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  1. The New Skytrain

    It's good to see that you are enjoying the benefits of the MRT Purple line! At least the Purple line opened only 18 months late, the Blue line ext will open nearly 4 years later than originally scheduled! There's a little bit of a disconnect the world over where people want improvements, but often don't want to endure the period of time it takes in which to implement them. As I mentioned in the last update, "Currently, some 140kms of new lines are under construction ". By the first half of next year we could be looking at an additional 59kms U/C (Purple south ext 23.6km, Orange west 17.5km, Blue west 8km, Dark Red north 10km) minus the 11.4km Samrong to Kheha SP. That would be a total of some 188kms under construction. Essentially, the critical phase of developing the mass transit network that was expected in early 2014. Wait until that time to see what the complaints are by drivers around Bangkok!
  2. Future Park Station?

    This probably relates to something else then like a new pub or restaurant? The Rangsit station is around 1km west of Future. There is also no plan to build any line closer to Future - you can check the map on the bottom of page 44 on the thread I linked. The only real plan for mass transit around there is 3 years ago the Province proposed to open a ferry service running to Klong 9 or 11 (can't remember which). That is still a plan but I've not seen any evidence of progression with building of new piers nor a tender for new ferries. Long term in around 20-30 years it would definitely make sense to have an elevated or grade light rail line running from Sena area/north of Rangsit Uni past Future along Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok rd to at least Thanyaburi with perhaps an eventual extension to Klong 11? It would act as a feeder for the Dark Red line.
  3. The New Skytrain

    Sounds about right then, it is the SRTET after all!. The last 3 times I've taken the ARL it has been city line stock so I haven't seen the express stock for a few months now.
  4. Future Park Station?

    The trek from DM station is very easy. A ramp up to the Amari pedestrian link, walk to the terminal end and take a lift to departures. No problem at all.
  5. Future Park Station?

    It is the Rangsit station for the SRT Dark Red commuter line which will run from the new Huge Intercity terminal at Bang Sue to Rangsit. (This line was originally scheduled to open in 2016 - delayed for various reasons). You can read more about it here in this thread - see update at the bottom. There's some analysis of the Red lines some 20 pages back. The line will eventually be some 89kms long and run from Thammasat Uni (10kms north of Rangsit station) all the way to Mahachai. The next phase is the 10km north ext to Thammasat which should be tendered this year (hopefully).
  6. The New Skytrain

    From my understanding 2 or 3 of the 4 old Express trains should have already have been converted by now? All 4 were finally meant to be done by early Feb.
  7. New NGV Busses

    The 100 Dark Blue NGV buses are all parked at the huge MRTA HQ complex on the Thiam Ruttmit rd side and have been for over 6-8 months. The MRTA has recently requested the owner to move them as they need access to the land which is where the new MRT Orange line depot is being built. The depot land is a long wedge immediately north of the current Blue Line depot. They may have already been moved in the last week or two? The exact location is approx, https://goo.gl/maps/6hs3Y9W1B8F2
  8. Thai reporters always fail to get basic facts right. The SRT Dark Red line is NOT a light rail line, it is heavy rail line AND it doesn't go to downtown Bangkok, only Bang Sue. (Though you can then connect with MRT). Also, a good reporter would've asked exactly where the hotel will be sited. (I guessing south of the Amari). BTW, Amari can be had for 1500 baht.
  9. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    According to an article in the Post today, the Deputy Transport minister has reaffirmed that there will be no new ARL train order until the Eastern HSR line plans are finalised which will not be until at least mid 2018. So don't expect any decision on new rolling stock until the end of the year......sigh... The ARL will start operating from 5.30am from Feb. when a new timetable is introduced.
  10. The New Skytrain

    According to an article in the Post today, the Deputy Transport minister has reaffirmed that there will be no new ARL train order until the Eastern HSR line plans are finalised which will not be until at least mid 2018. So don't expect any decision on new rolling stock until the end of the year......sigh... The ARL will start operating from 5.30am from Feb.
  11. The New Skytrain

