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  1. Rip young fella and condolences to his family . Whatever the circumstances .
  2. Maybe he was right in his assumption
  3. Maybe he was right in his assumption
  4. Good quick thinking. I hope they catch the scumbags.
  5. 555 Thailand as gold hub south east asia (c:}
  6. Well november eh! Another year almost over and still no
  7. What about my bucket and spade and other childrens things and of course the kiddy inflatable paddling pool?
  8. Are bb.guns illegal in thailand?
  9. Any accidents yet? I sure hope the younger end don't start showing off. Well stay safe all of you and enjoy.
  10. There are enough monsters on this earth,the idea may sound good but who knows the long term effects on the human race?
  11. These ping pong bombs could kill . I would charge them with attempted murder
  12. now they are all on the way to TH for work LOL
  13. Facebook group against Thai superstition stirs debate Does anyone have a link to this group ?????
  14. Three 1962 Alcatraz escapees , alive and well living in Pataya
  15. Bleeding to death while waiting for help? maybe a compound fracture where the bone ripped through an artery.