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  1. Let us hope he has more success.... Ridding the Korean peninsualr of the nuclear threat is by no means an easy task nor small feat.
  2. If you do not see the decommissioning of the nuclear test sites, and foreign journalists being allowed to see them, a willingness to talk with the South and to Trump (they were bandying insults back and forth not so long ago) I am sure I cannot explain it to you. Next, the reduction of the trade imbalance with China!
  3. He acts like a buffoon, yes,is very undiplomatic and far from a regular politician, but he is making progress, and in a way I believe the USA will benefit from. Getting North Korea to even negotiate is major! North Korea and South Korea are on a better footing, I believe because of Trump's actions. I don't believe he is a pushover though.
  4. I think that works both ways actually!
  5. And hence back to my very first post in the thread. What he actually said was not reflected well by the OP. I actually was watching Trump speak on Sky News when reading the OP. Do you also grasp that at the moment, it is still planned, but of course Anything may or may not happen.
  6. He just can't stop making money, or even be patient about it!
  7. Well I don't wish to ague over this but he seems to achieve more than is predecessor! As to the OP, well the press also cannot be trusted to present things factually. Did you watch a recording of his statement?
  8. I suggest people watch the video of Trump's comments, the headline doesn't really represent what he said.
  9. Up to that point he seemed to be observing the solid central lines then it told him it was OK to overtake!
  10. I never seemed to be able to make my home the destination, it always jumped to a nearby point that it seemed to know, but wasn't where I wanted to go!
  11. I wish they would do the same in Pattaya on the 2nd Rd entrance to Central Festival. Nearly impossible to get into the Mall for them. If I want to shop I would much rather do it in the AC, and the sooner the better!
  12. Why not send in their Motorcycle (WIN) section, much tougher bunch, or are they just meant fur subduing falangs?
  13. The foreigners have all escaped, only the Thais left. No interest for him.
  14. And only 6.45pm, must have been at it since before noon!