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  1. How good can a shitty country has for justice?
  2. Thailand just needs vigilantes and nothing else.
  3. wvavin

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    Nobody is willing to pay anything to the thugs!
  4. These people are really wasting the taxpayers' money on this useless movie!
  5. Thailand’s Country of Death title is now complete by covering Air, Sea & Land!
  6. Millions of plastic bags big and smalls are being used everyday but the authority simply has no clue on how to eradicate this problem!
  7. These blokes really have no clue on how Thailand makes money!
  8. They would probably be allocated to different cells every night.
  9. Bunch of idiots that caused the unnecessary loss of an innocent life!
  10. Thailand is now the crowned as the country of Death!
  11. I thought I have commented that this caver continued talking and now he still talks but no action again!
  12. "Authorities should then try to figure out what happened to the boats" This clearly shows the Thai authority does not even has the slightest clue on the safety at all! The world knows very well how this country works but did not see it coming that so many tourists were perished by their negligence.
  13. So what Elon Musk's allegation might be quite true!
  14. This is a typical small prick Thai coward that only knows how to bully the weak and poor!
  15. Why is there so much of talking? If the allegation is not true then just sue or else everybody would think you are really a “pedo”.