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  1. The New Skytrain

    A few updates: C) 9 & 10) The transfer of land for the Yellow and Pink lines from the MRTA to BSR Joint Venture is going to take longer than expected. Preliminary works are still ongoing, but full construction is not expected to begin until December 2017. D) 11) Purple Line southern ext: The MRTA has announced that the tender will be delayed from next month until December. That shoudl still mean a mid 2018 construction start if no other delays. 12) Orange Line Phase 2 west section: The MRTA has been asked by Cabinet to look at private investment, perhaps a 50:50 PPP funding option. There will be a delay of 4 months while consultants evaluate various options. 13) The Blue line west ext: still expected to go to Cabinet in the next month or 2. Should be tendered by the end of the year assuming no delay.
  2. The New Skytrain

    According to the The Manager and Khaosod papers the pax increase on the Purple line is 47%!! From around 33K av. pax a day to 49K av. a day. One day peaked at just under 60K. The Blue Line has also seen an obvious increase but no specific figure yet.
  3. Frustrated About Traffic In Bangkok

    Driving in BKK is the definition of insanity! Why anyone would waste their time in a car if they have a metro option is beyond me. Agreed that Sukhumvit MRT station at peak is a nightmare. I'm not sure why any BKK resident would not have a MRT card/BTS card even if they are a casual user for the exact purpose of avoiding being caught up in a long line for a token. To answer your last query, the solution is more mass transit. People in Bangkok have to change their mind set regarding driving and accept that mass transit is the future. Unfortunately, the expansion of the metro network has been much delayed, poorly intergrated and generally not well thought out. eg. lack of a single ticket, private operators not having enough funds to purchase new rolling stock leading to overcrowding etc. That is why all new lines are being built with car parks at key stations. That a combination of paid street parking (not many cities in the world have free inner city street parking), traffic calming measures and most likely a charge for driving into the inner areas. None of those measures will reduce traffic, but implementation will slow down the increase in volume a little.
  4. Airport link train sucks

    Not a problem at all assuming that you mean the Industrial Estate. Just take a taxi north on Rom Klao rd. Allow a little extra time the first day and ensure someone writes your exact destination in Thai for the taxi driver.
  5. Airport link train sucks

    Unfortunately, no new rolling stock has yet been ordered.....see the update on the previous page.
  6. Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    Based on Crossy's info I'd say rightly for the metros. However, it still seems that the roll out on some BMTA buses will start (very slowly) by next month or slip towards the end of the year......
  7. Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    MRTA is still saying mid 2018 for the metro lines for what it is worth......... https://mgronline.com/business/detail/9600000088698
  8. Airport link train sucks

    The Express Line trains (4) are all being converted with extra seating (see above post). The Express service will never return in the previous format. However, once the ARL extension is completed (which will become part of the Eastern HSR line, there will be Express Services again. Perhaps, in around 5 years. Hopefully, we'll have new rolling stock well before then.........
  9. Airport link train sucks

  10. The New Skytrain

    Since the Blue Line ext to Tao Poon opened pax numbers have jumped significantly - I've caught the train to TP a couple of times now and the extra numbers beyond Bang Sue were very noticeable.. Such that overcrowding at Tao Poon on the Blue line platform is immediately a problem. Pic from this morning posted on the MRTA FB page,
  11. The New Skytrain

    I think I understand my confusion as when I read about it earlier in the year in the Thai press, they were referring to the seats on the Express sets, not the baggage car. I misunderstood it as I thought it included both. Anyway, have checked and the SRTET CEO has also made some recent comments, all of the rolling stock is being refurbished - along with the Express stock conversion. 1 set has been completed, 1 is about to be done and apparently all 9 sets will be completed by Feb 2018. (I take that to mean April or May). The new 7 sets fo 5 car rolling stock will be ordered by the end of the year. (They promise with fingers crossed!).
  12. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    A few updates on the ARL.1) New rolling stockAlthough funds were approved 4 years ago to purchase 7 new 5 car sets of rolling stock (see my previous posts) a combination of internal delays and subsequent corruption allegations related to an intended purchase of Chinese rolling stock, meant that the process was suspended in late 2015.For what it is worth, the SRTET CEO is stating that the order will be placed by the end of 2017. Given the normal 2 year delivery period we won't be seeing any new trains before early 2020!2) PSDs:The installation of Platfrom Screen Doors has become a priority. The contractor will be selected next week with installation to commence ASAP. Expectation is all 7 stations will be completed by early next year. They will start with Phaya Thai and Lat Krabang stations3) Current 9 rolling stock refurbishmentThe SRTET is refurbishing all of its current trains, especially the Express trains and converting seating and the baggage car for pax. 1 set has been completed, 1 is underway and all 9 sets should be done by Feb 2018.Once done this will allow the frequency to be increased to every 8 mins during peak hours and allow for a capacity of 80k pax per day. Summary by April next year (hopefully):1) PSDs on all station,2) Refurbished trains - especially Express for greater capacity,3) Increased frequency,4) And fingers crossed finally an order for new rolling stock!
  13. Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    Depressing news Crossy. It really is beyond stupidity that commuters will still have to suffer for another couple of years while the MRTA and MOT work out how to implement a common ticketing platform that they first started discussing back in 2008! A requirement to implement such should have been part of the contract terms for every new contract since 2014.
  14. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    The SRET CEO stated last month that pax are up 10% with an average of 65K per day, 73K on a busy Friday. Since the death of the pregnant woman who fell on the tracks back in June, the SRTET has prioritised the installation of PSDs for all stations. Under tender with a schedule to start by the end of the year.
  15. The New Skytrain

    One thing that I forget to mention was that the SRTET back in Feb was considering the idea of ordering 12-15 single Disiro II cars from Siemens to just extend the current rolling stock to 5 car operations. Need to check on that too.