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  1. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    We have a large flat area carved out of the hill, but after talking with a local Thai who has built concrete tanks we are going with plastic.
  2. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Wow, looks great, but for me a dream only as no flat land on our hills, we do have a small crak that runs through the hills and we are going to build a small dam and line it with plastic sheets they use in the goong farms. You are right about the fish and what about swimming? Lol
  3. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Spoke to a local Thai farmer today, they had 10 concrete tanks built, the tanks look great but the farmer now asks himself why he used concrete tanks as they leak, not a happy farmer after speanding 76,000 bhat to have them built. He told me go with the blue tanks not concrete. (not just farangs who make mistakes on the farm)
  4. Hi Is anyone farming in Chumphon Provence and is using Drip water irrigation? Looking at running drip system to feed the coffee trees and I need advice and ideally to see a system working.
  5. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Good info, thanks, the ground is rock with a bit of dirt but I think it will be worth placing some concrete down
  6. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Thanks for the info, I will go with the Plastic tanks, I want 4,000 or 5,000 litre as a back up for some trees in the dry season
  7. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Thank you for your input, I will go with the plastic tanks, at the end of the day a lot easier, will cover them with a roof and double up on catching rain water to fill them, so less time using the pump
  8. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Yes I think the plastic type are good, but have read stories about the sun breaking them down. What home stores did you buy your tanks from? I would want 3,000 litres plus as will use the water in the dry season only, is there a UV proof/ semi proof plastic around do you know? I agree about the "Ongs" we have 5 already but they hold a small amount of water an as you said the out pipe is small 1/2inch I think
  9. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Looks like they are leaking water, but that is what I had in mind
  10. Hi, has anyone used the concrete pipe method for storing water for the farm? Looking at ideas for storing a large amount of water for the farm any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. New Credit Card size ID Cards

    Ok guys, just to let you know, I have checked with the agent it was the agent who made the card and not the immigration. Shame really as would be a great idea for all farangs living in Thailand, to by pass the carrying of passport rule.
  12. New Credit Card size ID Cards

    No, sorry but it has all my passport details and I am not about to go public on the internet with date of birth, what country, what city, passport number if I did I may as well add my bank account details and pin number
  13. I just finished renewing my Retirement Extension to stay, (BKK Immigration) and I was very surprised to be issued a credit card size laminated card with a copy of my passport identification page on one side and on the other side is a copy of the extension with the expiry date. Has anyone else received this type of card? I think it is great as I now carry it in my wallet, saves carrying photocopy pages of passport and extension details. Looks like someone came up with a great idea in Immigration.
  14. Calling UK

    You can call a landline from SKYPE, you need to buy credit on SKYPE first. I use Skype every month to call landlines in the UK and normally it is very good, clear.
  15. Thai man sitting across ro

    A positive out come is the other dogs have not come to your house again. Suggest you get a CCTV around the house, always reassuring especially when you are not at home. Also keep the gate closed to keep the dogs out and why not buy a sling shot and when the dogs come around fire a few stones at them. Once they have been hit a few times then they will not come around. And if your dogs are female then get them fixed, that will all so stop other dogs coming around. As for the man, either take no notice of him at all or just smile and wave every time you see him. Public place you cannot do anything else. A thai person who lives around the corner had a problem with a neighbors dog chasing his kids, He went and saw the neighbors and said if they do not sort the dog out he will come back and shoot the dog and the owners! Problem was fixed very fast. I do not recommend this answer though.