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  1. poor girl at least she is still alive. im afraid this is Thailand and this is how it is. you cannot impose Western laws here.
  2. another innocent life taken. hey colinneil is that a new word you,ve invented, aw3ay
  3. dont quite know what to make of the truck drivers gesture of 20,000 is he feeling guilty or does he feel bad about that he killed Sophie and her unborn child. After watching the video of that excuse for a person who is guilty of the death of Sophie it made my stomach cringe, such a low life ass , he should be charged.
  4. if he done that to my boys he would be eating his food through a straw
  5. what thailand needs is a judge with a huge set of B---S to sentence these murderers to death or life.
  6. well op if you don,t know whats missing at the table i,m not going to tell you.
  7. I can,t understand why the school that my boys go to has to have this special day where they have to have another uniform and different colour shoes just more expense
  8. if its true what was said about his pension, I think to use it as an excuse for suicide is beyond belief. He chose how he was going to spend his life, so blaming the UK government is not acceptable.
  9. i think the dog went first
  10. France is now in the hands of the Gods. just look at Macrons eyes one open one closed
  11. stop digging into the past we all know how many tragedies there were on all sides move on, or do you get off on researching this.
  12. Nontabury what,s done is done the past is in the past people like you can not move on. I take it you get all your information from the internet.
  13. we can all get it wrong CharlieH no worries, good job theoldgit is here to keep us right