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  1. KCPhuket

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    Stupid stupid law should be binned. Does nothing...alcohol many places for sale 24/7...TIT ?
  2. KCPhuket

    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    12+8=8 On the morning clock ?
  3. Another example of Thai male s**thead behavior. In many counties the ahole would be locked up already hoping for bail. Why is this chickens**t behavior condoned?
  4. Discrimination based on sex and/or age is wrong. Besides...many of the best candidates are female and/or older. We are nearly 20 years into the 21st century...time to move forward. KC...
  5. They can be recycled also...and converted to other plastic products...it's happening in China. Note that the empty beer bottles here end up in the trash.
  6. Yeah another fat phony with black hair die instead of yellow. Actors and performers...a real circus with clowns. And...get this...REAL fake news. Sad.
  7. I have gotten a fine enlargement for 1000bt but alas only lasts as long as the blue pill and the bird has gone ?
  8. Echo of dipsh*t trump while campaigning Bloviating ahole crybabies If you cant stand the heat...GET OUT of the kitchen...please
  9. Trump does not know sh*t but he is sh*t. Harley had this plan long before he disgraced America!
  10. <deleted> is Wrong with this country?? Line em up against the wall...all. AK-47's full auto.
  11. Too quick...put him in gitmo til death...solitary confinement.
  12. KCPhuket

    Nine arrested in Phuket drunk-driving campaign

    What is the legal limit? Hoe many drinks puts a 70kg man over?
  13. Something nefarious requiring cash in Thai baht probably. So many ways to xfer electronically.