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  1. No offense cyberfarang but you need to stop as you're starting to sound ridiculous. He's admitted to rape, there was no consent, she was ASLEEP. "Why did the girl not ask staff to call her a taxi?" please explain what that has to do with anything.
  2. What are you rambling about? He admits, he had sex with her "while she was asleep" You need to get with it. "The suspect told the police that he met the woman at Kata Green Beach Bar. The couple spent some time drinking together before Mr Amnag took the foreign woman to his place and had sexual intercourse with her while she was asleep. In the morning the woman woke up and, shocked, ran away form the room, Mr Amnag added."
  3. You need to go back and read all this thread, it's clear to me that it's a big joke to some. You are right the subject is no laughing matter and the comments are more telling about some of the people who post on this forum.
  4. Wow, this thread is really shocking, not only the OP but some of the comments even more so. As a female I wish that you were all made to put up your real profile pictures, that way all the females reading this thread could avoid members who clearly have no empathy for others or think that this whole subject is a laugh should they ever meet them in real life.
  5. For a lift, for a coffee, for a chat? What exactly are you trying to say?
  6. Goldieinkathu

    Same scams, same corrupt police, same Phuket

    I"m always grateful when someone informs me of a new scam. It keeps me on my toes and reminds me not to think that I know it all after living here for over 20 years. Thanks.
  7. Goldieinkathu

    Phuket/Patong Air Quality

    I would say that Psimbo is more on the mark, I doubt it's the air quality causing your problems. I'd certainly not be happy to be taking antihistamine tablets for the rest of my life . I would bet it's something that you're consuming as we are what we eat in my opinion. There's so much crap pumped into meat and vegetables these days it could be anything. Hope you get to the bottom of it as allergies are no fun.
  8. There must be a mistake, Phuket beaches don't look like that, they all look like this :
  9. Not that difficult, according to Google this is what a Barbarian looks like
  10. Goldieinkathu

    Local tour guides protest over illegal tour guides

    Wait til these pictures are posted all over Chinese social media and they look up the meaning of Barbarian. Seems the locals just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.
  11. Goldieinkathu

    Phuket protest targets illegal tour guides

    "Barbarian guide get out!"
  12. Goldieinkathu

    Central building elite store in Phuket

    "The success of Central Phuket" So far I don't see success at all. Many nights I go there at around 9pm and I see salad bars full, bread and ready meals stacked up, all of which can not be sold the next day. I asked one of the staff the other day what they do with all that food and was told it's all thrown away. Hardly a success in my mind. "The store will consist of a cheese counter that offers more than 400 types of cheese from around the world, a grill bar, The Catch (a premium seafood store) and Central Wine Cellar with more than 400 wines."  Where are all these tourists who are going to buy all this food? I doubt the expats are going to eat it all. When I first came to Phuket I came for som tam and sticky rice, I could get all the cheese I wanted at home. Seems to me that these people have no idea what tourists come for. The pigs that are about to be fed all this food have to be the luckiest pigs in the world This island has lost all it's charm and is becoming like every other city in the world. Such a shame!
  13. Goldieinkathu


    Phuket Intercraft . Not far from the old Honda garage on Chao Fah Road.
  14. Goldieinkathu

    Any old folks in Phuket?

    Some great guys sit at the expat bar in Kathu , I pass them often, too young to join in
  15. Goldieinkathu

    A word of caution about dentists..

    The dental department in Mission Hospital is excellent, I doubt very much that anyone's been ripped off there.