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  1. Consumer Reports - Least Reliable Cars

    The Ford Fiesta should be given an extra special prize, ours was a 2011 model and it was crap then, 7 years later and it's still crap, who would have thought?!
  2. "In the video, which had been watched more than 35,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon, a whistleblower accuses two volunteers of extorting “protection money” from business owners and collecting bribes for their Thai supervisors on the force." Just following orders it seems to me As stevenl says if you get your papers in order they can't bribe you. If they catch you out and you then clear the problem then they can only bribe you once
  3. Lawn Mower Shop

    In Phuket town on the same road as Bangkok bank, On On hotel, on the left side there's a Honda lawn mower shop.I've gone through many electric lawn mowers, they don't last long. I wish I'd invested in a petrol driven one in the first place. There's also the big DIY shop in Samkong just before the lights where you turn right to go towards BPH, sorry I forgot the name but I"m sure I remember seeing lawn mowers there.
  4. Sponge part for upholstery

    No. Go to the junction at Central and take the road into Phuket town, go through the first lights by the football stadium and it's just before the second lights on the left hand side.
  5. Vegetable contamination check for the Vegetarian Festival

    And while they're at it it would be nice to see fruit and veg being priced in these markets. I refuse to go to markets where there are no price stickers and you are charged by how you look or where they think you've come from It would also be nice to know if there are any official weights and measures inspector's as most of the weighing machines look like they're falling to bits.
  6. Sponge part for upholstery

    There's an upholstery shop that's got loads of foam outside on the way to Phuket town from Central. I think it's opposite the Thai Hua School, just before the lights ( at the Toyota Motors junction)
  7. Monsoon weather leaves garbage strewn along Phuket beach

    The landfill is in Saphan Hin along with the incinerators.
  8. Ford fiesta AT problem question

    "The Fiesta doesn't have a transmission problem" Right then, so Ford have spent all that money on replacing 4 clutches in 6 years when there's been no problem , when really they should have just explained to me how to drive a Fiesta? The ten year extended warranty on the "transmission problem" is for what exactly? I must tell that the the judges who will be dealing with the many law suits against Ford around the world To my knowledge there has never been a problem with manual Fiesta's so there is no reason for them to be so cheap but that's the price that Ford will pay, they will have lost a lot of customers over this issue ignorant or not.
  9. Short-term safety team to patrol Phuket beaches, says Gov

    Good news! Shame it's not a long term solution, I wonder if 19.8 million will suddenly become a welcome figure
  10. Tributes flow Phuket’s Sophie Anderson

    it would seem that you didn't get fish mongers point either and you don't need to shout
  11. Ford fiesta AT problem question

    I've tried your suggestion and yes it works although the noise is a bit like a jet plane taking off til it finds the right gear. So far the gear change is smooth but occasionally it makes a noise like in the past but not as bad as the others. BUT the second clutch was good for 2 months and then the problems started so it's early days , we shall see. I live in fear that the gear stick might just come off in my hand while I'm doing the switch from D to L so I tend to stick to D The nut covers on the wheels are still dropping off though and our case with consumer protection for all the problems is still going ahead.
  12. Phuket lifeguards confirm Oct 1 strike

    It would be interesting to know exactly how much they get paid. Uniforms and flags can't cost much, what else does the budget cover?
  13. Phuket lifeguards confirm Oct 1 strike

    Does anyone know how many lifeguards there are? 19.8 million seems a fair enough budget to me.
  14. Changing the color and fabric of bed wall board

    Sitak Modern House curtain and home furnishings on the way into Phuket town from the Central intersection ( left side) . There's also a curtain and furnishing place just before Richy Bakery on the same side, both do upholstery renovations and they have a large range of fabrics.