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  1. To many stray dogs in this country, cull them. If you not happy with a cull then you can adopt the strays and cover there care and medical, am sure not many farang will do that.
  2. best 5ghz router ??

    Yes that is what I am going to do, buy another router and hardwire it downstairs. I think this is the best answer.
  3. best 5ghz router ??

    Thank you for the info, I like the idea so will check out the Edimax, just seen this one online Edimax 5-in-1 N150 Wi-Fi Router, Access Point, ange Extender, Wi-Fi Bridge & WISP (BR-6228nS V3) 1,050.- Stock Status: 1-3 days Key Specifications Wireless N150 SKU:#027812 Product No.:BR-6228NS V3 Short link:http://i.nvade.it/7eA See specifications from the manufacturer
  4. best 5ghz router ??

    Yes looks great but at 15,000thb it is a high price when I do not play computer games, will look for something a bit cheaper. But thank you for the info
  5. best 5ghz router ??

  6. best 5ghz router ??

    will try, thank you
  7. best 5ghz router ??

    3bb tec guys who came out the other day said the router they supply is only 2.4 GHZ , if I want 5ghz I need to buy. The wifi is fast and am happy with it but the downstairs coverage is not the best that is why I think I need 5ghz for better coverage. Thanks for your input
  8. best 5ghz router ??

    3bb tec guys who cam out the other day said the router they supply is only 2.4 GHZ and recommend that I get 5ghz. 3bb can supply or I can buy from elsewhere. I just want to improve the wifi coverage in the house and with 5ghz this hopefully would do the trick. Thank you for your input and advice, it is appreciated.
  9. best 5ghz router ??

    Not sure what you mean by wired access point, but the fiber comes straight to the router
  10. best 5ghz router ??

    Hi Need to buy a 5ghz router to run 3bb fiber. Am in a two story house and need to get the wifi signal strong through out the house, any recommendations for routers? Thanks in advance
  11. Dead-beat Issan dads...Sound familiar?

    Why worry about what the father is not doing? From the sounds of things it is a lot better for everyone that he is not involved and a lot better for you as well. Be thankful he is not around. Let it go and get on with a happy life.
  12. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    We have a large flat area carved out of the hill, but after talking with a local Thai who has built concrete tanks we are going with plastic.
  13. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Wow, looks great, but for me a dream only as no flat land on our hills, we do have a small crak that runs through the hills and we are going to build a small dam and line it with plastic sheets they use in the goong farms. You are right about the fish and what about swimming? Lol
  14. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Spoke to a local Thai farmer today, they had 10 concrete tanks built, the tanks look great but the farmer now asks himself why he used concrete tanks as they leak, not a happy farmer after speanding 76,000 bhat to have them built. He told me go with the blue tanks not concrete. (not just farangs who make mistakes on the farm)
  15. Hi Is anyone farming in Chumphon Provence and is using Drip water irrigation? Looking at running drip system to feed the coffee trees and I need advice and ideally to see a system working.