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  1. Thailand or Philippines? Who has been to both?

    If I had to pick one place in the P.I. it would be Cebu...But I think you should look at Vietnam or Cambodia first.
  2. Can I take more than 20,000 US from Thailand in cash

    Think Gold...buy here, sell there. It worked for me. But I did have one friend in Cambodia buy $56,000 in Bitcoin before he went back to the U.S. and three day later it went up $126.00...lucky SOB.
  3. Re: Vaccinations

    Bangkok Hospital is a good place...https://www.tmb.ie/destinations/vaccinations-for-thailand
  4. Mailing from Thailand to USA...

    Thank you all for the good info...
  5. Mailing from Thailand to USA...

    I got my Brother one t-shirt for $5.00 but when I went to the Thai post office to mail it out, I was told it would be 300 baht...to ship by air. So is there a cheper way to mail anything to the USA?
  6. Thai chef attacks foreign owner in Pattaya Soi 7

    A Thai chef cooking Mexican food?....Now I know why the food there is so bad.
  7. Same thing happen in our town, so we just kept running then down with are trucks...I know I took out 3 tables...lol.
  8. They are just having a good time, looks like a lot of fun...
  9. So who do you report this to, and how do you get the 5,000 baht?.....and I did try to look up this site on fb ( "Sai Trong Kotmai" )...and is this for BKK area only or all of Thailand? Could not fine it...
  10. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    China would shit if SK & NK became one...
  11. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    It's not if, but when we attack NK...Most likely it would be in the winter, that is when the ground is frozen. And at the same time, China would make it's move on Thailand. And that day will come!
  12. Police will charge him with recklessness causing death and operating a transport service without a licence. And a fine of 5,000 baht. Life is cheap here in Thailand...sad but true!
  13. Moving to Cambodia, and need a nice place to live!

    Is this the bkk 1 area?
  14. Moving to Cambodia, and need a nice place to live!

    I see a lot of nice apt's in the Russian market area, now how far is it to Naga...and going to work at 6pm to 7pm.