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  1. twitter used be great in the window when it originally came out, it's madness now. I'm at work, game starts in 2 hours I think. Might just have to bunk off early. The pitch is worrying. Hope Clyne isn't too serious or he won't get back in for a bit I suspect, get in TAA!
  2. Now it's being reported his agent is in Hong Kong. <deleted> me I need to get off twitter 😂
  3. And I think that is all she!!!
  5. update
  6. Kevin Stewart off to Hull, package worth 8M - Credit Paul Joyce. Slowly moving on, Moreno next...
  7. Happily married to one, 2 kids....keep digging
  8. Surprised it took the thread this long before a typical xenophobe comment popped up.
  9. It's in the bag Wilai, next bid will bring home the bacon 👍.
  10. I'd like to see him in Italy, good couple of years for him there in a great place to live. Think it it might be overshadowed by the news NABY FUCKIN KEITA IS OUR NEW NUMBER 8!!!
  11. Solanke looked good didn't he. I thought Ojo looked decent also. Markovic lost a few million of his value though
  12. Not really paying much attention Ronnie, I'd be very surprised if he were to leave this summer. At least another season out of him.
  13. Hmmm interesting cheers
  14. What with the fair play and debts stuff I am not aware?