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  1. Looks like an old doorless Isuzu ....full of rocks, so probably over loaded....added to that, a dumb ass driver! But it sure doesn't look like fate to me.
  2. I think we all wonder the same...... Unfortunately, to admit defeat of a failed system which should cause some (many) to be moved on, won't happen. Krenjai!
  3. One day the tourists will learn......don't hire scooters in Thailand!
  4. On your bikes with Ofo

    Good that this is working on campus, which are usually flooded with cars and motorcycles... If expanded to the cities and towns, most bikes would disappear or be trashed, as has happened in other international cities, that don't have purpose designed docking stations.
  5. Another private "university"....term loosely used here! Offering degree courses, but at the end..sorry...no degree.(not that it would be worth anything)....but people are scammed again! There are many of these scam rotten education facilities in Thailand that should be closed.....
  6. "Samrit said Sakchai fired his gun once at the motorcyclists, who were closing in on him, but nobody was hit." <deleted>!....John Wayne never had this type of trouble....nobody's going to believe this back home!
  7. 24 hrs training here, but soon to be 40hrs!..... Hope I never have an accident that requires these medics to attend me!
  8. Laws here are not amended, they're forgotten or ignored
  9. By targeting clueless drivers would be an admission that their licence testing system is a failure....and they sure won't admit that!
  10. Somkid takes the reins of 11 ministries

    He certainly knows about trough filling......
  11. Prayut ‘concerned’ about weapons cache

    No mention of the estimated 5 million illegal weapons, adding to the 10 million "registered" guns already out there ..... These looters are in no way ready to give up their power.....there's too much more to take....
  12. The MFA don't know the UK rules on passports?? YL fled a military regime and the biased justice system...that the courts found her guilty is pretty abitrary now and unless Thailand does manage an extradition, which is very doubtful, she won't be coming back here... The UK, and many other nations, often assist countries ex-leaders in situations such as she experienced.
  13. Just a diversion from the usual police extortion, underage sex slaves, ladyboy street thefts, falling elevators... Useless administrators in Thailand are everywhere
  14. Hopefully they'll do better that the Nigerian Bobsled team!
  15. Surin’s death a huge loss for Democrats

    His absolute backing of Suthep' chaos didn't do anything for his reputation.... Of course the Dems will miss him, but regardless, like PT, they still have no quality leaders ....and so the continuing soap opera of Thai politics will continue!!