  12. The New Skytrain

    The usual caveat....this is only a summary and all is subject to change. Politics, dysfunction and an endemic lack of coordination abounds in the implementation of mass transit policy and projects. Please note that the list numbers only refer to projects/lines or expected extensions based on future plans - numbers have nothing to do with the MOT/OTP M-MAP 10 line master plan (which is currently being reviewed and updated). Some notes; 1) The main progress since my last update in July 2017 (see #596) is that the Orange line construction is well underway and that the MRT Pink line has also started some site construction work. The MRT Yellow line has some preliminary work underway but proper construction is still at least a few months away. The 1.8km ‘toy’ Gold line Auto monorail line has supposedly also started construction but I’m a little skeptical of that. Currently, some 140kms of new lines are under construction (The current network is around 113kms of what will eventually be some 540kms of metro and suburban lines) 2) In the first half of 2018, we should also see tenders on the Purple Line southern extension (delayed from last year), the MRT Blue line 7.8km west extension, and also the Western section of the Orange line which Cabinet is pushing as a PPP model. The SRT Dark Red Line ext to Thammasat Uni and SRT Light Red line to Salaya exts are also expected to be tendered this year. There is also a small chance that one of the 3 BTS exts may be tendered but given the ongoing standoff between the MRTA and BMA on the current 2 extensions, I don’t see another tender going out until next year. 4) 2018 Openings: The BTS Suk line southern ext from Samrong to Kheha SP will open in December. 5) After nearly 20 years the 2 ‘missing’ BTS stations, S4 & N6, are finally being built. Work should begin in 2018. Feel free to ask queries as they are a few people here with specialist knowledge but pls don't quote the complete list if you do post a query. BANGKOK METRO & SUBURBAN NETWORK - UPDATED SUMMARY LIST (Jan 2018) A) LINES/EXTS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION: 1) MRTA Blue Line ring ext (subway) Tha Phra & Bang Khae ext: (Civil works progress 97%) a) Hua Lamphong - Lak Song, 13.9 km , 7 elevated & 4 underground stations. Opens March 2019. Bang Sue - Tha Phra, 13.1 km, 7 elevated stations, Opens 2020. Website: http://www.mrta-blueline.com/ 2) BTS Dark Green line (Suk Line Southern Ext) Samrong to Kheha Samut Prakan ext (MRTA): 11.4km, 6 stations. Opens in Dec 2018. (Civil works progress 100%). Website: http://www.mrta-greenline.net/ 3) SRT Dark Red Line suburban line from Bang Sue to Rangsit: 26km, 8 stations* (Started March 2013, opens June 2020 - civil works progress 89%). *SRT Dark Red Line is metre gauge, electric. 4) BTS Dark Green line (Suk Line Northern Ext): a) Mo Chit to Saphan Mai ext ( MRTA): 11.4km, 11 stations, b ) Saphan Mai to Kukot/Lam Lukka rd: 6.8km, 5 stations . (Construction started late 2015, opening in 2019 - civil works progress 51.21%). 1st Phase to Lat Phrao station to open early 2019. Website: http://www.mrta-greenline.net/ 5) MRTA Orange Line eastern section Phase 1: 20km, 17 stations (10 underground, 7 elevated) Thai Cultural Center to Minburi. Construction stated July 2017, to open 2022. (Civil works progress 3.79% Website: http://www.mrta-orangeline.net/ and 6) MRTA Pink Line (Monorail): Khae Rai intersection to Miniburi via Pakred, Chaeng Wattana & Ram Inthra 36km, 30 stations. Construction started Dec 2017, to open April 2021 but expect 2022 as being more realistic. http://www.mrta.co.th/pinkline/index.html 7) MRTA Yellow Line (Monorail): 30.4km, 23 stations elevated. Latphrao to Hua Mark to Samrong. Prelim. construction starting soon after public consult., to open April 2021 but expect 2022 as being more realistic. http://www.mrta-yellowline.com/ 8) BMA Gold Line (Auto monorail): 1.8km, 3 stations, Krung Thonburi to Klong San. Construction has reportedly started in late Dec 2017, to open late 2019. 9) New Intercity terminal at Bang Sue for all N, NE and S SRT intercity trains, Airport Line extension and both SRT Red Lines. (Construction started May 2014, opening 2019/20 – (civil works progress 57.50%). LINES/EXTS TO BE TENDERED IN 2018: 10) Purple Line ext south. Taopoon to WWY then to Ratburna: 23.6 km. 17 stations (12.6km 10 stations underground, 11km 7 stations elevated). Note: Approved for tender by Cabinet on 25 July. Tender delayed due to PPP proposal. If construction starts by mid 2018, a 2024 is likely. Route: https://www.facebook.com/MRTA.PR/videos/1875103962706329 11) Orange Line Phase 2, west section: From TCC to Bang Khun Non (Charan Sawitwong rd). 17.5km, 13 stations underground. Tender delayed due to PPP proposal. 12) Blue Line west ext to Phutthamonthon sai 4: 7.8km, 4 stations elevated. 13) SRT Dark Red Line north ext suburban line from Rangsit to Thammasat Uni: 8.5kms, 4 stations 14) SRT Light Red line extension: Taling Chan to Salaya to Siraj, 13km, 6 stations 15) BTS S4 Suksa Wittaya station to be built in 2018. 16) BTS N6 Sena Ruam station to be built in 2018 C) LINES/EXTS TO BE TENDERED IN 2019-2020?? 17) BTS Dark Green (Sukhumvit) line south from Paknam to Bang Pu: 4 stations (planned) 18) BTS Dark Green (Sukhumvit) line north ext: from Kukot to Outer Ring rd, 4 stations (planned) 19) BTS Light Green (Silom) line ext from Bang Wah to Taling Chan: 7km, 6 stations (planned) 20) Airport Rail Link (ARL) extension from Phayathai to Bangsue to Don Meaung (DMK): 21.8km, 5 stations (much delayed) 21) MRTA Grey Monorail Line: 26km, 21 stations. Rama 9 Bridge to Kaset-Nawamin/Ram Inthra (Completing EIA). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRT_Grey_Line D) NEXT BATCH OF LINES/EXTs (2022>) - assuming that all goes well in the next 2-3 years 22) BTS Light Green (Silom Line) west: 1-2 station ext west from National Stadium to Krung Kasem rd to link with the future SRT Dark Red Line. 23) SRT Dark Red Line south ext: 59 km, 22 stations a) Bang Sue to Hualumphong to Wong Wian Yai, 7 stations b ) WWY to Mahachai, 15 stations 24) SRT Light Red ext from Bang Sue to Hua Mark, 7 stations (Note: duplicates the ARL line) 25) BTS Dark Green (Sukhumvit) spur line or LRT from Bang Na intersection to Central Bang Na & BKK Airport (planned) E) THEREAFTER OR UNDER STUDY (2025 >) 26) Brown Monorail Line: 20.5km, 21 stations. Monorail Khae Rai intersection along Ngam Wong Wan, Kaset-Namawin to Lam Sali intersection (interchange with Yellow and Orange). (Feasibility study until mid 2018) http://www.brownline-fs2560.com/index.html 27) MRTA Purple Line north ext : 4.5km ext to Sai Noi intersection (requested by Nonthaburi province but no confirmation). 28) BMA Light Blue Line: 9.5km, 9 stations. Monorail. Sathon to Pracha Songkhro. (Status TBC)
  13. The New Skytrain

