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  1. The title is tongue in cheek, I am sure most people have never needed a strobe, or maybe once out of a hundred times. We are fine up here, the rain seems to have subsided. power outages were brief.
  2. I refuse to double park. I don't trust people pushing my car around, and I don't like leaving it in neutral with no brake. I have no problem going elsewhere if I can't park.
  3. Apparently this is the consensus of flashlight makers world wide. I think the options of full power or less power is good, a nice way to save battery power. But I cannot remember ever needing a strobe light. It is not beyond my imagination to realize there is a time and place for a flashing light but it is certainly not 1/3 of the time. Is it so hard to make a three function flashlight that has the ability to switch on and off separate from the modes of max power, min power and flashing? Yes it is a rainy day in Thailand.
  4. canuckamuck

    Bebinca is here.

    More than 2 inches here so far, but I haven't been out to check for a while. It's coming down pretty hard right now.
  5. If the site is so sacred why is it in ruins?
  6. canuckamuck

    Nonsense English exam answers

    I get stuff like this from my daughter all the time. She is fluent in English but gets questions wrong all the time because they either make no sense, or the right answer is actually wrong. She knows the English class is a joke. Her teacher can't have even a simple conversation in English but she frequently tells my daughter that my English is wrong, if I helped her with something. What ya gunna do, this is the standard of education here. We supplement her education with actual learning at home. She gets top marks in most subjects, not English though. The kids who remember stuff by rote have an advantage because they don't know right from wrong.
  7. Barely remember seeing it. Had some cool effects that's about all I retained
  8. canuckamuck

    Bebinca is here.

    Its coming down now. Here is the radar prediction for 4 AM Saturday. I'm right under that white area surrounded by red.
  9. This guy got Prayut the best paying job in the land and now has built him a political party so they can all feign legitimacy forever. He's untouchable and he knows it.
  10. I find it hard to be cynical on this one. Hopefully they take this break and make the best of it.
  11. Personally I think August is the best time of year in CR. The rain is mostly at night, and the sun is subdued by the clouds most of the day. You can spend the whole day outside and actually do stuff. December might be cooler at night, but that sun comes out all day long
  12. I meant people who emigrate just to kill folks in another country.
  13. Why can't these people find innocent people in their own countries to kill.
  14. So the restaurant corrected the mistake and guy still went to Facebook about it. What a dick.
  15. Must have misplaced his strip of bamboo.