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  1. In the other thread it said there were 41 dead and 5 unaccounted for so why is this article talking about 56 deceased victims receiving compensation?
  2. I said this the other day , it will be ironic if all immigration laws are tightened after this disaster and we all have more hoops to jump through. Not surprised at all at his comments. They can't only be seen to tighten things for the Chinese, we'll all be lumped together. Maybe they need to get rid of all foreigners then they'll not have any more problems ( Sarc)
  3. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    Do you mean like the absence of prostitutes
  4. Maybe he could have flown in on something bigger and brought some "freezer units" with him.
  5. Goldieinkathu

    Chinese join search for 14 missing tourists off Phuket

    I think it's the video posted on Liveleak.com that they are referring to. A short clip of two bodies being brought back to the surface. Very sad and very upsetting to watch.
  6. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    It wasn't the context, it was your point
  7. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

  8. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    "Unconventional household" I was brought up in what you would describe as a "conventional household", what a disaster that turned out to be!
  9. Goldieinkathu

    Survivors claim they were not warned to wear life jackets

    They did not say "warned not to wear them". Let's make it easy shall we, they were not "told" to wear them
  10. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    I have a couple of friends who have gone through the adoption procedure and believe me EVERY thought and consideration for the child and it's possible future is taken into consideration.
  11. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    I've read some drivel on TV but that has to be the most ridiculous.
  12. Goldieinkathu

    Hong Kong visas for same-sex partners

    Just reading the Bangkok Post online, "Single sex marriage law on the way" . Looks like equality might at last be coming
  13. Expect tighter immigration rules and more regulations and even more hoops to jump through. There are always unintended consequences. It will be ironic if we all have to pay a price for this.
  14. Goldieinkathu

    Many Phuket yacht victims died despite wearing life-jackets

    My main worry is if it's the pilot or the captains turn to die
  15. Goldieinkathu

    Phuket boat disaster spurs response from Chinese President Xi Jinping

    And the captain? Surely a job reserved for Thai's.