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  1. Khon Kaen police stop pickup hauling 494kg of marijuana

    Strange route from Nakon Phanom to Chonburi ? Why not going to Mukdahan , Ubon , Buriram , Kabinburi....
  2. Street And Road Shots Anywhwere In Thailand!

    Playing with FastStone cursors...
  3. Siam declares war!

    Brothels ? Shyphilis ?
  4. Made in Thailand to go on the moon ?
  5. Saw it here; refresh the page .. https://www.cyclocane.com/doksuri-storm-tracker/ Living not far from Sawang Daen Din in Sakon Nakhon province we had a huge storm yesterday evening and as strange as it's possible no " electric cut " except two or three very mini power cuts..less than a second each . This morning was raining without wind and at 11 am still raining; we will have rain all the day and surely tomorrow. Hope like today, without wind...
  6. Clouds

  7. Cats & Dogs

    Our cat had 3 babies two nights ago and our very little Xoey which is nearly 2 y old is very interested.. The black one, alone in the left, is a male but doesn't want to suck his mother ; is still alive but don't know what to do .. HELP me , please
  8. Sunsets And Sunrises

    Udon Thani airport Jpeg direct from the camera Lumix G85
  9. Flowers!

    Direct from the camera ...Lumix G85
  10. People in Thailand

    She is a doctor in a little hospital in the countryside ; she offers me a cup of coffee
  11. People in Thailand

    Yes Ron ; I'm happy u have noticed that .. My new and fantastic camera is a Lumix G85 with the zoom 14-42 f/3,5-5,6 sold with it. Manual zoom no electric and it's what I wanted.
  12. People in Thailand

    Workers at ISUZU garage in Sawang Daen Din ; a fresh photo from this morning ..
  13. I was driving an 300 HP IVECO in the 80' and never had any Bibendum on my truck...