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  1. He was doing it from Khao San Road and finished near the airport !! Thats a very long time for a tug ! Must do it a lot !!
  2. Chantaburi is an area where a lot of gemstones are bought and sold. The Indians and Pakistanis are big rip off merchants in all the gem sale areas. That is probably why they are there
  3. Are there enough hotels in Buriram to accommodate the massive crowd that TAT will no doubt say will be going ? I doubt it from what I have seen. Cant wait to see the convoy of trucks coming from Bangkok with all the equipment. Gonna be a logistical nightmare !
  4. Collect it all and put it on the vegetable crops. They will love it.
  5. If they cant keep track of these two people, its no wonder there are tens of thousands of over stayers, many illegal and criminals.
  6. Go for the big comb over ! Seen lots of Thai men with hair about 25cms long combed over from their ear ! Gives everyone a good laugh, especially when they are stuck on a Skytrain.
  7. Of all the islands around Phuket there is NOTHING worth seeing that makes an expensive day trip worthwhile
  8. "Driving it makes you feel like a Hero ! " Just what Thai men want to hear to boost their ego when on the road and make them feel invincible, and with a load of amulets they will feel invincible. Wonder how many will get killed by this new piece of junk.
  9. Online outrage over Premchai scandal

    WWF should get involved in this case. They have huge publicity and financial resources to help in the case to send him to jail
  10. Read what Dunford said and you can see that it is all about having friendly countries in Asia so USA can have military bases in their countries and be close to N.Korea
  11. He can't be in 2 places at once ! or do you think they could have dragged her over for a better photo ??
  12. RC Planes Flying Clubs

    Does anyone know if there are any Radio controlled plane clubs or a group of people that fly in the Ubon area ? I fly planes, helis and jets, and will be moving to Ubon later.
  13. And how many times do you see police bikes parked on the pavements while they sit around smoking and waiting for a tourist to drop a ciggy butt so they can fine them ?
  14. An aeroplane plumbing system is very complicated and relies on high pressure and is nothing like any of the passengers work on. At least they identified the problem couldn't be fixed in the air.
  15. You obviously dont know what happens in Nana area with the black people. They are only in that area to do illegal business of many kinds. Go a few Klms away and you will never see a black person. Can you see a connection ?? Are we racists because we dont want to buy the little packets that they are selling ?