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  1. Coming down the hill today, noticed a piece of land fenced off on the left. Between that house that gets hit by cars occasionally and the temple. Wonder if this is the proposed location?
  2. Higher voltage reduces transmission loss. The very large towers you see here and there are 100+ kV. Somewhere within a few miles from you will be a substation that will step down the voltage to perhaps 10 kV. That's what these cables are. Then very near will be the distribution transformer transformer that reduces it to 230 volts. Small wires will stay.
  3. Hastings, look at the big picture vs. minutiae.
  4. Similar distance, similar price. I'll let the Poirot's come to their own conclusions.
  5. FYI, Dover to Calais ferry, 1.5 hrs passenger only fare 30 GBP. But, with car you can add a family for 49 GBP.
  6. APB All points bulletin
  7. Went to my guy today and he said he can't do cars anymore, only motorbikes. Recommended the Texaco over the hill in Kathu for inspection and he will will do the re-reg. Anywhere else in Patong for all in one service?
  8. 2013 tax (not sure what the new rates are). They make it very complicated. More chances for different interpretations and a way to "help" to reduce as long as something's kicked back. Under the old regulations imported brands were subjected to alcohol tax based on CIF (costs, insurance and freight) and it is claimed that in order to keep tax rates to a minimum companies regularly declared amounts below the actual costs. The new rates are based on three criteria: value, alcohol percentage and alcohol volume. Beer: The increase in price of a bottle of beer is around 3-7 baht per bottle. The maximum tax stays at 60% of the product value, but the tax rate per litre of pure alcohol has risen from 100 baht to 300 baht. Wine: Products valued under 600 baht per bottle are exempt from the product value-based tax. Products over 600 baht are now taxed at 36%. With regards to alcohol content, all wine is now taxed at a 1,000 baht per litre of pure alcohol, up from 100 baht previously. Spirits/Liquor: A price increase of between 7-15% on Spirits has been imposed depending on the product and level of alcohol content.
  9. Special dispensation. Taxed at a lower rate to prevent backyard distillation. Less blindness and keeps the masses sedated.
  10. That's for pure ethyl. Multiply times 12% abv to get tax. Works out to B270 per 750ml bottle.
  11. What a load of krap-ola.
  12. Trump pulls Puzder (with a silent Z and er).
  13. Guv gone in 6 months. New Guv will revisit about a year from now. Repeat........
  14. Hiphopslim?
  15. Was going to top up my points, but noticed that they aren't accepting bank transfers or credit cards. Only coupons or TruePay. Perhaps temporary? Service very spotty of late. They advised to change setting to LiteTV, from PLUSTV, which helps somewhat. Maybe time for a change. Any suggestions? BTW, I know this has already been asked before but I want the latest recommendations and I'm lazy.