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  1. It's all about money. Well, they are silenced now.
  2. He is arrested probably he has nothing to give anymore.
  3. So I reckon they are now nabbing blacks only.
  4. Thais generally don't have any clues of how to appreciate good cooking. They just take what is free on the tables as these do not add-on to the price of what they have ordered.
  5. Bird brains need a very long time to understand something is wrong.
  6. Reuters has got everything wrong, seriously wrong because Thailand is a very peaceful Buddhist country and deep in cultural ethics, absolutely has no red light district.
  7. The Thai idiot reduction campaign on public roads has just kicked off!
  8. No problem, the electrical posts are keeping a close watch on him. folks, stay tuned!
  9. Another sudden windfall for police as year end bonus!
  10. Has anybody seen anything of high quality in Thai government projects around the country?
  11. After another 3 to 4 cases of sentencing I reckon she should be expired by then.
  12. I will take if I know who is taking on the wheels. A professional Japanese operator or ....LOL......... minivan drivers converted?
  13. Back to Pattaya we go, Mr Crusoe

    Should have power him to Bangladesh!