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  1. Places that serve bean based meals?

    Judging by the smell around soi Buakhao there are plenty of them!
  2. Extention of Stay (Retirement) in Jomtien

    You were perhaps behind me as I did my 90 days reporting. Things looked to be getting done rather efficiently over there. Only complaint might be how close they have spaced the seats.. must be expecting a midget convention.
  3. Respect your neighbours... yeah good luck with that!
  4. Thai man jealous of gf working (not bar.)

    Yes, my thought too. For some reason a lie is preferred as if the truth is to be avoided. I just think the girls find the job boring..... Surprising if Thai boyfriends are really jealous, you may find the odd one that is that controlling. We have quite a few girls around who work in jobs that most certainly would be a bigger source of jealousy.
  5. FIVE pieces, she won't be a 'pretty' for long at that rate!
  6. I bet that isn't the sum total of it. I suspect a few overseas accounts or assets and there is a police vehicle with the engine running at his back gate!
  7. It appears to be down at the moment, Honestly, it seems to be a waste of time, I have been checking back with it for 2 weeks and I might as well just go there. Spoke too soon, just came online...still pending!!!
  8. Sounds like immigration obviously have the details of the new passport and link it to the loss of and details of the old one, and it is on your permanent record..... I can imagine that bringing up a flag, especially if the old number gets used again! Perhaps some confusion as to what their computer is telling them. Difficult dealing with the police here!
  9. Yes infantile cartoon cows is what we all fly 14,000 miles to see. I love the pot deer in Khao Yai National park. Have to put up the entry fees to cover this scam, for foreign tourists only of course.
  10. A sad end, but the reality is he avoided a sadder one. That of ever increasing incapacity and likely suffering. Also considerate, as it is those around who suffer too! Beware, it can be unpleasant here if one doesn't have the resources for medical assistance and a good hearted person to physically assist and care. (Sorry, morose of me, but just seen similar).
  11. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    And I missed that one!
  12. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    Top RH corner, click on the 3 lines .. then 'Customize'. Click and hold on the little Icon that looks like a star sitting on a box (Bookmarks Menu).. Drag up into toolbar and drop where you would like it to be. I then got rid of the other new one that looks like books with one leaning. Drag and drop it downward!
  13. Lot of people here see a woman not in control of herself and want to have sex with her..... Seems wrong. Looks like a lot of aggravation to me.
  14. Oh that is gone. You could try putting in notice if he initially refuses, and see if perhaps he will let you stay based on the deposit, but I doubt it. Always one of the empty houses nearby. Just renew the lease, but have a valid contract which is in effect.
  15. Instead of too late. Either way outside their permitted licensing hours. No it has not been happening recently, I expect it is a special effort for the Navy show.