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  1. We know how this country operates therefore this extradiction will never happen!
  2. Wow! Singapore passports are available too. Must be a good value buy.
  3. Many times consumers are complaining things that are clearly beyond the scope of warranty. To make matter worse, the people working in these brands have no clue as usual in Thailand, of how to handle customer complains and follow-up rectification is there are any. I personally feel these brands have been cornered by ridiculous demands!
  4. Sorry to say that this guy has to be permanently locked up away from the society for a very long time. An extremely cruel act against a human!
  5. An ultra smart motorcyclist to make his presence know for safety reason.
  6. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    I have difficulty figuring out what is supposed to be shown on the photo. Please do not post such photos as they are wasting media space!
  7. Well, double pricing is an entrenched practice in Thailand for decades. Every government probably knows this but nothing has been done so far.
  8. Simply ask what speed he was traveling at the point of collision that could cause death?
  9. This is not an isolated case because there are hundreds around the countries happened daily but not recorded!
  10. Stop wasting time on Smart this or that whereby your people could not even process a simple car registration within a few days! High technology needs smart and intelligent people to operate and upkeep. Please take note!
  11. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    Pig ass barking again!
  12. It would be good if the next time he has gone stiff next to Chao Phya River!
  13. In Bangkok, the Hotel Indra's bottom 2 levels probably have the most fake goods.
  14. Thailand is a clean country according to the government....LOL