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  1. Obviously beer bars are more successful businesses than many believe if the owner can afford a Mercedes Benz convertible! “I also had been drinking, so I lost control of temper,” Mr Chana admitted. So will he be charged with drink-driving?
  2. But is that "Thai-ism democracy"? We have yet to see exactly what Prayut is talking about but I'm sure it's not what you have suggested. That's "real" democracy.
  3. Man-years ago, in my insurance days, we insured an expensive wristwatch belonging to a minor celebrity. The celebrity made a claim, stating he had had his watch stolen after a late-night mugging on the New York subway. Difficult to prove but we had private investigators on this case, knowing something was suspicious. We were close to paying out when the celebrity made the mistake of wearing the watch on a TV programme! Not only did he miss out on his insurance payout he was also found guilty of fraud. What has this got to dimwit Prawit's case? Absolutely nothing, but the moral is be careful what you wear on your wrist in public.
  4. Good tv series

    I started watching Godless but found it quite hard work; a little slow and laborious. Should I stick with it or is this the general pace of the whole series?
  5. The right turn is still blocked at the end, meaning more u-turns opposite Honda meaning a bigger traffic build-up at peak times. Why do they do this?
  6. I will assume that this business was owned and run by migrants as, according to another report, Thailand is no longer a hub for pirated goods!
  7. Doesn't he realise that most previous Governors have made the same promise?
  8. Everyone will be going to Bangkok to register their cars as the registration numbers include a number at the front. Though when that number indicates that the car is aging a little I'm not quite sure what will happen.
  9. tips for Phuket short stay please

    Kata Villa is very good value considering its location, but you need to book well in advance as it gets very full. Rooms, however, are no more than two star quality. There are a number of apartments for short term rent in the hills at the back of Karon: Karon Hill; Karon Butterfly; Chic; Sea and Sky and more. These might offer better value for money than the three and four star hotels.
  10. AOT denies report on pricey water at airports

    I've never seen the cheaper Thai water available airside at any of the AOT-run airports, as far as I know. Minere at 40 baht or Evian at over twice that is what I recall seeing. The point is that the percentage mark-up of food and drink in Thailand is much more than in most countries. Singapore and Hong Kong are close to their already expensive in-town prices, KL is cheaper than Thai airports, and I'd guess that airports in Vietnam and Cambodia would have similar mark-ups to Thailand but I can't remember. As for water: I usually pay the going rate before a long flight regardless of the price; it's a small amount in the whole scheme of things. WH Smiths in England have had a very good deal for many years: buy a Daily Telegraph and get a bottle of Evian free. About 80 baht for a paper and a 750ml bottle of mineral water. Bargain!
  11. Public Thai school in Phuket

    I've had a couple of good reports regarding the new Satree programme. Same curriculum as Headstart, for example, at half the price.
  12. Phuket weather 2018

    It's your fault, Oilinki! Ever since you put up this new weather thread the weather has been awful! (A bit of respite tis morning though)
  13. tips for Phuket short stay please

    There are a couple of companies offering Phi Phi Sunrise tours out of Phuket, so if you want to beat the crowds this is one way to do it. Google and you'll find out more. The problem is they are much more expensive than the regular trips.
  14. "Phuket is one of the top ten cities in the world that tourists want to visit." Really? I wonder where the Governor picked up this "fact"?
  15. For every 20,000 baht amulet sold to a Chinese tourist, the driver gets one free. Some buses have so many amulets dangling from the mirror that in accident is now impossible, even though front windscreen visibility is severely impaired!