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  1. Opening Bitcoin Account in Thailand?

    Exodus has a backup / restore feature built in, no need to do anything
  2. 3000 baht quarterly bribe for education visa?!

    That could be explained by other factors - like the current military government. During previous ones the situation with visas was just as hard now if not worse, according to TVF posters who lived here then (before my time). Then it got better, so it's entirely possible everything gets easier again at some future point, and you don't have to get your ministry of labor letter / full set of company docs any longer. There's also never actually been a statement to the effect of 'we're changing things because of people living here too long on tourists visas and exempts'. That's a misnomer. It's actually always been down to illegal workers and criminals. (Plus the military enforcing rules that already existed but didn't get enforced before.) There are no set limits in law to how long one can 'be a tourist'. Being one for too long isn't a thing. Neither is being a student who pays for their course but their heart isn't really in it and they just want to live here, an issue. During the Ed visa crackdown of 2014-5 all the official statements about it talked about illegal workers and criminals being on Ed visas. Nothing about 'using Ed visa to live here'. If you pay for the course and attend, you get to live here, simple as that. Example statements refer to criminals and drug dealers and simply ask that students study longer hours. Original Thai: Those that actually work illegally / commit crimes are the ones making things worse for everyone, not those who simply use lots of tourist visa / exempts / study Thai. They're not the same thing. That's a false equivalency perpetuated by some angry types on Thaivisa.
  3. 3000 baht quarterly bribe for education visa?!

    There are hot Thai chicks working all over Asia and in the West. Perhaps they'll get married to a Thai and actually be able to have a deep conversation with them. That'll then solve the permission to stay issue.
  4. Visa overstayer alleges extortion of Bt600,000

    When I overstayed 4 years I saved almost that much from not having to do visa runs
  5. Yes https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services/
  6. Fiancée rather, he plans to marry. "If you have Thai GF and you love her, take her to your home country and stay there, you are not wanted here" an elderly female officer told him.
  7. That's not what I meant, it's just as a foreigner you can reduce a tiny risk to an even tinier one, because you can live in the same areas rich locals would choose to live. Doesn't mean you're scared to go elsewhere, especially as a guy. Risks are much higher for females though, say your Mum or sister were over visiting you in the country, or a girl you were dating was making her way over to your place and back, you'd want to be living in a luxurious area. 'Snatchers' as the Filipinos call them (muggers) usually target women for their handbags, same in Vietnam.
  8. Oh yeah I'm not surprised at all. I wasn't saying anything is likely to happen if you walked down a dark alleyway, just that there's no reason to even bother doing so and test it out.
  9. Err extortion by fake police is common all across Asia. http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Three-arrested-extortion-impersonating-police-officers-Phuket
  10. In Manila you can live in the BGC (Bonifacio Global City), it's a city within a city. Like a gated community, they don't let any beggars in, vagrants, etc. It feels like Singapore, clean, safe, wide sidewalks. It was originally a military camp, still often known as 'the Fort'. Closest thing in Bangkok would be the Thong Lo area. In Cebu you can live in IT Park, also safe. In general as a foreigner you can afford to live in a secure condo, take Uber everywhere, just like Thailand, no reason to be walking down dark alleyways. So it isn't that unsafe and comparing the Philippines to Thailand on safety grounds is pretty dumb if you ask me, given all the deaths in Thailand. Better to compare it in terms of internet (worse mobile 3G / more expensive for a good wifi connection at home), value for money accommodation (more expensive for what you get), the chicks (average facial features worse but you have more chance with the hottest ones).
  11. And that married guy being told to leave with his Thai wife, take her abroad rather than live here.
  12. There's also no talk about 'using tourist visas for long term stays'. That part is your own spin. The only talk is about those that work illegally, have no money or commit crimes. Not 'being a tourist too long.' That isn't a 'fact' at all. Ironic to say others spin things then spin it yourself. There is and never has been any limit on tourist visas for long term stay. Scaremongering.
  13. Angry old bitters on forums that want the place to themselves. They still wouldn't get any attention from the ladies though.
  14. The no. of trips, the overstay stamp is on the first page they tend to miss it.
  15. Yeah it's not like we're claiming benefits. We're long term tourists.
  16. I got back into BKK today, I used the 850 baht premium airport pick up service where a rep meets you off the plane and takes you through the priority lane. At immigration the IO said 'you come a lot, what are you doing here', I replied I have a Thai GF and plan to get married. That's the best strategy imo. Next question was how long I'd stay this time, I said 2 weeks (actually I'll extend the visa exemption to 60 days). I had one of those $8 rented onward tickets dated 2 weeks ahead ready to show if asked, and 20k baht, but wasn't asked. After those two questions she stamped me in for another visa exemption, didn't get pulled to the side. There's no other IOs standing around in the priority section so using that may reduce the chance of getting pulled aside for further questioning. My visa history is 2 year overstay followed by 7 visa exempts then an SETV, on this passport, then previous passport even worse dating back to 2009. I'd been out of Thailand 3 months, visited Macau HK and Philippines. Still well over 180 days in the last calendar year was in Thailand. Originally I planned to come in via land but there hadn't been any new denied entry threads this last week and both airports had those 5 hours delays so I figured they may be a bit embarrassed over that, I'll risk the airport priority lane. Plus being flown back to Manila wouldn't be the worst thing. Hopefully it's all died down, but that priority lane is well worth using, would recommend. The rep was super cute too.
  17. https://bestonwardticket.com/ I use this it works better than flyonward lasts 48h not 24h and cheaper
  18. See the OP, had a valid Ed visa and 25k, still denied. You do realise not everyone denied will start a thaivisa thread.
  19. There's no situation pertaining to remote online workers. My logic would be if a consulate outside Thailand approves a visa you won't then be denied on arrival without access to an ATM but that's just me.
  20. You can't quote any official source saying working remotely for overseas clients is illegal, just like you can't quote any limits to length of time being a tourist in Thailand. Attached. World tourism organisation definition.
  21. It's possible to be a tourist for a year. Don't get overly hung up on the word. In the modern age one can have an income on the internet while travelling. The UNWTO definition of a tourist is anyone who stays in places outside their usual environment, for any purpose, for up to a year. It doesn't necessarily have to be two weeks of beach and temples then back home. Indeed some countries issue 10 year tourist visas. Some call it 'visitor'.
  22. Only seen this thread but that border is known for problems.
  23. I gave 20 examples as asked. This isn't about tourists who on average stay ~10 days a year and come once or twice in their lives, of course they will have no problem. (Although the group of 5 Indians did.) They won't be reading thaivisa either. What I'm saying is some slighter longer stayers may have problems sooner than they expect, e.g. they use one METV for the length of time it allows, then decide to enrol at a language school, they've done absolutely nothing wrong at that point. But if they follow Thai forums and see these posts they'll know to carry 20k and ideally come back via Nong Khai, just in case. You say 'we never know all the facts' when it supports your opinion, then you say 'all bar none were legitimately denied', which one is it? You don't know whether it was legitimate or not, nor do I. Certainly some cases don't sound legitimate - cases where the tourist had 20k cash on them for example. There are no limits on tourist visa use set in law so any 'abuse' is your opinion. 'Being a tourist too long' does not exist. Criteria for denying entry include e.g. lack of funds or suspicion of working illegally, some of those denied had 20k+ on their person, approved Ed visa, etc. and I happen to know they weren't working in the Kingdom. They got back into Thailand via Nong Khai. Anyone reading this in a similar spot might consider doing the same.