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  1. The courts?..Here in Pay 10,000 baht and you can go free.
  2. Did anyone make the Asian Poker Tour in Poipet, Cambodia this last week, and how did you do....for me, I missed it <<<< Gambling details edited out of post >>>>
  3. Now here is a traffic sign that we need here in Thailand...
  4. Don't you just love all this fake apology...Thai's our so good at it!
  5. This happens any time you our waking on the streets of Thailand or just setting outside a coffee shop...Any country you go to now a days, you will see this shit happening all over.
  6. Feeding the soi dogs was a good thing you both were doing...You have good hearts! Check out; Thailand Temple Dogs & Cats (on fb).
  7. If the Chinese build it and keep the Thai's away from it, then maybe it will work. This train need to go over all the road crossing, that is the only way I see it working in this country.
  8. First we are not talking about restaurant food, this is about food we can buy in a store or online...And this post is to help other farang on here were to look for food in Thailand. So if you have some good info for others, please add your comments... For Mexican Food: This is a good place to order online and you will get it the next day or two, but when you call it is best to talk to the owner to place you order. (Tell her you what items and not boxes) I will tell you that she makes the best "Tortillas" I have ever had in my life, and this is coming from someone who comes from a family who has 164 Mexican restaurants in the U.S. Now the corn chips and the green chilli sauce is great...I like the salty salty chips. For American Food: ( or you can call steve at 0891334089) and he will be happy to send you a price and item list. Well he has more then American food to choose from, I just love his bake ham and the meats. Just look at all his items he has...I am placing my order on So if you know of any other places, please let us all know...Thank You!
  9. In my area most Vet's will do them, and the Gov. Vet do them also. And it's not on religious grounds, it's on moral grounds....And just for your info, Buddhism is not a religion. It's a way of life...
  10. On facebook, check out; Thailand Temple Dogs & Cats
  11. Why do people go to Koh Tao "Death Island" ...All the Embassy's need to put out a warning about this place, or even make it off limits.....In the military we had places or area's that were off limits to us, it's not that hard to do.
  12. It's the Thai way for the Thai cowardly men...Just look at history on how the Japanese just walked right in without a fight, and all the Thai men drop to there knees. And this is what is going to happen when the Chinese take over Thailand, the men will again drop to there knees...All the Thai men need to take a good look at what is 13 year old boy is doing.
  13. I had a friend from Canada ask me what a Farang can own here in Thailand, and if he is married what happens then if he wants a divorce from her. I don't know and could not answer him, so I need some help here.
  14. All the dogs have been fixed...That are at the Temple, and the one's I bring to the Temple.
  15. I now live in Phichit, Thailand