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  1. This guy should have been rewarded...not arrested!
  2. The whole insurance business in Thailand, with vehicle insurance excepted, is a scam. Getting insurance from taxis would be a non event!
  3. Wouldn't believe much of what Pacific Island business people say....
  4. Another method of raising black money for the RTP..... Most average Thais simply cannot afford such high fines, no matter the reason for such fines. But an under the table payment, less than the high fine cost, for forgetting an offence, would appeal to many.
  5. ChrisY1

    Chinese delegation discuss Phuket safety issues

    Thailand doesn't yet understand the principle of safety......maybe the Chinese don't either. Anyway, not the type of retirement place I would like....850,000 Chinese in 3 months!
  6. I think it's simple.....a scheme for their mates who are in retail.....and call it a stimulus
  7. Surely the military had no hand in this management change.....as with the other English language newspaper?
  8. I wonder if the chemical companies may have done a little "lobbying".
  9. ChrisY1

    Crashed Air Force jet may have hit power cables

    So not a fault of the 40 year old aircraft then?
  10. K. Sumeth is a fine choice for this position... never having been in the airline industry and likely no idea how it works ....and with Thai desperate for major overhaul in a fiercly competitive market, I’ll give him 12 months. But with Thai announcing a 50% increase in profit, maybe they don’t need a ceo! Freebies to generals and families must continue!
  11. Like telling baboons to stop eating bananas!
  12. Well.....there sure are plenty of buck toothed <deleted> here too!
  13. This survey was done in BKK...... Sois 3 to 7
  14. The authorities get enough income annually to manage these problems....but they steal it!