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  1. Yep I plan to get the one that suits me. As soon as I find out which one that is. I see Lazada has these drones, already in Thailand I think.
  2. Choice one states: Anyone convicted of terrorism should be eligible to receive the death penalty. That means that the penalty is on the table as an option. It does not mean it is mandatory. Considering the scope of cruelty and cowardice we have seen, e.g., blowing up little girls, I feel the death penalty may in fact be too fair. But some lines are better left uncrossed.
  3. I see there have been other drone threads, but the technology is moving along and I would love to see some discussion or hear personal experiences with the latest drones. I got a cheapo drone last year, just to get a feel for it. It kept burning out motors and didn't have GPS so it was tough to fly if there was any wind. The video was all jello too. I would like to get a better one this year. I don't want to spend too much. Maybe 20k or so. The DJI Spark has got my attention, but from another thread I see that DJI may not be the best value for the money, and also that they have some possessive policies like Apple. From the same thread there was talk of the Xiaomi Mi 4k drone, which does seem to have a lot going for it, but it is a bit big and doesn't fold up (something that attracts me to the Spark). If I really felt I would use this all the time, I would go with DJI Mavic. However I think that as the technology is increasing quickly, and it might not be a good idea to be spending so much on something that will be a doorstop in a year or two. Hopefully some dronies out there will see this thread and give us their 2 baht's worth.
  4. It's not bigotry to be opposed to a method
  5. Never buy an item in a resealed or broken package here unless there is no alternative and you have to have it. There's a reason it went back on the shelf. In regard to display items, I recently went looking for a chainsaw. In one major DIY shop they only had one on display. There were three employees having a chat close by and they saw me go over to it. I went to pick it up and at the same time heard them gasp. The thing fell apart in my hands and parts bounced onto the floor. Trying to act casual, I said "do you have any in box?". No they said, that's all they have. "Well good luck then I'll be on my way."
  6. Yes I see your point, even though you can teach a 14 year old in the west to be an excellent driver in a few short lessons. Over here we shouldn't expect them to get the hang of driving for a few more generations. Kind of like how after 80 years of trying, they are still completely baffled by how democracy works.
  7. I'm Investing everything in Canadian snack food companies. Should be better than Bitcoin.
  8. This principal for aquariums is metaphoric for any community: Before getting tempted to add whichever fish catches your fancy into your community tank—spare a thought for that word 'community'! The fish have to be compatible with each other (read: co-exist peacefully). It is also important to check whether they have the same needs.
  9. The only subject the Prime minister has any real expertise in. At least it's safer than alcohol.
  10. Yes, people have to realize it's all over, civilization as you knew it is circling the drain.
  11. Don't worry about making it rise, just use a higher pitch, try not to extend it. Make it short.
  12. Because there is effectively no penalty for dangerous driving unless you get into a crash. If there was even a little enforcement on moving violations, the statistics would begin to change.
  13. I other words, the media should be a tool of the state for the benefit of all. As featured in most dystopian novels.
  14. By all means let's take our dress cues from pro golfers
  15. I assumed a massive over reaction was in the cards. I am quite sure they could have done the cladding removal without turning everybody's life upside down. But nanny states can't help themselves in their futile over compensation of risk.