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  1. No problem in this country. Judges still need to pay their respect to her because she is more senior.
  2. If this Vernon must come absolutely clean if he wishes to choose this path.
  3. wvavin

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    This is simply an excuse by the monopoly of the CP Group to take any possible profit no matter how small in this country. As this country has a weird trend of the poor are scared of the rich therefore when a giant speaks, who dares not to listen!
  4. He should keep his US citizenship as a safety net especially where he is staying in such country now.
  5. I feel that Vernon is taking a high risk by sueing Musk. Musk could not be that stupid by calling him a child pedo for no reason. If Musk were to present some of Vernon's peso evidents then he would be a dead meat!
  6. Brainless moron + Firearms = __________.
  7. They are considered lucky that the ladyboy did not do a reverser to tear them apart....LOL
  8. They are simply an illusion in a country of great pretense.
  9. These are very high quality tourists, which Thailand welcome them with open arms!
  10. The BBC should set up a time on TV to broadcast on the enquiry of the Koh Tao murder before allowing this joker to conduct any interview.
  11. Protest at the airport? This is a good timer the army to bring in a tank to mow down the whole row of taxis and end the saga!