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  1. Arresting him would go against everything the Amart has worked so hard to create. Absolute immunity.
  2. New feature: Copyright pirates of the Andaman sea
  3. Now you shall be christened: Peter the Mango Eater. Long may you eat.
  4. Ghosts are so dumb. A little bit of water and a few words and off they go. They also can't travel under a string, despite being able to go through walls and not being bound by time or space. Good thing people figured out how to keep them ghosts from causing too much ruckus
  5. I have seen similar at Global house. Also genuine gravel rakes.
  6. The system has been reworked. There is no reason not to have elections now. There is also no reason to have them.
  7. A society incapable of having a strong disagreement without going nuclear
  8. Let's see, the shark launched at the women, then the man launched at the shark, and then the shark then launched onto the man. Must have been a launch meeting. The police will soon lunge or latch an investigation.
  9. What the author fails to realize is that the plaque was a burning flag. that was ultimately not tolerated. Sent from my ASUS_X008D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Stupid argument over semantics. Of course the camps are a concentration of people who are not free to come and go. In that narrow sense it is similar to WW2 concentration camps. But the major difference is that these people chose to go there. Maybe 10% are actually from a war zone. The rest are just trying to find a better life because the civilization they are leaving is a failure. They should be sent back to fix their own mess back home.
  11. Yep, King Cobra. The scales are the proof
  12. He will not ruin his own reputation! Anyone who has written four failed constitutions has very little chance of ruining his rep.
  13. A man who has to abide by the law but received no protection from it. I can see why he has done something provocative. Seems like he has got the attention of the government, finally.
  14. The news is soooo slow these days. I suppose that is a good thing, but I am needing a new diversion to go with the morning coffee.