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  1. Today on rd 2280 - Sawang to Charoen Sin, Kham Ta Khla...
  2. Do u know what is that ; a caterpillar, I suppose but which butterfly it will become? On the front ( dirty ) tyre of my MTBike - Olympus TG 860
  3. Yesterday afternoon during ny MTBike balade; it was on the road and not dead
  4. Restaurant Nicolin ; it's not a thai name ! it was a restaurant but many years ago... Rd 227 between Phangkhon and Wang Sammo , direction of Kalasin ; left side of the rd coming from Phangkhon
  5. Are u sure Jimmy; u have forgotten we are in Thailand ... Police pickup and cyclists on rd 22 in the direction of Sakon Nakhon
  6. For me, formidable ( Aznavour song ) ; it's not a water vehicule but a mud one
  7. Still in the Sakon Museum Nearly everybody on this photo
  8. Visiting a museum along Nong Han lake; it's about Sakon Nakhon province Here, it's about Free-Thai If u have never heard something about Free-Thai; there is another very beautiful private and free museum in Phrae
  9. A very beautiful " contre la montre " bike Not far from Sakon Nakhon At the lights , we are at 8 km from Sakon downtown
  10. Not every people We had a police pickup in front of the peloton
  11. Sunday 18 of june 2017 Phangkhon cycloclub balade ; we are a little bit more than 100 cyclists ! ya ! For most of them we went to Sakon Nakhon by bicycle and came back home by pickup; but me and a few other cyclists came back to Phangkhon by bicycle.. 115 km - Olympus TG 860 100 baht for food, drinks and organisation ; it's cheap
  12. Friday 16 of june 2017 - MTBike 83 km - Olympus TG 860 7.14 am a beautiful tanker on rd 22 If u want some fresh air....still on rd 22 The door of a Wat at the entrance of Chaiwan on rd 2239
  13. Don't need to speculate about people on motobike in the provinces; I cycle nearly every day on all sort of roads, four lanes , secondary red roads... The percentage of people riding a two or three wheels with a motor and wearing an helmet is nearly zero per cent .