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  1. Companies here have zero knowledge of anything related to safety....! 3 more gone to god because of not having simple gas detector!
  2. Had this happened in a muslim nation, this girl would probably have been stoned! The villagers are angry now that their grubby men have been found out.....hopefully, justice may work in this case....but it's obviously doubtful!
  3. I'm sorry for the guy that got nabbed.....I would love to have the nerve to do this, but Id'e need a paint tanker!
  4. Difficult to get qualified for 100% organic here.....the widespread use of dangerous herbicides and pesticides would prevent this. Just calling foods "organic" is meaningless in Thailand, with companies like Monsanto pushing their chemicals.
  5. Not too many rich foreigners come to live in Thailand.....the south of France, Caribbean etc, offer lifestyle.....
  6. A new low?? Just horrific!
  7. 90+ people killed and the whole affair brushed aside....and he says this? He of course has been cleared of any wrong doing, but there should be justice at least!
  8. More than likely been this way for years....just never got the press involved..or the press were too scared to get involved!
  9. ‘Report all corruption,’ says Phuket Governor

    So, start with a certain police reformer?
  10. Undertaking....no pun intended in this case!
  11. This guys family certainly make all the big wigs jump.... After 5 years of utter BS, the ex Attorney General rises and defends this fiasco..... These are the types of people that are entrenched throughout the system, that keep Thailand a developing nation....!
  12. Peace talks??.....whatever they're talking about, it sure ain't working.....Aksara was definitely not at all happy about being shifted down there....one can almost assume that the violence has escalated....certainly not reduced as has been reported often!
  13. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    Thais never learn....the military should have been canned decades ago...but everyone here is too weak!