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  1. Taxi fare: Victory Monument-Muang Thong Thani

    The actual taxi fare from Victory will be around 120-130 baht non peak. Tolls will be 45 baht + 10 baht (+ 25 baht if you exit right at the Muang Tong Thani toll exit which you don't need to unless peak hr). During peak and big event periods, it can take an easy 20+ mins just to get into and out of MTT from Chaneg Wattana rd Trip is 10-15 mins. During peak expect 45-60 mins but it can be more especially if during a busy event period, upwards 90 mins on a Friday evening for eg. - which is when you do want to exit via the MTT toll exit. Fee wise, I'd suggest billing a min 250 baht each way, but make it a even 700 baht per day to allow for unforeseen delays. The van is 30 baht, departs right under the expressway north of victory, east side. Usually 20-30 mins. Drops you at Impact/Challenger on the south side
  2. The New Skytrain

    To add to Crossey's post. The Eastern HSR line to Rayong (first proposed in 1996 and which the Dems stated in the 2011 election they would start by 2012 - not realistic but 2013 probably was) had been delayed by two govt changes. The Yingluck govt election in 2011 and the subsequent military coup in May 2014 resulted in each new govt reviewing HSR plans for at least 18 months each. The original MOT idea had the Eastern HSR using the ARL as a backbone and Makkasan as a Terminus. When the ARL was first proposed and then built, the eventual plan was to extended it to DMK using the Express service only. Indeed, you can read back in this thread that the ARL ext. was a priority for the Yingluck govt in 2013 to get this extension started. The current govt wants to use the Eastern HSR to Rayong to link the now expanded U-Tapao Airport, Swampy and DMK airports. There is an obvious element of duplication with the ARL ext. As Crossey will tell you there was previously a plan to use wide body, high capacity Japanese rolling stock for the Eastern line which meant that the trains could not use the ARL line and would thus terminate at Lat Krabang where pax from the Eastern seaboard would then have to change to the ARL to go to Makkasan & Phaya Thai! Currently, the wonderful SRT already has 3 viaducts proposed to be built for the SRT northern line in the section Phaya Thai to Bang Sue to DMK corridor; 1) The SRT Dark Red commuter line (under construction), 2) The SRT ARL ext to DMK, (new viaduct alongside the Dark Red) 3) The SRT HSR North and Northeastern lines viaduct (which the now extended Eastern will use unless they go for differing rolling stock and track configuration which would be stupid). I've suggested since 2009 that the obvious sensible plan would have been to integrate all 3 SRT projects and build a super viaduct from the outset that can accommodate all 3 projects. (And I'm not mentioning the stupidity that the SRT still plans to extended the Light Red line right alongside the ARL line to Hua Mark with a completely new viaduct and new stations right next to the ARL stations!) Frankly, like much in the mass transit policy world these SRT plans have been a dogs breakfast......regurgitated a bunch of times!
  3. The New Skytrain

    New ARL rolling stock.... The SRT Board stated last week that they are deferring placing the order for the new 7 sets of rolling stock until such time as the Central Government finalises it decision regarding the Eastern HSR line!!! A reminder that the budget was originally approved in 2013 for these new ARL trains which at the time were stated to arrive by the end of 2015 to deal with overcrowding back then! In 2013, overcrowding was in terms of around 45k-50k a day, now the daily pax ave is about 65k-70k a day! IF placed, an early 2018 order would mean a mid 2020 delivery date!
  4. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    Unfortunately, the SRT Board has decided to defer the purchase of new the 7 sets of new rolling stock until such time as the Central Government finalises it decision regarding the Eastern HSR line!!!
  5. The New Skytrain

    1) BMA private Gold monorail Line progressing: The EIA is done and last week Ital-Thai was selected to do the civil works construction. It is suggested that they will start early next year....however, let's wait and see if that happens. 2) BTS Route maps The BTSC is gradually introducing new electronic tri-language route maps for all carriages.
  6. The New Skytrain

    Still no plans for 5 cars sets yet, though they should have already have been introduced a couple of years ago in my view. I think that we can all take it for granted regarding the quality difference between Siemens and CNR group rolling stock. I'm not sure on the breaking front but I do remember that there was some issue there previously and I do also notice what you have observed. The main issue that I am aware of which was posted by an engineer after the first batch arrived was that there were significant manufacturing metallurgical differences with the body of the rolling stock between both manufacturer. He stated that the Chinese trains has strength integrity concerns and that they could potentially 'deteriorate' more quickly in the Bangkok climate, leading to metal fatigue issues arising. It would be interesting to compare crash test results of both models.... It's not my area of expertise....
  7. The New Skytrain

