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  1. Rip young fella and condolences to his family . Whatever the circumstances .
  2. Maybe he was right in his assumption
  3. Maybe he was right in his assumption
  4. Good quick thinking. I hope they catch the scumbags.
  5. Have photos of the three been released yet?
  6. looks more stoned than angry.
  7. This is so stupid regardless of your status its your name the counts and you were one of those who werè told to leave office.
  8. Might I ask who was guarding the back door?
  9. How long are cherry trees in blossom..?Surely not the whole year and who will come here to see cherry blossom? lol.
  10. nice page very informative. I look in everyday

  11. Eric Clegg wait till you see what you get for a pension, if your fit and still got the chance of a job you won´t give a shit about the young`ns .sorry pete I just had to let that out.

  12. hello , well I`m a brit but lived in germany since 1980.LOoking forward to re-locating in Thailnd.