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  1. A question for you all, what would happen to you if you did this back in your home country? I am sure I would be arrested on the spot especially if I spat at a police officer. Thailand is number one in the world for motor bike deaths and we all know what the driving is like here in Thailand, so I am happy to see the police enforce the law at all levels and some people will only learn the hard way to follow the rule of law and that is by paying a fine.
  2. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Have now had my 3BB 100/50 Fiber installed, so much faster than the old 50/20 (obvious) and for the same amount I was paying before 749 Bhat a month. Very happy with the download speed of 150 to 160mpbs and upload 30 plus speed test.pdf
  3. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Thanks for the info and the photos. I have a 15 month old 3bb router and I am getting on average 60MBPS download and 20Mbps down load (see photo) and I am on 50/20 plan but have gone for the 100/30 as it is the same price as what I am paying now. Note that I live in a small city so am not so far from the telephone exchange. I will see what the speeds are once I have the new router and they have up the internet plan and will give my feed back. speed test.pdf
  4. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Thank you for the photo, I was interested to see what the router looked like, I am hoping there will be an improvement. I am on the 3bb 50/20 and it is okay, can watch movies and the internet. It is not as fast as the fibre I have in the UK but for Thailand it is good. May as well have the faster speed for the same price I am paying now.
  5. Hi all I was wondering if it is possible to buy copy computer software in Ko Samui or Surat Thani? Looking for Adobe software, where, if at all you have seen it & an approximate cost. Thank you in advance
  6. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Thank you for the fast reply, will you use the one supplied or go for the one you mentioned in a posting? dual band AC1900 (speed rating) wireless router. Am just trying to work out what is best
  7. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    can you confirm what type of router they installed? VDSL or Fibre. Can you upload a photo of the router they installed? Have gone with the same deal and they will install in two weeks time, paid 800thb
  8. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Can you confirm they have given you a modem-router for fibre and not VDSL, as I said on my other message to you, I have gone with the same deal, just have to wait two weeks for the installation, would like to be prepared in advance with what you get.
  9. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Hi, have gone for the same deal, can you let me know more about the dual band AC1900 router? what brand, how much is it doing what you want speed wise? Thank you in advance
  10. 3BB Promotion!! 100/30 fibre for 700THB/month

    Hi, did you buy the package and if so how much did they charge for the router? I have been quoted 2,200THB just wondering if it is the same price everywhere
  11. New Immigration Rule???

    My friend complained at the office, they have now agreed his wife can just telephone and let them know they are back at home after any holiday away.
  12. New Immigration Rule???

    Yes I agree, many government offices have their own interpretation from region to region
  13. Hi Has anyone come across this "New Rule"???? Was at the local Chumphon Immigration office recently to report that I was back in Thailand after being away overseas for a month. (am on a retirement visa), a friend was there renewing his yearly retirement visa for another year (has lived here for 15 years) and he was told that there is a new rule where if you go away and stay in a hotel or resort (in Thailand, i.e a weekend break or a holiday in Thailand) then you must report to immigration when you get back along with the house owner to say you are back. They even showed him on the computer a list of hotels he had stayed at over the past. Has anyone else come across this in the past couple of months?
  14. thai id card for foreigners

    We are all temporary foreigners here, up to them as to how long we can stay LOL