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  1. He could get an alternative job on soi 6 Pattaya, What an idiot.....
  2. One tree damaged and no innocents injuried and an ugly looking car off the road. A win.
  3. They have done so for years but kept themselves to themselves. Nevertheless there is some local friction withing a common language and a common religion. They are also quite capable of generating animosity with others... they are unfamiliar with alcohol and have limited self-control.
  4. Yes, but it is not the fault of social media, more the fault of human nature. And it was a deranged human nature that did this..... Beyond words other than thinking the male ego here appears flawed.
  5. You took the sentiments out of my mouth. I lived and worked in Venezuela many years ago and it was then a country striving to come out of chaos and revolution and triple digit inflation. Saddens me to see it sinking so low again....
  6. I don't understand this aversion to democratic decisions, just because they were different than one's own sentiment. Almost dictatorial. Perhaps we should have a re-vote on the General Election after it is completed too!
  7. Half (or more) the drivers out there are doing this. Whenever you pass someone dawdling in any lane, likely they are using their phone.
  8. Is there a word missing.....? Thailand to become 'World Jewelry Nicking Hub'!
  9. Sounds like discrimination to me. Welcome to the real world where money does the talking.
  10. Very considerate of you to consider your neighbours, unusual here! I would not worry too much, condo dwellers expect a bit of noise and if you do it rarely they should not complain. A few rugs or some carpeting would reduce issues too.
  11. In Tesco. They do not have them on display and keep them under the fresh meat display counters. You have to talk to the lady that works there, although she is Cambodian and does not speak Thai or English. You need to jump up and down flapping your elbows making Ostrich noises. They are only sold in dozens at 2400 baht, but that is good value, a fork lift truck is supplied to take you and your shopping to your vehicle.
  12. Go-Go Bar... you need to get out more.
  13. It is important to decide what lifestyle you are after. I would expect Bangsaray to provide a quiet but pleasant one if that would make you happy. But if you enjoy some nightlife, you may prefer being closer, or even in Pattaya itself. If you like to go sea fishing, Bang Saray would work. You may also prefer to be near some cinemas and shopping facilities, the drive from Bang Saray into Pattaya can be in very heavy traffic. I live well out of town and am glad of it, mostly. The location allows me to afford a bigger home, a house, rather than a box in the sky. But every now and again I wish I could jump on a baht bus for a night out, be it watching football over a beer or a GGB.
  14. Don't forget the MSG........ I head into the spare bedroom for 2 -3 hours, put the AC on and play with my computer and TV remote.