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  1. The citizens should instead have the power to spy the Thai police for corruption. Really shameless!
  2. This morons are really rotten to the core.
  3. This country never feels ashamed!
  4. Probably he would have gone to the heaven if he died because he was so holy wearing monks' robe.
  5. He was following the GPS direction to hell. It's legal!
  6. Nothing is going to happen in this land of Mickey Mouse Law.
  7. Too many monkeys running wild in this country.
  8. Probably has someting to do with the brown envelopes where the Japanese don't give a shit!
  9. Luckily the driver is killed and one road menace less to make our roads safer for the future.
  10. It's a very painful experience, indeed.
  11. Probably it's a one-two plan but this guy suddenly backed off.
  12. He was just lucky, nothing else.
  13. 20,000 baht as compensation for a young life? Speechless!