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  1. I sometimes think that the only way they could get fair government here is if they contracted it out. The citizens are just too used to letting the big dog eat. They should be outraged every single day, yet they barely notice. And the same kind of corruption would likely occur no matter who they got in because that's is what they expect and how they behave at all levels.
  2. Yeah that's the way it should be, get that guy and his little girl too. We don't want lemonade anarchy, we want more regulation!!!!
  3. You live on 1000 baht a month and you take in 70 dogs and then ask for help? What tremendous sense of judgement she has. The woman is good hearted but at the same time a menace to society. Euthanize the dogs and tell her she is not allowed to take any more in,
  4. A serious Buddhist would have nothing to do with politics Sent from my ASUS_X008D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Just started here about 30 minutes ago, but it is really coming down. Lights are flickering, I wonder if I am going to get to send this.
  6. I am not disagreeing with you, but even with that reality, it was still the closest thing to democratic representation that the people here have experienced.
  7. That makes no sense. The reds got nothing if there is no elections. ANd the opposite is true for the others. The reds clearly want democracy. True the end game is power for both. But where are you going to find a political group that doesn't want power?
  8. Resistance is feudal!
  9. Disgusting, everybody knows it is not appropriate to swim naked in Thailand. Acceptable attire is a full hazmat suit.
  10. It's a love - hate thing. The sensible part of me despises them because they accommodate some very dangerous acts by some very careless folk. But the practical side of me says, Isn't great, they got these things every couple of kilometers. I can just turn around and go, awesome. However once you arrive at the awesome U-turn the plus turns to a minus when people turn it into a double U-turn from your side, or someone makes it a two way U-turn from the other side. And either way you can no longer see if it is safe to go. So now you got to start nosing out there until you can see again. I think that Thai cars should have software installed so that if they double up on a U-turn. their car instantly explodes. Not hopeful to see that implemented anytime soon though.
  11. Absolutely right Colin. My wife is a treasure and there is much to admire. But she comes from a different culture and some of the things they do or believe are simply different to what we do. It doesn't make it a train wreck. You learn to work together. Also this is not just a case of Thai not believing farang. There is a tendency in Thailand to believe whatever the person the next step up the ladder says, no matter what credibility they have. If some dotty old lady in the village has an opinion on how things should be done, chances are things are going to be done that way, unless someone trumps her age status with class or authority status. And family opinion is way up there on the scale, so it takes a lot of work to defeat family opinions no matter how uninformed or illogical they might be. I remember the story of the western geologist who had a problem with his well. His opinion was trumped numerous times by village elders and well drillers and his wife listening to anybody but him. In the end, after two more useless wells were drilled, and bad spirits were blamed; he went back and fixed the pump on the original well and every thing was fine.
  12. Sure that is the major chains checked, Can you imagine what your getting in all the Thai chains and local establishments? Wherever you go, it's a crap shoot.
  13. OP, what difference does it make that she doesn't believe you? There are always going to be things you can't make her understand.
  14. The submarines make the rice deal look like petty cash.