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  1. Fortunately I do not eat at these places but considering the amount of ice one gets in the drinks it is a worrying revelation. Is it in the tap water or the machines?
  2. I just got back to Thailand after a trip to the UK and had the similar quandary. My office (Jomtiem-Chonburi) has never asked this of me before, so I have decided not to bother. I filled in the TM6 with my address as usual at the airport. I live in a house in my name. I shall see when I do my 90 day reporting in person, but am not expecting any issues. Don't take this as advice, merely a statement of opinion. One day, I believe I might be challenged over this and perhaps be hit by a fine, likely a new officer or one in some need perhaps! And from that day hence I will change my ways. :-)
  3. I didn't like the cost associated nor see much interest to be had. Perhaps useful if you need to park money and your home country bank is making it difficult for you as a non-resident.
  4. I have heard of dogs being 'selective' before...... Perhaps they were beaten over the head with blue eyed white dolls as pups!
  5. It has been dampened down by a different blow.
  6. Are you sure it is illegal to turn them off in the UK. I have diligently been ensuring a billable charge hits my UK SIM (Pay as You Go) every six months to stop them deactivating it. I read this was the case in the T&Cs as they would want to reclaim inactive numbers. Is this relatively new?
  7. I was expecting it to be a convertible! If it was only knives why not rollup the window or even suffer a few bodywork scratches and knock them off their bikes. I was recently in the UK and listening to the news and crimes being reported it was beginning to sound like New York!
  8. Stupid thing to say. Either the word can be used or it should not be! Hence Hollywood gets a pass!
  9. I just got back and this is something I do soon after arrival at home.... staple it in there myself. I always pick a page where it and the entry stamp can be photocopied together too. Ready for the multiple requirements I will need.
  10. Other than what happened to the innocent party a satisfying result.
  11. It does... ? Must be more to do with the special chair.
  12. Agreed.... although I add a take it or leave it attitude should be met with leave it!
  13. Most Thai windows should not have the sun on them all day due to the usual overhang on roofs. Many people will promote UVPC windows as they 'never require painting' but they do get blackened over time where they are touched... so does any silicon or epoxy around the edges. I have a higher degree of confidence wrt security on UVPC windows though, the standard sliding Thai style ones were not secure. You need to look hard at the quality of the supplier. I used 2 different companies and I had issues with the quality of installation and of the product. My doors and windows dropped and became impossible to use. This was a combination of poor factory manufacturing, and the quality of the product. The outer frame fixtures were not strong enough, and the number of hinges seemed insufficient for the weight of the opening parts. The insulation from noise/ heat and having fewer geckos indoors were a few of the benefits.
  14. It is a regular feature in many films, Tarantino being an example of many. Hollywood gets a pass!