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  1. Skype Hacked

    Just to update this thread. I have just had another live chat with Skype/Microsoft and am relieved to find a change in attitude. An immediate acknowledgement that the account had been hacked and details have now been forwarded to their accounts department to see what the account value was before the hack and recovery of any funds ordered by the hacker.
  2. Skype Hacked

    Identical to me. Thanks for the info.
  3. Skype Hacked

    Thanks for that info Ken and I got the same impression. Microsofts only answer is account recovery which is impossible and let your bank handle it. Of course that does not recover any funds you had with Skype at the time.
  4. Skype Hacked

    My computer is not compromised, not according to Comodo and Malware Bytes which are running all the time on all my devices. The first indication came whilst I was at sea on a ship with no internet and I had not used Skype for some time before that. Account recovery is not an option as it says I do not have any rights to the account. I have tried multiple times. I let a nice young Lady in The Bangkok Bank cut my card in 2. They will now be communicating with Microsoft I believe. I have closed my Skype account and now using an alternative. Just to add to that, I have never used the Microsoft account, that just appeared when they bought Skype. Google appears to be much sharper in this case than Microsoft. The email address involved which ended with ryhta.com I included in an email text to a friend. Google instantly rejected it accusing me of being a spammer! Oddly enough Microsoft on a Live Chat session sent an email to confirm my identity, unfortunately sending an email to the hacker and not me. I have not added this to the IT forum but if the mods think it useful then by all mean they can move this over there.
  5. Skype Hacked

    If anyone out there has a Skype account it may be a good time to check it. My account has been changed to an email address ending in rhyta.com. I googled this and apparently it belongs to an automated email generator. I have just had the 6th live chat with Skype/Microsoft as I have just had my Visa bill with 200GBP added from Luxembourg. Skype/Microsoft assure me its now prioritised etc etc. I cancelled my account before the Visa bill was added but Microsoft take up to 4 weeks to close an account. I have tried before to recover my account but it tells me I do not have any rights to my account. Another quick message to Visa as well to block payment.
  6. Rider with dark clothing and no lights perhaps?
  7. If the charger did allow 240V through which I would think is an uncommon event I would imagine the phone would leave more than a scorch mark. If the phone is undamaged look elsewhere. As for holding the phone, are they not all plastic?
  8. How to catch a drone in CM?

    As drones operate on UHF, 2.5Ghz and higher, HF will not help you any. At these frequencies it is line of sight, barring the odd weather oddity. I would imagine that modern systems have a clever handshake to prevent others from taking control and a return home function if it loses signal.
  9. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    You are mistaken. If you have a friendly local Policeman problems can be sorted especially if the locals have been upset.. No tea money, No reports, no paperwork, just sorted.
  10. You are right to be cautious on some of these shops. Some are awful. Try the Vision centre on Ratvithi road, thats the one I and a good many foreigners use. From Moon Muang Road it is probably 100m up and on the right, just before the Irish UN pub.
  11. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    Do you have a tourist policeman living on your village? If you have, the chances are he has upset some of the locals as well and a visit from your local Policeman might just work. Get the locals on your side.
  12. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    Wait until the Red Arrows come back to town.....noisy buggers!
  13. Car accessory shop?

    So do I although Amorn (thinking of Hangdong Road Big C store) does have various phone holders.
  14. 3 month rental of big bike in Chiang Mai?

    I think Joes Bike Team has 650s. If you want his number pm me.
  15. Leather Care

    As someone mentioned leather dye. Anyone know of a shop that will paint/dye leather car seats? My cream Toyota seats are in need of some colour,