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  1. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    No... maybe you misunderstand what i have posted, if you have read all the posts you will find the answer. it is so easy for someone to accuse you of an offence therefore the police have to react.
  2. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    like everything in life wherever you are there is good and there is bad.
  3. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    don,t know about that but do agree about names being with held until prove guilty
  4. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    for all you pedos out there there,s no smoke without fire, police just don,t go around arresting men without some cause
  5. Naked woman found dead in Bangkok house

    The Nation at its best. if it had read... Body of old lady found dead.. would you have read the story. Don,t think much of the son in law.
  6. world cup football

    Big Sam as boss of USA now that i would like to see. feel for Gordon maybe he just hasn,t got what it takes.
  7. world cup football

    commiserations to all Americans who support soccer for such a vast country not to qualify. and congratulations to Ireland North and South for getting into the playoffs
  8. A Lettuce ... A Lert

    Brain cells
  9. big bus with minivan wheels they look way to small for the size of the bus
  10. judging by the children in the picture they look in good health compared to children in African countries. No doubt someone will start up a new charity mostly as a business for to line their own pockets.
  11. police are on the look out for a young lady with a funny walk
  12. I thought the gays would be pleased with this exciting piece of encouragement. great news for those who were infected by other means.
  13. Pra--t the yu should be dropped when i shake someones hand i look them in the eye looks like a PR stunt to make Prat look good, Trumph looked really interested in the meeting Mrs P was in no danger of any advances from Donald.
  14. well done to the cop, what i see is a need for more protection around the school entrance such as bollards to stop parking, also a couple of large ramps to slow down the self centered brainless twits in cars and on bikes