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  1. jaiyen

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    There has never been any control of the tour boats by any of the so called Authorities. It was only a month ago when the boats were being loaded up from the beach ! It was total chaos.
  2. Simple answer is to close all wet caves during rainy season. Any cave that has passages too small to walk through should be closed or have the passages blocked off. Any cave deeper than say 500 metres ,as an example, should only have guided tours. And they must all be one price only tickets !
  3. Now he is not "Asking" or "Telling" He is "Pleading" The desperate BS of a loser with no idea how to run a country or the people
  4. Surely the simple answer is NOT to let people go into dangerous unmapped caves ! Or is that too obvious for a Thai culture where ME and MONEY comes first ?
  5. jaiyen

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    Please tell all the Chinese newspapers to report that Thailand is a very dangerous country to go to for a holiday. Burma is a nice Army controlled country that the Chinese can associate with. New slogan.....Thailand...Dieland !!
  6. Why should they be considered as Famous ? They did something that was potentially dangerous, some would say it was a stupid idea to go in the cave, and they got caught out by the water and nearly died a slow death. That is NOT how you become famous. Too many media outlets, mainly TV, like to portray people as "Famous" or a "Celebrity" When they have really done nothing worthy.
  7. Can't see any substantial supporting structure, just long lengths of thin wood. Its obvious it wasn't built to support large numbers of people on it. Maybe it was OK when they first opened with fewer customers, but in true Thai style, just cram in more people and forget about everything except profit.
  8. The Aussie guy lives in Thailand and he is still stupid enough to carry money in his wallet !! He will never learn. The wallet would be fat with 41 notes in it and would easily come out of his pocket. Next time wear a pair of shorts with lots of zippered pockets.
  9. jaiyen

    Luang Cave to be turned into 'Living Museum'

    The museum should be named after Sanam Gunan.
  10. Sounds like the Thai Police are doing this regularly as a PR exercise. We don;t believe it ! Where did the money come from ? Why did she have so much on her ?
  11. He should teach the Fat Toad to stay awake at meetings too !
  12. jaiyen

    Luang Cave to be turned into 'Living Museum'

    What a stupid comment ! Do you really think they will want to go back in there every day after what they went through ?? Also they got lost on the way in and came out sedated. Not very experienced are they ?
  13. Always the biggest dollar US$. You can change the currency on the booking page
  14. "We are not sure if this is a miracle, science or what" "The mission was successful because we had power, the power of love" "Mission possible for Team Thailand" Pathetic quotes ! It was achieved because of the skill of Team World ! It was no miracle, it was skill and bravery. If left to Thais only, the kids would all have been wearing magic amulets and left in the cave. Still a backward country that believes in ghosts, magic and voodoo. Hope they have learnt a lot from this.