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  1. Too quick...put him in gitmo til death...solitary confinement.
  2. KCPhuket

    Nine arrested in Phuket drunk-driving campaign

    What is the legal limit? Hoe many drinks puts a 70kg man over?
  3. Something nefarious requiring cash in Thai baht probably. So many ways to xfer electronically.
  4. It's a con...he can sell his toys and get out any time...schmuck slacker.
  5. I usually get my midday naps at a massage facility It's a winwin
  6. KCPhuket

    US politician pepper sprays himself in call to end school shootings

    Teachers are NOT special forces...those who think so aren't thinking at all. They are NOT police. If an active shooter is present they will duck and cover and/or run like hell, so would I if I had only pepper spray (that has to be retrieved from a lock box! Sounds like a moron thought from the commander of cheese, Private Bonespur, a phony not-tough guy who only talks the talk.
  7. Many van drivers drive as though they are still on a motorbike...the van is a little wider and harder to slow
  8. Yep...do something for them...they don't change No consequences...no change Wrong priorities they have
  9. KCPhuket

    Thaksin, Yingluck enjoying their tour of the US

    You mean WashingtonDC circus home of the Clown? Wish I could have gone wth them! Maybe Singapore tomorrow
  10. KCPhuket

    Foreigner Pink ID Card

    Thanks to all. Good info. Yes Yellow Book from Thalang about 9 yrs ago. I will.give it another try.
  11. Has anyone in Phuket gotten a Pink ID Card? Went to Thalang office last year...they didn't have a clue. Thanks
  12. KCPhuket

    Sex toys usage on the rise in Thailand

    They are probably not buying them for a conversation "piece".
  13. Yep...fake news...cry babies...
  14. KCPhuket

    Crazy price - Why ??

    Why do they rip us off? (Try Phuket taxis) Because they can! This explanation applies to many of the actions we read about daily such as: Driving Mobs Murder Etc.