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  1. Best Paid IPTV Service

    Hello, Who do you think provides the best paid iptv service? (Don't mind paying for a good reliable buffer free service) Currently i am with Flawless iptv but am having a few issues with buffering lately. Would like to hear from others. What services they are using and the pros and cons.
  2. Channel 9now Melbourne APK app

    Hello, Have been using the channel 9now apk app with a vpn for a long time with no issues what so ever.(always buffer free) I have noticed for about the past month the mail station within the app works for the first few seconds and then locks up. Is anyone else having the same problem and is there a fix to this? The other channels within the app work fine.. Thanks
  3. Fastest True Move H Internet

    What's the fastest (data package) speed that can be reached on true move H....I am looking for unlimited use with a minimum of about 10 meg. If you have the package subscription number and what the package is that would be great....1 week is enough if possible.. Cheers
  4. Hello, Am looking for information regarding transferring money out of Thailand to Australia, not great amounts, max of about $1000 at a time. I live and work legally in Thailand with a work permit. I see there are many offering Australia into Thailand, but not that many online sites out of Thailand, already looked at paypal and skrill, but their fees are just too high, just trying to do it cheaper than bank to bank transfers as they are rather expensive. I have both Thai and Australian banks to link.The transfers will be not frequent, maybe every few months at most. Do you good people in the know have any recommendations of any websites that provide this service. I would prefer to have something setup online if there is such a site. I currently have transferwise but they only offer transfers out of Australia. Looking for information regarding this Thanks
  5. Sucker....She's sending him broke before they even tie the knot. I can see where this is going....ouch.
  6. 90 Day Reporting Online

    Try putting your nationality in first, then DOB and lastly passport number. In other words start from the bottom and work your way up. That's what I had to do. Hope you get a result.
  7. 90 Day Reporting Online

    Just a quick update got approved, so looks like it's working as of today.
  8. Hello, Is the Immigration 90 days Reporting website up and running...I seem to be pending for a long time. Does anyone have the low down?
  9. Hello Thinking of heading down to Pattaya the weekend of the Grand Final. Does anyone know who will be showing it? I don't have Australia Plus in my condo, so that's out of the question. I stay in Central Pattaya near Big C.. preferable on a big screen. Thanks... Go Tigers
  10. Used car transfer / registration?

    If all the paperwork is in order from buyer ans sellers end, it's a very simple process. No need for an agent, all can be done by yourself.
  11. Cleaning Window Tint.

    Hello, Just removed the Easy Pass Tag from the inside of the front car window, am left with all the adhesive glue stuck on the film. What's the best way to remove all the sticky glue stuck to the film without doing any damage. Tried Windex but that's not having any effect on cutting through the glue. Any ideas on how to get it off would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Sounds like your too late my friend, the horse has already bolted. You should of thought about the consquences before. If you are the father do the right thing Sent from my SM-J700F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Car tax.

    I thought the car road tax must be paid where the car was first registered at, if this is to be true will save me driving to Bung Khun Thien every year. I tried taxing a car at Jutujak LTO, and they said I couldn't, showed in the back of book where it was first registered, had to do it at Suan Pak LTO. Any Clarification on this would be great?
  14. His Lady wife....better than having a man wife......lol
  15. How to sell a used car

    Why not put it on www.bahtsold.com