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  1. Thankyou. I have no idea of the situation so asked a 'provider' that has become quite popular since the demise of ex pat tv. I wont give their answer on open forum but best to say it was noncommittal and ambiguous! Make of that what you will. Sent From my Abacus II
  2. I am just trying to get this clear. A company streaming perfectly legally on the internet , say from the UK, is illegal in Thailand?
  3. And those not broadcasting from within Thailand?
  4. So you are saying that everyone but True visions is illegal and no matter how much you pay for whatever iptv system they are illegal?
  5. Android box recommendations

    Amorn has these in their shop http://hometheatrelife.com/himedia-h8-review/ I bought a Himedia Q10 pro from Lazada a year ago. I have no complaints, it works very well.
  6. Air Con Recommendations

    There are numerous calculators to guide you as to what size air con. http://www.calculator.net/btu-calculator.html Just one of many. Just tried this one and if you have a 3m ceiling and desire 25c then you will needa 24k BTU, according to this.
  7. Toshiba wash machine repair - has a spinner

    What needs tweaking? Is it going slow perchance?
  8. I am in the Hangdong area and recently upgraded my 3BB to what I thought was 30mb but it seems to be hanging around 50mb. I have a couple of paid for systems which include Sky, BT and Eurosport amongst others and they seem to be playing normally. there is another free service https://www.firstone.tv/Live/United-Kingdom Which has Eurosport and BT sport, just tried one of those channels and it was stalling regularly. I did complain to one of my paid systems the other day and they said 3BB had problems with their international connection. On the other hand my neighbour had the same problem and he is on AIS. Seems its always someone elses fault! There are some decent suppliers around if you want to pay for them, the better ones have multiple servers to help prevent this same problem.
  9. Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    The problem is the Police generally do not know any better or flout those same laws themselves.
  10. Rats in the attic...

    I havnt a clue what the brand was. I have checked ebay purchase history but that only goes back to 2015. It most certainly was not the one you mentioned. I checked that one, the price was enough to repel me let alone the rats. This one was around $30 with a guide to the size of roof space it could cover. Speaker at each end with a switch to alter the frequency for repelling insects or rodents. Dc input socket and a plug in the wall mains power supply.
  11. Rats in the attic...

    We suffered from rat infestation in our bungalow roof space near Ubon which only had our niece staying most of the time. No matter how many we caught there were always more when we returned. This resulted in stained celings with holes gnawed through the plaster. As a last resort I bought an electronic near ultra sonic scarer, this of German manufacture sourced on ebay. The makers stated that it would not scare off any rats immediately if they had a nest but they would gradually move out. I was somewhat sceptical but...... A few weeks later they had gone. Four years later it is still in the roof space and we still do not have any resident rats. We do have the occasional visitor that moves on quite quickly to somewhere quieter. One of my better buys from ebay!
  12. Big motorbike rescue vehicle?

    Have a word with Jeffrey at Red Ride. He runs a recovery service and ferries new bikes. http://redriderentals.com/
  13. Actually he didnt. He opposed the UK joining the EEC which is what the British people voted for. Unfortunately it morphed into a political union that they did not.
  14. Magbox is a platform that plays on Android Apple or through a browser. I will presume the box they sell is an Android box. There is nothing wrong with Android boxes it is basically an Android tablet without a screen or keyboard. it is what you put on it that makes the difference. As Thailand points out a lot of people like Kodi, this is basically a media manager and is not illegal or dodgy in any way, it is what you put on it. Personally I am not a fan but thats me. Basically there is not much free and if you see an advert for premium channels free then one has to treat them with suspicion. You can download TVCatchup on the Playstore which has basic free UK channels. I have one of the cheapest packages which I guess is based in Ireland, 99 Euro for lifetime nearly 2000 channels with nearly 200 in the UK. With a single server it does have buffering problems at times but plays well when I am back in the UK. My neighbour who originally had ex pat TV seems to have plumped for Pulse tv which has 3 servers and is close to perfect, thats 10000 annually but also has catchup and movies on demand. For Android boxes, Lazada has a wide choice.