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  1. If you check the air quality index graph for Chiang Mai at this site you'll see the pollution level got ultra high during the power outage between 10:00-12:00 it seems to have reached an amazing 803 although I presume that might be due to equipment malfunction over that time but if not it would be interesting to speculate why?
  2. That's right and someone else was having the same problem on 22/2/17 looking at the last post there. I've installed another add-on called 'Israel Live' which has given me the functionality I wanted now. Thanks
  3. Sorry should have addressed that to Joncl cheers
  4. Could NOT find the .zip file using the address given in the post on the forum. Can you check the link address again please??
  5. Quick update on this post to advise those of you (especially Elviajero) that following your advice I today successfully got my one year extension and re-entry permit in my passport so my return to Thailand around November should be plain sailing unless our Boris says something daft of course and upsets someone. Thanks again guys .... these forums do a great job.
  6. I went there today for the first time and was very disappointed due to the shear amount of empty shops in the place. The ones that are left seem rather seedy and I don't think I'd want to but from them anyway. Probably best for the remaining businesses to find new premises and pull the whole thing down.
  7. Hi guys back again. Glad this thread was of assistance to you Frazze. CaptHaddock I did as you suggested and checked the IP address from the router and then from browser and some software I downloaded and as you suspected the results were different IP addresses were shown, so I guess I'd need to approach AIS to get my cameras setup then? The strange thing is that I have two specialist cameras called Amaryllo iCamPro FHD installed which have configured themselves to the router and I can view them remotely via their online server without problems so they must have worked out a way of doing it. Could be something to do with P2P access which avoids need to do all this router port configuration and DDNS set-up I believe but I don't know how that works and what's involved in doing something similar.
  8. Hmmm seems that I may have to approach AIS again for a solution. Unfortunately I have to break off my investigations for a week as there has been an accident in the family and I need to go visit them tomorrow. Thanks again for your help guys and I'll pick up the thread again when I return. Cheers
  9. Not "higher" port, as in 81, but "high" port as in 52363, at least above 1024. I tried ports 10204 & 10201 Did you verify that DDNS is working? I.e. does a ping of the DDNS name give the same ip as checking from within the target network? Yes pinging the DDNS name does give the same IP address Verify that the web interface to the cam is working by connecting to it from another host on the same lan, i.e. so that you don't have to go through the router. You should be able to see the video output. Yes I can connect via browser to internal IP address fine Verify that the port forwarding is correctly configured on the router. Install telnet on your computer. You should be able to do "telnet <DDNS name> 52363" and get a text response. I am running an Open Port Checker tool (which I assume does a similar thing to telnet and whichever port I use the result is the same i.e. it is blocked and not open If not then it is either the ISP or misconfiguration on the router. When you configure the port forwarding it is possible that the interface lets you identify whether it is the adsl or vdsl PPPoE interface. If you pick the wrong one, you will get nothing. The only thing I see in the WAN Connection Field is the word INTERNET which is not very useful for ID purposes ... looking at the manuals for other models in the ZTE range and they seem to infer that PPPoE is used as they had those letters in the ID name In my experience you are unlikely to get a Thai techie from support who speaks English fluently. AIS are normally very good so might just need to keep trying Thanks for all the advice this is proving to be a real stinker to sort out.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but I did try a higher port already without success. I used the admin commands to open the ports, created static IP addresses for the cameras, set-up DDNS links to THDDNS then, ran port checker but each one I attempted to open were being shown as blocked. Called AIS and when a technician eventually called back he just told me to check for tutorial videos online (which I'd already done) and he also didn't seem to understand English very well or the technicalities of the ZTE ZXHN F660 router they had installed for me. Will probably call again and hope for a more experienced person next time.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on that topic Max, will have a read and see if I can fix it myself if possible.
  12. Just wondered if anyone has AIS Fibre and have successfully got IP cameras working so they can be accessed from the WAN rather than just the wi-fi (which I've managed to do already) ? My link to the fibre network is via a ZTE GPON F660 modem/router and I've attempted to setup DDNS links to THDDNS and and have also tried to open ports 80 & 81 using the port forwarding commands provided but to no avail. Any advice gratefully received? Trevor
  13. Simple 3 step process :- 1) Pass a law that all dog owners must have an ID chip implanted in their dog/s and registered within 6 months. 2) After 6 months round up all dogs found on the street 3) If dog has no ID chip they are put down, if they have a chip the owner is fined and they have to pay to have it vaccinated and returned else it is put down as well
  14. Ooh that's nice and simple for a change then.
  15. Thanks again Elviajero that sounds ideal for me although I need to be careful as my UK Passport expires some time in 2018 which could pose some logistical problems at some point. You kindly gave me a list of the documents I'd need to present for my visa extension so I wonder if you could help me with a list of the documents I'd need to present together with my completed TM8 form in order to apply for a 're-entry permit' as I can't seem to find the right page on the immigration website? Cheers