    Based on the rolling stock #s ordered I do believe that you are correct. However, I would suggest that they should be able to achieve around 3min to 3.30 min headways (from the current 4 mins) during a couple of hrs of morning and evening peak periods which would manage the pax numbers a little better?
  8. The cost for a single reentry permit is 1000 baht. Turn up with a completed form with your pic and give it to the girls (who are not immigration officers) at that counter and you will only be charged 1000 baht. You are being charged 200 baht to be provided with the form and take a picture.
  9. The New Skytrain

    The map again for those who are unclear on which line is which.....
  10. The New Skytrain

    I mentioned in the previous update that I would post a summary of new rolling stock orders; A) BEM Blue Line (MRT) - BEM finally placed an order with Siemens a few weeks ago for new rolling stock!!! Originally, they were going to order more stock in 2008 but had to defer due to debt restructuring issues so it has been a long wait! BEM has ordered 35 new 3 car sets which will be delivered in 3 stages ; 1) 3 sets in late 2018, 2) 15 sets in early 2019, 3) 17 sets in late 2019. (Note: BEM should be moving to 4 or 5 cars sets by now as expected pax after the extension are 750k-800k rising to 1m by 2022) BTSC Dark Green (Suk) line (BTS) - 1) The BTSC has ordered for 22 new 4 car sets from Siemens in May 2016 for the when the Samut Prakhan extension. These are being built in Turkey with expected deliveries in late 2018 & early 2019. 2) At the same time, the BTSC ordered 24 more 4 car sets of CRRC (Chinese) for the North ext to KuKot/Lam Lukka rd. These should be delivered in late 2018. (Note: 4 sets will be kept for reserve/repairs etc) C) BEM Pink and Yellow line (MRT) monorail orders - 1) Pink Line: BEM has ordered 42 Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 sets (4 cars) 2) Yellow Line: BEM has ordered 30 sets (4 cars) of the same model. D) SRT Dark and Light Red suburban lines - Hitachi has the contract to supply rolling stock by 2020. However, the exact number of sets is unclear. E) SRTET Airport Line (ARL) - 1) The order for 7 new 5 car sets is still pending. However, the SRT has promised to place it by the end of the year. Summary: That's a total of 81 heavy rail sets (3 & 4 cars) and 72 monorail sets (4 cars) on order!
  11. The New Skytrain

    A few updates: C) 9 & 10) The transfer of land for the Yellow and Pink lines from the MRTA to BSR Joint Venture is going to take longer than expected. Preliminary works are still ongoing, but full construction is not expected to begin until December 2017. D) 11) Purple Line southern ext: The MRTA has announced that the tender will be delayed from next month until December. That shoudl still mean a mid 2018 construction start if no other delays. 12) Orange Line Phase 2 west section: The MRTA has been asked by Cabinet to look at private investment, perhaps a 50:50 PPP funding option. There will be a delay of 4 months while consultants evaluate various options. 13) The Blue line west ext: still expected to go to Cabinet in the next month or 2. Should be tendered by the end of the year assuming no delay.
  12. The New Skytrain

    According to the The Manager and Khaosod papers the pax increase on the Purple line is 47%!! From around 33K av. pax a day to 49K av. a day. One day peaked at just under 60K. The Blue Line has also seen an obvious increase but no specific figure yet.
  13. Frustrated About Traffic In Bangkok

    Driving in BKK is the definition of insanity! Why anyone would waste their time in a car if they have a metro option is beyond me. Agreed that Sukhumvit MRT station at peak is a nightmare. I'm not sure why any BKK resident would not have a MRT card/BTS card even if they are a casual user for the exact purpose of avoiding being caught up in a long line for a token. To answer your last query, the solution is more mass transit. People in Bangkok have to change their mind set regarding driving and accept that mass transit is the future. Unfortunately, the expansion of the metro network has been much delayed, poorly intergrated and generally not well thought out. eg. lack of a single ticket, private operators not having enough funds to purchase new rolling stock leading to overcrowding etc. That is why all new lines are being built with car parks at key stations. That a combination of paid street parking (not many cities in the world have free inner city street parking), traffic calming measures and most likely a charge for driving into the inner areas. None of those measures will reduce traffic, but implementation will slow down the increase in volume a little.
  14. Airport link train sucks

    Not a problem at all assuming that you mean the Industrial Estate. Just take a taxi north on Rom Klao rd. Allow a little extra time the first day and ensure someone writes your exact destination in Thai for the taxi driver.
  15. Airport link train sucks

    Unfortunately, no new rolling stock has yet been ordered.....see the update on the previous page.