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  1. Nice to get confirmation that changing one's passport / name works to avoid the blacklist.
  2. If it was me I'd overstay to 364 days to make the most of it, assuming I didn't need to go back for some reason. Ban period will be the same (1 year) as long as you don't overstay > 1 year. I'd be more depressed in India, but that's just me.
  3. Didn't the United Nations once label Thai police organized criminals?
  4. My visa history was work permit (TEFL teacher lol), followed by 2 year overstay, followed by Ed visa, followed by 2 year overstay, followed by 2 years of visa exemptions and SETVs, followed by Ed visa, still never been denied or even pulled aside for questioning yet in 9 years, except once to be warned of the new overstay rules and sign the form about that. Then got let in with visa exemption lol. I think it just comes down to whether the IO is a jobsworth or not. Never choose lines with female IOs. Usually I pick a laid back looking guy who I see isn't sending anyone aside for questioning who looks roughly like me (early 30s farang). If I see that happen I switch queues. Use visa agencies that take you through land borders, Laos border IOs don't seem to give a toss.
  5. 37 year old marries a 42 year old with 2 kids? He was probably after the daughter, she tries to put a stop to it, the sicko kills her. RIP
  6. It happens here more often - and it doesn't have to be someone in a very high position of power (teacher isn't that high), it's commonplace, often it's relatives. And there are consequences more often - the doctor was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison, Catholic priests have been imprisoned, and the BBC guy (Jimmy Saville) was dead a year before the allegations started coming out. Thailand is great for the single life, if you don't have children here or if they're already grown up in the West by the time you retire here. No need to go home for those people, but many do leave if they have children once here.
  7. For reference, his 'sorry not sorry'.
  8. Very roundabout apology, he retweets an article written by one of his cultist fans, painting Musk in a good light and saying that's 'the real story'. Then he replies to that tweet (can't even start the apology in the first tweet of the chain): Replying to @adamchavez As this well-written article suggests, my words were spoken in anger after Mr. Unsworth said several untruths & suggested I engage in a sexual act with the mini-sub, which had been built as an act of kindness & according to specifications from the dive team leader. Can't resist claiming 'stick it where it hurts' is some sexual act, again implying Unsworth is some kind of deviant. When actually it's just common parlance. Then finally he replies again to that tweet with the actual apology, third in the chain, where hardly not as many people are going to actually read it. But he can claim he apologized, to please the % of people that want an apology, investors / Unsworth etc., without losing too much face to his fans. Very Thai: Replying to @elonmusk @adamchavez Nonetheless, his actions against me do not justify my actions against him, and for that I apologize to Mr. Unsworth and to the companies I represent as leader. The fault is mine and mine alone.
  9. Looks like polite encouragement to me
  10. He didn't mean to be offensive, it's such a huge interesting country why leave. 1 in 10 Brits lives abroad, no surprise as it's so boring. 10% of the population. 2 million Americans would be 0.6%.
  11. Err no, Musk is taking the taxpayers down a notch, he's received $4.9 billion in government support, and he hasn't delivered. A string of failures, rocket explosions, car spontaneous combustions, delays, Tesla and SpaceX on the brink of bankruptcy. Their anger is understandable at this point. I will retract this post in the event he takes humanity to Mars.
  12. Prior to that Musk attacked the Thai governor overseeing the rescue as not being a subject matter expert, from that, a cursory reading into Musk's controversial background, and meeting Musk at the cave, his opinion on Musk may well have been fair. Could possibly save Musk from taking an unviable submarine to a future cave rescue and endangering lives. A submarine in a cave is ridiculous, as Unsworth explained.
  13. At a rapid pace the British and Thai experts on the scene established that Musk's option wasn't viable, and to manage risk Musk was quickly removed from the scene.
  14. No it wasn't viable, we have both this British caving expert who knows the layout of the cave well and briefed the two Brit divers who found the kids first, and the Thai governor overseeing the whole operation, saying his submarine wouldn't work. So the antagonism is totally justified, and his presence potentially life threatening, Musk diverted resources and attention to him, and entered the cave (quickly being told to leave). They did give the kids sedatives, they were basically incapacitated anyway, they couldn't swim. Two divers to one boy, oxygen shoved down their throat, and drag them out.
  15. His father owned an emerald mine in Zambia, all kinds of 'blood money' with that sort of thing. That's where some of Musk's fortune comes from, plus $4.9 billion in government subsidies. Then he had sex with his stepdaughter who he knew since she was 4. He was 72, her 30, when they had a baby. This is after divorcing Musk's mother.
  16. Will need to get your mouth off his you know what before you eat the popcorn ? But no, you're wrong, Elon has already deleted all the Tweets after the huge international media backlash. Elon is never going to mention this again, let alone go to Thailand. He was all about the PR, now it's turned into bad PR he'll pretend it never happened.
  17. Musk was raised well, to a high education level, private boy's school, two degrees in Physics & Economics... yet he calls someone a 'pedo' (then 'pedo guy'). Much more crass. Vern didn't say 'ass' by the way (not even a British word). He said 'he can stick his submarine where it hurts'. Quite a difference in wording, and the way he said it came off light hearted, not boorish. The video is easy to find.
  18. Assistant: ‘what do you want to do today sir?’ Elon: ‘I want to be poorer’ Asst: ‘you could call someone a pedo’ Elon: ‘that’s what I pay you for....’
  19. Musk has now made some even worse comments, he had a complete meltdown on Twitter and called Unsworth a pedophile for simply living in Thailand. Tweets are still up if you search for @elonmusk, but screenshots below in case they get deleted. It seems Musk may actually be a massive jerk / narcissist, but very good at PR to make himself loved. As for his wealth, apparently mostly from his Dad who owned an Emerald mine in Apartheid South Africa. So it depends how you look at it. Musk effectively spent no money or time to support the team effort at all (British + Thai + everyone except Musk), he arrived right at the end of the rescue and just tested out a submarine that he was already working on for something else, in a different cave. Contributed nothing more than a flight ticket / visa and gets tons of positive PR for himself. 'Thinks only he and his Brit pals know best' - well it's hard to argue with Unsworth when his Brit pals found the kids first, and he was the one to brief his pals on the cave layout. Can't argue with success. Then Musk calls the guy (and you based on your username) a pedophile simply for living in Thailand... Musk's version of events also seems off, he says the kids swum in. According to other sources the kids can't swim.
  20. They are being reunited as of yesterday, first wave. According to the planned deadline. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/10/us/migrant-children-reunification-immigration.html Let's hope the parents won't willingly put them at risk of being separated - as well as rape and death - again.
  21. Well Trump changed the law so that those ones (~10%) that do arrive with parents are no longer separated - the separations were already happening under the three previous presidents, of which two were Democrat. So why should Trump and Republicans get blamed? He shouldn't of course, but the left use anything they can, including lies, to attack Trump, in an attempt to get votes. And the far left want open borders.
  22. 90% of children at the border are unaccompanied, so they aren't being separated from parents - their parents sent them. In fact, it's left wing policies like welfare and catch & release that are separating kids from parents - they know that there's a good chance the kids they send alone will get into America and get free stuff, so they send the kids off. Terrible. If we removed that incentive, those kids wouldn't be sent off, often getting raped en route.
  23. Here's to another decade of being a digital nomad in Thailand