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  1. Assurancetourix

    Promoter puts child boxer’s death to lax law enforcement

    and for the french who are here
  2. Assurancetourix

    Wat A Place

    Catholic church along road 22 between Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom
  3. Assurancetourix

    Street And Road Shots Anywhwere In Thailand!

    Nakhon Phanom bridge over Mekong , yesterday morning
  4. Nakhon Phanom policemen have nices cars ..
  5. 2011 august 23 , was there on my MTBike ; close the hot springs
  6. I think it's on the side of the road n* 118 between Doi Saket and Wiang Pa Pao and it's not an abandonned hotel but it's a replica of a Khmer temple ; it's next to the hot springs . Maybe I'm wrong but I passed there many times from 2007 to last year ( 2017 ) ..and never saw an indication of an hotel , โรงแรม in thai .
  7. Assurancetourix

    Cats & Dogs

    Hmu Yang, daughter of Olype , she is 5 years old
  8. Assurancetourix

    Cats & Dogs

    Her name is Olype and she is 8 years old
  9. Today on Sawang Tesco Lotus parking lot
  10. Assurancetourix

    Wat A Place

    Udon Thani province - road_2040_Wat_Tham_Sumon_Tha_Pawana
  11. Assurancetourix

    Street And Road Shots Anywhwere In Thailand!

    Issan is flat like a dab; it is in any case what is written in the travel guide in French " Le Routard " Going to a Wat , 40 km from my village ; Wat_Tham_Sumon_Tha_Pawana in Udon Thani province , road 2040
  12. Assurancetourix

    Rural Landscapes

    a football stadium fully covered with blue nets