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  1. Liverpool F.c.

    One of the greatest comedians to ever live....I still watch Larry Sanders...my missus doesn't get it..annoys me...the subtltites....the concept paved the way and inspired so many
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    haha the fact you aware of the man and the show gives me faith in humanity, much respect jelly
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    BB has a fair point, we'd have been 5 points clear of you, with an expected win. You'd also expect us to beat Huddesfield, that would have made it 8 points before you face United, which odds wise would end a draw. Then you play us at home, which we should win.....10 points clear. Toss in Arsenal and a likely draw, while we beat the saints that is 12 points with 12 games to play. That Swansea win against us is huuuuge for you.
  4. Liverpool F.c.

    Hank Kingsley??
  5. Liverpool F.c.

    We have done that though, it was our achilles last season, but not this. I was considering nothing short of a 3 goal win. I wouldn't of done that last season. Some days are just shit....same team beat the unbeatable last week. To be fair, Phil was a big part of cracking the parked bus code...
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    I recored it, but not sure I want to watch it now. On a positive note, it's a great example of why we need to buy a player to Phil the void.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    gets passed around a lot, I think it is Klopp's easing of Henderson out the squad. Can was the longest serving player in the team last night, hence the honor. devaluing the "captain" ethos will make it easier to sell Henderson.
  8. Liverpool F.c.

    Travelling so missed the match, sounded horrendous, but they way heads fall off about it is a bit over the top. if ever there was time to have a loss it’s now. Beat Huddersfield and we are back on track.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Well that was entertaining considering the conditions. Considering your next 3 EPL matches, that was a must win really. It's made our match tomorrow a very important one to win.
  10. Manchester United

    Never say never Alex...
  11. Manchester United

    I’ve heard better inspirational team talks at under 6’s. I almost thought it was a piss take. 😂
  12. Liverpool F.c.

    Absolute gobshite, handing in a transfer request before the Watford match, refused to play in the European qualifiers. Missed the first month of the season. Couldn't even be arsed to play the blushite as a goodbye. Great little player and he will be missed, but happy he is gone. That "woe is me" look overtime he scored annoying. We need to bring someone in this window though, maybe not a replacement and it's difficult to do, but one of two injuries to Mane of Salah, we are in trouble.
  13. Manchester City

    i don't understand that, turn down Pep for Jose...
  14. Liverpool F.c.

    18 unbeaten - we’ve only lost 2 in the league, we’ve just beaten arguably the best team in Europe and the scoreline flattered them. We score goals for fun and can beat anyone. We are a team and club that is on the up and is united, meanwhile Conte and Mourinho are having a breakdown, Chelsea haven’t won a match this year, United have won 1 league match in 5, Arsene is in denial, and 8 points behind us after losing his 6th match of the season. If you fancy a wager on it, I’m in! defo need a a goalie though 👍
  15. Liverpool F.c.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very much a condition we have learned to live with under Klopp