    If you wish to have a good sense on how the BTS Northern ext is progressing (currently at 51.5% progress) watch this video. The first part of the ext to open will be the long awaited Lat Phrao station (N9) in the first quarter of 2019. N6 might finally also be built by then as well......
  14. The New Skytrain

    3) Finally, BTS Group attempts to give an overview of all lines and ext and their concession period. An okay summary of all planned lines but missing a few others such as like the MRT Brown line (years away), Light Blue line (status still not determined) and the final part of the SRT Dark Red line (Hualumphong to Mahachai) and a couple of other proposed monorails/LRTs.
  15. The New Skytrain

    Before doing the next update I thought that I'd post these BTSC charts for some guidance (though not all dates are accurate) 1) Firstly, an update of current texts and lines which will be operated by the BTS Group. All of these lines/exts are MRTA projects. Main points to note, the Samrong to Samut Prakan ext will open by Dec 2018 and work has started on the MRT Pink Monorail line. The operations dates for the MRT Pink and MRT Yellow lines are also unrealistic. Expect mid 2022 at the earliest. 2) Next group of lines that BTSC wants to bid for operations. Note that seem keen on the Orange line which will be news to BEM who will assume that they have the inside running. Also, the suggested timelines on the BMA Grey monorail Line and the long proposed link from Bang Na to the Airport (called LRT here) are wildly optimistic. Cabinet and the MRTA already has Purple southern ext approved (tender delayed), the Orange Western ext and Blue Line west ext as priority projects to get tendered in the first half of 2018. Plus a couple of the SRT Red line ext. I would think that the BTS Bang Wa to Taling Chan ext (Called Western here but actually it is the "South" line) will be tendered well before the BMA Grey line but let's see. Also, both the BTS final south and north exts are more advanced for possible tender in 2018, than the Bang Wa ext.