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  1. Lakegeneve

    BTS extended Green Line to begin service end of this year 

    You might wish to view the entire future network map (unofficial but the best around) at the bottom of page 42,
  2. Lakegeneve

    BTS extended Green Line to begin service end of this year 

    All platforms are built to accommodate eventual 6 car operations. Some new sets will start arriving by late this year around the time the ext opens but note that there is a possibility of a delay until early next year. From post #629, page 42 in the main thread
  3. Lakegeneve

    Orange Line starts construction April 21

    Worse than that regarding the poorly written headline is that construction of the Orange line actually commenced in June 2017! Construction progress is currently at around 6%.
  4. Lakegeneve

    Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    The SRT is now looking at leasing some rolling stock by next year until the new Eastern HSR line is done.
  5. The SRT is now looking at leasing some rolling stock by next year until the new Eastern HSR line is done.
  6. Lakegeneve

    Anyone here live near Phra Ram 9 MRT?

    There are literally dozens and dozens of apartments in this price range around there especially in Ratchada soi 3. Also, further up Ratchada rd near Esplanade and The Street (soi 7 & 10 etc). You'll find everything from 2.5k to 50k within 1km of Rama 9/Ratchada intersection.
  7. Another thing to consider about the planning quality of the SRT. When they were building the ARL they were planning a new commuter/suburban network in BKK. The 2 Red lines. This is the plan that the SRT came up with; 1) City Line to the Airport - standard gauge, electric. Extended to Bang Sue (and DMK). 2) Light Red line to Taling Chan - narrow gauge, diesel. Extended to Salaya and Hua Mark. Essentially to run directly parallel to the ARL with a new viaduct and new stations directly alongside the ARL stations! 3) Dark Red line to Rangsit - narrow gauge, electric. Extended to Thammasat Uni and eventually Mahachai via WWY to be 89kms lone when done. Now what is the first thing that everyone should notice? All lines were planned to be built to be incompatible with each other! The rolling stock and systems for each line would be unique for that line only! No where in the world would any operator contemplate such a plan! Subsequent, to this the SRT did eventually decide to electrify the Light Red line after pressure from JICA who provided the lion to build the Dark Red line. (Note the Light Red line was completed in 2012 and ran an hourly service from Dec 2012 to Jan 2014 when it was suspended due to no rolling stock. Thus, a 15km line completed in 2012 hasn't operated for 4 years due to a lack of rolling stock!).
  8. AT, I was actually typing much the same reply at the same time as you.... On the contrary, it was always built as a commuter/suburban line witch terminate at an Airport, a dual operation line with an all stop commuter and an express. That's why there are other stations. The long term plans envisage eventual 10 car operations in 2029 (which is why the platforms are so long). That's not 10 cars for people going to the airport.....The mean problem has been is that the line was actually much more successful than projected and pax rates grew years ahead of projections. That is why the SRT approved the purchase of 7 new 5 cars trains in mid 2013. The timing for the purchase was right but the dysfunctional SRT couldn't actually do a tender until 2016 (which was subsequently cancelled). They Express train hasn't operated since Sept 2014 as it was only getting 150 pax a day! The original idea was poorly conceived and in reality implemented to early. The SRT should have extended the line ASAP to Bang Sue (always planned) then DMK after the 2 airport policy change. Then started Express services.
  9. Very true. The BMTA first wanted to purchase new buses in 2006! BJT proposed a US$2 billion dollars 10 year leasing program for 2000 buses in late 2009 when they were in govt with the Dems as an self enrichment project. The Dems thankfully never approved it. Since then there have been 3 different procurement programs of only 450-500 buses the 2nd of which resulted in the supplier having to park the buses as the BMTA wouldn't accept then given the import tax avoidance via Malaysia. The current contract has 489 buses being supplied this year. In fairness to the BMTA the delays have mainly be a result of Thailand's dysfunctional politics and the 4 changes of gov since the first proposal as it needed govt approval. With the SRT it's been there own incompetence. Also to update you, 100 of the first batch of NGV buses are already on the streets plying routes for the last week. The next batch of 100 is due at the end of April and another batch of 100 in May. So you should start seeing them around in the coming months. They still need another 2k buses once these 489 are delivered so that might take few more decades!
  10. You'll be fine around that time. Even on weekday you'll be okay. The only really bad periods are the extended am and pm peak hours and sometimes of lunch time.
  11. Crime stats are always complex and can sometimes paint seemingly conflicting pictures, most importantly they rely on good consistent data with consistent definitions of specific crimes. Often people compares 'apples and oranges' rather than like v like crimes. Most people will always have the perception that crime is rising regardless of the true facts. Tabloid media and flippant statements contribute to that perception. Whilst it's true that violent crime has increased in the last few years in the UK, it is less prevalent than it was over 10 years ago and there has been a huge decrease in violent crime since the mid 90s - generally a reduction in the range of 50-60%! The peak was 1995. So both in absolute number of violent crime offences and more especially proportionate to the population - (usually measured per 100k), i.e.. the pop has grown in 20 years - the UK is much safer now than it was 20 years ago. (That basic general statement is also true of the US, Canada & Australia to name a few). Robbery and theft numbers have had huge decrease in the last 15 years. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/bulletins/crimeinenglandandwales/june2017 Which is not to say that violent crime and specific types of violent crime are not a concern in specific areas. Lastly, knife/sharp object offences increased in the UK by 26% from 2016 to 2017. Some of this is attributed to greater police searches/vigilance and a wider scope of criminal definition than previous years. Yes, knives are a problem especially in metro London but it has to be said that when discussing weapons used in violent crime against the person a knife is preferable to a gun. The UK is much, much safer than the US on that point - just compare both countries homicide rates. At the extreme end you can be stabbed multiple times and survive. The chances of being shot multiple times and surviving are significantly less if not nil.
  12. Lakegeneve

    The New Skytrain

    Talking to my boss she seemed adamant it's been postponed until 2020 due to all the amended posters around Samut Prakan and Paknam showing 2163. re you sure those posters are not referring to the next 7.5km extension south and Samut Prakan town hall is pushing for it to be tendered this year? It is not beyond reality that it could be done in 2-2.5 yrs. (2163 means 2164 anyway). The south extension opening this year really depends if the MRTA and BKK City Hall can conclude an agreement to transfer the project. For the North extension the first part of the extension should open in 2019 - either the 1 station to Central Lat Phrao or to Major Ratchayothin (less likely). I'm probably more optimistic than Crossy is believed that most of this extension will be open by early 2020.
  13. This must be the 3rd thread on this issue in the last 2 weeks!
  14. Lakegeneve

    The New Skytrain

    It now appears that we'll have a further delay with the opening of the SRT Dark Red line even though civil works are 95% done. The opening may be delayed until mid 2021 now as JICA (who provided the loan for construction) wants to ensure proper training and maintenance is in place. A reminder that this project started construction in mid 2013 (after a 2 year contract delay) and was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. That became 2018 after some design changes were made, then 2020 and now...... If it takes effectively 10 years to build a 26km commuter line in BKK then how long will it take to build the whole 88km line to Mahachai? Another 2-3 decades?
  15. Lakegeneve

    Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    Long term it is worth remembering that once the ARL is extended to DMK (with the Eastern HSR line), an APM will be built to connect with T2 (currently under construction) and there will eventually be a southern link along Bang Na Trat rd from Bang Na intersection running to the future T3 terminal - either BTS or light rail..