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  1. canuckamuck

    Brush cutters

    Shouldn't be smokey what are you using for fuel?
  2. Now when the right wing makes a statement like that, the green hairs go wild talking about blaming the victim and you need to believe women.
  3. Mommy Mommy, Chomper poked me with the racist stick. He said it so it must be true. Accusing the extreme right is your job. You're the one blaming them for some vague offense. I don't even know who the extreme right is.
  4. Yes I do put the responsibility on the immigrants to try and fit in. The natural citizens need only follow the laws. I know that when you properly vet immigrants, the problems with the citizens are much improved. Right wing extremists, for you I assume means anyone right of Bernie Sanders. I see unchecked immigration of undocumented peoples who are clearly economic migrants. That's wrong and should be illegal. I say that calls for more than hyperbole.
  5. Ask that same question about all the formerly non Muslim nations in Africa and Asia.
  6. Never said they all were rapists. But they are there, and that is totally unacceptable to the natural citizens. Their governments are selling them out.
  7. I reject the term climate change denier/global warming denier. It is stupid term which needs to be retired. Everyone knows the climate changes. So no one is a denier. What we have are people who are skeptical and people whose minds are like soft clay which are easily impressed with anything coming from their acceptable channels. The real terms should be something like: Climate crisis skeptics and faithful globalist mind slaves.
  8. Multiculturalism can expand the experience and wisdom of a nation opening windows to different ways of thinking and learning to accept people who are different. However this experience must be carefully guarded to insure that those are coming in are able to support themselves and are serious about become good citizens and find a place among their adopted culture which will not cause animosity among the natural citizens. Any lawlessness should be dealt with by deportation. This has been the essential model in the 20th century. And many countries did a good job of managing immigration and people had pride in multicultural communities. The 21st century model (for the west anyways) is to throw caution to the wind, don't even check for known enemies and terrorists. Have no expectations for their behavior, and open the state treasury to dump money in their pockets in amounts they could never achieve in their home countries. Then stand by while they rape and pillage their new homeland.
  9. Oh it's a reason, just not an acceptable or legal one.
  10. The absurdity of the argument about denial being proof of closeted desire is enhanced by using the bestial argument.
  11. In a discussion about something that might have been called kinky sex years ago, I think the analogy was apt. One is decidedly more kinky that the other of course.
  12. Maybe she was talking loudly to her phone using the speaker phone function.
  13. Protesting thought crimes. They look forward to becoming obedient drones.
  14. Defrocking their bishops is what got them into trouble in the first place.