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  1. See the OP, had a valid Ed visa and 25k, still denied. You do realise not everyone denied will start a thaivisa thread.
  2. There's no situation pertaining to remote online workers. My logic would be if a consulate outside Thailand approves a visa you won't then be denied on arrival without access to an ATM but that's just me.
  3. You can't quote any official source saying working remotely for overseas clients is illegal, just like you can't quote any limits to length of time being a tourist in Thailand. Attached. World tourism organisation definition.
  4. It's possible to be a tourist for a year. Don't get overly hung up on the word. In the modern age one can have an income on the internet while travelling. The UNWTO definition of a tourist is anyone who stays in places outside their usual environment, for any purpose, for up to a year. It doesn't necessarily have to be two weeks of beach and temples then back home. Indeed some countries issue 10 year tourist visas. Some call it 'visitor'.
  5. Only seen this thread but that border is known for problems.
  6. I gave 20 examples as asked. This isn't about tourists who on average stay ~10 days a year and come once or twice in their lives, of course they will have no problem. (Although the group of 5 Indians did.) They won't be reading thaivisa either. What I'm saying is some slighter longer stayers may have problems sooner than they expect, e.g. they use one METV for the length of time it allows, then decide to enrol at a language school, they've done absolutely nothing wrong at that point. But if they follow Thai forums and see these posts they'll know to carry 20k and ideally come back via Nong Khai, just in case. You say 'we never know all the facts' when it supports your opinion, then you say 'all bar none were legitimately denied', which one is it? You don't know whether it was legitimate or not, nor do I. Certainly some cases don't sound legitimate - cases where the tourist had 20k cash on them for example. There are no limits on tourist visa use set in law so any 'abuse' is your opinion. 'Being a tourist too long' does not exist. Criteria for denying entry include e.g. lack of funds or suspicion of working illegally, some of those denied had 20k+ on their person, approved Ed visa, etc. and I happen to know they weren't working in the Kingdom. They got back into Thailand via Nong Khai. Anyone reading this in a similar spot might consider doing the same.
  7. This thread is in itself a link to 3 of them. If you insist - link, link, and link for completeness. Like I said some are on other forums and TVF doesn't allow those links. IMHO this is going on above and beyond the amount it should be, and 'get an appropriate visa' is not the correct response in all cases. In some it may be, but for others they were doing nothing inappropriate by enrolling in a language school after a short time as a tourist, or leaving for 2 months after an METV then returning, or you know, never having stepped foot in Thailand in the first place. Now Suvarnbhumi airport has delays too, partly lack of staff, partly this extra questioning. "When someone came along who took a few minutes or needed an extra inquiry the queue grew and grew as a result"
  8. jspill

    Opening Bitcoin Account in Thailand?

    Coins.co.th as mentioned above, works, if all you have is a Thai bank account you can buy and withdraw on there. The spread isn't great (their price to buy / sell), you lose about 2%, but the site works. Alternatively go on localbitcoins.com, filter for thailand, and shop around for an individual Thai seller / buyer to trade with. Pick one with good feedback and many trades. But the site acts as an escrow so you can't really be scammed. At certain times coins.co.th is better value, at other time localbitcoins.com is better. Bear in mind though if you have more than a Thai bank account, if you still have your home country bank accounts, you don't actually need to 'open an account in Thailand', you can just buy bitcoin on Coinbase.com at 1%. The advice 'don't use Thai exchanges' more specifically should be don't hold coins on any exchanges, Thai or not. As soon as you buy on Coins.co.th, Localbitcoins, or Coinbase, all three of which are exchanges, send the coins to yourself at Exodus.io desktop wallet. That is your 'bitcoin account' to hold coins on. Don't hold large amounts of coins on any online exchanges.
  9. Yes I had 7 visa exempts in 2016. Already explained that was 2016 and the recent uptick in denials started in early 2017. Difference of opinion is fine but don't deliberately ignore things. If anything that should add to my credibility - if what I'm doing now is 'scaremongering' then I did the complete opposite in 2016. Go figure.
  10. No all I'm doing is saying X number of reports exist. Then yourself and PJ want to quash discussion - I don't mind if you believe there's an issue or not, I'm just posting facts for the benefit of people reading. They can decide. There will never be any way to know if something on the internet is true or false, there could be 1000 reports and that line of logic would still apply. And yes we never know both sides of the story. Yes I know 4 guys personally that were denied, people can choose to dismiss that or not, up to them, I'd like to think I come off as someone credible. My posting history is longer than yours and PJ's combined. I've been on the forum going on 8 years, 10k posts across various forums. Up to you as they say. As for multiplying things that's just how statistics work, if 20 odd people wrote about their experience then probably 200 didn't bother. May have contributed to the 5 hour delays at the airport this week.
