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  1. Seems they're talking of having traffic lights work together to allow better traffic flow......no AI involved because that would fail badly here....as does anything involving intelligence !
  2. A dangerous man and Prayuth' biggest threat.....and well supported!
  3. Pretty much sums up ASEAN whoever has the chair.....negative is not in their vocabulary!
  4. He is 89.....give the old fella a little break.
  5. Who's driving this guy....'cos it ain"t Prayut
  6. It's 4:30 now and no crash reported...good news!
  7. ChrisY1

    Marijuana growing to be tightly controlled

    State agencies....only Thais to grow....sure, it'll be strictly controlled:))
  8. I must remember....flee the scene and sober up!
  9. Genetic modification of the local populace in progress.....unfortunately this time, it's a cow!
  10. But these are Pollies relatives???.....An apology, a wai and a slap on the wrist!
  11. ChrisY1

    Election no later than March, Wissanu assures

    Arranging elections and the coronation at the same time?......I can see this all going sideways very easily!
  12. As an Australian, I do not trust their immigration system nor granting of refugee status one bit....even though the UN has granted this girl refugee status, is certainly no guarantee Australia will accept her. The Bahraini, al Araibi, IMO, is in great danger of being sent back to Bahrain....the investments they have here could well dictate the outcome to keep them onside. The question is whether the Thais are serious about this guys freedom and sending him back to Australia, given their atrocious decisions of past? As for the joke and Prawit, they're well out of their depth here
  13. They don't have to try hard to be jerks....