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  1. eezergood

    Laem Ka Beach - Closed?

    If it was your land, would you want 100's of people walking through ?? I too like(d) this beach, but can also understand the owners point of view. Particularly given that many folks leave a trail of destruction as they go .......
  2. eezergood

    Laem Ka Beach - Closed?

    The Evason property was in discussions to re-brand/ re-open. Perhaps they have reached an accord
  3. eezergood

    Please name suspension parts in photo

    yes - not sure if upper or lower
  4. eezergood

    Disposable BBQ

    pls close the thread I got what i needed thanks
  5. eezergood

    Disposable BBQ

    i looked there, but to no avail. Will try again thanks
  6. eezergood

    Disposable BBQ

    Has anyone seen these in Phuket, if so where?
  7. eezergood

    Bag Repair

    Mr repair - never bloody open when i come past !
  8. eezergood

    Bag Repair

    on the bypass near to central?
  9. eezergood

    Bag Repair

    on the bypass near to central?
  10. eezergood

    Bag Repair

  11. eezergood

    Bag Repair

    Any ideas where to get a zip on a kids bag repaired?
  12. eezergood

    Shop - 4k Monitors in Phuket

    Under the Big C on the bypass?
  13. eezergood

    FREE Wild Pacific Cod (worth 495 baht) with every order ....

    reply, I wont leave my email here pls pm me
  14. eezergood

    Mont Clair Red WIne

    all sturgeon are property of the Queen, if its good enough for her then I shall drink to that!
  15. eezergood

    Montclair Wine

    Yves KNOWS his stuff for sure