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  1. This girl is doing a great community service for taking this bastard down! The country should reward her.
  2. Is this guy stupid or what sYing Thailand is safe for tourists? The Thai police had just killed a French tourist and the police themselves say it is safe.
  3. This is the last resort for Thai male loser! Anyway, this case would be toned down and disappeared with the bastard being transferred to a very quiet provincial district far from civilization so nobody knows where is he.
  4. I can safely say all these village chief are good for nothing fellows!
  5. In Thailand, any wealthy person or high ranking official says is considered law!
  6. Treatment? Oh......we try our best to believe otherwise faces are loss!
  7. You must be a fool to believe what they said in this place.
  8. Spot on! Even the victim's Prime Minister plead is useless. Whoever, "so and so's son" & 'Not me" would meet the hangman on one of the Friday at 5.45am!
  9. This is Thailand's zoo of a different kind........LOL
  10. Thais don't steal. Definitely has to be the foreigners!
  11. Thai safety standard at its best!
  12. This is a total waste of manpower resources because we know nothing is going to happen to this fat toad!
  13. Oh....this is very sad news that Thailand has dropped its world ranking.
  14. I begin to suspect the doctors in this hospital might have some dealings with human organs.