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  1. Source? Where is that stated anywhere? Every announcement, if any, like the ones about in/outs with visa exempts, has stated the reason is illegal workers.
  2. No one really knows but keyboard warriors will act like they do. Sure the new passport is linked to the previous one, but it's possible that seeing a relatively empty passport stops the IO from looking into things any deeper on the computer. I'd say it's worth a try. Err it's not illegal to change your passport if you're worried about the number of visa stickers and stamps in it. He isn't asking about getting round a blacklist. Not that he'd end up in the Bangkok Hilton even if he was.
  3. They've been happening for years, I posted that denials are nothing new. But they're very rare when you consider how many thousands of people pass through the airports each day. If one just takes certain precautions it's quite possible to live here for many years on tourist visas.
  4. No it says they'll scrutinize in/outs at airports more, then says they already do that at land crossings, then says foreigners with visas are not affected by the entire 'crackdown'. What you're referring to comes in the section after. If you Google 'thailand crackdown visa runs' now, all the results are about the August 2014 news. https://www.google.co.th/search?q=thailand+crackdown+visa+runs That is what this (bad) journalist has done, get his facts mixed up with 2014 stuff while padding out an article about the 10 year retirement visa, and the ASEAN electronic visa.
  5. You're then often able to successfully enter the next time you fly in, with no issues at all. As in post #166. "And I was sent back to home country for not having enough cash but had indeed near 200.000 baht cash on me. As I came back again about a month later, not been asked one single question at another airport.. " And that was from mid 2016. This is nothing new, sometimes you get very unlucky. Then you just fly in again and it's fine.
  6. I think you're stretching it and reading what you want to read. To me it's exactly the same language as August 2014 articles about living here on visa exempts. It states 'foreigners with visas appear to be unaffected and the crackdown is focused on 15 or 30 day exemptions'. This really seems like poor journalism from someone who has googled visa runs and read some articles from Aug 2014. Anyway time will tell. I think this week's spate of rejections isn't an organised thing, it's a few specific IOs who are out to deport people. We'll see.
  7. There's absolutely nothing new there whatsoever, all that's written about is extra scrutiny on 'out/ins' with visa exempts, that started in August 2014
  8. Yeah I was thinking of starting to use the fast lane too. Lot cheaper than spewing off 500k for the Elite card, and I still get to feel special and privileged.
  9. 180 days on visa exemptions, apparently. With tv's you can get away with being here 9 months a year no problems. This only really affects people who try to stay here as close to 365 days a year on exempts / tv's as they can, and when they leave the country they're only gone for a couple days then fly right back in. AND don't have the 20k cash on hand. AND get unlucky.
  10. This guy just days ago got rejected with a multiple entry visa - What is happening is something new, there's one or two guys at Suvarnabhumi who really actively want to reject people and deport them back to home country or the country they flew in from (it varies). However to avoid this you can immediately show 20k baht cash, onward ticket, hotel bookings, and it is much harder for them to get away with doing what they want to do.
  11. Ed visas are back in fashion lately, some mates of mine have been getting one year visas for 20k and actually being told no need to attend lessons. One door closes another opens (again) ...
  12. This attitude is similar to other reports in recent days. In my opinion it's just one or two overzealous officers with a chip on their shoulder. It may be worth trying Don Meaung next time, even though up to this point people have been saying Suvarnabhumi is better. Or you could fly into Laos / Cambodia / Myanmar then come into Thailand over land border, then you can't be deported anywhere if rejected.
  13. Not sure if they look the other way with British passport holders? I did 7 visa exemptions back to back in 2016, then a tourist visa, which I'm currently, on. I've never been asked to show the 20k cash. And this was all after a 2 year overstay which I cleared just a couple weeks before the blacklisting bans came into effect. And in total I've been here in Thailand almost 8 years as a digital nomad.
  14. Second overstay

    It's possible to clear blacklisting for the right price with the right lawyer. Really this has just created more opportunities for backhanders.
  15. If you check Andrew MacGregor Marshall's Facebook he claims to have evidence that Miller's family were paid off, they accepted money to publicly say they support the guilty verdict.
  16. 10 year ban?

    See this thread and PM some of the posters there who talk about possible remedies
  17. In a literal sense, no he doesn't 'need' to, he can attempt the other courses of action recommended in this thread, with lawyers. Others have been successful. In an ethical sense - well the law changed while he was on overstay. At the point that he broke the law the only penalty was the 20k fine. Also a visa infraction is really just a minor administrative issue, 'broke the law' is a bit of hyperbole. There are no prison sentences for visa overstay, only deportation and a fine. Those are punishment enough. It's a victimless crime. What you're recommending would have a victim, his child.
  18. bank account with tourist visa

    http://bangkokhelper.com/ can open an account for you