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  1. Hello, I'd about to finish off my car loan in a few months. Can anyone kindly advise me on the process for completion of the loan? Let's say I pay up the final installment... what happens then? In my country, here's what we need to do: The bank issues a clearance certificate and hands over the blue-book / smart-card. We have to take that and file a report at the local police station. Take documents from 1 & 2 to the Land Transportation dept. and submit for change of ownership. What is the process for Thailand? When I bought the car through financing, it was already transferred to my name - which now appears on the blue book, except that the blue book was retained by the bank. In this case, do I need to have any further interaction with DLT for transference of ownership? Those who've gone through a similar motion, kindly advice. Thank you.