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  1. Excellent science education is essential....spelling is also vital..SEAMEC (seameo)'ll never get better!
  2. Hang on!.....A cop suggesting that suicide ain't what it appears.....nah....can't be right. I'm sure he'll be pulled in line shortly!
  3. The system will seize these "assets".....
  4. The military have immunity from any they will never have the indignity of being bought to justice.....
  5. No mention of portable gas detectors in CPF kit...BA equipment....what training have their safety staff had.....there's probably dozens of safety breaches in this company.....unfortunately, the local authorities more than likely, have no personnel with the required experience to monitor industry at a competent level. Fatalities at industrial sites, due to similar reasons as happened at CP, will continue.
  6. Scary stuff when the GSB announces major IT changes.....!
  7. The form doesn't slow the system's a lack of experienced immigration people at desks.... Most fill the forms on the flight prior to landing.....with the exception of a couple of races, who are often chaotic when they travel
  8. Another face saving media release.....and of course, another waste of public funds....we can all pretty much reckon the outcome.
  9. Nice...spoilt by an ugly hotel.....and the ever present umbrella mafia!
  10. Havn't been around much?.....Thais travel everywhere...hoards of them in the Europe, the Americas and Asia.....they sightsee all day and never seem to be intimidated by language issues
  11. There's still the odd thousand or so around...
  12. C'mon.....we all know fines don't work.....that's why they still drive the way you mentioned.....
  13. A curable problem?... Smart countries can lower fatalities on the roads....Thailand cannot!