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  1. Cuckoo in Thailand?

    Thanks for all the replies which were very informative, will be sure to look out for the colourful scrounger then.
  2. Cuckoo in Thailand?

    I have a fair amount of bird life around my house and recently have been hearing what sounds just like a European cuckoo so I was wondering if any amateur 'twitchers' out there can confirm if they do live here in Thailand as well and if so how do they manage their 90 day reports ?
  3. Where find thai english translator?

    Chiang Mai University has an international language section who should have list of such people. Check out the CMU website and phone them.
  4. A convection oven and a halogen over are two different beasts, they look the same from the outside but they have different ways of heating up, halogen is best IMO. Anyway back to original reply I will try out your method of cooking them and hope I don't mess it up
  5. Quite agree I've got nothing against local vegetables at all just that oven roasts are very convenient but will have to try the slower methods of cooking them I guess.
  6. Have been looking in one or two of our local Tesco shops but they don't have much frozen food selection and very few of the Finest collection. Will have to drive to the Hang Dong shop as perhaps they might have a more extensive choice.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but they are more like fries rather than roast potatoes I'm looking for.
  8. Of course you should never forget our good friends at http://sausagekingone.com in Chiang Mai who have an extensive collection of British food favourites like pies, sausage rolls,curries, etc which can be ordered online and even delivered to your door anywhere in Thailand. They sometimes get some 'unusual or unavailable' items too in their 'Extras' section. The thing I miss over here are oven roast potatoes which are great to cook from frozen in my halogen oven so if anyone has found somewhere that sells them please let me know.
  9. Garden sundial ornament

    For anyone interested it was easier/cheaper to go onto eBay and order a similar one from a UK supplier and get it shipped here 25% duty though sheesh
  10. If there are any updates from previous posters on this topic i'd be interested to hear whether the scheme is still running or fizzled out?
  11. If its their first time in Thailand and Chiang Mai why not go to the Red Bus Rank near the university gates and take them all up to Doi Suthep temple in the morning when it's not too hot, the ride up the hill alone should be memorable , then get the lift up and enjoy the views and atmosphere for an hour or so and take a bus back down. Stop for lunch at the 'Lonely Milk' restaurant near the uni gates (mix of thai & western food) great desserts too. After lunch take them for a foot massage in one of the many places in town centre then go to a bar with a balcony view to chill until sundown then have a tuk-tuk ride around the moat enjoying the lights and scenery then end the day at the 'Riverside Bar & Restaurant' which had great food and atmosphere (when I last visited) and a tiny dance floor if they still feel energetic. Good luck
  12. Garden sundial ornament

    Thanks for the suggestions Rebo. The second link I cannot get to just says "403 Forbidden" when I click on it. The Alibaba suppliers have something like it but I'm a bit reluctant to spend a large amount with them as I've never used the site whilst I wouldn't hesitate on eBay or Lazada.
  13. Garden sundial ornament

    Trying to find somewhere locally or online (Asia) which sells this kind of ornament. Anyone seen a likely shop I'd be grateful as I've been searching but not found anything so far?
  14. Nice places out of town

    San Kamphaeng hot springs would be worth a visit it's good family destination for a picnic or has cafes there too if you prefer but I've not tried them. Plenty of shady trees for if it gets hot and well recommended on TripAdvisor site.
  15. Like a game of snooker?

    Thanks for the info Mahseer, nice fish by the way.