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  1. Dellboy218

    Quiet and durable fan

    Common failure isn't the motor but 70 Bahts worth of capacitor connected to the motor. I have a ceiling fan with that problem on one speed setting and somewhen soon it will need one of the capacitors changed. Don't throw the fan out it might be a cheap fix!
  2. Dellboy218

    Car Breaker's Yard in Chiang Mai?

    There is a yard opposite Promenada just off the 1141.
  3. The keywords was 'passed through' I wonder how many stay? Apparently Greece is only a transit camp for which it has had financial assistance. Whether correct or not it is difficult not to draw a parallel with the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
  4. This link gives a fair description. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/legionnaires-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20351747 More likely you may get Pharyngitis from dirty aircons. A couple of years ago I stayed in 3 hotels in Manila for my company and I caught this in each place. Mother of all sore throats cured by a course of Penicillin. Each hotel room had an all in one aircon mounted in the wall. One had a clean air filter but the evaporator fins were totally clogged with wet fluff, the other had no filter and the evap fins were black from the pollution. Keep the aircon cleaned and you shouldn't have a problem. No idea whether it works but I also spray a Dettol mix in the evaps.
  5. Dellboy218

    Epson Printer Repair

    After having one of those troublesome Epson tank printers which was pretty poor and having had HP printers with very expensive ink I went for the "off brand" Brother tank printer and so far very pleased with it.
  6. Dellboy218

    Android TV Box-Where to Buy?

    Amorn has at times sold the Himedia H8. Their Big C Hangdong Road shop does not have any at the moment but their main shop on the northwest of the moat may well have. Himedia are a very popular brand. There are plenty of reviews if you Google it. Myself and a couple of friends use Himedia units with out any problems so far.
  7. Dellboy218

    Wanted! Used Car Broker Chiang Mai. Ideas?

    Sold my scooter through there so thats at least 2 of us!
  8. Dellboy218

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    Put a tunnel under the road so that you have a captive audience from the new apartment blocks over the road and stop cars having to U turn like Auchan did on route 11.
  9. Dellboy218

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    Probably get swallowed up into the Central empire.
  10. There is a law stipulating the max sound level from an exhaust. If I remember correctly it is around 93 or 95dba.
  11. Dellboy218

    3BB is Pathetic

    Try it a few time over a period. Mine varies between 0 and 20. As a matter of interest I have just received this from 3BB. In regards to this issue please be inform that now we canceled international package. We have sale only normal package and the normal package can use the international website but don’t guarantee for international bandwidth So despite being told yesterday that I needed to buy an international package, they do not in fact have one. Depending on who you talk to!
  12. Dellboy218

    3BB is Pathetic

    Try london
  13. Dellboy218

    3BB is Pathetic

    I have been getting wildly varying international speeds from 3BB. I was told today that I need to buy an international package. I also received this from 3BB:- We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. In regards to your problem For your package, we do not guarantee for the international web site. You may use it, but speed can’t be guaranteed download and upload.And for your problem My international speed today was varying between 0 and 5mb. So if you cannot get an international site, their normal packages are, according to their call centre, only for use in Thailand.
  14. Terrific...well done...a few days ago that was one of the most polluted places in the north. All you can see from the road is a 100m strip. I wonder what your agenda iscas you seem so vocal that there is absolutely no burning. 30 years ago you would have been right.
  15. And you seem to think thst you are the centre of the universe. Do not be so childish, you go out and look it wont take you long. The rice fields surrounding you are not the only ones and are not the only source of burning, people burning leaves and burning rubbishand you, once again, are mustaken. I am not in town.