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  1. Attempted. No harm done. Let him off. Is this the current Thai policy?
  2. Near the top of my "To never do in Thailand" list. Just below bungy jumping. Health and safety in Thailand means cover it up and hope no one realises.
  3. Who makes up this crap? I guess in a country of non accountability, you can make up anything you want.
  4. Does this mean that "attempted burglary", "attempted murder", and basically all crimes that don't actually happen should now be free from any penalty???
  5. If they were paying their monthly contributions, then they would have been given a call before warning them of the "surprise" raid. Just another pointless exercise.
  6. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    Why not stop propping up the Thai baht. Everyone's a winner
  7. Wait 'til more than half of those submarines aren't working. Corruption, bad management and poor maintenance skills. Obviously "prevention is better than cure" doesn't translate to Thai.
  8. He's a crap actor and singer. No loss to the entertainment world.
  9. If only there was a law about not making any more stupid laws.
  10. I asked for tax relief one night on beach road. Something got lost in translation. I don't think she was VAT registered.
  11. I've lived in that horrible country. This unfortunately is not an isolated case. Saudi nationals and the country, literally gets away with murder and all because of the West's oil needs
  12. From what I see on the roads I am surprised there aren't more road deaths. Honestly, I don't know how so many Thais make it to old age.
  13. No fairground rides No wearing of gold No looking at copy watch sellers the wrong way ..... The list goes on. BTW. Is this business still operating? (Stupid question, I know)
  14. 500 baht fine MAX. Own a E-cigarette Up to 10 years in prison. How <deleted> up is this country?