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  1. Couple safe, but missing? Better than found, but in danger.
  2. Why stop there, You could shoot people for buying unnecessary goods at the mall, and put their heads on pikes at the entrances. That ought to free up a few spots on the road.
  3. Here ya go boys, now on your way and don't worry too much about checking up on us eh, wink wink.
  4. North Korea is definitely the world's authority on the sounds of a barking dog.
  5. Steel bridge

    2 C channel back to back make a kind of I-beam, so stronger, but I cant imagine using them for a 5 ton tractor. You woud be much better off with real I-beams Also flat spans are weak. Any sort of an arch design underneath will help greatly.
  6. Thai staff need to wear strong footwear in case they have to assist with landing.
  7. Apparently. "what difference would it make" was not one of the choices.
  8. Thais are so good about staying out of people's business in the real world. So why are they such busybodies on social media. Man hits cat with shoe. Who cares.
  9. Well once you have your visa sussed, why would you continue to talk about it? I think most topics here are either cultural observations or current news.
  10. Issan must be feeling it by now. Nong Kai for sure
  11. Incident reported on London Tube train

    Hello, a snack bar!
  12. Why on Earth does Kim do what he does at all? All he would have to do to get out of this brinkmanship is to just quit with the military buildup and start running the country. No one is going to invade NK if they quit all the mad dog stuff. In fact the world would likely be falling all over itself to provide aid. He's a paranoid nutcase plain and simple. His ideas are crazy man ideas. Sure he is trying to get into the position of mutually assured destruction. But that is way too much leverage to give to a little pariah state with a psycho at the control panel. He cannot be allowed to get that leverage. So even if Kim never intends to fire a missile at anyone (although he already has done so, didn't he sink a ship, attacked an island) He cannot be allowed to get into a position of greater fear mongering. It just isn't good for humanity.
  13. You can't knock a missile out at 700 km's altitude. You have to hit it when it is on the way down and if it isn't headed for you or at least close, you aren't going to hit it at all.
  14. For those who say, just accept that he has nukes. I can see that you are not afraid of one or two ICBMs. But what about when Kim has 10 and he goes: Tokyo, Osaka, Guam, Washington, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and one more again for Washington, and artillery for Seoul. Sure America would retaliate, North Korea would be annihilated and the US might knock out one or two of those missiles. But the economy is finished regardless.