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  1. I am waiting for Gilette to show they are fair with an ad for women behaving badly, and scolding them on their behaviour. Like acting helpless when they want something and then demanding equal consideration when it suits them. Or denying custody to fathers or using sexuality to get a job and then crying harassment when the job doesn't work out, and so on... Just need to change the title: We Believe: The Best Women Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)
  2. Perhaps we can trade the evil twin for the good one.
  3. Gilette has decided that men are basically bad, but, the Metoo movement has recently created some men who are woke and acceptable. But that the rest of us need to change our ways and rid ourselves of our toxic masculinity. What's next. a bounty on testicles?
  4. canuckamuck

    It’s Teachers Day! Here are 50 cute Thai teachers

    A proper and well-considered list. Someone has done their research.
  5. I have seen the spicys. I don't think they are running the country though, maybe behind the scenes.
  6. Intelligence has never been part of the traffic system. I am not sure Thailand is prepared for it
  7. canuckamuck

    How many cubes you riding brah?

    Comparing willies are we. Mine's about half a liter by rough estimate. So 500 cubes.
  8. canuckamuck

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    It's a waste of money. The investment should be on AI gun turrets, appropriately spaced, and drone patrols.
  9. Drones are a wonderful thing for those who are responsible and aware. Unfortunately, the population of idiots is strong all over the world and they are determined to ruin RC flying for everyone. The sky will be full of people's property in years to come, as ridable drones are being refined.
  10. canuckamuck

    Woman’s body found in cupboard in Chon Buri river

    Barely a 90% chance though.
  11. Well, who speaks English these days anyhow? Good for them to see the advantages of sticking with an obscure language that no other country speaks. It gives the kids more time for parade practice anyhow.
  12. canuckamuck

    Best Android phone in the 6000 baht range

    I see the Redmi Note 7 is on the horizon, not available here yet. But it has A monster 48mp Camera on board, Android Pie, and rockin the 660 Snapdragon chip. Predicted to be about 6000 baht
  13. I am offended that you chose to be hurtful instead of validating my opinion
  14. His movies are watchable at least and some of them are quite good. Jumanji was brilliant. Infinitely more enjoyable than the virtue signalling sewage that gets the Oscar nods.