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  1. Yes, but did the driver have a licence to drive a motorcycle? And an IDP. Not the issue really but, well young people are callous as the locals about the potential risks.
  2. Just domestic waring between the 2 main coastal tourist cities.
  3. I certainly don't feel that way, I am very cautious. I was thinking that very thing the other day, not only do I have to be cautious, I need to fear others around me. And I tell you, trucks and cars also turn directly into the path of motorcycles without care.
  4. Moved to an inactive post... perhaps guarding the cells!
  5. Their whims? Surely they are simply following through on school regulations. If you don't like them another school is a possibility where they are less stringent. I recall being required to get my hair cut in my school days... but of course the teacher did not hack at it first, may have got a 'playful' tug!
  6. Read my post again.... I am highlighting a potential risk which will be inconveniencing for multiple people should it occur, which you failed to identify.
  7. Not really, if it was they would have a joint bank account and she would not need to borrow from him promising repayment. That said, I wouldn't dream of it......
  8. Until you are involved in an accident and the insurance company refuses to cover your 3rd party liability, because you were driving on a licence you are not entitled to use. All about 'what ifs' I suppose.
  9. A pity you couldn't just take him to the barber before this happened.
  10. Why do these projects never get completed, the same can be said about the other end of the Beach (Bali Hai) and there is a mess round the sewerage pumping station that has been going on for years with no apparent progress. I know I am wasting my time complaining but it is just project (pedestrian crossings) after project (bus stops and busses) after project (re-routing songtaews). Yet the 'for no apparent benefit except producing an area for vendors project' of widening Beach Rd did get completed.
  11. Except one, that was still in his hand, it was the ........
  12. Depends on who you bank with. With Bangkok Bank to set up new recipient you do normally need the phone to get a OTP, but if you have the phone on with the Thai SIM, have roaming enabled and can get onto a network, that should come through anyhow. Better to set up the recipient's details before you leave Thailand and then it is straight-forward. I actually have a monthly payment set up, but you can also set up a payment for a date in the future too.
  13. Why do you feel you need a land-line for internet.... ADSL is rather old hat these days. They need to run a coaxial or fiber cable into your property and you could use any ISP that has been run nearby, say up your street. I have a choice and live well out of town. Best to talk to a neighbour or two, see what they have and whether they are happy with them. 3BB have a good reputation in the City, rural seems to vary more. I guess your big bill just came from high data usage on the phone network, you have to read your plan/tariff in detail. My home internet is about 850 baht/month, unlimited hi-speed, includes basic TV channels package and a SIM with 150 baht of calls per month. That is True.
  14. Are you able to recognize an authentic one.