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  1. As Jimmy wrote a few posts above...The National tree of Thailand - Today during my MTBike balade
  2. Since last monday 10 of april this year I cycled a little bit ( about 600 km ) ; went to Khon Kaen by car with a friend last sunday for voting french presidential election ; in a room of Charoen Thani hotel It's in the lobby of the hotel
  3. In my village , beginning of today afternoon
  4. Sorry, sorry webfact but Samut Sakorn is not in Thailand's north east but close to Bangkok .
  5. Go to Switzerland and u will change your appreciations about speeding tickets.. About 20 years ago a rich man from Sweden had to pay 1 million swiss francs for speeding on Swiss motorways. You pay according to your income . And in many civilised countries if you go too fast, even the ticket is peanuts for rich people, you cannot continue with your car; it's seized by the police.
  6. Buy a bicycle or walk as they did before... Yesterday I was in Khon Kaen and with a friend of mine went to Central Plaza for a lunch. At the 4th floor there are many japanese restaurants, pizza and so on...the minimum for a meal is about 3/400 baht for one people; All the restaurants were full ;many with a queue .. 99,9% thai people... I don't think they are poor people And about people in the bed of pickup.. They agree if it's for other people but not for them.. The same as they do on the roads; they are alone; other people don't count ...
  7. Today in Udon Thani , a wonderful Isuzu
  8. BY " 777 " & BT " 7777 " will give u much money ..
  9. A new and beautiful school bus on rd 22
  10. How to have succulent mangoo ...even there are ferocious red ants ; it's in our garden.. Newspaper and elastic...
  11. Gooses in my village , yesterday wednesday 19 of april 2017
  12. The rubber tree flower
  13. Because the others didn't have a driving license
  14. Maybe a fan of french policemen - In July 2014, 52 kilos of cocaine worth close to two million euros had been stolen from the sealed room at the headquarters of the Paris judicial police. The merchandise was never recovered.