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  1. 1 hour ago, overherebc said:

    I have a mental picture of a passport with 12 years worth of stamps missing or did someone sit down in front of a computer and enter the required number of out/in journeys and then add all the stamps and date them?

    Or would it be stamped out on the due date 12 years ago and then a new entry 12 years later.

    If the later is the case how would that fit as most passports have a max 10 year validity?

    To many questions to be answered.

    Spain seems to be the only place that issues lifetime passports but only if you are 70 +.

    You can renew your passport by mail from Bangkok, while you're on overstay, I've done the same thing. At the UK passport building (Trendy on soi 13) they didn't care what my overstay status was. Then I picked up my new passport, the old one had the corner cut off, and when I finally left the country (after saving tons of money and hassle) I showed them the old one, overstay stamp was put in the new one, and off I went, with the officers all smiles and giggles. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Russell17au said:

    Was he "Refused Entry" or was he "Deported"? You can only be "deported" if you actually pass through immigration and enter the country and from what I have read he was "refused entry" and that is the stamp that would be in his passport from Thailand but what the stamp that has been put in his passport in the country he was sent back to would be the biggest worry because if they have put the red "Deported" stamp in his passport then he is going to have all sorts of problems trying to get a visa for any country for a long time, however if they only put a "refused entry" stamp in then he can go and apply for and pay for a visa at an embassy, but with those 2 stamps it can still cause him problems. If he had kept his mouth shut and voluntarily left Thailand and apologised to the IO and flown back to his point of departure then he probably would not have been sent home and he probably would not have any red stamps in his passport which would mean that he could have applied for a visa at the local Thai embassy

    Figure of speech, he was denied entry and flown back to where he flown from. Yes technically it isn't called a deportation. 


    It isn't voluntary either way though. And it had nothing to do with anything he said, he was already going to be flown back. Then, again, what immigration at the next airport did with him (decided to fly him back to his home country) is nothing to do with whatever he said to the Thailand IOs either, as you posted. 


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  3. 22 minutes ago, Odin Norway said:

    As stated many times before.There is no written rules on how many visa exempts you can have a year or how many days pr year in the country.I was also pushing the limits until now with over 100 entries the last 10 years.Yes I was living here and yes that is not what the visa exempts is for.

    Yes I got warnings also.But I also took the hint and got a visa before it was to late.Having kids that need you, do that to you.So play it safe and get a propper visa or shup up if you are denied when you push or bend  the rules.

    I know, he knows too, but there's a much lower risk if you don't do a 24 hour 'in/out'. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Russell17au said:

    I would say that your biggest mistake was taking the arrogant attitude with the Immigration Officer that you did by demanding to know what law they were refusing your entry on and you were told too many ins and outs when you yourself have admitted you do have too many, but you still wanted to push a point trying to make yourself more superior than the IO. You had been warned about this previously but you chose to ignore the warning and try to enter the country again on this trip with another Visa Exempt. To me that is the action of an arrogant smart ass that does not want to listen to those warnings. You now have Thai immigration off side with you and you deserve it by your own actions. You will eventually learn a lesson that the IO in any country except your home country has the legal right to refuse you entry without having to explain to you the reason. You pushed the issue and now you have a stamp in your passport that you could have avoided simply by taking notice of what the previous IO had warned you about plus what this IO told you, it would have meant that you would have been returned to your previous departure point by the airlines that brought you to Thailand, you could have then applied for a SETV or METV and then returned to Thailand.

    No, he was already going to be denied entry before he started asking what the reason for refusal was, it made no difference.


    And as he said, he was deported back to his previous departure point.


    Then the immigration there decided to deport him back to home country, which is unusual, but nothing to do with anything he said to the IOs in Thailand.

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  5. On 5/28/2018 at 9:44 PM, Credo said:

    To reiterate the normal conservative stance, if you don't agree with abortion, don't have one.

    That stance never involves harming others though.


    E.g. 'If you don't like the country, you can leave' (because liberals love to complain how much their first world country sucks)


    'If you don't like that Christian bakers won't make a cake for your gay wedding, shop elsewhere'


    And so on. 


    It doesn't quite work with 'If you don't agree with killing a viable life with a beating heart as early as 21 days, don't do so yourself'. 

  6. On 16/05/2018 at 3:29 PM, Mattd said:

    Personally I will give a big thumbs up for this IF it is enforced.

    Weekdays sees me staying in a condo in central Bangkok, approx. 1km from Nana area and the last few months one of the owners on the same floor has been short term renting their unit, last lot were some young kids on holiday, 4 of them in the one condo, absolutely no thought for anybody else, coming home drunk at 3 am, slamming doors, shouting in the corridors and so on.

    Most others there are working (myself included) and have to get up around 6 am, the last thing you need or want is this!

