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  1. Have those guys really have nothing better to do ??? Pathetic way to work out that fag ends are litter
  2. If you look at the video you will see other bikes on the inside lane going slowly. The kids on their bike were going way too fast. However the truck did do a very wide turn and probably didnt look left, both at fault
  3. Have just seen the film and Cambodia is mentioned as a hideout but there are no shots of Cambodian territory at all. Stupid decision
  4. No problem, my wife can still legally buy a gun. Foreigners can still easily buy a stolen gun, so the new rule will change nothing, except on paper.
  5. Chinese tanks arrive ahead of schedule

    Are they for WW3 or for the election ?
  6. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    A few years ago aa American student attached a gun to a quadcopter and a servo operated the trigger. It was a seriously lethal weapon and easy to build
  7. Presume all the Thai guys hanging around the beach can smoke ? Thais are the ones that leave the litter on the beach, not tourists. However tourists are rich and easy prey aren't they ???????
  8. Its a very rare situation to recover ALL the money after so many days. Makes it seem like an insurance scam. If I had that amount of money I would have spread it around very quick so some of it would never get found.
  9. PM Prayut strikes deals on US trip

    No mention of the Human Trafficking problem or the slaves on fishing boats that supply USA with seafood. What did Thailand do a few years ago with Rohingya refugees who landed on the coast ? Do you remember ? They were made to lay on the hot sand for hours with no water or food and then pushed back out to sea with rice and water. yeah, sure, Thailand cares now !
  10. They don't have a work permit !! So why should anyone else bother getting one to do business ?
  11. Yingluck’s location ‘known’

    He doesn't really know. He will just spout out some crap that cant be proved unless Yingluck confirms it . Just wanting attention again cos he has nothing to say worth hearing
  12. So what is actually wrong ? The heads are placed high and aren't covered with anything. So what is the offense ? It is not mentioned, only that Thai people say it is wrong cos someone told them it was. Thats there way of learning everything. "It must be so because someone told me it is"
  13. She is really taking the p**s out of the Police and Government by remaining silent ! A clever move. Not Thai like to keep quiet but its working brilliantly.
  14. They always get these finds when they act on tip offs. Dont think they ever find them with their own investigative and security skills.
  15. The prisons have a huge amount of free labour. Get a bunch of trustees to clear it up and give to the trash (Re-cyclers) collectors and they can cash it in. Perfect solution but too easy for the Thai authorities, and no money for them so it wont happen.