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  1. Interesting.....I'M pretty sure their IT system doesn't work at speeds anywhere close to 30 secs per person!
  2. Wonderful news...!.....Smoking eases stress caused by the body' craving for nicotine.....nothing else.
  3. He may be able to embarrass the Thais (but they're probably too thick) over the Uighurs.....kowtowing to the Chinese is definitely not what Mahathir does!
  4. The freakin' PEA shut off or power with annoying regularity around muang Cha Am. Never any notification.....I guess mostly the outages are likely equipment failure.....but it never improves, so maybe only patched!
  5. Interesting how this person has to keep reminding officials to respect tourists......
  6. The crackdown on helmets finished months ago......went for a week 'tho!
  7. ChrisY1

    Two killed in double accident on narrow Roi Et road

    A LPG vehicle maybe?? I don't understand the logic of having small cars converted to gas... so many cars here go up in flames after an accident I can only think that gas is the reason.
  8. They're everywhere globally.....! Italy, France, Spain etc have literally been overrun by them....Queues for attractions are endless..Venice wants them banned....France introduced limits to the Eifel Tower and other places...the nightmare is growing!
  9. ChrisY1

    Pet fees depend on local administrative offices

    "A public outcry has prompted Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to call for a review of the bill even though his cabinet just approved it." Obviously, many don't understand what "approved" means.......??
  10. I would imagine the Thai embassy in China has millions of visas ready for giving.....they're probably just a bit short of takers!
  11. It's all a bit late now.....the building is pretty much out of the ground now, talking about location now is dopey....!
  12. They need real help here over transport...ministers waffling on about issues they have no real knowledge is pointless. International assistance would likely open their minds and potentially have positives for Thailand' future. Eg: HS rail is pointless...a pipe dreams installed into minds from China, could lead to disastrous debt and systemic failure.
  13. Only in Thailand....:))) Who writes this garbage....?
  14. I would be very surprised in Thai immigration did not know what's been the case here for years....the ~20k "fee" for a retirement visa has been a huge money maker for various Imm. branches.....and I doubt for one minute that anything will change