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  1. I've seen no mention anywhere of whether the teacher will be charged with anything. Or will a wai and a week in the temple suffice?
  2. I suppose this comment was from the Government's own news agency. I wonder how many there were? And were they all supportive? No dissenters?
  3. madmitch

    How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals: live stream?

    The actual match coverage is fine and you get a better picture than the other options, though every game I've watched they have managed to miss the start of the second half due to the incessant ads, so watch it but switch to one of the others at half time and straight after the game (though the online options do run a couple of minute behind).
  4. madmitch

    How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals: live stream?

    Anyone watching on Thai TV? It's OK with English commentary via True Visions basic package but the ads!!! They're on a loop, the same dreadful ads over and over again, probably having the adverse effect they're looking for as surely the tendency is just to ignore them or switch off.
  5. A quick Google search and the UK press seem to have deemed it totally insignificant. I wonder how long the meeting lasted? Mrs May had a rather busy day in Parliament yesterday!
  6. Same every morning. I usually pass at around 7:30am and normally there's no one there. Why don't they consider working when it's a bit cooler? Italian Thai might have a *&^% as an owner but at least they get the job done more efficiently than the useless mob at Chalong and previously Tesco.
  7. madmitch

    Coronation to take place before poll: PM Prayut

    I'd guess that in order to keep the peace, the ban on political activity will be imposed until after the Coronation.
  8. Its worth remembering that British travellers to EU countries have a reciprocal agreement for medical costs and that's probably why such countries are ranked lower on the list despite getting many more visitors than Thailand or Chile. Drunken Johnny goes to a doctor or hospital in Magalluf or Ayia Napa and the insurance companies aren't involved at all. Agree with a previous poster who states that the number of claims per 1000 travellers would make provide a more realistic picture.
  9. And still the headline would be the same at every World Cup: "Thai Police Crackdown On Football Gambling"
  10. I had an odd request at SCB yesterday, a bank I've had an account at for 12 years. I asked for a new debit card with a chip and pin option, which was no problem; 100 baht and it was in my hand in ten minutes. But after signing my passport copy the girl stated that I needed to enter a UK address! "But I've been living in Phuket for 12 years." "If you have British passport you need British address." "Why" "All foreigners have to give foreign address" I didn't say any more, just put my parents' address on the form, confirmed that any statement will still contain my Thai address and that was it. Anyone else come across this?
  11. And if the new system comes in next year he'd be allowed to do this another times before losing his licence......for three months!
  12. Spot on. perhaps the cost to repair a few roof tiles might be 3000 baht but what about the subsequent water damage? When we had some tiles broken in a storm two years ago the bill for the insurance company was 40,000 baht and that was purely for the property damage in two bedrooms as our landlord picked up the bill for the roof repair.
  13. 1. Does that mean that the other traffic flow changes have been put on hold? 2. Does this mean that at last they are actually going to work at night? 3. The narrow road near Homepro will remain a narrow road even when the construction is complete. One reason an underpass was and still is a ridiculous concept for this area. There will still be traffic from three other roads using this one lane road.
  14. madmitch

    Storm lashes Phuket

    My electric was out all night in Kata. Cool enough to sleep without A/C though.
  15. madmitch

    Loan for Thai national?

    Sorry, I made the initial post that NKM reacted to. I've found that as a foreigner I tend to get repaid if a member of the extended family or a close friend wants a loan, whereas my GF has a multitude of unpaid amounts outstanding. I think it's a face issue; they wouldn't lose face in not repaying their sister/cousin/best friend yet they would by not repaying me, though I may be wrong in that theory.