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  1. Tigerair probably the better choice. 2 hrs more wait, but Changi has lots of distractions. On another topic, why do I continually have to sign in to TV even when I tick the remember me box? Happening for the last week or two.
  2. Turk website quotes thb 45k to London return. Emirates thb 30k.
  3. Yes, recall that arrival gate was miles away from immigration. Trainers required.
  4. Doing a run next week and Air Asia has flights with a 2 hour turnaround in KL. Last time I went to KL for the grand Prix, immigration a bit slow. Wondering if 2 hours is cutting it too close. Any comments? Next flight is 4.5 hours. Hate waiting in airports. Don't think they had a special APEC card queue if memory serves me right.
  5. Make the road from Hasip Pi to Wat Chalong usable. It would remove most of the traffic going over the hill to Chalong/Rawai. Travel time also be reduced. Go to google maps and check the distance from Don's BBQ to Wat Chalong, 8 km vs 18 km. You need to click on the option for walking to see the road over the Nakkerd Hills.
  6. MBT footwear solves the problem for me. Purchased mine in Singapore. About SGD 300 for trainers. They have office type as well, but not not very attractive. I know, expensive but if you ever had a bout of PF it hurts like heck.
  7. FYI, my auto spell always shows Paying when I type Patong.
  8. Moving back to what I miss, Rang Rak pub over the hill in Kathu near to what is now Tiger Kingdom. Around 2006 or so. Great place to stop after golf waiting for the traffic to clear going back to Patong. Lots of Kathu regulars. Food OK. Peter sold it and it was never the same. Several iterations since and all failed.
  9. Saw a kid taking a wiz ion the Nanjing metro. Mom didn't seem to mind.
  10. Security first. Seems like the female security official was respectful. Find something more important to worry about you ex-minister blowhard. Tell everyone your name, coward.
  11. Back to things I miss, Montes was a relaxing place to hang out with good food and weekend BBQ. Parking no problem and the staff good. Hard to find anything similar in Patong these days.
  12. I miss the 2 Black Sheep. Great place to shoot the breeze. Met most of my Phuket friends at that place.
  13. Thx MM2. Will check.
  14. I need to get my cap resprayed as it has blistered in 2 places. Bird droppings I believe. I was considering DIY, but too much hassle. Any suggestions for cheap and cheerful respraying in Patong or over the hill in Kathu? PS Any idea on what it should cost?
  15. Fairly heavy rain for about 1/2 hour in Patong. Power out as well. Just came back on.