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  1. And all the quiet ones carry on as usual !
  2. Thats the racial attitude taken by Australian Govt who think they have better standards. Thats why there are so many foreign taxi drivers who are doctors, lawyers, accountants etc The worst one is electricians from England who have to down grade their high standards to fit in with the poor electrical systems used in Oz
  3. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    Same old rubbish ! Thai people demanding want they think is best. Thought they might have learned something living in America
  4. A few years ago my wife lost her departure TM6 card and when arriving at the counter and telling the officer he said " Thats OK I have all the information on the computer "
  5. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Thailand doesn't give a toss about the rest of the world, unless there is something in it for them
  6. I am sure Interpol will know exactly where he is
  7. Just the tip of the iceberg, there are loads of African girls in Nana now. Also more Russian and Philipinas. They werent there 2 years ago.
  8. So they are saying that Thai engineers dont know how to build a railway so the Chinese will teach them !!! <deleted> ! So it will be the first project Thai engineers have ever done and they want us to travel at 200 kph on their new railway. Dont think so !
  9. The driver wouldnt have felt or heard a thing if he only grazed the bike, he didnt flee the scene
  10. Giving an order to a bunch of stupid people to concoct a plan doesn't suddenly make them clever ! Its obvious that more trained staff are required. However in the past it has been difficult to recruit people to do such a boring job and the turnover is high.
  11. Run-off floods Chiang Rai communities

    A much quicker response when it happens in Chiang Mai !
  12. The Thais can't even build drainage canals to help with the floods. No way could they build a Panama Canal type waterway. More wet dreams !!
  13. A Thai driver ........quick thinking ! Now we know he is lying !
  14. But nobody was charged with dangerous driving or causing a collision