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  1. I just wonder what the prime minister will say if he sees this video clip?
  2. Investigation continues because the police definitely has no clue because he was not at the balcony!
  3. Throw these so called politicians into the jail and we shall see which remaining politician buy underage sex again. Of course we know jailing them is not going to happen in this corruptive country.
  4. Whose brown envelopes are thicker would be waived.
  5. Looks like the whole of Thailand's politician are buying sex from under 18 girls. Well, they will never go to any Thai jail for sure.
  6. So the it all boils down to the money and no so much on the investigation.
  7. Sentences reduced simply means many brown envelopes have changed hands. Anybody doubts this?
  8. Cases committed by the weak and poor always closed very fast. The rich & powerful take years and most of the times being forgotten.
  9. You like it = Good. You don't like it = Bad. Simple logic!
  10. I thought Thais always treat farangs as wealthy tourists?