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  1. Phuket divers blasted for coral damage

    That is a typical photo of the underwater scenery around Phuket. Everything is dead. Not even 1 fish in the photo ! Much of the coral damage is caused by the dive boats dropping the anchor on a coral reef and smashing the living coral. Do this 50 times a day every day for 20 years and its no surprise its all dead. The Thai caring attitude !! What a joke.
  2. It would go a long way if the Government made a big donation. Oh ! Cant do that as they are cutting funds to hospitals for health care for the poor people.
  3. Thais are a threat to Thai society. Hells Angels are a threat to the corrupt Thai society i.e. the police
  4. From Perth to Bangkok they are the best and cheapest with a direct flight of less than 7 hours. On a 787 too. Always a good service. Probably one of the few good routes.
  5. Still hiding things under the bed where nobody will think of looking !!
  6. Prayut wishes more people did deeds to help the country. So why doesn't he do something about it ! Thats supposed to be his job.
  7. Didn't see a BIG bike anywhere. Obviously in Thailand it means anything over 250cc. Or was it referring to the big lump on the back !
  8. But Thai drivers know that car crashes (not accidents !) are fate and they have nothing do do with it happening, so why worry about speed limits ?
  9. Centipede bite

    This is the result of my centipede bite. It happened in a hotel in Bangkok during the night. Very painful and took 2 weeks to get better. Cure was just a jab and anti biotics
  10. And its no better on my side of the tunnel !
  11. Siamese Fighter Flagged For National Fish

    The Siamese Fighting Fish........Definitely a good choice as it involves the word fighting which is a national past time especially in tourists areas. Also the smallest animal ever chosen as a national symbol ! A rat would be a good choice too.
  12. More Seatless Subway Cars Coming: MRT

    I have NEVER seen it mentioned if the rail line and supporting structure has been so over engineered to withstand these huge weight increases that are being imposed on it by every train. Anyone know ?
  13. PHOTOS: Toyota Hilux Revo 2018

    They are not photos, just drawings. Model might be different in production
  14. Not a big deal. They would have to be taken back to International to get bags so would have to go through Immigration to get there. Just typical inefficiency by drivers or more likely their supervisor who told all the buses to go there.