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  1. "The 40 new speed guns cost about $180,000."...An excerpt from an Australian newspaper about state police purchasing 40 hand held cameras. Roughly $4500AUD each....or 117,000Thb 675,000Thb is so typical of government purchasing....~500% more expensive than they should be...a great improvement to certain families wealth!
  2. The whole tourist thing in this region seems to be illegal.....12 inspections and 10 have issues!
  3. And let me guess......it's a bit sensitive for the DSI (FIB of Thailand...or so they say!) to actually do something constructive.....like get the influential person to go to jail?
  4. Path to Thailand 4.0 is a cyber-minefield

    Tried purchasing a ticket online with Thai Air and the site would not accept my Visa from an Aussie bank.....Thailand 4?...have a ways to go yet!
  5. ‘Torpedo’ turns out to be harmless float

    The RTN protecting Thailand......and these guys are going underwater in submarines??
  6. Where ever these photos are taken, the floods look bloody serious....neck deep in flood water is not funny! Stupid statements like this being published......most likely because there's hardly much effect in BKK...
  7. Police reform work in progress: Gen Boonsrang

    And where is General Suthep?
  8. Shooting at a Patong nightclub

    Sounds familiar....!
  9. Usually, there are 3 types of braking systems...2 on the cables and then the counterweights....some systems may differ. In a separate incident, that happened just last week in BKK.....the elevator plunged. Main fault is usually service people forgetting to reset the electronics after they finish work.....obviously, they don't have a checklist!
  10. Unbelievable! Never know when you're time's up! Of course.....concrete barricading would have likely prevented this small car going in here......but why would anyone want to barricade a huge hole by the roadway!
  11. Who needs bomb makers when Thailand has these idiots storing huge volumes of gas!
  12. Well......can't blame the military....they have immunity....so it must be the foreigners again!
  13. "Stricter accounting methods".......translates to the Army will do it from now!
  14. A very immature prediction......20 years is nothing.... While education in Thailand continually suffers from declining standards, it's neighbours are performing and forging ahead... Thailand 4 is a distant fantasy...no-one can trust much about Thailand" e-commerce businesses....