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  1. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    Up 16% in the past 24 hours that'd be good for an entire year on the stock market!
  2. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    With this kind of thing on CNBC I can understand why some people are skeptical :) Tittiecoin would've been the icing on the cake - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tittiecoin/
  3. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    I meant that the ICO ended in December. They take some time, you have a presale, crowdsale, and at presale it was worth 11 cents, yes. Yes it was worth $8.05 when you posted that, and now $8.50 today, and if you post again tomorrow I'm sure it will be worth something else.... prices fluctuate. Likely $20 a month from now. Point is he made a ton of money. I wasn't trolling I was just giving OP an example of a friend that made a boatload of money. I didn't participate personally, wish I did.
  4. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    11 cents coming out of the ICO, as per the website you linked yourself earlier - https://icobench.com/ico/icon Yeah $9 now, I said about $10. Ok so 90x returns. Pretty nice. He hasn't cashed out anything, Icon will easily hit $20 and beyond.
  5. ICO's are selling snake oil?

    Well my friend put $10k into Icon (ICX) in December, it was worth about 10 cents after ICO, now it's worth about $10, so he's up 100x, or a million dollars in a month...
  6. The uncensored post she made - https://instagram.com/p/BdymQXOhCLh/
  7. It's not required but some people submit verification anyway so their profile says 'verified' that helps if later they post an ad themselves to sell their bitcoin, when they want to convert it to fiat. So it's weird that the seller is asking you. Don't send it, just pick one of the other dozens of sellers.
  8. Err not a great idea to send some random seller your personal info, you should be submitting that to localbitcoins.com themselves, they'll then mark your profile as verified. That's what I did.
  9. No they don't only deal in whole coins. You can buy less. They write the price per whole coin and then set limits in the next column. You can buy 1000 baht worth if you want. Or you use coins.co.th or bx.in.th. At a quick glance right now BX is cheapest today, but it varies.
  10. The witness saw a speeding car and the Brit waiting to cross the road.
  11. While there aren't any limits for tourist visas defined in law, when people run into problems - questioning at border, denial of entry etc. - it's always been when they exceed 6 months per year in Thailand. One can confidently say spending under 6 months per year on tourist visas is 0% risk, you aren't even classed as a tax resident etc. Over 6 months no one really knows, it just becomes guesswork. But the 8-9 months per year that you plan doesn't push it too far, you plan long breaks in between each stay, and will return home each year, so I'd say it's very low risk. You don't fit the profile of someone working illegally in Thailand. To make it even lower risk you could enter by land border wherever possible (e.g. train from Malaysia) as they are less strict than airports, with the possible exception of the Poipet Cambodia border. Plus carry 20k baht cash as proof of funds whenever you enter. Or just study Thai and get an Ed visa, there are lots of language schools in Chiang Mai.
  12. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    Google utorrent and install that free software. Then Google piratebay (the domain keeps changing), on there search 'Thai learning pack', you'll see a 1GB one and an 8GB one, click the magnet by the name to start downloading in utorrent.
  13. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    You can torrent a huge 8 gigabyte 'thai language pack' on the thepiratebay, just saying... a dozen ebooks including 'teach yourself thai', entire audio courses, etc. I learnt Thai that way, never had a lesson. Had an Ed visa to avoid visa runs but didn't attend classes just taught myself.
  14. Nobody cares. I've been doing it since 2009 no issues.
  15. There is an exchange booth before immigration (but no ATMs). So even if it wasn't ok you could say ok I'll go exchange it then queue up again. But the 'official rule' is that it can be any other major currency that is generally accepted for conversion to Baht.
  16. Stay 5 Months in Thailand

    Probably not they will see you're going home pretty soon after the tourist visa, haven't been there >6 months in year last year, and won't be this year... they should just take your money and give you the tourist visa. It's Thailand you never know they make up the rules as they go along but I'd say >90% chance you'll be fine. And Thai consulates in other countries don't ask to see the return flight, they're already being anal in Switzerland by requiring one, it'd be even more anal to require one dated within 90 days.
  17. Stay 5 Months in Thailand

    Doesn't really matter that much and is obviously better than saying no or not showing them anything. It's still a return flight to your home country, yes you can only stay 3 months with tourist visa but you can leave and get a new tourist visa, and in total you will be there less than 6 months in a year, it's proof of that. As mentioned carry 20k baht too, and then there's even less chance you run into problems.
  18. Pay for tuition at a language school to get the Ed visa paperwork, then when you actually go to get the visa (in Laos), go with an agency in a van. Often what these agencies do is present a van-load of passports at a time to one of their 'contacts' at immigration, who quickly stamps them all without really scrutinizing, while you all wait in the van, then you're back in the country and you have a year's stay on the Ed visa. Once you're towards the end of that year's stay, you can consider renewing your passport for a fresh one at that point, then doing another Ed visa after that. Or, just do a 2nd Ed visa on that passport and again, go with an agency. Then definitely renew once you're towards the end of the 2nd year. This was the advice given to a friend of mine who is on his 2nd year of Ed visas, after 5 SETVs, so even more than you. He's currently in BKK he got questioned flying in on the 2nd Ed visa, but after a phonecall to his school they eventually let him in. A lady at his school recommended next time he go with an agency in a van. And at the airport one of the IOs even recommended he get a new passport, haha.
  19. Stay 5 Months in Thailand

    Under 180 days stay in a year is usually completely fine, on exempts, tourist visas, or both. You're not even classed as a tax resident. That's probably why you were let in, you were always going to be let in, but he still wanted to ask you questions just to boss you around a bit. He let you in even after asking about your flights and you not showing him any tickets... basically his questioning was just him being a bit overzealous, either he had a bad day or there was something about your appearance / nationality he didn't like. I wouldn't worry about it but if you really want peace of mind, just carry 20k baht in cash (withdraw it once you get there for the follow up entries) that amount is classed as 'proof of funds to support your stay'. Then if asked, show the 20k and politely point out that you haven't been in Thailand over 180 days in the last year. And like you plan to do, fly rather than use land borders. You might also consider using the priority lane at the airport, 850 baht via Bangkok flight services, and this time have a printout of your return flight after 5 months. IOs are said to get an 'alert' to ask further questions after someone has 6 visa exempt entries in a year, i.e. 180 days (6 x 30), you aren't at that point.
  20. Young Chinese women... perhaps they were but agreed to some other 'arrangements' with police back at the station.
  21. No that's pretty tame, my visa history is 10x worse and I'm still here
  22. RIP to the 100+ victims of het kan hok tula for whom there is no official mourning, funeral or recognition, as there really should be every October.
  23. You do realize all the logistics of the FMP are organized by Thais. How are they 'behaving as a colonizer'? It's also a complete sausagefest, not many Thai girls at FMP, the few girls are mostly farang, and those tourists hardly ever participate in the sex trade if that's what you're implying. They're a lot more positive for Thailand than the barflys (of which I am one).
  24. Just because people don't hold the same views as yourself doesn't mean they don't 'get it'. They do 'get' what your side of the debate is, they just disagree with it. There are actually many Thais who don't feel the way you do. They just can't talk about it publicly. You can't get an accurate picture of how many hold one opinion, when to express that you don't it extremely illegal.