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  1. Just wasted 30 seconds of my life reading an article that effectively says nothing.
  2. Prayut's done more u-turns than a lost Thai driver and this is one of the worst, especially after his anti-corruption rant just last week. The guy is a hypocrite.
  3. The down slope into Kata was a nightmare when it rained. Many motorbikes have lost control at that point. Hopefully they'll improve the grip when they resurface.
  4. They should have had some sort of warning in place on the first day, when the digging up of the road surprised everyone. I didn't see any accidents but a couple of near misses, one involving my car!
  5. madmitch

    Thai Internet economy growing rapidly: study

    Any coincidence that the amount spent in Indonesia is around three times that spent in Thailand? Indonesia's population is approximately three times that of Thailand. It does make me wonder as to how much research really goes into producing these statistics. I'm actually surprised the amount isn't higher as this works out at around $90 per person, even taking into account that probably only a relatively small, but growing, proportion of the population book travel online.
  6. I would guess that enough time has been taken to ensure that no papers mentioning Prawit exist any longer. The shredding machine will have been working overtime so that the investigation can be wound up with a satisfactory conclusion.
  7. madmitch

    Chalong underpass

    I was in the area yesterday afternoon and it was pretty bad. Back-ups everywhere from what I could see, including Patak Road, the cut through near Lorenzo's, and when I went back via Chaofa east and the road to Kata Hills, Wiset Road was at a standstill. Not sure why.
  8. They've lost their number one spot in road accident fatalities but this is surely compensated for by being the new number one in the wealth divide.
  9. I'm pretty sure that this is the reason why tax on luxury goods, especially cars, is so hefty; it's one of the few ways of getting the rich to pay tax.
  10. But in Europe you can't take a present to the taxman and in return get a handsome reduction on your tax bill.
  11. Global greenhouse gas emissions are up 0.5%. Thailand's greenhouse gas emissions are up 0.98% Yet they manage to put a positive spin on this. Well done!
  12. Where's Big Joke? How could he miss a photo opportunity like this?
  13. madmitch

    Thai parliament to close forever new year's eve

    From what I've seen of the numbers turning up they could hold Parliamentary sessions in any primary school classroom. Apt in many ways.
  14. If they really wanted to they could cut down the need for visits to the Immigration Office to a minimum. They already have online 90 day reporting and address reporting, if you know how to register, but the system really needs an upgrade to be brought up to 21st century standards. Better still the system should be dropped and just address changes reported! Why can't a 30 day extension to a tourist visa be done online? Does anyone ever get declined? Re-entry permits could be done away with for those on extension of stay by changing it to a multi-entry "visa" and they could make money at the same time as everyone would have to pay whether they want it or not. This would mean just one visit to the office per year for most expats. But as this is the hub of unnecessary paperwork, superfluous photocopies, rubber stamps, passport photos and queues, I can't imagine they would have any inclination to do any of the above, despite the so-called Thailand 4.0 being introduced.