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  1. Actually I presented no statement along those lines either. It would be very difficult to attribute their infection so specifically. Personally I would reject unprotected intercourse with a woman who admitted prior HIV infection, as I believe would many men. Statistics on this are likely very suspect and I agree on that.
  2. Stolen credit card - police work

    Just another thief in a crowd of thieves.
  3. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

  4. Optimistic I believe. You do not include bisexual men? Nevertheless that group, (gay and bisexual men) in the last statistics I read, did account for 83% of male HIV cases, but what of the other 17%? The risk is substantially less, but far from zero.
  5. I buy tobacco products there on exit as they are substantially cheaper than at European airports. I recently bought some Bombay Sapphire at KL which seems to be cheaper than BKK. Anything else is a rip-off ie watches electronics, any airport. They are playing you for a mug while you are in spendy travel mode!
  6. On a motorbike quite difficult.....
  7. Sounds to me many Thais don't know very much about Thai people nor Thailand itself! Quite a level of denial. Reality check, you will do anything for money, and become sadistically crazy if you don't get it or your way.
  8. Late advice for the guy but discuss the fare before setting off, and have a sufficient few notes separate from your main stash to pay him at the end of your journey. I often have 100 baht scrunched in my hand as the wind blows in my hair! And don't end up in an argument at the destination or attempt to pay less than agreed.
  9. I like it, there could be a lot of cars and very very many minibuses with a similar paint job. Parking like a **** is a particular local skill.
  10. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Like me, you probably dream of a device that activates when the neighbour's dog barks and sends it running and howling with blood coming from its ears. (Dog lovers please accept the concept of humour)
  11. There are places that are cheap and some that are expensive, and service can be good or abysmal. People can complain about the business or the supplier, or the customer! I suppose someone struggling with a difficult property market would get fed up!
  12. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Ebay, Lazada or Alibaba are all likely local suppliers.
  13. Well if you don't bring enough bungee cords or rope the shop is likely to do a half assed job with strips of throwaway plastic. I try to keep sufficient in the truck but each time she goes to the village it all vanishes. How does a nation have such a monopoly on stupidity or are there other similarly goofy countries?
  14. have 2 Daikin units, one being the bedroom which gets used a lot. Had good life out of it and only ever needed cleaning. It replaced a Samsung unit that was a source of aggravation and expense.