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  1. Thailand; hub of uniforms.
  2. I'd say that makes most industries "a bunch of cheaters". What's the difference between paying more for one insurance product over another and buying a product in Villa Market only to find it cheaper in Big C? There are dozens of insurance comparison sites on the internet: it's not difficult to compare coverage and premium. It's only laziness and naivety that makes people stick with the same insurer for years without bothering to check out other providers. As for the secret as to how long you're insured: it's no secret. It'll be there in the terms and conditions. You might have to do a bit of reading to find it, though I have always found with travel insurance that the maximum number of days per trip is very clear. If you are actually living away from your place of birth then travel insurance is not the product you need to cover you in your country of residence; travel insurance is for travel outside of your country of residence, whether that be Thailand or the UK in your instance. As for long term travel insurance for those on a long trip: it is expensive as the probability of having a claim increases the longer you travel. And that's probably off-putting for many younger travellers but it really should be in their budget. There are too many of these incidents in the press and no doubt many more that don't make the news.
  3. Bill Bailey Live in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket

    Un-bloody-believable! Probably my favourite comedian playing in Phuket when I'm in London!
  4. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    If you have a Thai passenger the journey will take significantly longer due to the increased number of eating, toilet and 7-Eleven stops plus additional time spent at roadside stalls selling fruit, vegetables, fish, or any other produce.
  5. I hope I don't get a TV ban for posting this? I might even be arrested! A proper film about the French Revolution.
  6. Good tv series

    Watched a programme called Collateral on Netflix last week. A four episode mini-series based around the murder of a pizza delivery man in London. It was very good, especially for me, with much of it set in locations I know well. Plenty of sub-plots and contemporary issues covered; there was more to this than the typical murder mystery. Definitely a good binge-watch if you have four hours to spare.
  7. I've bumped this topic so the front page of the News Forum now has the following four headings: Patong wastewater crisis may end long-term marine life reproduction, says expert; Phuket residents call for end to black wastewater on Surin Beach; Phuket Governor steps in to fix black wastewater flowing into Chalong Bay; Rawai Mayor promises action against untreated wastewater releasers. There seems to be a recurring theme here; a theme which demonstrates the lack of environmental care on the island. Despite what the authorities may say, it's pretty obvious that too little is being done to rectify this problem. Hotels and local government are only interested in lining their own pockets and really don't seem worried about the long term implications. The lagoon at the back of Karon Beach is also filthy, as is the outflow at the north end of Kata. Yet they're more bothered about cigarette smoke polluting the air than dirty, polluted stretches of water and the noise and smell from seemingly uncontrolled jet skis and parasailers. Ruin the beaches, Phuket, and you decimate your tourism. Latex stores and a new Central are no substitute!
  8. Tourism Income to Grow by 18% for Songkran: TAT

    From the total projected income of 19.8 billion, 10.4 billion is expected to come from Thai tourists compared to the 9.7 billion from foreign tourists. If they can't get simple maths correct, how can anyone be expected to believe the figures?
  9. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Hasn't this topic been done to death? It comes up almost as often as booze-free days and the latest attempts to reduce the road death toll.
  10. Karon Beach, any good ?

    The Centara Karon Resort will be fine. I've been inside there several times. No hills, a few steps here and there but nothing daunting; there are always a few steps, it doesn't matter where you are. Good location, caters more to Western tourists than Russians and Chinese. Decent choice.
  11. Why do all Thai committee photos look the same? A group of older individuals, mainly men, sitting around looking like they'd rather be playing Candy Crush. Where are the young, dynamic, forward-thinking individuals that would be needed to work on projects like this? I wonder if there's ever a joke or a smile cracked, though the Doctor's wig might fall off if he tried such a thing! The summary reminds me of the corporate-speak that I absolutely hated when I was working back in London.
  12. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    So a wristband will make tourists safer when they venture into the sea at Karon in low season, when they venture onto the roads during Songkran, when the boat they are on sinks, when they fall from a parasailer or when they happen to be walking past an exploding transformer. Must get one! It won't happen but the fact they are even thinking about this should be a worry.
  13. ONLINE Reporting of Address Now Possible in Phuket

    I'm going to wait until I run into problems at Immigration. I have about four trips to of the country planned in the next few months so won't need another 90 day report (after the one next week) during the currency of the current extension of stay, which expires in December. By then perhaps the situation may be clearer.
  14. Is this a subtle way of banning Prawit and Premchai?
  15. Karon Beach, any good ?

    Plenty of hotels on level areas. Look at the map. Anything in Karon beachside of Patak Road will be flat, as is anything between Karon Circle and Karon Temple. There are loads of hotels in this area. I had a look at the Avista Grande a couple of weeks ago. New in 2017 it looked very nice, quite compact, and is a bit cheaper than the Hilton Arcadia, which also fits your criteria. If you are on more of a budget, bear in mind many guesthouses have a lot of stairs. Have a look at the reviews and check the location. You can PM me for any advice re location as I am in the area.