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  1. ubonrthai

    Ma Na Der Cafe

    I thought the coffee was average at best but they had just opened when we went. What it's got going for it is a beautiful view of rice fields. It was a nice one time photo op. I have our family pictures for the next year. Here's the location and Facebook page.
  2. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Here's the link. So in 6 or 7 years we can finally get a flight back to Chiang Mai and Phuket? Or 20 new flights to Bangkok each day...
  3. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    I'll need this soon too. There are stores all over the place that do this. No idea who is actually skilled at it. If you remember, please let me know how it goes.
  4. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Has anyone heard anything about Bangkok Hospital lately? They had supposedly bought 10rai of land in Ubon back in 2013.
  5. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Another condo is coming to Ubon. This one is being built by Central Pattana and will be very close, if not right next to, the mall. You can view their other properties here. You can sign up for information at the mall now.
  6. ubonrthai

    Fishing in Ubon

    Has anyone done any fishing in the reservoirs in South and SE Ubon? East of Nam Yuen.
  7. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    The airport terminal renovations are supposed to be done next February 2019.
  8. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    The new Lotus in Phibun is coming along. I didn't realize they were going to have a Major Cineplex too.
  9. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    Also in next year's budget is finishing 4 lanes from Highway 24 up to Ubon via Road #2085. I'm assuming they mean through Samrong on Road #2178 after it departs 2085?
  10. ubonrthai

    Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

    The Yasothon intersection project is in the approved budget for 2019 so barring any major government changes, it should be almost certainly happening. The Amnat intersection would follow.
  11. ubonrthai

    Preah Vihear Temple open from Thai side?

    400b a week ago and I speak good Thai and had my pink card and yellow book. Snotty old man... It’s worth it though. Plenty of water at Soi Sawan waterfall now. I think the viewpoint and hike at Khao Phra Wihan is worth the money but I like viewpoints.
  12. ubonrthai

    Sample Sentences

    Is there a good online resource for learning words in context? For example, today I heard the word ห่าง and looked it up in a couple dictionary apps but didn’t really understand how to use it in context or how it’s different from ไกล. I can always ask a friend to give me some examples or google it but are there any online dictionaries for doing this?
  13. Good questions. I'll make sure she's prepared. Would any photo evidence of these relationships help? She would have plenty of that.
  14. I am helping a Thai citizen apply for a tourist visa to the U.S. I've read all the requirements here and have a few question for anyone who may have recent experience doing this. The Thai citizen is a woman in her late 20's who has been employed for 5 years at the same business. She has many friends in the U.S. that she will be staying with for free and her travel expenses are being paid for by her boss as a reward for 5 years of work. She has no criminal record and no one in her family has traveled to the U.S. before. If she intends to be in the U.S. 8 weeks in June/July 2019, how soon should she apply for the visa? Should she buy her plane ticket prior to the visa interview to help prove her intent to return? It would be awful to get denied and lose the ticket though. If friends are paying for most of her trip, how does she proof of that? Notarized letters? Supporting Documents - A contract from her employer stating her guaranteed salary/benefits for the year to prove income and intent to return. - Original bank book in her name showing regular income and savings over 100,000b - A 1 page letter from her employer stating position, salary, length of employment, etc. - 1 page planned travel itinerary and activities while in the U.S. - College diploma - Other suggestions?