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  1. By the way, any visiting lots allocated to the public after the verdict?
  2. Their additional income would be greatly affected!
  3. First and foremost, they are Burmese. THE END!
  4. Ummmm......so Koh Samui is trying to take the number 1 title from Phuket now.
  5. Nobody question the army captain? It is so obvious this involved him.
  6. From today onwards I am going to be quite rich by every end of the month.
  7. Ummm.....probably too sad seeing her friend has left.
  8. Fortuner is an expensive car? My foot! It is just a soup-up pick up chassis with more sheet metals covering it. It is for those who cannot afford the real German SUVs but trying to show off by having a larger body sized car. Enough of this?
  9. The Thai police is better than the Scotland Yard! Simply brilliant!
  10. Finished the clean up only the beach but the quality tourists are going to swim in the shit.
  11. No problem, just take their own sweet time cleaning because all the tourists are heading to Vietnam now.
  12. Let them go kill each other because it is really none of our business.
  13. In a country of stupid, nothing can be done to improve. Simply hopeless!
  14. Is there any method they can stop the Brits from dying in Thailand?
  15. Sorry to say this but I will definitely whack this bloody idiot if I am at the scene! Dead sure!!!