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  1. I do fancy her.... 😍😍😍
  2. Moved to a more "inactive" post, giving plenty of time to play the internet. Retirement fund sorted and under mattress. Winner!
  3. Well, if he can't stop them, I'm sure he will try to them being reported. Bringing happiness to the people!!!!
  4. He probably works for the TAT. Ahhhh... The land of smiles!
  5. Adolescent mentality with lethal toys. A few years and maybe a pardon for him. A few thousand baht for her family. A poor dead girl who was brave enough to leave the cockroache. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon here in The Land of False Smiles.
  6. Good for him. Finally, some truth and common sense.
  7. What??? Thai police tell lies!!!!! Never....
  8. Well, thanks to this little tantrum, the video and photos are now all over the internet as number 1 Thailand news story.
  9. They've been pushing more and more for people to post only "happy Thai posts". They really can't deal with anything seen as "negative" against them. I would like to see the international and domestic response if they do stop FB. I'm sure it won't be Happy press!!
  10. Of course it wasn't a bomb. Wink, wink!!!! 😉. Just like the other fairly recent mysterious fires.....
  11. Do they actually believe these raids are good PR? Maybe my "intelligence" is just better than the Thai police 'cause I know a soi or three that is full of happy massages 😉
  12. Still waiting for the crime reenactment..... And of course, finger pointing.
  13. And just like the "convenient" CCTV cameras not working near a crime scene, the drone will be out of action at a "convenient" time. How long before someone nicks the drones?
  14. Comical, as ever... They want only "good" social media and nothing negative. Well guys it's never going to happen. Especially while you continue doing what your doing.
  15. Well, stop telling them you're coming <deleted>.!