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  1. Goldieinkathu

    Urology clinic in Phuket town only

    Most of the clinics I've used here are run by the same doctors that work in the main hospitals but normally in the evenings. There is a clinic opposite Makro that has an ultrasound though that's open 8.30 - 5pm I think but it always has a long queue. Sorry I don't know the name of the place but I've heard that the Dr there is excellent.
  2. Ever heard a Thai call it Myanmar, the locals call them Burmese.
  3. No, the Thai's will start to blame the Burmese. I've already heard them moaning about how many Burmese are taking up beds etc.
  4. Backlash against the Burmese coming , got to find someone to blame.
  5. Goldieinkathu

    Phuket now has a world class shopping hub

    I was told by a local last night that the original lease for the old Central was for 15 years but that the land for the new one was bought,can anyone else confirm this?
  6. Goldieinkathu

    Phuket now has a world class shopping hub

    Hardly surprising that it was packed, everyone looking for something new to look at. Seemed to me that food places did well as everyone has to eat but I didn't see many carrying bags of goodies bought from the shops. Do we really need 3 Top's supermarkets? Looked to me like half the shops in the old one had just moved their stock over there so not much new in the Central part. The old Central already looks like it's heading in the way of Big C. Very disappointed.And not happy with the bird cages, does anyone know if that's going to be a permanent arrangement?
  7. Mods, there should be a top ten video's section. This one has to be up there
  8. Goldieinkathu

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    Right from the beginning of the video you can see the idiotic driving of the pickup. I actually quite like the ending of the video
  9. Goldieinkathu

    ofo put brakes on Phuket bike share

    Most of the ones I see are parked in peoples drives and garages.
  10. Goldieinkathu

    One rescued, one dead, one missing in Phuket surf

    "Commonsense" - a rare thing here in Phuket
  11. The Phuket Marine Office Acting Chief, Wiwat Chitcherdwong says, “according to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) Office, heavy rain and high waves, up to three metres, are still affecting the Andaman Sea until Thursday August 14.” There were jet ski's and parasailing going on yesterday in Patong , seems that Wiwat Chitcherdwong needs to get out there and enforce his order. Plus there is no 'Thursday August the 14th"
  12. In the other thread it said there were 41 dead and 5 unaccounted for so why is this article talking about 56 deceased victims receiving compensation?
  13. I said this the other day , it will be ironic if all immigration laws are tightened after this disaster and we all have more hoops to jump through. Not surprised at all at his comments. They can't only be seen to tighten things for the Chinese, we'll all be lumped together. Maybe they need to get rid of all foreigners then they'll not have any more problems ( Sarc)
  14. Goldieinkathu

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    Do you mean like the absence of prostitutes