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  1. If you actually read the article it was just an automated price increase, totally out of the company's control on short notice. Non-issue. Meanwhile taxis are refusing meter (also illegal), raping passengers, cutting off tourists' heads with samurai sword etc.
  2. Uber.... will come to your hotel and be a nicer vehicle. About the same price as a metered cab, sometimes around 10% cheaper.
  3. Ironically Thailand Elite is essentially a bribe, 500k to a private company. Does nothing for the country. Functionally no different to overstaying five years then paying that amount in tea money to clear the blacklist and get back in. Much more ethical to spend that money supporting the locals. Of course he will claim it's a drop in the bucket compared to how much he spends in daily life... but his posting manner does not exactly suggest that. Angry expats are usually poor.
  4. They'd have to check. Quite often they're in a hurry and just have a cursory flip through of your passport pages looking for your visa sticker or first empty page to stamp. And don't check your old history on the computer unless your passport is full of visas. So it definitely helps to some extent to have a fresh passport. Pick a fast moving queue at passport control.
  5. See this post: And And this thread Try PM'ing the OP of that last link first. He said he had a contact in BKK who works with immigration police on the Malay border. Can't be 100% sure though as I haven't used it but perhaps someone who has will PM you, or try PMing guys in the first 2 links
  6. You seem awfully emotionally invested in the visa status of others. I won't get into a back and forth let's not derail the thread. I suspect a previously banned member on a new handle. It was harder under a previous military government though, and there's no evidence of a systemic crackdown now. Upticks in denials are commonplace. Just carry 20k, use the fast lane service or car lane at Nong Khai. And see the many tips dotted around Thaivisa by those members that want to help others.
  7. An uptick in reports doesn't indicate any systemic crackdown. This has happened many times in recent decades, an uptick of denials, then a drop, it correlates to the military government. It was actually even harder than today under a military government many years ago. So explain that. People have been telling me I can't keep doing what I'm doing, since I joined the forum in 2010... I didn't listen and enjoyed living out my 20s in Bangkok, living the dream.
  8. That press cutting was debunked several times. It referred to the Aug 2014 order on back to back visa exempts.
  9. I've been here almost 8 years on TR visas. Post #7 by Gilo is solid advice, driving through Nong Khai via the private car lane. With a Laos person. Very effective. Other hacks - in the queue at passport control look to see if the IO is letting through others that look like long stayers, and how fast that IOs queue is moving. Switch queues if something's amiss. Google 'Bangkok airport VIP arrival service'. Only 1200 baht for exclusive fast track service, a rep meets you as you step off the plane and 'assists with immigration documents details to ensure that your official entry into Thailand occurs without any delays'. I love (imitating) Thailand Elite! I spent all of 2016 on visa exemptions after 2 years on overstay, so it can be done. Currently on another TR visa from Vietnam.
  10. Yes I agree. But that's not a very popular opinion on thaivisa because they're not too fond of under 50s like myself living in thailand on tourist visas supporting themselves working remotely for overseas companies :) Certainly there's never been any record of a 'digital nomad' being convicted of any crime what you describe so that speaks for itself.
  11. Have a browse of the visa forum https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/1-thai-visas-residency-and-work-permits/ And / or join the thaivisa newsletter, any important threads will get sent to your email.
  12. I got away with doing it for a combined 9 months in 2016 and took pics of the stamps -
  13. Well the first two link to the studies. If you have an issue with 'new scientist' the article links to the source - http://www.jci.org/articles/view/25509 If you have an issue with 'wired' it links to https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-11/osu-sah111408.php Then the healthland ones mentions the institutions or universities that conducted the studies. Then the NCBI links, doesn't get more scientific than that. Go on then, link some studies :) This post wasn't all too scientific was it? I used plenty of 'may' and 'at least' and 'might' and other qualifiers, I wasn't stating beliefs or asserting facts, you still got butthurt though.
  14. Studies suggesting it 'might' increases brain cells. https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn8155-marijuana-might-cause-new-cell-growth-in-the-brain Or, at least, a bit of it in low doses, not in excess: https://www.wired.com/2008/11/marijuana-could/ 'May' slow brain aging, alzheimer's, dementia etc.: http://healthland.time.com/2012/10/29/how-cannabinoids-may-slow-brain-aging/ Or at least, studies into long term effects on the brain are 'inconclusive' and paint an 'inconsistent picture' https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4104335/ 'May' increase the number of neurons and has been show to do so in rat studies, and lowers instances of depression https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1253627/
  15. If he'd said lager, that's manufactured beer, full of additives and chemicals hence the awful hangover you don't get with natural beer (or weed). But most people aren't ordering fine Trappist ales every time they get drunk, they're expensive especially imported in Thailand