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  1. Surprising...... It was a real IPhone.......
  2. These fish have a high value, irrespective of likely making a good meal. In an environment where they will take the fruit off your trees, why is she surprised?
  3. It likely takes one single bad day to feel negative for a while, and a good few good runs to erase that from memory. On the whole though Jomtiem sounds like it is doing well and providing a great service. Glad I don't live in Chiangmai!!
  4. Ignorance of the requirements is no excuse whatsoever.
  5. They have had 'close shaves' on Death Island!
  6. Exchange rates at the airport are lower. If you are 'penny-wise' why not use a Bangkok Bank ATM at the airport. Personally I always arrive with baht cash. (I live here).
  7. My UK bank does not make a charge for the transfers. I transfer in £. At the Thai end up to 500 baht depending on amount. A single larger transfer would be enough, no silly messing about with multiple charge, multiple transfers. Withdrawals Thai end free in home bank area. Best way is not always cheapest..... that would be cash and using a particular exchange house in Thailand, and accepting the risk of carrying a lot of cash. Using a 'foreign' ATM also often includes a somewhat hidden percentage charge on the exchange rate, on top of the 150-180 baht whatever it is now. It often introduces lower withdrawal limits too, depending which ATM machine you use. I have had problems with Halifax in the past and will not use them. Not really a bank and clear through others.
  8. Try getting a refund....... When in the UK having lo make calls to 'Thailand', which sounded a lot like India, and being messed around from pillar to post, lied to and transferred, left on hold for ages etc etc. Very aggravating. I still use them for hotels, but will not for flights (long haul) now.
  9. Quite often it is the 4th or 5th time, but I agree with you.
  10. Too many people think that the maximum speed claimed and used to market an ISP, which usually applies only between you and some local server, indicates the ISP will also supply similar speeds to overseas servers, to every single device on the network. My speed to say a UK server is all over the place , but always less than the max claimed, of course. Also impacted by load on the remote source server.
  11. There are charges at both ends which make this an expensive option. It should just be a back up only. As to original question. Away from the airport cash can be exchanged at a very slightly better rate, than a transfer will give you, and of course no issue if you have cash left over, as you can take the £ back. Disadvantage, the risk of carrying large amounts of cash. I would make a transfer.
  12. It would be safer out there if those who hadn't been drinking were kept off the roads.
  13. Giving terrorists, who have been arrested and hence acquired some infamy, a platform to preach and potentially incite more terrorism and also compromise the legal case against them is astoundingly stupid.