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  1. The employment figures are skewed because the 150 people that greet you when you enter a store like Home Pro haven't worked a day in their lives, this same is true for 75% of the people crammed behind the cashiers counter in nearly every shop.
  2. I thought they had the feces locked up all ready. This times the contents will likely be panda, Javan rhino and Yangtze river dolphin, perhaps a bit of dodo and unicorn.
  3. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    No I clearly said free press, not the same as multinational propagandist monopolies.
  4. Schools ban term ‘best friend’ to prevent other children feeling left out

    The leading cause of death in Canada since Trudeau's election is trauma caused from repeated face palming.
  5. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Education and free press is what is needed. Changing from one piggy to another isn't going to change a thing. The people can't make a choice until they are informed.
  6. Organic Bananas?

    whatcha mean by organic then? If you are growing it yourself then just don't use any chemicals. Or do you mean propagated by seed and not by planting a shoot? Most bananas in the average farmers field never see any fertilizer or chemical. We have hundreds of them, we don't do anything for them except replant occasionally. They do like some potassium though. Going to try a test section this year.
  7. All those little color bars on his uniform represent battles against his own people and the oppression of minority groups. The Thai army respects that sort of dedication. Props where props are due.
  8. stop feeding street dogs

    It's not the qualities of the poop that is the problem, it's the location. Dogs are where the people are.
  9. It fits the acceptable racism of our times.
  10. Do you suggest it is because we are too intelligent now to behave like decent humble folks. We have learned how to be bad and we like it too much.
  11. Don't bother trying to piece together my comments on this thread. There isn't enough left to make any sense of them.
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    You obviously have got it figured out and you have the time and resources to do things right. But how many people are like you? Most people who feed strays are only doing it to make themselves feel good. It's a very selfish act. Feral life in a city is not a good life. These dogs are all full of parasites and bugs. They get fed only intermittently. And they get into fights all the time over territory. They die nasty after a short life. Feeding strays is equal to giving them fertility drugs. You just increase the amount of suffering. It's wrong. If you really want to do something, find ways to reduce the population and perhaps educate others. I don't feed strays because it is wrong to feed a dog but not also care for it.
  13. Post I never thought I'd Write

    You're a first class guy, much respect. Hopefully you will find someone to take up the reigns. I would, but I have too many irons in the fire I think.
  14. Bro's before filthy minorities right dude. Sarcasm jicytdtu
  15. That women were more unsatisfied in the 50's is impossible to assess. Some female personalities are suited to juggling career and family, and some are not. The whole world was openly racist 50 years ago, but even so western nations were the least racist and the most self critical about it. Great strides were made, but victim culture from the left has polarized the issue to the point were people can't truthfully discuss the issue without causing a riot. Medicine and technology has improved steadily. This is science, the liberals didn't cure polio or discover the superconductor. Science did. And yes things were better for Old white men. Not anymore. Their opinions are invalid, they are considered sexual predators, racists, and recently a women's panel had a discussion about whether or not they have been made redundant. We are the bourgeois, the cause of every historical evil and none of the good.