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  1. Aslose.....and his brilliant team of hydraulic engineers, that believe water flows uphill
  2. I just returned to Swampy and although I had 2 individual re-entry permits, got hauled away by the seems (as they said, people with lots of badges and crap) we are only allowed to have one single re-entry permit in our PP at a time They were going to cancel both, but wife talked them out of that explaining that I was issued the 2 by Immigration...took a while! Petchaburi Immigration in Tha Yang issued them to beware
  3. Yes....maybe there's some other meaning in performing CPR to a rigor corpse!
  4. Definitely not southern related, but we still have no clue who did this!
  5. Almost an impossible task to remedy Bkk flooding...little leeway above high tide level...wastewater draining into the drainage system which is already massive with some 12 million people, poor engineering, very bad management.....and the list goes on.
  6. I think that is the problem.....they do try and think!
  7. And why have the amazing RTP allowed this issue to even develope?
  8. These people really have no idea..... 3 years sign of any decent country wide rail system, apart from the continual rhetoric (except BTS) No major infrastructure projects probably within the next 3+ years either!
  9. Thai logic.......but mixed with a whole bunch of gutless disposition!
  10. Peaceful..?....But where has all the money gone?
  11. Very difficult to fire a pistol square in the forehead.....then have the projectile exit low in the back of the head......Pornthip could explain better...... maybe?
  12. All well and good to state that foreigners would not understanding the situation in the south......but clearly, the Thai authorities appear to have very little understanding either..... 7000+ killed and no sign of peace!
  13. I'm sure the court asking him to hand his passport over would be far too impolite!
  14. The DLT inspectors carrying out "strict inspections"......have no more probable idea of vehicle safety than does Somchai, the driver of the school pick-up...!
  15. Attempts, such as this article, at downgrading the effects this blast had are pointless. This incident had a profound effect on the local people and the country. That such devastation could happen so front of security the main area of town, shows the level of technical expertise that these terrorists are reaching. For over a decade, the military has been completely useless....the oft used term, "hightened security", has proven totally void of serious action time and again. Over 7000 deaths and still they bumble onwards....forever denying the real threat!