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  1. "relevant agencies", including police, were following Yingluck and Thaksin." Thai spooks.....should be easily spotted by their haircuts!
  2. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    More nonsense blaming the people for the troubles.... One would think that after 17 coups over the past 70 years that nothing has ever been achieved...this current coup shows exactly more of the same. In reality, coups are staged simply for the military to have their respective turns at the trough!
  3. Thai victims exposed in US human trafficking 

    This story will no doubt raise the anger of many Thais on social media .....probably much more so than the real issue of child prostitution trafficking, here in Thailand.
  4. It's often been bandied around that Prawit is the force behind Prayut and given the latter' performance to date, I would think that it's pretty close to the mark.....if so, then moving the "boss" out will not happen.
  5. "The relative said the accused had filed a lawsuit against the woman for adultery. He said the court ruled against her because of evidence “made by coercion” including the photos." Just the usual Thai justice system protecting their mates....... And so......we have another high profile rat that will likely never be punished!
  6. Obviously, they're used to road carnage....China ain't no drivers paradise!
  7. More of the same.....possibly if they were tourists, it may have been different.
  8. The old heaps of rusting crap called buses, will still be puffing along for ever....the photo above shows what is already here, but the commission money ain't right yet!
  9. Just waiting for the Thb100K fine....but at 74, he's going fine...good on him.
  10. Take out the 2nd amendment......people should not have the right to bear arms! This was written into the US constitution in 1791...227 years ago. Why does it apply in 2018?
  11. A Thb 20K sting is almost traffic offence bribe size....so just a small fry that upset someone higher up....meanwhile ex cop boss gets a please explain for Thb 300mill of likely, ill gotten money...!
  12. BoJo didn't really say that much....but the National article makes it appear he was talking about sex tourism and abusing children...neither of which was mentioned. The British media (other westerns included) is disgraceful at best, and has been for decades. Unfortunately, often applauded by the bored readers of these rags!
  13. This is going to make for some really dull Xmas parties in Canberra!
  14. Maybe this project is earmarked for someone high up.....certainly a prime site!
  15. Thailand is being watched.....but nothing will improve as the junta doesn't care about international criticism, because as always, they're wrong. And still no-one knows where this so called "road map" goes to, or if any of the contents have been achieved.....