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  1. don,t know, I think Grandma ate the frog
  2. its looking like the start of a new era in the fight game already 2 more boxers are showing interest. McGregor will have to get lucky, and if it goes the distance Mayweather will win on points. but who knows
  3. hope the McGregor/ Mayweather fight is better than this one
  4. Love affair gone wrong maybe. How did he come by the car ?
  5. so your suggesting he gets away with it. what about the victim
  6. and there lies the difference between American and British humour RIP Brucie
  7. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    now who,s repeating theirself. it,s you that has a flaw in your logic jumping off skyscrapers indead.
  8. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    that, your opinion and im sure you will get back up soon. America put men on the moon and they can,t rescue a car from a river, now they have 2 cars. now more families grieve.
  9. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    I say a very BIG well done to the SAR Thai team who rescued the Dutch lady in Pai and it only took 30 minutes
  10. Taylor Swift wins groping trial against radio DJ

    skinflint ..about all there is to grope not much of her.
  11. Big round of Applause for the Thai rescue team only took 30 minutes.
  12. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    yes i know all that. how do you think the families are feeling ?
  13. Child rapists on the loose in Koh Phangan

    the Yemen know how to deal with Child rapists the scum raped a four year old they shot him 5 times and strung him upside down on a crane for all to see
  14. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    sorry Professor for one little spelling mistake please make me get down so as you can put my shoes on my head