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  1. One is allowed to study on Ed visas for up to approximately 3 years, and an METV can be used for 9 months with three entries. One might say anything longer than 18-36 months is pushing it. Yet we see people getting denied after about 9-12 months, with a valid Ed visa and / or 20k. No one would complain about denials at around the 3 year point. But 9-12 months with an Ed visa and 20k? I suspect you're attempting to troll but they did in fact have a correct visa for their length of stay at that point.
  2. Yeah OP could look into Mike Matthews on Youtube / iTunes podcast. He's an older guy, 40 or so, very articulate and knowledgable. His whole brand is about realistic goals for normal people, older people, etc., 'Muscle for Life' is his website. Probably one of the only fitness gurus who doesn't take steroids. Google stubborn fat muscle for life.
  3. caffeine and yohimbine when you wake up on an empty stomach get the caffeine from a preworkout like noxplode which contains creatine
  4. I count about 10 denials between Feb 2017 and now, 4 of which I know IRL, and I know several others that got strongly interrogated but eventually let in, also all in 2017. That's what I'm basing 'uptick' on. Yes it has always happened, whether 2014 - 2016, or even earlier, but not quite at the frequency of late. It does seem to come in cycles, 2014 was a bad year, that was when the 'out-in' rule happened plus a bit of of an Ed visa crackdown, with school inspections, overcharging for extensions, etc. Then next thing you know they're giving out free tourist visas as they realise they're costing themselves money, and the language schools are back to normal. It's not strange at all that new posters join thaivisa, the vast majority of tourists and expats don't actively post on this forum. They either just read it or don't know it exists.
  5. My last visa is the Vietnam SETV from this thread (link) which you may have read. So I last entered on Feb 12, 2017, just before the drastic uptick in denials. Maybe if I'd had an exempt that time that would've been the end of my lucky streak. Before that as you know I did 9 months on visa exempts, documented in this thread (link). So all of that is 2016 or very early 2017. I extended that last SETV, that took me to May 12. I left on May 12 and haven't been in Thailand since then. My plan is to come in via land border after 3 months out of the country. Aug 12th. I decided to do that to give myself the best chance of getting back in, when I saw how many others are getting denied. I wouldn't have believed it either unless I knew the people denied. I don't mind the travelling either, after 7 years in Thailand I want to spend more time elsewhere. I've been to the Philippines, Macau, and Malaysia (typing this from there), to look like more of a tourist, and I'll likely re-enter via Laos or Cambodia (not Poipet). Once in I'll apply for a fresh passport and I'll attempt to have a good run in late 2017 / 2018 and do some more threads about it. Perhaps this will all have blown over by then. I've never been interviewed by an IO or asked to show anything except an onward ticket one time when I came back in after a 2 year overstay. And I was asked to sign an acknowledgment form about the new overstay rules, and asked if I had a Thai GF, just one question so can't really call that an interview. That year-long stretch on visa exempts followed by an SETV included 2-3 week trips out between each visit, which probably made it easier to pull off. Also I switch queues if the IO is sending people to the side for questioning. But mostly it looks like I just missed the uptick in denials. That Feb 12th entry was after leaving Jan 26th, after my 7th visa exemption in a row. So in total in 2017 I've been in Thailand 26 days in Jan, then 3 months on SETV, so 116 days so far in 2017.
  6. The GF herself is a good contact too, many reports of people being let in after a phone call to a Thai girlfriend, or simply the person saying they had a Thai GF. Often they'll say ok we'll let you in this time but marrying her would be a more appropriate long term visa route. I know one guy who had his phone inspected for photos / conversations with said girlfriend. Also, Thai landlords have been called and that helped in some other cases. General questions would be them wanting to know how you support yourself, i.e. that you work remotely online, not in the Kingdom. Many have said they work on the internet for overseas clients in some capacity and been waved through.
  7. Not anywhere of your choice, but recently many had to fly back to the country they flew in from, one flew to Manila, one to Laos, both had flown from there.
