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  1. singing birds in chiang mai

    There's nothing I hate more than seeing Bulbul's in cages
  2. Bridgestone tyres

    , I was a bit worried they would be but got under the car this morning with my torch and there was the date as pgrahmm said on the inside of the tyres
  3. Bridgestone tyres

    Thanks, you learn something new every day
  4. Bridgestone tyres

    Just bought 4 new tyres and only two have a manufacturing date on. Sorry if it's a stupid question but are they sold in pairs?
  5. Headless corpse found in a Thalang drain

    OMG! If it's not massive pythons it's a headless body Lets hope they catch whoever was responsible for this terrible crime quickly. It's worrying to think that there's someone so sick wandering around out there!
  6. She'll never be Princess Meghan. Harry will be made a duke of somewhere or other and she'll be a duchess or a countess. Under British protocol she lacks "royal blood"
  7. Ford fiesta AT problem question

    Ford don't give a stuff about anything never mind the resale value! It's 3 months since we've had the "new design transmission fitted ( the 4th from new), it was supposed to be the end of all our problems . Tuesday it started loosing power in the middle of driving on the highway, managed to make it home and then the malfunction indicator lamp flashed on the screen. We called Ford out first thing yesterday morning and it was taken away for "testing", no one called til we complained to Bangkok at lunch time today, they don't inform you what's going on and neither do they know what the problem is. They don't reply to consumer protection, Phuket says it's Bangkok that should see to it, Bangkok says it Phuket, consumer protection have been promising a meeting since our claim last year in September, on and on it goes.
  8. Royal Phuket Marina / Restaurants nearby?

    Walked round RPM the other week, as dead as a dodo. Les Diables in Boat Lagoon does nice food and great deserts
  9. Phuket lifeguard contract fails to draw any bids

    They care about their "image" but not that much , to give foreigners a ten month visa and a work permit to fill the positions would be just too much loss of face.I"m sure there would be many youngsters who would jump at the chance and do a great job.
  10. Phuket second-hand shops ‘asked’ to become legal

    “If operators buy items from a thief, this means they are supporting a thief with a crime. All of this will affect the image of our province. Phuket will become known as a province [with a reputation as being] full of thieves." A bit late for this statement
  11. Consumer Reports - Least Reliable Cars

    The Ford Fiesta should be given an extra special prize, ours was a 2011 model and it was crap then, 7 years later and it's still crap, who would have thought?!
  12. "In the video, which had been watched more than 35,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon, a whistleblower accuses two volunteers of extorting “protection money” from business owners and collecting bribes for their Thai supervisors on the force." Just following orders it seems to me As stevenl says if you get your papers in order they can't bribe you. If they catch you out and you then clear the problem then they can only bribe you once
  13. Lawn Mower Shop

    In Phuket town on the same road as Bangkok bank, On On hotel, on the left side there's a Honda lawn mower shop.I've gone through many electric lawn mowers, they don't last long. I wish I'd invested in a petrol driven one in the first place. There's also the big DIY shop in Samkong just before the lights where you turn right to go towards BPH, sorry I forgot the name but I"m sure I remember seeing lawn mowers there.
  14. Sponge part for upholstery

    No. Go to the junction at Central and take the road into Phuket town, go through the first lights by the football stadium and it's just before the second lights on the left hand side.