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  1. ChrisY1

    Khaosan Future Remains In Limbo

    Gen Aswin living up to his name.....and his usual sheer stupidity!
  2. ChrisY1

    PM's Bodyguard commander hits back at US

    Love this.....gangsters being starved by bigger gangsters
  3. All designed for greater tea funding.....no-one can afford such stupid fines and the gaols would only add to the current debacle in prisons! Thailand is becoming more of a comical country where stupidity rules!
  4. We all know sheep shagging is a reserved profession for only 1 or 2 country' folk.....not permitted in Thailand
  5. Th 500 million for marine safety.....well, what's left after the "officials' grab their share of this cash, there'll likely be about Tb200m remaining.....which will then go to committees.....and of course, uniforms.
  6. ChrisY1

    PM says science important to national development

    Absolutely agree with him on this....just a shame there's very little evidence of quality science research and development ever becoming available here....and it's no good telling kids...you need quality academics. Water pushers comes to mind, for all to see!
  7. Similar to getting rid of the rats in Bangkok.....
  8. Just stop Israel killing the Palestinians..... The UN solution....possibly send more human rights people.....a completely useless and corrupt agency nowadays!
  9. They'll soon be no-one left to turn the lights off!
  10. They're communists....never have to worry about people or the environment..
  11. These guys are funny.....but they'll never have the wit of the Goons!
  12. ChrisY1

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Thais don't see this trash....it's a normal part of their lives and don't understand what the fuss is about. Just as they don't hear dogs all night, noisy music and smelly drains....all normal to them.
  13. ChrisY1

    Fraud chief hails Bt13bn in seizures

    How much of this "wealth" has been returned to the scammed public....or has the government just taken the lot?
  14. Many Thai politicians have big mouths that do not close which quite often lead to their downfall.....this crook may soon have his day in court...hopefully!
  15. He won't be any different....arrogant and self centred.....and section 44 will likely still remain.