  11. I did post a list maybe it was in another thread, ok I'll do it here. It's not scaremongering to post reports. Facts don't care about your feelings. 1, 2, 3 - the three reports in the OP of this thread 4 - the Muay Thai guy from Bangkok Expats Facebook group 5 - stoicccc - link 6, 7 - This guy, can't recall it was on thaivisa too. Then in the comments there's a guy saying it happened to him, and 2 saying it almost happened to them 8 - Californiadreaming82 - link 9 - Introuble - link 10 - Stuart Fox - link 11 - GregoryH - link 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 - the 5 Indians link 17. 18 - guys from another forum, we're not allowed to link to other forums, welcome to PM me 19 - Johnny396 - link 20 - However many in Sadao yesterday All in 2017. I'm forgetting some. A few weren't OPs, they were posts within the threads above. 'Oh this happened to me too' etc.
  12. No one said it was scaremongering or being used as ammunition. People can just be aware of it, it's relevant to the thread title.
  13. I'm saying 20 recent denials, specifically since the start of this year. The 0-18 months figure is how long they've been in the country, i.e. some were rejected having never entered, some had been in Thailand a year, some a bit longer. It's not scaremongering I'm just stating facts we have about 20 reports, if people don't want to believe it that's fine. Those that do can be aware and take precautions, like carrying 20k and using any land border other than Sadao or Poipet. It's you that's having a weird emotional reaction to me just listing reports of denials, not sure why.
  14. Everyone being asked to show 20k at Sadao land border even with a non B / work permit -
  15. Not necessarily over several years. For example the two thaivisa members in the OP, kohphanganlover and the German Ed visa student, were in the ~12 month range, and the US / Afghani from another thread did 9 months on one METV then was denied. Then the Indians I mention above did a whopping zero days in Thailand. I wrote not too long ago that if it was over several years no one would be surprised / could really complain. But the recent uptick in denials is affecting people much earlier, anywhere from 0 - 18 months. Yes on the internet obviously only one side of the story is given, that's all it's possible to ever know. But people can read ~20 stories and take appropriate precautions, like using land borders for now.
  16. No, the article in the OP just focuses on a few specific cases but it clearly states it's happening to many. Two specific cases were notable because they happened on consecutive days, were both reported on thaivisa, they met in the detention cell and one posted a photo of the cell. Then the third was posted to a Facebook expat group and the screenshot of that just goes well with the article. They gave 3 examples for the sake of the article but it's happening to many. About 20 denial cases so far that I've read, and about the same number of cases of being interrogated then finally let in. The reports keep coming in. Here's a new one, 66 year old New Zealand national is told he can only have one single entry tourist visa per year, hasn't been in Thailand for over 6 months. Almost denied but reluctantly let in. "i have only recently, re-entered thailand {bkk} on a setv visa...i am nz citizen who last left thailand on 13jan 2017...the imm officer was not going to let me in---saying the rules have now changed. i can only get i setv entry per year....he told me he wasnt interested that i owned condo here and did not want to work here" - Link to post Here's an April thread I missed before and didn't see linked here. A group of Indians have a 5 day vacation planned out with return ticket, hotel bookings, they've never even been to Thailand. They are all questioned for some hours at the airport then denied and have to fly home. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/977875-immigration-officer-refused-entry-at-bangkok-airport/ Then we have the 4 hour airport delays recently in the news. As well as various other excuses like lack of staff / four flights arriving at once, one of the reasons given was 'increased questioning'.
  17. Half the IOs were busy carting off tourists who couldn't produce 20k baht, getting them to buy expensive airfares back to where they came from at a commission, plus 700 baht for their detention cell
  18. Ok I posted too soon. After 5 hours he got let in. He paid 2000 for the visa on arrival that his nationality gets - 15 days, yes. He opened his Skrill wallet online balance and they accepted that. Completely contrary to other reports, weird. He had a flight out for 15 days time, yes. But didn't have hotel bookings. They asked for both, luckily one was enough. Perhaps a supervisor said ok he's never actually been to Thailand before let's not be so ridiculous as to deny this guy entry too.
  19. Do you really have to freak out every post lol. Here's three threads then about Romanians - Bangkok link, Phuket link, Pattaya link
  20. Common knowledge most of the ATM skimmers in Thailand are Romanian.
  21. No I just mean him being Romanian, nothing else.
  22. A friend of a friend got denied entry today and it's his first time ever in Thailand. He's Romanian, had a computer in hand luggage, and didn't have the 20k, so a bit more suspicious than a normal tourist. Still, it's his first time in the Kingdom so that goes against the idea this is about long stay tourists. He's been in the airport 4 hours so far. Is not being allowed access to an ATM to withdraw money.