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  1. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    macro does
  2. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    looks like the wrong pastry to be a real pork pie, but looks good enough to eat
  3. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

  4. Montclair Wine

    says who??? clearskins????
  5. this madness will never end........
  6. Any ideas where to buy? im located in Phuket, not that the location should matter
  7. Anyone else

    nothing close to that, just mild redness and some itching. After a shower is was basically gone
  8. Trainer tamers or similar

    Has anyone seen trainer tamers, or any brand, NOT a spray looking for the balls please...
  9. Dentist for 6yr Old Child Needed

    very sliding price scale with those guys, however I got great service...... Im an ex-chef, but my opinion is still informed :)
  10. Kombucha & Keffir

    Totally agree as a stand alone pro-biotic however ....... :) Kombucha, I just like it and it helps me with digestion. Kefir - This is a replacement to milk/yoghurt as I have a lactose issue and this is removed during the fermentation
  11. Wat Chalong Festival

  12. desiccated coconut

    yup & let mothers natures finest drying agent do its thing...... (leave in the sun!)
  13. Lavender Herb for cooking - BKK

    Best head to a plant shop, lots oh hotels use lavender as it allegedly keeps mosquitoes away.... I assume this is for scones?
  14. Wat Chalong Festival

    open/operating from what time to what time? and when does it run until?