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  1. Oh....must be heated up to the brain.
  2. DOn't need to waste time on this. Let them continue their 500 baht fine and a wai.
  3. "Speeding pick up" ? I will never pity them. Too bad, there are collateral damages.
  4. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Well, its kind of subjective on this case because the amount is not exactly big into thousands of baht. All in all is only a 75 baht difference and I would happily gave him if the driver was polite enough to ask for it.
  5. They simply feel so proud in the statistics for them to present and followed by a photo taking session. Look boss! these are the people working.
  6. Oh! This is scary. I hope any kind souls are able to expose the name of this hotel for the good of everyone here in case we have friends visiting Bangkok.
  7. On one said we have drunkard and on the other side we have a lazy, greedy and useless cop. This country would never move forward. not in another 4 to 5 generations at least if they are lucky enough.
  8. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    A father & daughter love.
  9. He mentioned "sorry"...for not providing enough money for this Ann to spend???
  10. Typical a Thai practice that they would setup a shrine to pray to the sharks so as not to attack the people there or perhaps asking for lottery numbers.....LOL
  11. Is she really his girlfriend or he presumed she is his girlfriend?
  12. He sold his pig farm is because every female pig in his farm is impregnated with his child!