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  1. Ubon Ratchathani Immigration on the move

    The new sign at immigration says they open the Rajabhat office on July 3rd. Not July 1st as the original sign said.
  2. Ubon Ratchathani Immigration on the move

    Khun Pran at immigration says you will be able to do visa extensions at the new office.
  3. Dentist in Ubon or Sisaket

    I had one good and one very bad experience at Ubon Rak. I will never go back. There is a fairly new clinic called Dr. Bee where Chayangkun meets the ring road. https://www.facebook.com/pages/DrBee-Dental-Clinic/281132808590861 They have several dentists but my only experience is with Dr. "Jig." She splits time between that office and their Trakan office. I had a chipped tooth and she talked through my options before doing anything unlike other dentists I've been to. She was gentle and made the whole experience as pleasant as possible when getting dental work. Speaks good English and is great with kids too.
  4. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Air Asia starts flying to Chiang Mai on June 23. CNX-UBP 12:05-13:35 UBP-CNX 17:05-18:35
  5. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    The end date of the new sign at the Yaso intersection says March next year.
  6. Homeschool Thailand Requirements

    Yes if continuing school in Thailand that's true. If not, you follow your home country requirements.
  7. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    I stopped and talked to a surveyor today at the Amnat intersection. He said they are doing underpasses at the Amnat & Yasothon intersections of the ring road. So if you are driving on the ring road heading West, you will go under Chayangkun Rd. and then under the Yaso intersection to get to Central. He said they will remove the new stop light in front of the bus station but I didn't understand how they were changing that area. He said it will take 2 years to complete both intersections. I should have clarified if it was 2 years each or 2 years total for both intersections.
  8. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    I see surveyors have been hanging around the Amnat intersection the last few days. Hopefully planning their bridge.
  9. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    I'm quivering because Spago is for sale.
  10. Plumber in Ubon

    Thanks for the report. Saving that phone number for future use.
  11. Homeschool Thailand Requirements

    Talked to a Thai homeschool coordinator who does report to the MOE. Their group is inspected twice a year. If following a curriculum outside of Thailand, no need to report though. They also don't need to register with any school from Thailand's end of things.
  12. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Pizza Hut is coming to Ubon Square next to McDonalds.
  13. Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    You can get an idea here. http://www.ubonhomes.com/
  14. I am an American homeschooling my kids. They are Thai and U.S. citizens. Does anyone know what the reporting requirements are for Thai citizen students homeschooling?