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  1. madmitch

    Good tv series

    Strangers, a new thriller, started on ITV last week. It's set in Hong Kong. I watched the second episode last night and it's getting quite interesting.
  2. madmitch

    Hope floats for Chalong Underpass opening by April

    Probably, but the road between the Circle, past Homepro and down as far as the u-turn area seems to be getting worse by the day. That, along with the bollards allowing a left turn from the road after Homepro, is probably also having an effect.
  3. Sound like the airport run will be great fun in the coming high season!
  4. The Judge hasn't stated that there was no corruption involved, just that the person suing wasn't in a position to do so. An interested party, I assume, could be a competitor in the bid for the contract but I'd guess they've been paid off anyway.
  5. madmitch

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Agree. Many times I've tried to pay a bill yet the member of staff I choose hasn't a clue what to do so has to call over another cashier, effectively taking two pay-points. And while they're at it, the busier branches should have a dedicated person to make coffee, heat noodles and cook toasties.
  6. It may seem that way but what is rarely reported is that all these ridiculously high awards go to appeal and the amounts are reduced by the Appeals Court to something a little more sensible, though still often life-changing sums.
  7. madmitch

    New aquarium at central

    It's not even open yet!
  8. madmitch

    Phuket now has a world class shopping hub

    I didn't have a proper look around but first impressions were exactly as Xylophone's. The shops just weren't appealing. The ground floor was a large space of nothingness, the only people being young Thai girls screaming at an out of tune singer, apparently from The Voice. Well, his training hadn't worked! I haven't checked the food outlets but maybe they are more appealing. It seems to me that Central Group have too much money and this is simply a show of their size and importance. Maybe in a year or so when more shops open and the ground floor is also filled with shops (it is bound to happen) my opinion may be different but for now I'll stick to the old place.
  9. madmitch

    More rain between Sept 17 and 19

    It's been the opposite here in Phuket, where the rainy season seems to finish later every year, last year it lasted practically into January.
  10. But it's the Thai way. The whole family go to the hospital and want to be with the patient in the event of an emergency. And if the patient is kept in they'll all visit with their hands full of chicken essence and Blue Boy syrup, together with the next door neighbours and other hangers on, with at least one or two of them spending the night on an uncomfortable sofa or even the floor. Thai hospitals are like an extension of the family home.
  11. I hope Big Joke is ready for the streets of South London. The Peckham posse probably think he's a rapper with a name like that. And of course he could experience the genteel atmosphere of a Millwall home game!
  12. madmitch


    Agree, and that's why coffee chains are thriving worldwide. They're a place for socialising and business meetings as well as somewhere that you can spend half an hour in your own company where you won't get branded a sad, lonely alcoholic! Incidentally Costa Coffee has recently been bought by Coca Cola so I would expect branches to appear in several new countries in the not too distant future.
  13. madmitch


    That's more expensive than I paid for the same drink in London last week!
  14. madmitch

    Hope floats for Chalong Underpass opening by April

    Your maths is OK but I'd guess most of that 16% has been completed in the past two months with only a minimal amount of work done between March and the beginning of July.
  15. I assume that the lady in question will now be arrested for spreading fake news!