from an Airbnb condo #thuglife
  3. If it was a hot young chick staying short term on Airbnb and you met her by the pool and ending up banging her, you'd love Airbnb Why live 1km from Nana a huge beer bar & sex tourism area if you don't like drunk men coming home at bar closing time, 3am
  4. I'm seeing plenty of comments in Thai on the side of the German, on Facebook
  5. I see what looks like some Arab tourists, not Thai, trying to help the German lift his bike up, to which a Thai guy pushes them away. Then Thai guys pull the German away from the Thai that kicked him in the face - not really helping, they still need to get his money for taking him to the police station. Can't do that if he gets beaten to death. One jokes in a sarcastic voice about respecting tourists... another sniggers.
  6. It uses the word 'dek' and uses the same word 'dek' to describe the 2 women that were there at the time of the arrest, who weren't minors - they were 18 and 25. 'Dek' in thai is flexible, like 'girls' in English. 'I like Thai girls' doesn't necessarily mean 'I like Thai children.' The word dek is used in many non-pedophilia contexts, you can say someone is 'naa dek', they look young. If there were minors involved I'm sure the original Thai article would have spelt it out much clearer.
  7. jspill

    No injuries as Bangkok bus engulfed in flames

    Should be common sense but it's the frequency that matters, not whether it happens at all. It happens more in Thailand as do all kinds of road safety related issues. Recently voted amongst the most dangerous roads in the world - https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/thai-roads-deadliest-planet-world-atlas/ The exact same no. 40 yellow bus burst into flames in 2016 - https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/bus-bursts-flames-ekkamai/
  8. Doesn't matter if they go to lessons or not, maybe they prefer to self-study. Personally I read and write Thai but I didn't go to the lessons, I just learn better on my own. What matters is if they are commit crimes, usually that's the non western ones, hence you don't see westerners arrested as part of ed visa crackdowns. Those French guys were probably honest non-criminals just like yourself. Perhaps making a larger economic contribution to the country because of all the extra time they spent working on some online business at home, not commuting to a school and sitting in class.
  9. Dream on they've never been a target, Chiang Mai has held a huge digital nomad summit 4 years running now, co-working spaces are packed with young online workers. Thailand loves affluent westerners making offshore income and spending it here
  10. Well we spend more cash and dont deal crack on Sukhumvit Soi 13... (I've been a fake student in the past, and am one again right now. Shhh. No problems so far, my school seems pretty connected and most students are white)
  11. jspill

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    In the same way lumping together can be a good thing, e.g. 'I really like Asian chicks', I'm doing Cambodians a favour there, putting them in the same bracket as Japanese who are much hotter
  12. So the guy doesn't report the anal rape and theft of his cash when he wakes up?
  13. Date rape drugs take care of that. Quite common in Thailand.
  14. The author should probably write Thai man out of respect for the family who just lost their son and to reflect that this is much more likely to be homicide given it's a man. We don't know he was drunk.
  15. Yep lots of trannies on Khao San because they know beginner tourists often can't tell them apart from women, and they get very drunk on the cheap buckets of alcohol. Those backpackers are usually not coming to Thailand to pay for sex either.