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  1. Poor guy....but another fine example of Thai engineering standards.....although I doubt any engineer would have been involved!
  2. I think his family is far above having one of their own arrested......won't happen.
  3. He's probably a little slow on his English skills.....I would doubt he watches any English language programs...they're foreign!
  4. Mmmmmm......International standards.....why they make such statements is just wishful thinking outloud....most vendors hardly have water to wash their hands....but any improvement to hygiene would be a plus
  5. Handing out fake news on one hand.....taking pallets with the other
  6. IMO, people want to know whether middlemen were used in the purchase and whether commissions will be forthcoming. The armament and instrumentation is irrelevant to most of us.....and in all likelyhood will be already outdated at delivery . It would also seem that these, and many other military purchases, don't proceed via the MoD...but by each military discipline......which of course creates a massive opportunities for corruption.
  7. Is there a town anywhere here in Thailand without prostitution, drugs, scandals and mafia.....?
  8. "Thai people can rest assured that the navy's submarine spending will be worth it and beneficial to Thailand," Jumpol told Reuters." Trust me...enough said...actually Thailand really does need submarines..(sic)...especially old Chinese units...........but whatever.....the commissions must be worth the purchases;)..
  9. God damn....highly educated persons being none less than a simple scam...I can't believe it :)
  10. This is now global news........another face losing plus for Thailand....don't film cops taking fines!
  11. A sad state for the country....those that banked their future on a new era will be bitterly disappointed......Thailand is now going to be governed by a continuance of oppressive military rule for the next decade or more.. God helpThailand, because nobody else will!
  12. Thailand on the rocks......seriously time to take stock!
  13. It's simple.....there is no such thing as logic here
  14. Maybe they should raise the legal drinking age of Thai males to 40....
  15. The Pattaya clean up going well....