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  1. tingtongtourist

    Is Thailands view on Foreigners really changing?

    aye, so very true
  2. yes, my word, he do look a bit like that little ผoofy on "some mothers do ave em"
  3. tingtongtourist

    Finding a monthly rental for about 8000 baht without contract

    since when is there ever been a BTS on Ngam Wong Warn road??
  4. mostly depend on the person as to the injury though. The boxer like Shannon Briggs should not be able to add up 2+2 becos the times he was the human punching bag, but somehow he can still talk sense (sometimes) Also boxing is down to skill of not being hit. Like the Mayweather style. if no skills, they shouldnt be in the game, but for sure it will be boring if all run just run all around the ring. you must respect this guy for big gonads. My 49th birthday long behind me, but i would not have bet on my reflex and speed against young Thai guys at that age.
  5. tingtongtourist

    The next banking crash?

    I am bet the only ROI you will get out of that is good Rate Of Intoxication. 555
  6. tingtongtourist

    Big Joke bags eleven Uzbek prostitutes in Nana, Bangkok

    You dont know yet? The Thai girl are not prostitute, they just lonely girls that looking for a farang to hang out with. IF have sex and IF the guy does offer "help" or "bus money" this just mean chok-dee for Thai lady. but they are not prostitute. no no no no and for sure you cannot call them that
  7. true but that is what most come here for, no? a lesson to learn from my experiences tho, if you have anything wrong with you, do not go to these massage they most probably make things worse
  8. tingtongtourist

    The next banking crash?

    ok, This probably stupidly simple idea, but why they dont bail the people out? First Government ban ALL money lending, at ALL banks, for 3 months. Start some kind of lottery system where citizens win 100k to be paid off their mortgage. At that time ALL the money printed by mints will go to the banks as payment for the winners loans. keep doing this till banks balance the book. when allowing loans again, pass a law to ban fractional reserve banking. -more REAL money gets put into economy. -no banks collapse. - consumers then actually have money to spend to aid the economy. -interest rates would then go up naturally, so banks dont have to cheat.
  9. Thai lady can be like a macadamia, you gotta crack em hard before you see the real nuttiness!!
  10. tingtongtourist

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    no actually i live quite happy in Thailand. just to read farangs attitude here and BS that remind me of farangland. simple, i supposr you tell me not to read, right? but its a bit like driving past a train wreck. 555
  11. tingtongtourist

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    555 not really meaning to direct that comment to you but yes i must agree, being a pensioner has advantages in Thailand!
  12. tingtongtourist

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    For little peanuts they pay them worker they making a fortune, and is a direct profit for them and business, not just ripple effect of farangs renting condos and buying beer. Everyone know the Thai "dont think to mutt" So a lot of this rubbish is farang presuming what the Thais are thinking is just that, rubbish and all in the imagination! and.. "they really dont want us here, just our money" lol..we must hear this Over over over again, like a fxcking broken record! The rich Thai certainly dont need farang money, and i will suggest most other normal Thai are just busy trying to scrape a living to be worry about farangs and them being here. But of course if you are someones walking ATM you will always be highly valuable! just dont expect any thanks! and dont cry when you must go home broke!
  13. tingtongtourist

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I dont get how you live any cheaper if mooving between three places like that? Visa and travel costs, lugging all your stuff around, constantly finding new appartments.. and you would be paying daily rate as its only short stay, no? then there is the security deposit on each place? IMO it would not be worth all the trouble, especially in Thailand since you will always get a few who make up B.S escuse not to give your deposit back.
  14. tingtongtourist

    Foreigner Complains About Vietnam’s ‘Showers,’ But It’s Not a Shower

    I assume they really did not have shower in that place. but also i assume they cannot be so supid to not know what that other thing poking out of the wall is for. maybe its wrong to assume.555