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  1. PM Prayut defends role for Kunplome brothers

    When are the Thai people going to wake up and see what's happening to their country. There was a brief glimmer of hope just after the coup when the army reigned in the police (a little bit). After that it's steadily declined. The future after next year's farce "democratic" election is not looking good. Prayut and his gang of crooks will seemingly do anything to hang on to the power and the money.
  2. They couldn't even monitor the former PM.
  3. Maybe the Russians will bring a defamation case against the trader. Oh, and what about The Computer Crimes act for posting the photos and comments? After all this is the land of stupid laws.
  4. Reenactment and finger pointing please .....
  5. Cash on delivery for me. (Quote taken from Lazada 555)
  6. Did anyone expect any other outcome?
  7. Are they waterproof? Probably cheap Chinese ones that stop working the next day. But guaranteed to make some people a lot of profit and backhanders.
  8. The solution is obvious - Sue The Daily Mail for defamation and The computer crimes act. No more problem!
  9. So, the LAW, against travelling in the back of pickups can be ignored. Is it law or not? Who makes these decisions to ignore laws? They really don't grasp the concept of law and order do they?
  10. Another rediculus abuse of a flawed defamation law. It's become the go-to get-off-the-hook tool. Shameful that the law protects the people that abuse it.
  11. Watch Issue Is ‘Over,’ Prawit Insists

    Corruption top to bottom. I guess he can only wear them at home now. Surprised he didn't say they were just fake copies he got from the market.
  12. What do you expect.? If "uniformed people" are caught, they just get transferred to an unknown place for an unknown time, to an inactive position. Crime pays if you're a "uniformed person"