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  1. Deferred MP election bill could delay poll

    They've made a real pigs ear of things since they took power. Everything is worse. Nothing is better. And a few more millionaires now exist in Thailand. Land of hypocrisy.
  2. All this time and that's the best he can think of? Is this the same type of "loan" my Thai gf asks for occasionally?
  3. Ahh...!, the Thai moral police out again on social media. Land of hypocrisy.
  4. I'll pop back if she wants to change it to a marriage visa
  5. "A few pounds" - I wish. Those days are long gone. Ahhh! the good old days!
  6. I gave up a 30 year smoking habit after 18 months e-cig use. This quack along with numerous other "experts" around the world restricting vaping have agendas that probably involve $$$$$$. It is not safe, but definitely safer than cigarettes. FACT!
  7. Without getting into the details of this incident, it sounds like he just had enough one night. There is not much consideration to others in this town, especially when it comes to noise. All-night Thai bars, loud motorbike exhaust systems, car/truck sound systems on full volume, etc ....... And, of course, the BIB do nothing.
  8. No freedom of speech in this little country I'm afraid!
  9. Think it's pretty clear he ain't going anywhere. He likes the power too mutt.
  10. Some lame excuse will be given, then it will be hushed up. Does anyone really think the top brass aren't stockpiling loads of cash/assets for their retirement funds? The general will be out issuing his threats again soon.
  11. B.S. interpretation of a law not meant for this use. There's so many of these loosely worded laws now that practically anything and everything could get you arrested. No new laws are being passed, just bending old inappropriate laws to suit the current government's needs. Using these laws as a threat just leads to more money in police pockets
  12. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    Let's start at the top and work down.
  13. Far more effective would have been to just install ashtrays. Far more beneficial would be to stop litter and build an effective drainage system instead of skimming off all the money.