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  1. 3 month rental of big bike in Chiang Mai?

    I think Joes Bike Team has 650s. If you want his number pm me.
  2. Leather Care

    As someone mentioned leather dye. Anyone know of a shop that will paint/dye leather car seats? My cream Toyota seats are in need of some colour,
  3. Where to buy BMW R1150GS Shock Absorbers

    I own a BMW and the last place in the world I would take it to is Barcelona. They are probably the main reason why there are few BMW bikes here. For an explanation trawl through GTR forums from some years ago.
  4. And if they had Thai Wives and the purchase was in the Wifes name would you also suggest they were trying to ''get around' that hurdle?
  5. CMOS computer battery.

    I know Amorn sell the battery (Big C Handong Road), maybe if you took your old one along they would swap the wires over for you if you do not fancy doing it yourself as you would need quite a hot iron for a quick solder job. keeping an iron on any battery of course aint recommended!
  6. Dash Cam recommendations?

    I agree with Baywatch, even if you do not buy from Lazada it does give you a good idea what is available and the price. Better to list what features you require it to have and make a decision from there. Record Quality from VGA to 4k Forward camera or forward+look back camera Do you want it to have a screen Do you want it to have bluetooth for smart phone connectivity Do you require GPS (For a speed stamp on screen) Do you require a shock sensor. Some only take a 32gb memory card others up to 128gb . Just some of the features available. I fitted an Ambarella 0805 from Lazada a couple of years ago. I know others disagree with me on this but I wanted a tiny camera that fitted behind the rearview mirror. I cannot see it in normal use so I am not distracted by it. Auto start stop with the ignition. Record quality is super HD and takes 128gb card so records for about 8 hours before overwriting.
  7. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Airport Plaza opposite IT City. Quick Print.
  8. HELP! Where is fight on android box

    Pulse Tv (Android and PC) has it on Sky Box Office.
  9. Thankyou. I have no idea of the situation so asked a 'provider' that has become quite popular since the demise of ex pat tv. I wont give their answer on open forum but best to say it was noncommittal and ambiguous! Make of that what you will. Sent From my Abacus II
  10. I am just trying to get this clear. A company streaming perfectly legally on the internet , say from the UK, is illegal in Thailand?
  11. And those not broadcasting from within Thailand?
  12. Obviously not much of an answer
  13. So you are saying that everyone but True visions is illegal and no matter how much you pay for whatever iptv system they are illegal?
  14. Android box recommendations

    Amorn has these in their shop http://hometheatrelife.com/himedia-h8-review/ I bought a Himedia Q10 pro from Lazada a year ago. I have no complaints, it works very well.
  15. Air Con Recommendations

    There are numerous calculators to guide you as to what size air con. http://www.calculator.net/btu-calculator.html Just one of many. Just tried this one and if you have a 3m ceiling and desire 25c then you will needa 24k BTU, according to this.