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  1. Dr good with bad backs

    I tend to agree, however I have met a chiro that was also an MD - most chiro is total BS
  2. Dr good with bad backs

    qualified as what?
  3. Dr good with bad backs

    Highly recommend this guy for anything muscular/structural http://www.phuket-international-health-clinic.com/doctor-profiles/dr-gerhard-melcher.html
  4. Epsom Salts

    even more so as it no longer exists, I believe that they are talking about Pura Organic.
  5. in short no, however I would get my testosterone levels checked frequently along with cholesterol/lipids & fasting blood sugar.
  6. Metaformin

    what protocol are you using? and what dosages?
  7. Everyone is different, however any androgen introduced has the potential for natural production suppression - to what extent & with what side effects vary wildly. However the propensity for aromatization is high. Hence the use of anti - estrogens would perhaps be advisable. Was not a finger pointing question.
  8. Nutrifjord Omega 3

    from ebay? great news...... from which country of origin if I may ask? cold i pm you?
  9. sometimes google is not your friend
  10. Nutrifjord Omega 3

    you can get delivery here from ebay?
  11. what pct are you doing to avoid the crash when you decide to stop?
  12. Where can i buy refridgerated probiotics?

    which end of nanai rd pls?
  13. Seabra & co

    its that time of the month again.........
  14. Underwood Art Factory

    I know many many people that are still owed salary from this person - dating back years