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  1. Visitors to Thailand by Country - Any stats for Phuket?

    I've seen spreadsheets from AoT, I think, on their website. Results for Phuket are shown, but not accurate as many overseas visitors clear immigration in Bangkok.
  2. On the way back from the airport the other day I saw a good one. Something like village approaching, produce speed.
  3. Talk to your bro's in Singapore. Scan PP, scan landing card (only a few important bits of information to fill in and carbon copy so only enter once), stamp, goodbye. Takes less than a minute. Singers is high security, so I doubt they let some low level civil servant control the keys to the kingdom. They review the airplanes passenger list before it arrives at SIN. Immigration line is purely clerical. Thailand doesn't have the systems in place to do this. Too bad.
  4. Quick Query on Car Inspection

    Arrived Kathu Caltex 9am, got right in. Several cars queued up when I left. Took about 15 minutes, thb 200. Went back over the hill, just missing the sand truck that scraped the guardrail before the Wat entrance. Thankfully, he was able to stop so traffic was near normal. Blue book, safety check document and thb 1900 for tax/insurance and I was good to go. Tomorrow morning back for pickup. No issues with cracked fog light lens.
  5. Quick Query on Car Inspection

    Amnat plates and time were the issues.
  6. It's not the drivers that pay thb500 a day to the owners that have most to lose, it's the owners. Follow the money.
  7. Quick Query on Car Inspection

    Double Update and 1 Additional Question Decided to wet sand the blistering area. Only could find 1000 grit, so was gentle not to go Magilla Gorilla on it. Just remove the flaking edges. Masked and used a clear coat spray paint. Not going to win any awards, but looks much better. To avoid problems with DLT, also removed the cap. Now can go to Kathu Caltex for safety check and my local guy for por ra bor insurance and road tax. Bit of a palaver, but car is in GFs name and has isaan plates. Would have spent days trying to sort this out without her here. New question, the NV has fog lights which I never use. One of the lenses is broken through combination of high curb and GFs driving skills. Its difficult to find a replacement lens. I could cover with some clear tape. Is this going to cause me grief?
  8. Taxi from Phuket Airport to Patong

    I have used phuketshuttle in the past. Same price as above and they are waiting for you. Book online and pay on the day.
  9. KUL Visa Run

    Tigerair probably the better choice. 2 hrs more wait, but Changi has lots of distractions. On another topic, why do I continually have to sign in to TV even when I tick the remember me box? Happening for the last week or two.
  10. Turk website quotes thb 45k to London return. Emirates thb 30k.
  11. KUL Visa Run

    Yes, recall that arrival gate was miles away from immigration. Trainers required.
  12. KUL Visa Run

    Doing a run next week and Air Asia has flights with a 2 hour turnaround in KL. Last time I went to KL for the grand Prix, immigration a bit slow. Wondering if 2 hours is cutting it too close. Any comments? Next flight is 4.5 hours. Hate waiting in airports. Don't think they had a special APEC card queue if memory serves me right.
  13. Make the road from Hasip Pi to Wat Chalong usable. It would remove most of the traffic going over the hill to Chalong/Rawai. Travel time also be reduced. Go to google maps and check the distance from Don's BBQ to Wat Chalong, 8 km vs 18 km. You need to click on the option for walking to see the road over the Nakkerd Hills.
  14. MBT footwear solves the problem for me. Purchased mine in Singapore. About SGD 300 for trainers. They have office type as well, but not not very attractive. I know, expensive but if you ever had a bout of PF it hurts like heck.
  15. FYI, my auto spell always shows Paying when I type Patong.