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  1. Do the numbers include "accidental" medical tourists: just regular tourists who end up getting treatment in Thai hospitals? It wouldn't surprise me knowing the way numbers are manipulated here.
  2. True. If you look at some of the websites like fiverr of fivesquid they have people offering to write a bunch of reviews for a small fee. I've also seen people requesting such services on Tripadvisor claim to care but as one of the most successful affiliate marketing companies in existence I doubt they are that bothered in reality.
  3. One of my favourite Patong haunts used to be the Reggae Bar at the back of Seadragon, now sadly disappeared into a concrete development. No reason other than it was a pleasant, chilled-out place to go to get away from the girlie bars and the Bangla masses, sit in a comfortable chair for an hour and listen to some Jamaican vibes with a cool beer. There's nowhere like that on Bangla these days, or if there is I haven't found it, though as I only visit about twice a year these days that's no surprise.
  4. I think the wake should be for the old thread, not Patong itself. Perhaps there will be a wake for this thread soon as it's just heading in exactly the same direction but about 100 pages short!
  5. You are correct but that's not the issue as our Thai/UK daughter was travelling with us. Never been a problem before either in Thailand or the UK/EU.
  6. Our daughter was with us, as was a niece. Reading the comments I'm sure it was just a grumpy, awkward IO. Maybe he'd earlier been on a shift dealing with the long queues of Chinese!
  7. And yet another meaningless poll makes the Thai press! I wonder where Thailand ranks in the list of countries where Chinese tourists are most likely to be involved in an accident?
  8. When travelling overseas with my family I have never had a problem when returning to Thailand in joining them in the Thai Immigration queue...until yesterday. Normally my partner asks politely if they will stamp my passport an they've always agreed, so arriving at Don Muang at 3:30am yesterday I did the same but the surly male IO simply said no. My partner stated we'd done this many times and his reply was that it must have been at Suvarnabhumi as they don't allow it at Don Muang. So, my family, and the guy picking us up had to wait an hour while I joined the queue behind the mainly Chinese arrivals. After an argument with an Indian who tried to push in front of me, the frustration of seeing one Chinese lady being grilled for 20 minutes by Immigration in the queue I'd chosen and then for the neighbouring IO to leave her post, state "Computer down!) and merge two queues into one, my GF, who had been waiting in the pre-customs area. decided to come and see what was happening. Upon seeing the mess, she went to the now empty Thai line and asked the new IO if I could go through this gate. "Of course. Why didn't he come with you when you came through?" So I left my queue and was through the Thai gate two minutes later. I know it's not my right to use the Thai gate but this is another typical example of Thai Immigration Officers acting exactly how they want to act without a thought for Thai citizens who'd be waiting forever for their farang partner to get stamped in. P..S. In the UK non-EU family members are told to go through the EU gates with their families. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar?
  9. How .can any other duty free provider get a look in under the current situation where KP lasso control the rental space? This double monopoly was always wrong but allowed and endorsed by AOT. I wonder why? Other Asian country airports have different concessions for different products. Not Thailand, where the new international terminal at Phuket is almost a glorified KP shopping mall!
  10. They do absolutely nothing to stop Chinese tour guides as it's not in Thailand's best interests to do so. Despite what Prayut says. No Chinese guides will mean a big drop in Chinese tourists. The Thai sitting guides generally speak enough Chinese to get by but aren't proficient enough to deal with a busload of Chinese, so they work as a team. It's the same with Russians. And why is the PM himself involved in such relatively trivial matters?
  11. I don't disbelieve the arrival numbers, especially as they are believed to include every tourist entry but hotel bed nights and numbers in the country at any one time are almost certainly down, due to the 4 day Chinese replacing the 2 week Europeans.
  12. Really? 70m drop into shallow water? Not puzzling at all.
  14. Before you post BS you should remember that Samsung is a Korean company!