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  1. I think you can believe it! Whether he has stood bail for a substantial amount, and the decision been made not to remand him in custody, or some other 'arrangement' made and he has the effrontery to wander around the very town where he is well known as a killer (and the authorities are also cool with this) I don't know. I have certainly heard of cases before where a substantial bail allows people to be released. Money is a great compensator.
  2. I believe Australians simply sign an affidavit and that suffices. Although this guy I guess still travels on a British passport despite all his time down under. A strange case but I really have no issue with Australia wanting to remove undesirables, and they are non-citizens.
  3. Maybe he could, but it an 'agent' can sometimes handle it for a fee. Looks like Australia is getting its own back and sending people back to UK.
  4. Darn, someone got them to put their phones away.
  5. TM30

    The answer is yes, you should have submitted the paperwork on your return within 24 hours. Although you failed to tell us whether the place you stayed in Bangkok registered you as an alien. IE was it a hotel or did you stay with a friend, did he report you as living there, or did you report to Bangkok immigration? If nobody knows you have been away, I would say it was not necessary! You failed to supply any information and got uppity when people tried to help you.
  6. I think many tourist incidents are given a show of action initially, then the tourists go home and the case goes cold. One can rely on the police for inactivity.
  7. If he has been living in Thailand for 30 years 'working', and has been unable to save for his future, I don't expect he kept up his NHI payments to qualify for the pension. It sounds like a very a sad circumstance... but many Thai families are as badly off.
  8. I was never too enamoured with the pavement blocking markets on Sukhumvit, making it impossible to walk anywhere. Fortunately one can use the other side or jump on the skytrain. Patpong too was ruined by a market. Personal thing perhaps, I am never a casual shopper, and would hope better entertainment could be generated for tourists.
  9. Read just a tad further, numerous mentions, one in bold!
  10. No, Manchester is not on politician's radar and Boris certainly doesn't know where it is.
  11. These days I expect that is frequently the case... have a dart board and a small dance floor and you are likely missing a few.
  12. Well he hasn't quite grasped this 'diplomacy' malarkey yet has he!
  13. Hell no, they get the snazziest shorts you could ever imagine!
  14. More money

    Sure, but buy well and you can get good capital appreciation on a Thai condo too. Along with the Thai baht appreciation relative to a few currencies that may produce some profit. But if we are talking of a person's main residence, that would not be realised.