  8. Like I said it's meaningless to compare it to the population of visitors, we know this is only happening to people with say >180 days in the Kingdom in the last 365, and under 50s. Most visitors come once or less per year and have nothing to worry about. Average tourist stay is 10 days. But it's still unfair for this to be happening to people who aren't breaking any set laws on tourist visa use, say they use one METV then leave for 2 months and come back, or have a few SETVs then switch to Ed visas to learn Thai. And both those examples they had 20k on them. Plus if they didn't have it they're not allowed ATM access. If you're going to be here for years on end then sure, expect questions, but it shouldn't be happening to people who've only been here 9 - 18 months or so, no ATM access, no right of appeal in detention, overpriced last minute flight home, meanwhile consulates issue visas willy nilly and people either show proof of funds when applying or aren't asked. I know a French guy in early Feb 2017, Hong Kong guy in late Feb, US guy in April, then a German guy in July (the one who had 25k on him), and he met another denied TVF poster while he was in the detention room. Then the US / Afghani guy from yesterday, the muay Thai guy from Facebook, and a guy who commented on a friend's blog, that's 8 people in 2017 off the top of my head, then I do recall people posting in other people's threads saying it happened to them too. There are a lot from 2014, there were many visa issues that year, then it got better, now it's bad again, these things come and go in cycles. You can't really compare it linearly over time, you get upticks, then next thing Thailand is giving out free tourist visas :)
  9. Yes I did but the sharp uptick in denials is a 2017 phenomenon. Looks like I just missed it. I'd be skeptical too but I know 4 people denied. I'm part of a community of under 50 digital nomads on a different forum. French guy in early Feb, Hong Kong guy in late Feb, US guy in April, then a German guy in July (the one who had 25k on him), and he met another TVF poster while he was in the detention room. I'd be the last person to make this stuff up or over-exaggerate it, I'm usually the one deliberately pointing out how long I've been here on tourist visas / exempts, that's why I made two threads about it in 2016. I understand why you think it's a troll but on Thaivisa the opposite would be a troll, someone claiming to have lived here ages on exempts to wind up the main demographic of TVF. Which I did in 2016 and maybe I'll be able to do again in 2018, these things come and go.
  10. They are pro immigration or at least neutral, when people assimilate and share the same values. Whereas Democrats over-encourage immigration regardless of assimilation / values because immigrants overwhelmingly vote Democrat. As for Thailand most us aren't even trying to 'migrate' (become citizens, vote, buy land, work, claim benefits, change the culture in any way etc.) we're just tourists that spend tons of money.
  11. The German guy that got denied and flew to Laos that had 25k, and the US / Afghani that had over 20k and was flown to Manila. There are others who replied to threads but didn't start them. If you really insist I will go back and dig up all the threads and replies to them and yes my numbers are correct. Then the ~100 math is a projection, based on common sense that most people won't bother to write about their awful experience on TVF / FB.
  12. I don't know what was unclear about my post, I said there may well be ~100 because for everyone that bothers to report it on TVF or FB groups, of which there are now over 15, there may be 5 or 6 others who didn't tell anyone. It's statistics. Anyone can search 'denied entry site:thaivisa.com' in Google and find the threads, then in the threads there's usually someone else who says yeah it happened to me too. About 15-20 in the last few months but I'm not diligently counting. So if there are 5 or 6 others per report that's about 100. There are several reports of people having the 20k in funds and still being denied so you're being deliberately disingenuous there. They're also not circumventing any rules whatsoever by, for example, staying 9 months on one METV, then flying out for 2 months, and returning. Or having three SETVs, then switching to an Ed visa to study Thai. Those two examples weren't doing anything untoward, and both had over 20k baht on their person. One of them I know personally.
  13. No one in any thread is claiming they have a right to enter. The actual issues are things like: - no ATMs before passport control - 20k in cash being totally useless as it proves nothing, and the robbery risk - no defined limits on repeated tourist visa use, consulates keep issuing them - little actual police work in stopping illegal workers in the country, just denying people at the border, and genuine tourists get caught up in that - people still being denied when they do have 20k - reports of no ability to appeal once in detention, overcharging for flight ticket, general poor treatment List goes on. Whole situation is a farce they could let people renew visas within the country like everywhere else in Asia, and ask for proof of funds then Yes first impressions are important but it's clear there is also abuse of power going on, I know 4 people that got denied and they all dress fine, are polite etc., it can't all be down to that
  14. @OP I'd come in by land If you do fly it helps to have a Thai girlfriend and/or landlord on speeddial to call and back up that you have an online business / don't work in the Kingdom etc. That helped people I know who got pulled aside.
  15. Links to the 15 or so threads about people getting denied? It would definitely make sense if >180 days per year on tourist visas triggers an alert too. If you mean links to official rules he said 'I think' and 'based on anecode', so obviously there aren't any.