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  1. A man obviously inspired by the country's leadership. "There are no problems here, just negative and false news"
  2. There is so much wrong with Thai law. Being able to pay your way out of a criminal offence is just one-of-many of the things wrong with the law system here. How can a victim drop the charges? It's a criminal offence...!!!
  3. If you've ever caught any Thai TV, you could argue that the drugs are for medicinal purposes.
  4. Thai "experts" know more than everyone else in the world. But seriously..... It is understood (in the real world) that E-cigarettes are probably harmful to your health, BUT less harmful than regular cigarettes. Funny how many forget ($$$) to mention the last part of this.
  5. Some people must be proud to be Thai. Money or not, let's hope on this occasion these scum get what they deserve. Why do they do things like this? Because they can and get away with it.
  6. The defamation law and computer crimes act contributing significantly to Thailand's downward spiral.
  7. IF this is true (lol) then Chinese and Indian are all I saw. So who's getting this vast tourist expenditure?????
  8. Lock 'em both up. Isn't it about time something was "really" done to stop Thai road incidents. On a side note, if I carried a gun while cycling, I would have used it more than once!
  9. Call for inquiry into Bt30m blimp

    Hope they get the same treatment as Yingluck.
  10. Another B.S. award. What next? Maybe Pattaya wining Asia's cleanest beach award!
  11. Fun police out again. Charge the peeping tom with the computer crimes act.
  12. I guess by doing this he is trying to show he is innocent. Yeah right!!!!
  13. When you constantly withhold the truth, then there comes a time when even if you tell the truth, no-one will believe you. This lot "cried wolf" too often.
  14. I'm guessing the tourism rep. has never actually seen Pattaya without her entourage and without her glass bubble?