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  1. My friend complained at the office, they have now agreed his wife can just telephone and let them know they are back at home after any holiday away.
  2. Yes I agree, many government offices have their own interpretation from region to region
  3. Hi Has anyone come across this "New Rule"???? Was at the local Chumphon Immigration office recently to report that I was back in Thailand after being away overseas for a month. (am on a retirement visa), a friend was there renewing his yearly retirement visa for another year (has lived here for 15 years) and he was told that there is a new rule where if you go away and stay in a hotel or resort (in Thailand, i.e a weekend break or a holiday in Thailand) then you must report to immigration when you get back along with the house owner to say you are back. They even showed him on the computer a list of hotels he had stayed at over the past. Has anyone else come across this in the past couple of months?
  4. We are all temporary foreigners here, up to them as to how long we can stay LOL
  5. Well guys, ended up going for a Mazda 2, we were on our way to Suzuki to see if there @Demo car@ had come back from BKK (a friend who has a Mitsubishi Mirage said good for around town but a trip away, forget it) when I saw the Mazda dealership a bit further up the road so off we went. The sales lady was brilliant not like at suzuki where they appeared not interested in selling or helping. Went for a test drive in the car, held the road well, fast acceleration and felt good to drive. So we ended up buying the 1.3 High Connect was priced at 620,000, after a bit of rangling with the owner of the dealership we got 50,000 of the price instead of the 40,000 they offered, 1 year insurance, 3 years service, rubber mats, spoiler, metal trim on the door sills, tinted glass, and those air guards on the door windows and a tank of fuel. We also went for the 3m teflon spray to protect the paint guaranteed for 5 years (wait an see) at 8,000 bhat. We take the car back every 6 months to 3m and they check the film and touch up if required plus clean the car for 200 bhat each 6 months. The downside with the car is on some road surfaces there is a bit of road noise but not to much to worry about. The one annoying thing is the Sat Nav, if I want it I have to pay extra for the SD Card which activates the sat nav. Have since read a lot of people get caught out by this. Considering most cars have it for free these days it is a turn off but thinking about it, I hardly ever use the sat nav in my other car, normally look at google maps on my phone before I leave home. Over all I feel the Mazda 2 is a great car for around town and also for trips away. There is enough room in the back seating area for other people to sit, in fact more room than the CX - 3 crossover. I sat in the crossovers drivers seat with the seat in a position that suits my driving (I am 6 foot tall) then went an sat in the back passengers seat directly behind the drivers seat, was amazed at the lack of room, tight fit. Where in the mazda 2 it feels better but still a tight fit. I have placed a image of the Mazda 2 from the internet as an example as am to lazy to go downstairs to take a photo of the car.. PS the red cost an extra 10,000 Bhat (Pearl white was 7,000) all other colors free LOL
  6. Anything is better than the Almera
  7. Yes I do like the swift, but today we had a test drive in a Mazda 2, looks like we will go for the Mazda now as it is bigger, smooth ride, quite and has a bigger engine 1.3 It is 620,000 so more expensive than the swift but feel in the long run when the wife goes to see the family in Krabi the drive will be better. Also the no test car at our Local Suzuki dealer was a bit of a let down. As the wife said Thais do not test drive they just buy, but I like to get a feel for a car first.
  8. Good for around town, have been told by an owner that two adults and two children on a long trip is a bit much for the car, slow on overtaking, they did say one adult and one child is ok for a longdrive
  9. Yes looks good and a large boot
  10. Hi Kwasaki Having a test drive on Monday with the Mitsubishi not sure when we will get to drive a Suzuki, went to the main dealer here in Chumphon and they said the test car is in BKK!!! Wife said thais do not test drive normally just go and buy. I prefer to test drive to see what feels good. The Mitsubishi 5 year free insurance is very good I am guessing that would save around 50,000 as the Hilux truck is 16,000 a year to insure
  11. Hi, am looking at either Suzuki Swift or Mitsubishi Mirage to buy, need just for running around town (not long trips) but would like a few comments from owners about what they find good or bad about either car. Mitsubishi are offering 5 years free insurance and 3 years servicing which is great compared with 1 year insurance and 3 years servicing by suzuki. Comments and advice appreciated.
  12. so around 5,000 for a oil change, I guess this is at a subaru dealership?
  13. Anyone know what the service costs are like here for a Subaru XV, for example oil change?
  14. suicide committed by a special method ?? Not easy to cut your own throat, but can be done. The police can look for the knife which would be below where his body was found if he did indeed kill himself. Death by having your throat cut is a slow death about 4 to 5 minutes so he would have suffered
  15. I suggest like a few other people on here that you stay in a hotel or a condo for one or two months to get an idea of the areas you like and what each area has to offer. As for riding a bike in BKK forget yet, stay to the parks and riding a motorbike in BKK forget it unless you want to die young.