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  1. Never mind detox, he needs to get his teeth cleaned and fixed
  2. Briton dies on bus from Bangkok to Phetchabun

    ^^ "most on board were raped in blankets"
  3. 7 French people arrested over kidnapping of a French woman

    not much point when it's so obvious
  4. Anyone else

    Does anyone know what those blue pipes are all about that run from the top end of the beach down to the sea?
  5. Anyone else

    We visited Mai Khao on Wednesday, three of us just paddled in the water but the guy who swam later came out in a rash all over his body. He's been taking antihistamine for the itching and spraying colloidal silver all over him. Today it's still really bad. Did your rash look anything like this?
  6. "You may as well shoot or deport yourself, for the harassment levels will be intolerable" A bit over the top don't you think? If you're there and are asked for money (take a deep breath ) then just ask for the immigration chief, or simply tell the officer that the service is free . Alternatively take your gun with you and shoot him instead
  7. Don't get your knickers in a twist. You do realize that it's people like you that make them think they can get away with it. "Enemy" a little paranoid don't you think? If you think it's about 20 dollars then I"m sorry but you're missing the point.
  8. Are you a troll? You need to look at this video before writing and get your facts right. https://www.farang-deaths.com/case/sophie-emma-rose-anderson/
  9. Never had a problem taking money out with a work permit. It all seems to be getting easier, I think the government is happy that anyone is taking money "out" rather than bringing it in .
  10. Sebastion, you need to grow a pair . I always point out it's free, never had a problem when doing 90 days or renewing after .
  11. He's raised more than enough money, I wonder if he'll give some of it back as the money will probably easily cover his lawyer and fine. Or donate it to the other child left without a mother.
  12. Indicate to tell the lorry he was going where? Did you see the video or not? And he didn't swerve into the lorry's path, what are you talking about?
  13. Maybe it's time some of the CCTV camera's were pointed at the ones behind the counter as well as the ones on the other side.
  14. It would be interesting to know what type of visa he was on here in the first place as he'd been in Thailand for a few years from what I can gather from his video's.
  15. Why would he indicate? He had nowhere to go, that was the problem, that's why he had to stop quickly causing his girlfriend to fall off. Had he been driving slowly he would have had time to stop safely, hence driving recklessly And there's no need to shout .