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  1. The problem with having so many injured attackers is a shitte defence. those lads on the park yesterday should have been able to see off Palace at home. It is infuriating watching a really crap corner, bounce through 5 lads from the near post and Tekkers waltz in from 6 yards while Lovern and Can are daydreaming. Absolutely incredible. Like you say, the problem is it's too easy to score against us. No matter how you play, just wait for Liverpool to give it you on a plate. If we don't make top 4, FSG are off the hook again.
  2. Like i said before, i'm not arsed with your mickey mouse trophy win. Winning 5 matches in a row against no one exceptional besides City and they give you a cup, no mean feat really. I want to be playing champions league football. All of this has nothing to do with my hate dislike of United!
  3. You'll lose to City, draw at Arsenal and get beat at Tottenham. We'll win our remaining matches, if we can field a team
  4. We let the softest goals in, time after time after time after time after <deleted> time! Stupid game!
  5. Our <deleted> defending is <deleted> beyond woeful it's amateur, it's <deleted> pethetic. Lovern having a <deleted> mare.
  6. Sounds a bit more like a wish than prediction Ronnie, I'm wishing the same
  7. The game is moving further and further towards happy clappers. It's going to get more and more difficult to replicate when the fan base culture is shifting, i.e. tourist fans, those that can afford a ticket. Old Trafford is great example of happy clapping tourists.
  8. Niasse red card today has to be the worst decision I've seen all season in the EPL. In such a crucial match too
  9. Hi value is decreasing daily. Wonder how much we'll get for him
  10. Both Matip and Lucas trained yesterday 👍
  11. That might have been his last match, mirror says it could be a year
  12. Rashford stepped out of the shadow again it would seem. They'll probably go on and win it, and get 4th if he continues his tear up. I enjoy watching him play.
  13. This is bullshit, as good as Matip is, he is getting injured too much. The universe is throwing everything at this Top 4 push, christ on a bike!