    If it was a hot young chick staying short term on Airbnb and you met her by the pool and ending up banging her, you'd love Airbnb


    Why live 1km from Nana a huge beer bar & sex tourism area if you don't like drunk men coming home at bar closing time, 3am

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  7. 7 hours ago, connda said:

    Thai public sentiment is for the lowlife who kicked the German in the face while he wasn't looking.  My wife is 100% on the side of the Thai kicking him in the face.  And that is why this won't change either.  It's ingrained into the Thai culture.  Underneath the surface there is a lot of hate for non-Thais by Thais.

    I'm seeing plenty of comments in Thai on the side of the German, on Facebook

  8. 9 hours ago, Wake Up said:

    One Thai man is a coward with his reprehensible actions. The other Thai men help the expat. But most of the TVF bridgade loves to proclaim that the video confirms all thai men as evil and third world. Look at the video realistically and comment. Maybe you guys are blind or so deep in anger and hatred for all things thai that you can’t help yourself from posting. You have the right to do that but your misguided posts shows all of us your ignorance and backward way of thinking. Daily you can figure out everything about Thailand and Thai people. Except  you cannot figure out a way for you to leave  Thailand or a place for you to go. You guys preach to a very small jaded audience. Thailand and the rest of us would be better off without you. You are no different from the jaded motorbike taxi driver strumming out at the expat with his low opinions of expats and himself. 

    I see what looks like some Arab tourists, not Thai, trying to help the German lift his bike up, to which a Thai guy pushes them away. 


    Then Thai guys pull the German away from the Thai that kicked him in the face - not really helping, they still need to get his money for taking him to the police station. Can't do that if he gets beaten to death.


    One jokes in a sarcastic voice about respecting tourists... another sniggers.

  9. 4 hours ago, Tchooptip said:

    "You" never read it, probably like allenberg  clicking a like for your comment...I believe you...

    but had you clicked on the link Daily news in the OP, it is in Thai, but you would have read the following lines I translated for you :  "Sex   tourism in Myanmar on the site Cracklist and Facebook named Burnese Border Chicks For Hire advertised that tour can take tourists to visit children in Myanmar. Traveling in Chiang Rai, and then bring in sex with children in Myanmar."  

    It uses the word 'dek' and uses the same word 'dek' to describe the 2 women that were there at the time of the arrest, who weren't minors - they were 18 and 25. 


    'Dek' in thai is flexible, like 'girls' in English. 'I like Thai girls' doesn't necessarily mean 'I like Thai children.' The word dek is used in many non-pedophilia contexts, you can say someone is 'naa dek', they look young.


    If there were minors involved I'm sure the original Thai article would have spelt it out much clearer.

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  10. 5 hours ago, ratcatcher said:

    Do they have buses in your homeland, wherever that may be?

    As you can see, vehicle fires, including buses, can happen anywhere, so it's not just a regular Thai event.

    Should be common sense but it's the frequency that matters, not whether it happens at all.


    It happens more in Thailand as do all kinds of road safety related issues. Recently voted amongst the most dangerous roads in the world - https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/thai-roads-deadliest-planet-world-atlas/


    The exact same no. 40 yellow bus burst into flames in 2016 - https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/bus-bursts-flames-ekkamai/

  11. 3 hours ago, maddox41 said:


    About time  I went to school for 2 years and went to every lesson. 

    Half of the students don't   they take the piss and its not just the dark skinned people 

     It is from all walks of life  the French would be in the top 10

    As for Ed department at emigration corrupt is not the word  for them. (THE MAGIC DRAW),

    And the department of education when you do your test well thats a laugh

    Good on you big joke you  should be called 

    GET THINGS DONE   about time get rid of the trash  it <deleted> it up for us honest farangs

    Doesn't matter if they go to lessons or not, maybe they prefer to self-study. Personally I read and write Thai but I didn't go to the lessons, I just learn better on my own.


    What matters is if they are commit crimes, usually that's the non western ones, hence you don't see westerners arrested as part of ed visa crackdowns. Those French guys were probably honest non-criminals just like yourself.


    Perhaps making a larger economic contribution to the country because of all the extra time they spent working on some online business at home, not commuting to a school and sitting in class.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Zatoichi said:

    Apparently it's ok to be here illegally and do dirt, so long as you're a white forgiener, this operation is just for everyone else.

    Well we spend more cash and dont deal crack on Sukhumvit Soi 13... 


    (I've been a fake student in the past, and am one again right now. Shhh. No problems so far, my school seems pretty connected and most students are white) 

  13. In the same way lumping together can be a good thing, e.g. 'I really like Asian chicks', I'm doing Cambodians a favour there, putting them in the same bracket as Japanese who are much hotter

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