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  1. Used Uber once for the first time a few weeks ago. A very pleasant bloke driving carefully in a virtually new Camry for a third the cost woth the price up front on your phone. No wonder the taxis are worried.
  3. Once you have a TM30 in your passport you can go by yourself to immigration for an update with any subsequent entry. The fine is 800B for you and 800B for the landlord if you are late. In Chiang Mai immigration have threatened many times that they would not accept 90 day reports unless a TM30 was present. A couple were stopped by the Police on the road and fined for not having it a while back. It has gone quiet on that front of late but the threat is still there.
  4. Hi. I Have just had an AC repaired for that very reason. The compressor would not kick in. I tested it and instead of 50uF it was 1uF. This means that the third phase which the capacitor provides which should give 120 degrees phase shift so there is an even rotating magnetic field to drive the compressor motor instead is virtually in phase and the motor is going to stall. The aircon was repaired with it failing again within 24 hours. I asked the ''technician'' why he fitted a 30uf about half the size. The 30uf would not provide the 120 degree shift resulting in reduced torque but being considerably smaller it probably would not handle the current demanded. he said it was for a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. I would imagine a 9000btu unit...unfortunately this was a Samsung 24000btu. After fitting a comperable capacitor it works fine. Now my Mitsubishi 9000btu Has failed with the same problem. I am hoping it is the same cheap repair.
  5. Here unfortunately, before they even look at a booze bottle, the average driver considers it ok to use the whole road, no matter what traffic is coming, overtake on blind corners, In fact they are unable or perhaps unwilling to go around corners on their own side of the road, the steering seems to be too much for them. I watched one guy outside my village cut a right angled bend that much he crashed into an electricity pole on the other side of the road. Take that mindset and add alcohol! They maybe legally drunk according to a machine but how much of that accident was down to their driving ability or mindset I wonder!
  6. As is common with many western countries....the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the actions of passengers. You can be drubk in a taxi but not offensive/aggressive and throwing objects out the window. The pillions may not have been wearing crash helmets.
  7. Same as US ( except here its 220v 50Hz.) Two flat pin although newer outlets also have a round earth as well. Amorn are also in Hangdong Road Big C. Big C themselves and Tesco also stock adapters.
  8. You can try Amnui Motor Air. My forward camera was fitted by Amnui motor air 2 which is nearly opposite the Bangkok hospital on the 'super' highway.
  9. You can get a scooter down to 1800B per month from one place I know of, maybe someone else is cheaper. Depends on make, model and year and length of rental.
  10. If the colour is available for any of the major makes of scooters/bikes then try a shop on Charoen Muang Road not far from the Nawarat bridge, a few yards before the TMB bank on the right hand side if you are coming from the city. There is another shop just across the junction from Airport Plaza near the small soi for the old Chiang Mai hospital. They are also automotive but do not have so many colours, but, if you can manage with brush paint they will mix up any colour for you within minutes.
  11. Not being an expert but from personal experience.....Plasma/ ionosers consist of a wire with high voltage on it. If you can see sparks then there is a fault. The HV wire is running too close to something it shouldn't be. There may be a mark where the arc is taking place so you might be able to spot where it is happening. If it is new though I would take it back if that is possible.
  12. Get off your high horse and go back to the original comments, it seems obvious I was referring to non business rates, ie, personal rates and you have turned it into the big production argument involving BOE rates. The original question was why is the Baht strengthening. It does not ask what place the BOE has in a strengthening Baht.
  13. I didnt realise I mentioned any particular interest rates, that is your assumption.
  14. My Crystal ball as you so sarcastically put it is called the HSBC. Dear We recently told you that we’re reducing the interest rate on some of our accounts. Full details of these changes can be found below. I’d like to remind you these changes will be effective from 25 January 2017, so you still have time to review your finances and ensure your funds are in the best place. Your options We understand that a reduction in interest rates is never good news, but if you’re comfortable with the changes, you don’t need to do anything. If not, you have the right to close your account without charge at any time, although we hope you’ll chose to continue saving with us. If you close an ISA, you’ll lose the associated future tax benefits1. Alternatively, if you wish to retain these benefits, you can transfer your ISA to another ISA provider at any time without charge. Thank you for choosing HSBC. Yours sincerely Debbie Thomas Head of Savings 1The value of the tax benefits provided by a cash ISA depends on your individual circumstances. The tax treatment of ISAs could change in the future. Summary of savings interest rate changes Premier Savings Rates effective up to 25 January 2017 Balance Gross AER £100,000 + 0.10% 0.10% £50,000+ 0.10% 0.10% £1+ 0.10% 0.10% Rates effective from 25 January 2017 Balance Gross AER £100,000 + 0.05% 0.05% £50,000+ 0.05% 0.05% £1+ 0.05% 0.05% Flexible Saver Standard rates Rates effective up to 25 January 2017 Balance Gross AER £50,000 + 0.05% 0.05% £10,000+ 0.05% 0.05% £1+ 0.05% 0.05% Rates effective from 25 January 2017 Balance Gross AER £50,000 + 0.01% 0.01% £10,000+ 0.01% 0.01% £1+ 0.01% 0.01%
  15. By the way UK bank rates are about to change to 0.1% and I am getting 3% here.