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  1. But surely they learn this in the extensive testing they undertook to get their public service vehicle or HGV licence???!!!
  2. I've been to a couple of hot springs in Thailand which were quite pleasant during the week but hellishly overcrowded at weekends.
  3. Quite simple: find another school.
  4. We had a total ban in Phuket but that's now been overturned with a limited number of beds, umbrellas and vendors. The same will probably happen in Pattaya. What annoys me most is always the decoration that they're doing this for the tourists. Have any of the officials in charge, either in Phuket or Pattaya, ever bothered to survey the tourists to see what they actually want?
  5. Speaking to a couple of Thais from the same province as he's from, they believe he wasn't corrupt enough and actually wanted projects to be done by the book! That's just not the way things are done in Phuket (and just about every other province?)
  6. Am I alone among TV readers in thinking this is perfectly achievable? As the article stated, the Chines and Indians will be the biggest tourist group in the future and Thailand is ideally located to pick up many of these tourists. It already is. As a consequence of this Thailand would wave goodbye to the majority of Western tourists.
  7. I was going to say the same andI know drivers who will do it for a third of that original price. They can easily double their takings in commissions. I have no idea whether Moevenpick have their own, now banned of course, taxi "mafia".
  8. True. One step up form a flapping plastic bag!
  9. I think it is disgusting that hill tribe people are not considered Thai. This is 2017. To need a work permit to work in your own country is surely a violation of their human rights.
  10. The nearest proper amusement parks are probably Dreamworld or Siam Park in Bangkok. Only 900 km away. Splash Jungle and Dinosea for waterparks.
  11. The TAT spokesman appears to have overlooked the fact that Air China and Hainan Air already have direct flights between Beijing and Phuket! I think he's rather overdone the hyperbole as well!
  12. Same old story regurgitated from the last ten years. Just the year and the spokesman's name changed.
  13. It's quite rare to get good news on the pages of thaivisa, unless you count the taxi drivers returning wallets and ever increasing tourist numbers, especially when it does make the international press. For once a proper feel-good report.
  14. Must have been the honey infused Jim Beam! I'll get me coat!
  15. The elites and the government must look in envy at the obscene amount of money made by the casinos in neighbouring countries, which makes me surprised that the law hasn't been amended in some way, particularly with the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand.