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  1. I think im getting to like chief Apichai Krodpetch good on him cheating scum
  2. I have to disable Adblock on TV or else?

    i just opened a post on the same thing in the support desk wrong decision by Tv
  3. name and shame Sanook would be very quick in naming if it were a Falang
  4. go to the top of the class whoever thought this up . i fear the pubs will be empty. why don,t the cops offer a free taxi service
  5. where is that Swiss guy when you need him. what a total ass hole prime example
  6. I forgot to add if Guilty. but this is Thailand and Car verses motor bike
  7. on the fact two people lost their lives and on many possibilites speeding/ mobile phone not paying attention lack of driving experience is that enough for you
  8. shocking that young lady should get the maximum penalty and never been allowed to drive again
  9. ‘Cup E’ model arrested for DUI

    stupid young lady driving under the influence well done to the police she looks like one of those Japanese robot dolls
  10. hotel for three days in chaing mai

    I suggest you go on line and look up hotel booking sites or try on Thaivisa no one can really suggest a hotel to you everybody have different views
  11. did,nt say she was,nt intelligent or attractive she is second hand goods
  12. she must have something special
  13. really Harry could have had his pick of most of the beautiful young women in the world and he chose to have a used model. love is really blind
  14. thai elephants must have the same mindset as thai men