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  1. its a good game....I've been in the clan for a while now
  2. In my experiance they look after them very well as they are their livleyhood and for most have been a massive capital investment. Each to their own really, depends on what you want the tractor to be able to do
  3. It is galvanized pipe. I don't think it really matters that much as long as you have some way to pull the pump up if needed.
  4. My inner pipe is threaded metal, think it just depends. If it's plastic and snaps your going to have probs getting the pump out unless you have a wire attatched as well.
  5. Sakhi you'd need to talk to the locals as the conditions vary so much
  6. ^ The problem in my opinion with New Kubots is that you can buy a 2nd hand Ford for the same. 2nd hand they are usually still less than half the price of new, you can still mix and match spares and there is a dealer in virtualy everytown. Looked after they last for ages and are cheap and easy to fix if anything goes wrong.
  7. ^ Palm, I think I paid 70-80,000 for mine, 6" hole, 2 hp pump can do about 10,000 l/hr all the fittings ect, it's about 60m but this is a few years ago. Rasi mike, thats a remarkable low price, you can't buy a pump for that
  8. Rudyard, your probably better off handling specifics by PM, If you don't know how to use it, just click on the user name and you'll get a drop down menu. Just click send personal message. It just like e-mail
  9. There seems to be quite a few Fairs and shows all over Thailand but getting info on dates and places is'nt that easy, so any of you out there hear of any shows in your area please post the details here.
  10. Cut and pasted from another thread, small tractors in Chaing Mai :-
  11. I've split the last three posts off and made a new"irrigation" thread
  12. ^ whatever, we can use it for general "tractor, equipment" related stuff and I'll just split the links out later
  13. Probaly be a good idea to collect some links for tractors and farm machinery ect. I seem to have lost most of my links from firefox, but here's 2 to get you started. I'll see how it goes and mabye pinn this later. KASET PHATTANA group, THAILAND Rice combines and threshers Mit Alai Tractor Co New and second hand tractor and accesory dealer (Bang Pa-In)
  14. ^ don't you need to flood the paddy as some point ? By my reconing to raise 13 rai by just 1cm would take 208 cubic meters of water, just don't think it wold be possible with a bore, it would have to be pumping 24hrs a day. Oh I think you should do a post on rice farming as we have'nt got much on it
  15. Hi Ed I'm not really sure of the viability of irrigating 13 rai of rice with a borehole, mostly they they irrigate rice paddy from canals or rivers. As for drilling companies your probaly better to ask around localy, find out if other people have one and who drilled it and start from there. The chances are if no one has one then it's for a reason. Oh congrats on the marrage