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  1. Tying might not be good enough, I suggest zip ties.
  2. Very poorly thought out. Those chairs are just going to add to the plastic littering the sea, when the ferry sinks.
  3. The whole argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent is a red herring. If there are people for whom the death penalty is not a deterrent, then all the more reason to have a death penalty, to rid ourselves of people who cannot be deterred.
  4. I have determined, after 40 years of good intentions and having given wine the full benefit of the doubt, that wine is really not very good. I quite enjoy almost anything instead of it. And yes I kept imagining that if I finally had one that was extremely expensive I would discover what it is that people get so obsessive about. But nope, price doesn't seem to have much bearing on the result. I would say my favorite wines are ones that don't have so much wine taste to them. Kind of like fish. People like the ones that don't taste so much like fish. eg. you have to try this fish it is lovely, it doesn't taste like fish at all.
  5. Has she really killed so many, she seems so calm. I guess that is typical of psychopaths.
  6. canuckamuck

    Canada sets October start for legal marijuana sales

    There will be some adjustments to be made socially. But in a world where alcohol is legal, it makes no sense to criminalize grass.
  7. canuckamuck

    Canada sets October start for legal marijuana sales

    "It's a beauty way to go." Bob and Doug McKenzie
  8. canuckamuck

    Elephant found died in Chachoengsao

    Seems like he failed to make the corner a banged into the tree.
  9. Perhaps because they used it only once in a decade.
  10. Communicating by text only gives a person less latitude in inferring tone. More than 50% of human communication is non verbal, some say more than 90%. So occasionally using colloquial clues and even emojis can be an effective way to more accurately communicate in text form. For example you could have used a grumpy face at the end of your longish retort.
  11. More refugees have become Jihadi terrorists than have become A-list celebrities. Just saying.
  12. Congratulations. Strange name though. Probably meant to be pronounced differently than it appears.
  13. or more than one $300 bill BTW it was not meant seriously.