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  1. stop digging into the past we all know how many tragedies there were on all sides move on, or do you get off on researching this.
  2. Nontabury what,s done is done the past is in the past people like you can not move on. I take it you get all your information from the internet.
  3. we can all get it wrong CharlieH no worries, good job theoldgit is here to keep us right
  4. agree with the above post going by road or rail there is no problem no one checks, as long as you go back the same way avoid flying between the North and South.
  5. what do you know about him only what you read in newspaper rags. you got the bigot bit so wrong that he certainly was not. he was a freedom fighter who became a peace maker. read the article from the post in 138 and read what Doug Beattie says
  6. wonder what his last words were??
  7. he was looking the wrong way if he had looked the other way he would have crapped for sure
  8. I read what was reported. your suggestions are related to Thai Bashing, think we have enough bashers on here
  9. G Campbell never liked Martin because Campbell is a Bigot . The Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie sumed it up perfectlay .
  10. opened my mouth to soon before i read the whole story, driver lost control and went head on into the truck travelling in the opposite direction.
  11. Trailer trucks again most likely travelling at the ridiciously low speed they go at, don,t know what speed the deceased were travelling at but very sad. RIP.
  12. are these kind of thai men born with a piece of their brain missing? they never seem to think of what happens afterwards. what will be his sentence life in Jail or death?
  13. ezzra. don,t know where you get your information from but this was RAPE.
  14. how do you fall asleep riding a motor cycle and its only 2.30pm. lucky to be alive