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  1. The minimum height for phones cables in France is 6 meters ; the same for electric cables . But nearly 99% are under ground in a city .
  2. So where are the " ting tong minibus " ? There are minimum 85,000 minibus in Thailand, so 156,089 meno 85,000 = 71,089 buses and coaches ? I don't think so, they are much more than 71,000
  3. And not " and they can be reclaimed by their owners after the end of Songkran " but the Prime Minister can ask special mills to compress these vehicles and make with them a nice Cesar compressions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/César_Baldaccini
  4. Bullshit; If there is no air in the bottles, the brakes are blocked; impossible to go . It was my job during 13 years all over Europe, including behind the Iron Curtain ( 1971-1983 ) Maybe the tingtong driver did like that, pumping, pumping...but the problem was about the brakes drums; they were so hot so the brake lining cannot touch the cylinder in which they are because of dilating . When downhill you MUST go the same speed you had when climbing .But none thai people know about that; they don't learn in school how to drive safely. Do that experience, follow a minibus driver downhill Doi Inthanon for example..It stinks a lot because he never use the correct gear and has always his foot on the brake pedal.
  5. Assurancetourix


    Today during my MTBike balade - 11.33 am
  6. Assurancetourix

    Cats & Dogs

    Mummy Le Chat has 4 BB; u can see 2 of them here; they are 16 days old , they are beautiful.
  7. Assurancetourix

    New point system aims to weed out bad drivers

    Shot this morning on rd 22 between Sawang Daen Din and Nong Han ; would like to know --how many points the driver of the tractor will lose ? driving in the opposite direction --how many points the driver of the pickup will lose ? too many children in the back
  8. Assurancetourix

    Cats & Dogs

    45 days ; don't know what kind of dog ; narak, narak ..
  9. This morning on rd 22 ; 11 km before arriving in Sawang Daen Din; I saw the accident, I was at about 100 meters ; the truck was on the opposite lane, turned suddenly to the right stopped brutally on the parapet of the bridge and lost his first undercarriage; The door was opened by .................me ; it was difficult to open it; he did that alone , nobody used brakes in front of him; the driver was not at his normal place but in the passenger seat; don't know why; surely he didn't have his safety belt .. Don't know why he did like that..maybe sleeping ? Fortunately he was driving not too fast, about 60/70 km/h .. Why I think about that? because it was my job when working in Europe. The parapet of the bridge is broken on about 3 meters. The man is phoning to the hospital; he is not the driver of this truck I came back with my MTBike to help if necessary . I was the first person arriving on the truck .
  10. Assurancetourix

    Rural Landscapes

    Today along a red road during my MTBike balade